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UPDATE: New wallpapers added! Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the new additions.

It’s a new year and I’m feeling a fresh boost of creativity.

So I decided to put that to good use and make you all some cute wallpapers for your celly.

I don’t know about you, but the wallpapers that come with the iPhone are not that inspiring. And kind of distracting from the icons, in my opinion.

iphone wallpapers free download

And while I love to put my kiddos and family pictures on the lock screen, I tend to like my home screen background minimal and clean. But still fun!

Maybe you’re in the same boat?

Anyways, if you find some wallpapers you like, the link to get them is located at the bottom of the post.

I put them all together in one nice little zipped-up file for you. These are cute and girly – lots of pink!

How to get your Girly iPhone Wallpapers

Here’s the step-by-step process for how to get these cute iPhone wallpapers.

  1. Click the button to get your wallpapers.
  2. The file should automatically download for you.
  3. After it’s downloaded, save the files to your iPhone. (You can save them into your ‘Photos’ folder.
  4. To change your wallpaper on your phone, go to Settings —> Wallpaper —> Choose New Wallpaper —> Camera Roll—> select saved wallpaper from there!

It’s really that simple! You can always refer to this page from Apple for additional help.

Wallpapers for iPhone

Here is a rundown of all the wallpapers for you. I hope you guys enjoy them!

  • girly iphone
  • Cute Wallpapers for iphone (1)

Watercolors & Floral Wallpaper

cute summer iphone backgrounds
  • A taupe background with white florals
  • A blue watercolor background
  • A pink watercolor background
  • A blue background with pink pineapples
  • A peachy pink background with darker pink florals and green abstract dots

Wallpaper for Every Month of the Year

Iphone backgrounds for each month of the year
  • Adorable and Cute iPhone Backgrounds for every month of the year! Upload a new one every month.

Green and Taupe Wallpaper

green pattern wallpaper phone (1)
  • A sage green background with modern white lines
  • A light peach background with sage green “sprinkle” pattern
  • Cute peach background with a favorite quote – “enjoy the little things” in a scripted, handwritten font. Looks like you wrote on your phone! Kind of cool.

Pink and Green Patterned Wallpaper

green pattern wallpaper phone (2)
  • A pretty pink background with white splatter paint
  • A sage green background with peach/ivory clover pattern
peach and pink iphone wallpapers girly
  • A speckled pink pattern on a peach background
  • A pretty pink background with a light pink heart pattern – perfect for Valentine’s Day!
  • Peach background with a darker peach triangle pattern
cute pink pattern wallpaper phone (1)
  • For all my sewers and crafters out there! A cute scissors pattern on a pretty pink background.
  • A pink gingham pattern wallpaper

Pink Floral and Leaves Abstract Wallpaper

Update: NEW Wallpapers!

I’ve added these four floral/greenery abstract wallpapers. Simple, clean and bright. Enjoy!

cute iphone wallpapers

To get ALL the cute wallpapers for iPhone, simply click the button below…

I’m currently rocking the scissor pattern and it looks great. It’s very clean and uncluttered looking.

The creative spirit in me loves making wallpapers, so I’m thinking of adding more holiday and seasonal wallpapers, too.

Feel free to bookmark this page and come back in the near future.

iphone cute and girly wallpapers - download

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Talk soon guys!

xo Karen


50 + Free Cute Wallpapers For iPhones with HD Quality

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I'll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

This post includes 50+ free cute wallpapers that you can download to your phone!

Are you looking for cute background images that can add a pop of color to your iPhone home screen? I got you covered! Below, I’ve gathered 40 super adorable iphone wallpapers for you to download! Feel free to save as many as you like. They’re all incredibly cute so it’s pretty difficult to decide on just one.

To save the photos to your phone background:

Desktop: Right-click to save to your downloads, email them to yourself, then proceed to save them to your phone.

On mobiledevices: Long hold on the picture, then click “save image”. Or simply screenshot it.

50 + Cute Wallpapers for iPhone:

1. Well, Hello There!

2. Big Puffy Cheeks

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

3. iPhone Wallpapers: Besties For Life

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

4. The Penguin Domino Effect

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cute animals wallpaper

5. Piano Prodigy

6. Cute Wallpapers: Lion King

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper, Disney wallpaper

7. Smirky Smirk

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

8. Cherries On Top

cherry wallpaper, cute wallpapers

9. Ponyo and Sosuke

cute wallpapers for iphone

10. Chilling By The Beach

spongebob wallpaper, cute wallpaper

11. You’re Rude!

12. A Flower For You

13. Totoro On A Sunny Day

cute wallpapers for iphone

14. Love You To Infinite & Beyond

cute wallpapers

15. Orange Juice Delight

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

16. Feeling Cute

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

17. Cute Wallpaper: Pink Piggy

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpapers, cute backgrounds

18. Avocado Chronicles

avocado wallpaper, cute wallpapers for iphone

19. I bee Leave In You

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpapers

20. Stitch In Love

stitch wallpaper, Disney wallpaper, cute wallpapers, cartoon wallpaper

21. Waves After Waves

22. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

23. Piggy Overload

24. Confused Giraffe

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

25. A Lovely Day

26. Smile!

27. Cute Mini Dino

cute wallpapers for iphone

28. Minty Beauty

29. Paper Planes

30. Cute Backgrounds Boba Panda

cute wallpapers for iphone

31. Don’t Touch My Phone

32. Powerpuff Girls

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

33. Cute Wallpapers for iPhone: Avocado

Avocado wallpaper, cute wallpapers

34. Why Are You On My Phone?

cute wallpaper aesthetic, lion king wallpaper, Disney wallpaper

35.Warm and Fuzzy

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

36. I Love You

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

37. Full of Love

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper

38. Summertime Vibes

39. Magical Butterfly Heaven

cute wallpaper aesthetic, butterfly wallpaper

40. Baby Tiger

41. Upside down Stitch

42. Halloween Nights

cute wallpaper aesthetic

43. Feeling Myself

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

44. A Whole Mood

cute wallpapers, adorable backgrounds

45. Boo! I Scared You!

46. You Are A Blessing

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

47. Winnie The Pooh

cute wallpapers, Disney wallpaper

48. Dinosaur Adventures

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

49. Banana Aesthetics

cute wallpaper for iphone, bananas wallpaper

50. Cute Wallpapers: Endless Sunshine

51. Pineapple Delight

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, pineapple wallpaper

52. Shook To the Core

cute wallpapers, cute iphone wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper

Enjoy Your New Cute Wallpaper!

Were you able to save some of these super adorable wallpapers on your phone? Let me know in the comments!

I personally love an aesthetically pleasing and adorable background for my phone. Since I check my so many times throughout the day, I prefer to have a background that can make me feel happy when looking at it.

And hopefully, this post was able to help you find some cute backgrounds that you can save to your phone, and use sometime in the future!

For more aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone, make sure to also check out:

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The Best iOS 14 Wallpaper Ideas That'll Make Your Phone Look Aesthetically Pleasing AF

Apple's most recent iOS 14 update has blessed iPhone users with endless home screen possibilities. The ability to customize your display to your heart's desire has given tech-lovers a range of creativity they never thought possible. Creating aesthetically pleasing home screens is the new cool thing to do, but with so many options, it can quickly become overwhelming. So, first thing's first: choosing a wallpaper background to fit with your theme. Whether you want something seasonal and festive or you're all about the trendsetting pastel and neon vibes, these background ideas will help you figure out your ideal aesthetic.

To download these backgrounds from your desktop, enter full-screen mode by clicking on each photo, then right-click on the wallpaper image to save it to your computer. Text or email the picture to yourself, and save the wallpaper to your camera roll. Change your background by viewing the wallpaper in camera roll, tapping the share button, and selecting "use as wallpaper."

If you're viewing this on your iPhone, press and hold down on an image to open it up, click "save image," and then tap the share button and select "use as wallpaper."

Check out the best wallpaper ideas for your iPhone, ahead.

Aesthetic Wallpapers/ Backgrounds for iPhone + Android

If you are looking for cute iPhone wallpapers you have come to the right place! I’ve been collecting all my favourite cute and girly wallpapers to use on my lock screen, and now there are here all in one place!

How to Save my Cute iPhone Wallpaper

To set one of these cute iphone wallpapers as thebackground image on your phone follow the below instructions:

  1. Tap and hold the photo and save it to your camera roll
  2. Open your device’s settings app from the home screen
  3. Select “Wallpaper”
  4. Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  5. Pick the photo you just saved to your camera roll

The Best Cute iPhone Wallpapers

You can choose any of the pretty iPhone background designs below. They are all free and you can save as many as you like! I will be regularly updating this page when I find more designs so be sure to bookmark this post!

This cute dog is my favourite home screen background! The date and time is clearly visible in the pink background above the dog.

This glittery design is a good wallpaper if you want to make a statement! It’s lovely and bright and would make a great summer iPhone wallpaper.

This simple design could make a cute summer wallpaper. It works well on both the home and lock screen as all the apps can be clearly seen against the background.

If you are looking for cute disney backgrounds this Wall-e wallpaper is a a cute wallpaper for iPhone! Some of the best cute wallpapers I’ve found have Disney images!

Wall-e iPhone Wallpaper

More Disney wallpapers! This sweet wallpaper is hd quality and would also make an adorable desktop wallpaper.

cute Disney iPhone wallpaper

Cute iPhone wallpaper with Animals!

I love alpacas! If you are looking for alpaca iPhone wallpaper I have quite a few on my site! They can also be used as free screensavers for iphone!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an adorable alpaca!

If you’re looking for cute simple wallpapers what could be better than an alpaca! This free iPhone wallpaper is one of my favourites!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an alpaca

I love cute phone backgrounds and this cat is one of my favourite cute iPhone backgrounds!

I love this owl wallpaper! It’s a pretty iPhone wallpaper for all ages!

cute iPhone wallpaper with an owl

If you’re looking for cute wallpapers they don’t come cuter than this! I love cute kitten wallpapers!

cute iPhone wallpaper with a kitten

This is a cute dog iPhone wallpaper and would be great if you are looking for pretty iPhone backgrounds.

If you want popular cute wallpapers for iPhone what could be more cute than a teddy bear! Also this one would be good if you want a green iPhone wallpaper or turquoise wallpaper iPhone.

cute iPhone wallpaper with a teddy

If you need cute iPhone wallpaper a cute bunny wallpaper would be great!

cute iPhone wallpaper with a bunny

Other Wallpapers

Did you like this collection of cute aesthetic trendy wallpapers for iPhone? Check out my other iPhone Wallpapers below which include quotes wallpapers, pretty wallpapers and holiday wallpapers.

If you are looking for the best free wallpaper for iPhone, UK Beauty Room regularly posts the best free wallpaper for apple iPhone. These wallpapers would suit the following phones:iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone xr, iPhone 8 ,iPhone x, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone XS max, iPhone xs.

Check out some other iPhone wallpapers here!

Olivia Herlihy

Olivia is the owner of UK Beauty Room and founder three other successful websites. She gained an online following after creating a natural haircare routine which completely transformed her hair. Olivia has since written an eBook on Ayurvedic hair care to help others use the same formula to improve their own hair.

Find me on: Web


Iphone wallpapers cute

Looking for the best cute iPhone wallpapers that you can save today for your phone? Look no further as I compiled all the wallpaper that you can use for your phone. Honestly all really cute iphone wallpapers!

This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Read our Privacy Policy Page for more information.

This post is all about free cute iPhone wallpapers that are aesthetically pleasing and relatable


  • My favorite is the Paris Eiffel Tower as it reminds me of traveling and how I miss it so much.
  • Save the wallpaper foryour phone by clicking the save image as or longpress on the image that you like and download it on your phone for absolutely free! Neat!

Let’s Start!

  1. Lady Light
iphone wallpaper hd free cute iphone wallpapers 45 wallpaper phone backgrounds hd cute background images cute wallpapers blue

2. Sparkle Hope

iphone wallpaper high quality cute nice wallpaper iphone background cute hd wallpapers cute background hd

3. Hearts Family

hd phone backgrounds hi wallpaper cute cute hd backgrounds cute character wallpaper cute blue backgrounds

4. Giraffe Peekaboo

cute background wallpaper hd iphone wallpaper cute wallpapers desktop cute pictures for wallpaper chic backgrounds

5. Flower Never Fades

so cute wallpaper stylish iphone wallpaper pretty wallpapers for iphone 11 nice phone backgrounds nice iphone wallpaper hd

6. Dog in colorful Room

cute free wallpapers cute free cute disney backgrounds for iphone cute but cool wallpapers cute background pics

7. Catterfly

free wallpaper cute full hd wallpapers iphone free cute background girly iphone 11 wallpaper girl iphone wallpaper

8. Fistbump Sky Cat

cute dark blue backgrounds girly beautiful wallpaper cutest backgrounds ever cute wallpapers for phone

9. Majestic Wings

hd iphone wallpapers hd backgrounds iphone hd background iphone cute free images

10. Snow Tree

cute screen wallpapers hi pictures cute hd beautiful and cute wallpapers be nice wallpaper

11. Eye Owl You Very Much

cute pictures for your background cute pics background cute phone wallpapers hd wallpaper sweet wallpaper pictures for iphone

12. Penguin’s Day

blog iphone wallpaper wallpapers hd iphone cool pretty backgrounds cool backgrounds cute

13. Sakura Mountain Blue

wallpaper desktop cute really cute wallpapers really pretty backgrounds scenic iphone wallpaper hd

14. Yellow I love you

sweet wallpaper hd the cutest wallpaper ever trendy wallpaper phone trendy background pictures

15. Pink SKy

trendy wallpaper iphone trendy background wallpaper very cute backgrounds pretty pictures for backgrounds pretty wallpaper iphone 11 pretty free backgrounds

16. Lady WIndmill

iphone girl wallpaper iphone best wallpaper hd nice wallpapers for iphone nice wallpaper hd

17. Jelly Cube Bear

nice pictures hd nice backgrounds for phone phone background cute

18. Fun Pastel

cute wallpapers pretty backgrounds cute wallpaper beautiful wallpaper cute backgrounds

19. Pink Marble

wallpaper iphone wallpaper for phone phone wallpaper pretty background wallpapers for iphone iphone wallpapers nice wallpapers cute wallpaper pictures pretty background pictures

20. Pink Vibes Only

cute wallpapers for girls wallpaper background wallpaper images pretty backgrounds for girls cute phone wallpaper cute phone backgrounds pretty screensavers

21. Gourmet Donuts

pretty pinterest backgrounds beautiful wallpaper hd wallpapers for phone wallpaper for phones iphone wallpaper hd

22. Blossoming Flower

beautiful background pictures nice wallpaper wallpaper pictures trendy backgrounds me wallpaper cute background wallpapers wallpaper phone

23. Up Umbrella pink

very nice wallpaper nice background pictures good and fresh wallpaper gorgeous wallpapers happy wallpaper cute green wallpaper cute aesthetic wallpaper wallpaper cool

24. Pink Popsicles Raspberry Flavor

cool wallpapers hd cute happy backgrounds simple phone backgrounds pinterest wallpaper hd pretty wallpapers for girls pretty images white wallpaper cute

25. Pink Doughnut sprinkles

beautiful background wallpaper wallpaper pinterest cool backgrounds cute see the good wallpaper pinterest wallpapers cute pinterest cute wallpapers

26. Flamingo Surf

wallpapers for phones thing one wallpaper pretty aesthetic wallpapers new wallpaper hd nice background phone backgrounds hd home screen wallpapers

27. White Yellow Flowers

so cute wallpaper backgrounds pretty trendy wallpaper for phone very cute backgrounds cute pinterest pictures fun girl backgrounds

28. #Never Stress

cool background wallpapers, cute wallpaper ideas, simple wallpapers, love aesthetic wallpaper,

29. My My Monsteraa

i love you wallpaper iphone, best phone backgrounds, blue phone background, wallpapers that say, wallpaper ideas phone, cute k backgrounds,

30. Hello Purple

trendy lockscreens, pretty pictures for backgrounds, pretty phone wallpapers, pinterest background, cute wallpapers hd,

31. Girl Boss in the making

2020 phone wallpaper, authentic wallpaper for iphone, soft wallpaper iphone, strong wallpaper, background pictures for phone, pink fall wallpaper, very cool wallpapers,

32. You’re Looking Sharp Cactus

phone wallpapers for girls, pictures of cute backgrounds, pin on wallpaper, cute iphone backgrounds for summer, cute pc backgrounds,

33. Felt Hearts

you can do it wallpaper, beautiful wallpaper images, be nice wallpaper, best wallpaper hd, best pic for wallpaper,

34. Jelly Cherry

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35. Pink Fur Galaxy

pretty desktop wallpaper, pretty blue wallpaper, pretty iphone 11 wallpaper, long wallpaper, modern wallpaper for phone, most popular wallpaper for mobile, nice pictures for wallpaper, nice phone backgrounds, nice wallpaper photos, iphone wallpaper ideas

36. Foxy Smiley

girly beautiful wallpaper, cute backgrounds aesthetic, girl wallpaper for phone, cute wallpapers for free, cute pattern wallpaper, girl home screen wallpaper, girl background wallpaper, green phone wallpaper, green cute wallpaper, cute hd backgrounds, cute contact photos,

37. Dolphin Stuffy

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38. Hedgehog’s Day

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39. Green Heart Signal

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40. Pink Overload

pretty blue background, pretty pink wallpaper, pretty landscape backgrounds, pretty cute wallpapers, aesthetic photos wallpaper, love wallpaper tumblr, aesthetically pleasing wallpapers, multicolor aesthetic wallpaper, modern phone backgrounds,

41. sassy, moody, nasty

a good wallpaper, download beautiful wallpapers, excellent wallpaper cute fire wallpaper cute desktop wallpaper pinterest cute backgrounds for computer cute white wallpaper cute wallpapers 2020 for iphone cute spring backgrounds free cute wallpapers free cute backgrounds,

42. When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine quotes

cutest backgrounds ever cute white wallpaper, iphone cute whatsapp wallpaper, cute wallpapers pink, cute wallpapers for android mobile cute wallpaper for android, cute tumblr wallpapers cute summer wallpapers cute summer desktop backgrounds, cute summer backgrounds,

43. Nature Heart

girl wallpaper iphone girl phone wallpaper good fun wallpapers green wallpaper cute gorgeous wallpapers hd, hd pic wallpaper, happy wallpaper desktop,

44. Pink Bubble Chat

hd wallpaper screen cute screen wallpapers i love you wallpaper aesthetic, inspirational phone backgrounds ideas for wallpaper on phone, desktop wallpaper for girls, attractive background backgrounds for your phone,

45. Peaches in Georgia Square

you can do this wallpaper, iphone basic phone wallpapers beautiful lock screen wallpaper, beautiful images hd, beautiful background picture beautiful women wallpaper, beautiful wallpaper quotes,

46. a better me is coming

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47. panda cold

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48. Grizzly chill

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49. Ice Bear loves the cold

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50. Piglet and Bunny

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51. Sushi Sun Bathing

background cool images summer wallpaper for phone summer wallpaper android summer wallpaper pinterest pinterest beautiful girl, this is me wallpaper popular phone backgrounds the most beautiful wallpaper in the world,

52. Stich

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53. City of Angels

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54. Dreams don’t work unless you do

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55. Harry Potter school house

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56. You’re so cute chemicals name

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57. We can do it!

cute pink wallpaper for android cute patterns wallpaper cute paper background cute nature wallpaper dark blue nature wallpaper feel wallpaper hd a ka wallpaper

58. Batgirl

free wallpaper cute full hd pictures fresh wallpaper download fondos de pantalla pinterest 2019 free pretty pictures fur background hd free cute iphone wallpapers full hd photos girl wallpaper full hd images

59. Life is tough but so are you

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60. Moon Blue starry night

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61. Smile Daisies

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62. Slurpee Boy

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63. I can’t wait to go home

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64. Roses Valentine

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65. Happy Skippy

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66. Friendly Bears

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67. Floral Pizza

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68. Friendly Forever

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69. Supergirl

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70. Whats the tea?

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71. Don’t pick up the phone

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72. Panda bear blues

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73. Spot the dog

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74. Watermelon Sugar

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75. Paris is Fun

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This post was all about cute wallpapers that you find too cute and have sparked the inspiration for you everyday

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This post was last updated on:

October 8, 2021

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Best Wallpaper Apps for Pretty Iphone Wallpaper (2020)

We spend so much time looking at our cell phone screens these days, it's no wonder it's become so popular to make your iPhone "aesthetic" in iOS 14. Changing your iPhone wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your phone and inject some personality into it. And, as silly as it might sound, giving your iPhone a makeover with some new wallpaper (live wallpaper or static), is a small but not insignificant way to get a virtual refresh, akin to that post-spring cleaning feeling.

A phone background could feature cute animals, lovely sunsets, a goofy meme, something related to your favorite fandom and everything in between. You might even liken setting your phone's wallpaper as the photo of a loved one to keeping their photo in a locket or wallet. 

If you're bored of your iPhone's stock images, here are five places to find some new backgrounds for your phone, and how to change your wallpaper in the first place.

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How to change your wallpaper 

Changing your iPhone's wallpaper is pretty easy and there's more than one way to do it. 

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Tap Wallpaper.

3. Tap Choose New Wallpaper.

4. Choose an image. Newer iPhones include stock wallpaper that moves as well as regular still Dynamic, Stills, Live or one of your photos. New stock wallpaper often comes with OS updates. 

5. Once you choose an image, you can adjust it to fit the screen how you like.

6. You can choose where you want the wallpaper to appear as well -- home screen only, lock screen only or both. 


You can also change your wallpaper directly in the Photos app.

1. Select the image you want from a folder or your camera roll.
2. Tap the share button in the bottom left.
3. Scroll down and choose Use as Wallpaper.
4. Once you choose an image, you can adjust it to fit the screen how you like.
5. You can choose where you want the wallpaper to appear as well -- home screen only, lock screen only or both. 

If you're looking for something new, here are five sites to help you find the perfect iPhone wallpaper for any mood or occasion. 

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1. Pexels


The Pexels website has over 1,000 free iPhone backgrounds, and more are added every day. You can scroll for ages through landscapes, fruit, surreal art, cityscapes and more. Simply search iPhone wallpaper on the site and apply any filters you'd like -- orientations, sizes and color schemes. It's free to download images, but if you want to favorite or collect images on the site, you'll need to create a free account.

When you find an image you like, tap it to view it closer and select Free Download. Pexels will download it directly to your phone -- choose Files, and the image should be in Recent. If you like the photographer, Pexel will also provide their Twitter and Instagram information.

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2. Pixabay


Pixabay is another option for iPhone wallpaper. Similar to Pexels, simply search iPhone wallpaper in Pixabay to find a background you like. You can also filter photos, vector graphics, illustrations and more. Once you find an image, tap Free Download and choose the dimensions that best fit your phone. 

You can make a free account on the site to favorite images, but it's not mandatory to download an image. Again, the image should go straight to Files in the Recent folder. Pixabay has a social media feel, and you can check out the photographer's page to send them a message or follow them. 

3. Unsplash


Similarly to Pixabay and Pexels, Unsplash has thousands of free images to search for the perfect iPhone wallpaper. The site has an Instagram-like feel where you can follow the photographers and artists, as well as like and collect images. Its more social features like collecting, favoriting and following artists require that you make an account. 

Once you find an image you like, just tap Download and you'll find the image in your Recent folder. 

4. Pinterest


Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find phone wallpaper that matches my personality. It's not difficult to become familiar (or obsessed!) with the photo-sharing site. Simply download the free app and make an account -- also free. 

Search any image you like -- or more specifically iPhone wallpaper -- and tap to open it. You'll see a Read It button (opens corresponding articles that the image appears in) and Save (which lets you "pin" the image to a board.) Tap the three-dot Settings button for more options and choose Download Image. 

If you'd rather not commit to the app, you can open Pinterest in your mobile browser. You can search Pinterest images in Google. Tap on the image from there, tap the three-dot Settings button for more options and choose Download Image. 

5. Tumblr


Remember the blogging site Tumblr? It's still out there and is a fun place to find new wallpaper for your phone. You'll need an account to explore the app to the fullest, but like Pinterest, you can search images from Tumblr through Google. To save a photo -- in the app or through a Google search -- tap the photo and then long-press. You'll be able to find the new image in your Camera Roll. For dedicated wallpaper, you can search "iPhone Wallpaper." 

For more, check out the five best emoji keyboards for Android and iOS and everything we know so far about iOS 15.

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Are you looking for new iPhone wallpapers with cute characters, messages and backgrounds? Then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re after wallpapers with Disney characters, beautiful scenery with sunsets or something entirely different, you’ll find the best cute wallpapers with HD quality here.

I’ve listed 45+ adorable free wallpapers that will help you feel joyful throughout the day when you look at your phone.

Feel free to save as many wallpapers as you like, I know it can be hard to choose just one!

To save the wallpapers for your background:

On mobile: Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it.

Desktop: Right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

The Best Cute iPhone Wallpapers:

1. Cute Seal 

Cute seal on a pink background

2. I Like It Upside Down

Stitch wallpaper, blue Disney wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

Disney’s Stitch on a blue background

3. Baby Tigger 

Tigger wallpaper, Disney wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

Baby Tigger 

4. Baby Dinosaurs

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, blue wallpaper with dinosaurs

Cute blue dinosaurs

5. Pink Watermelons

pink wallpapers, watermelon wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

Pink watermelons

6. Dreamy Sunset

Dreamy pier on a sunset

7. A Little More Kindness, A Little Less Judgement

wallpaper quotes, quotes wallpaper, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

A little more kindness, a little less judgement

8. Stitch In Love 

Stitch wallpapers, Disney wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

ADHD Stitch background

9. The Antisocial Social Club

The Antisocial Social Club

10. I See U

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

I See U

11. Pastel Ice Cream

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, pastel wallpapers

Pastel ice cream

12. Turquoise X Gold

Turquoise x gold

13. I Like Big Books And I Can Not Lie

I like big books and I can not lie

14. The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff girls wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

The Powerpuff girls

15. Your Only Limit Is You

Your only limit is you

16. Netflix & Pizza

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper - Netflix And Pizza

Netflix & Pizza

17. Perfect Is Boring

Perfect is boring

18. Palmtrees & Sunset

Palmtree & sunset

19. Ocean Front

Ocean front

20. Smile, You’re On My Screen

Smile, you’re on my screen

21. Hola

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper - Penguin wallpaper


22. Hey Queen


23. Pink Stripes

Pink stripes

24. You’re Very Smart

You’re very smart

25. To Infinity & Beyond

To infinity & beyond

26. Kindness Changes Everything

Kindness changes everything

27. Cake Is Life


28. Ocean Sunset

Ocean sunset

29. Chanel Inspired

Chanel wallpaper iphone, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, designer aesthetic wallpaper

Chanel / Image Source: Elizabeth Anne W 

30. Close Your Eyes

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, pretty wallpaper

Eyes / Image Source: Elizabeth Anne W

31. Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy every moment

32. Make Waves

waves wallpaper, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, Japanese style wallpaper


33. Golden Star

Starfish on ocean floor

34. Happy Thoughts

Happy thoughts

35. It’s Locked, Stupid

It’s locked, stupid

36. Sleeping Cutie

Sleeping Pooh

37. “I’m growing!”

cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper, pink wallpaper

“I’m growing!”

38. Metallic Kiss

Metallic Lips

39. Star Struck

Star Struck / Image Source: Dizzy Brunette3

40. Snow & Sea

Snow & Sea

41. Moomin Treasure


42. S*ts & Giggles

Spongebob wallpaper, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper


43. Falling Leaves

Falling leaves

44. Queen Of Everything

Queen of everything

45. Puppy Eyes

cute puppy wallpaper, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

Cute puppy / Image Source: Elizabeth Anne W

46. Playful Puppy

cute puppy wallpapers, cute wallpapers, cute pictures, cute iPhone wallpaper

Playful puppy / Image Source: Elizabeth Anne W

47. Smoke Show

Colorful smoke screen

Which of these was your favorite wallpaper? Let me know in the comments what you’re going to use on your phone next!

P.S. Sharing is caring!

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