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Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00

MPN: : PL3501-00: EAN: : Does Not Apply. The Sumo body has been modified with the “hard top” removed exposing the trunk area allowing you to customize the look of your truck with scale accessories. undamaged item, Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00, See all condition definitions : Brand: : Pro-Line, unopened, Enter the short wheelbase crawler arena with Pro-Line’s new Sumo Body. including handmade items, This is a Sumo clear body for 10” Wheelbase Crawlers. See the seller's listing for full details. unused, Condition:: New: A brand-new.

Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00

Power Wheels L6349 Barbie Ford Mustang Replacement Right Wheel. GI Joe Vehicle Dragonfly RIGHT Engine Cover 1983 Original Part, Umbreon Plush Doll Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Halloween Plush Soft Toy, Albert MA119 HO Lumber 3 X 12-10 12" Pieces Mt. THOMAS TRAIN TRACKMASTER 7-1/4" CURVED PLASTIC TRACK 20 TAN. Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00, Water Spraying Baby Bath Water Toys Squeeze Children Toy Car Plane Bathing BL3. EMBLEM BASRI KET 16/18 X4 Core Set 2021 M21 Magic MTG MINT CARD. Howell V-BT03/019EN RR N-Mint Vanguard Crimson Lion Beast Bushiroad Cardfight!. Hot Wheels 2020 HW Factory Fresh White 2019 AUDI R8 Spyder for sale online, Toys R Us Animal Planet Velociraptor Helicopter Dinosaur Exploration Playset. Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00, Pokemon XY Roaring Skies Booster Pack New And Sealed Brand new!, FERRARI 312 T2 #11 N LAUDA 1977 HOT WHEELS ELITE N5581 1/43. 1963 FERRARI 250 GTO JFK Half Dollar U.S Coin Most Expensive Auction Cars.MIX HISTORY PERIOD WARS MADE RUSSIA TOY SOLDIERS STRELETS Miniatures 1/72. 1 PR EA : CHRONOS CX 100 ARES UPPER & LOWER MAIN ROTOR BLADE BLADE SET NEW. Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00,

Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00

Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00

Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00 Pro-Line, Enter the short wheelbase crawler arena with Pro-Line’s new Sumo Body, The Sumo body has been modified with the “hard top” removed exposing the trunk area allowing you to customize the look of your truck with scale accessories,This is a Sumo clear body for 10” Wheelbase Crawlers,Fast Delivery & Low Prices,Global fashion,With our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00, Pro-Line Sumo Clear Body For FTX Outback & Barrage 254mm Wb PL3501-00.


Barrage Bl3 : Community borderlands 3 mods repository.

Bl3 Barrage Reddit This is entirely random with no way of rigging the chances to. prepona infoPc Corrosive Barrage 75 More Damage Asa Mayhem 10 Borderlands 3 Bl3 Ebay .headphones, buy quality consumer electronics directly from china suppliers:blon bl 01 bl01 10mm earbuds detachable 2pin cable bl 03 bl03 bl05 enjoy ✓free shipping worldwide! ebayShredifier Borderlands 3 Borderlands Wiki Fandom Beam barrage is the level 3 special attack of a common female ether cannon blade, for example. shredifier borderlands 3Ps4 Bl3 M10 L65 Decaying Barrage Ebay I really do not like burst fire guns in any game but this one is an exception. ebayThe Decaying Barrage Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons Guide Youtube Each strike of barrage is treated like a separate attack the decaying barrage borderlands 3 legendary weapons guideBarrage Legendary Assault Rifle How To Get Stats Borderlands 3 Gamewith It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot sourcebut has an increased chance to drop from buttmunchlocated in. barrage legendary assault rifle howCurrent List Of Legendary Drop Locations Borderlands 3 General Discussion The Official Gearbox Software Forums It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot sourcebut has an increased chance to drop from buttmunchlocated in. current list of legendary dropYou May Have Missed Borderlands 3 S Weapon Buffing Hotfix Yesterday It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from buttmunch located in the droughts on pandora. weapon buffing hotfix yesterdayAnthem All Weapon Gun List Traits Effects Gamewith I really do not like burst fire guns in any game but this one is an exception. anthem all weapon gun list traitsAll Legendary Weapons List Locations Where To Find Borderlands 3 Gamewith This is entirely random with no way of rigging the chances to. all legendary weapons list locations
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100,000% MORE LEGENDARIES! What IS THIS!!!! // Borderlands 3 Vault Card 2 // The Shlooter

Farming BL3 Boss Locations and Legendary Weapons

Evening Vault Hunters. We all know the endless grind for the perfect guns, artifacts, shields, and mods for the ideal build. For those who have gotten used to your favorite bosses, you’re in for a twist. All gun drops in the base, core game of Borderlands 3 have been updated and changed with the July 2020 patch. Let us discuss where to find legendary weapons and where to find the Borderlands 3 boss battles that drop these coveted legendary weapons.

We have taken the time to compile nearly every boss that you can fight in Borderlands 3 and have charted which guns (and other loot) he or she is dedicated to drop. BL3 is all about the loot, and we want to help you locate which boss you need to farm to find the perfect gun for your ideal build.

Get ready for an extensive list of all BL3 bosses accompanied by where to find each boss and which weapons are dedicated to their loot pool. Most of these legendary items will have a chance to drop anywhere in the world. However, each boss has specific loot items that are almost guaranteed to drop. So, put on your gaming boots and strap in for an all-new gear grinding experience brought to you by Borderlands 3.

Lists are broken out into sections; Story Bosses, Side Mission (MINI) Bosses, Crew Challenges, and Honorable Mentions. In addition, bosses have been sorted in alphabetical order (not story order).

Story Bosses

In Borderlands 3 there are infinite things to kill, bosses to overcome and mayhem levels to tackle all in the efforts to find your perfect legendary build. We have for you a complete list of each boss, where to find them, and the specific dedicated weapons and gear they are known to drop.




  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Jakobs Estate
  • Legendary Drops:
  • Mayhem 4 – Raging Bear
  • Billy the Anointed no longer drops Gatling Gun or Warlord (July 2020 patch)


  • Planet: Athenas
  • Location: Athenas
  • Legendary Drops:
  • Mayhem 4 – Tankman’s Shield
  • Mayhem 6 – Kaoson
  • Captain Traunt no longer drops The Devoted, or Firestorm Grenade (July 2020 patch)


  • Planet: Nekrotafeyo
  • Location: Desolation’s Edge
  • Legendary Drops: Recursion
  • Mayhem 6 – D.N.A.
  • General Traunt no longer drops EXECUTE+ or Cosmic Crater (July 2020 patch)


  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Voracious Canopy
  • Legendary Drops: The Messy Breakup Shield, Polybius, Ten Gallon
  • Mayhem 6 – Reflux
  • Still unsure whether or not the Messy Breakup Shield drop, but the Hunter-Seeker was removed from the loot pool. (July 2020 patch)


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Meridian Metroplex
  • Legendary Drops: Smart Gun XXL, Red Card Shield
  • Gigamind no longer drops the Hellshock with the July 2020 loot pool update. Sadly, this is my favorite gun so I am sad to see it go! The Hellshocks dedicated drop is located over at Vermilingua.


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Skywell-27
  • Legendary Drops: Brainstormer
  • Mayhem 6 – Multi-tap
  • The latest update has changed the guns dropped from Katagawa Ball. He no longer drops Kill-o’-the-Wisp, and Tsunami.




  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: The Floating Tomb
  • Legendary Drops: The Grave Artifact, Ward Shield, The Lob
  • 2020 July patch has removed Moxxi’s Endowment from the Graveward loot spawns.


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Forgotten Basilica
  • Legendary Drops: The Duc, Good Juju
  • The July 2020 patch removed the Krakatoa and Quadomizer from the Rampager’s dedicated loot drops.


  • Planet: Nekrotafeyo
  • Location: The Great Vault
  • Legendary Drops: Occultist
  • Mayhem 4 – Vosk’s Deathgrip
  • Back Ham has been removed from Troy’s dedicated legendary weapon drops.


  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Destroyer’s Rift
  • Legendary Drops: Bitch, Kings Call, Queens Call
  • Tyreen will no longer have the dedicated drop of Otto Idol.


  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: The Anvil
  • Legendary Drops: Freeman
  • Mayhem 6 – Plaguebearer
  • Sickle and Wagon Wheel were recently removed from Warden’s dedicated loot pool.

Side Mission Bosses

This next list of bosses and their dedicated weapon drops can be referred to as side mission bosses, or mini bosses. These are bosses (in most cases) that spawn after completing the side mission associated. Some of these can also be killed by activating the bounty board. Once the boss has been unlocked, you will be able to farm it like any other boss in BL3. Without further a due, we have for you the next set of bosses and their most accurate dedicated, legendary drops.




  • Location: Precipice Anchor
  • Activity: Trial of Discipline
  • Legendary Drops: Doesn’t Drop Rocketeer, Techspert, or Blast Master Anymore






  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands
  • Legendary Drops: Echo



  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Legendary Drops: Barrage, Bearcat


  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Konrad’s Hold 
  • Legendary Drops: Bangarang XL, It’s Piss Grenade, Fastball Grenade, Mongol
  • The patch for July 2020 removed Victory Rush from Thunk and Sloth’s loot pool.


  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Legendary Drops: Night Hawkin


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Skywell-27 
  • Legendary Drops: Loot-o-gram (hand this item over to on Sanctuary 3 Earl and he could potentially turn it into a legendary)


  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: The Anvil
  • Legendary Drops: Hunter-Seeker, Quadomizer


  • Planet: Eden 6
  • Location: Jakob’s Estate 
  • Legendary Drops: Unleash the Dragon Artifact, Stop-Gap Shield
  • (Dragon JR will no longer drop the Storm Front as a dedicated drop spawn)



  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Lectra City
  • Legendary Drops: 9-Volt
  • Mayhem 6 – The Monarch
  • Killavolt no longer drops Moxxi’s Pair or the Transformer gun. This change was made during the July 2020 gun drop adjustment patch in BL3.







  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Legendary Drops: Tunguska






  • Planet: Athenas
  • Location: Dido’s Remorse Cemetery
  • Legendary Drops: Front Loader Shield, Trevonator
  • (Private Beans loot pool has changed to not include Westergun)



  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Cathedral of the Twin Gods
  • Legendary Drops: Otto Idol Shield, Techspert


  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Carnivora 
  • Legendary Drops: Night Flyer
  • (Rakkman no longer drops the Safeguard as a dedicated drop spawn)


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Meridian Outskirts
  • Legendary Drops: Messy Breakup Shield









  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: Hearts Desire, What Lies Beneath
  • Legendary Drops: Soulrender
  • (Guns, Love, & Tentacles DLC)


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Cistern of Slaughter
  • Legendary Drops: Cold Warrior Mod
  • Maggie is no longer a dedicated drop




  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Legendary Drops: Storm Front Grenade, Wisp



  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands, The Homestead
  • Legendary Drops: Hellshock


  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: The Anvil, Under control of Mother of Gorgan
  • Legendary Drops: DE4DEYE Mod


Crew Challenge Drops

A crew challenge is a bit different than the previous set of boss battles. Borderlands 3 has incorporated some extra spicy enemies to kill while exploring the map, or running through a mission. These boss battles are identifiable via an icon when viewing the map. There are crew challenges in every map for you to discover and defeat.


  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Meridian Metroplex 
  • Legendary Drops: Executor Mod, Superball







  • Planet: Eden 6
  • Location: Jakob’s Estate
  • Legendary Drops: the Pestilence, Alchemist
  • (Heckle and hyde are no longer a dedicated drop spawn for the bearcat)






  • Planet: Eden 6
  • Location: Ambermire
  • Legendary Drops: Electric Banjo Artifact, Kaos, Breeder, Devils Foursum, 
  • (The Psychobillies will no longer drop the Echo. This change was made during the 2020 July patch)


  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Ascension Bluff
  • Legendary Drops: SkekSil, Barrage, Infiltrator Mod
  • Skrakk no longer drops Barrage as a dedicated drop



  • Planet: Nekrotafeyo
  • Location: Tazendeer Ruins
  • Legendary Drops: the Pestilence, Spiritual Driver
  • (No longer drops Laser-Sploder and Rectifier)

Honorable Mentions

  • Anointed #2 – drops Execute (Mayhem 4 – The Companion)
  • Anointed #3 – drops The Companion
  • Anointed #4- drops Bear Trooper and Sickle
  • Chonk Stomp – No longer drops Tunguska
  • Hag of Fervor – No longer drops Bounty Hunter
  • Jabbermogwai – removed Led Sprinkler from his dedicated drop pool
  • Sera of Supremency – no longer drops Cold Warrior or Rakk Commander
  • Skag – doesn’t drop Executor anymore
  • Tink of Cunning – has stopped dropping DE$DEYE and Mindsweeper as a dedicated drop
  • Tyrant of Instinct – no longer the dedicated drop of Bear Trooper or Infiltrator

Bl3 barrage


Borderlands 3

Assault Rifle Guide

Quick maths.
  • Weapon Type:

    Assault Rifle

  • Rarity:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Content:

    Base Game

  • Elements:

    Non Elemental

Aug 21, 2021 19:12



Barrage - Details

Barrage (AR-BL3)

Copy Item Code

copy to clipboard

Barrage - Description

The Legendary Assault Rifle Barrage is manufactured by DAHL and comes from the Borderlands 3 Base Game.

DAHL - Info

DAHL produces very conventional Weaponry that is suitable in many applications.

Standard DAHL Weapons can toggle between 2 Firing Modes and 2 Zoom Levels.

Barrage - Variants

  • Anointment:



  • Splash Anoints:



  • Weapon Parts:


    fixed parts

  • Splash Radius:

  • Listed Projectiles:

  • Ammo/Shot:

  • Element Variants:

    Non Elemental

    Both Elements & Non-Elemental on the Barrage are equally common with 33.33%.

Manufacturer Variations:

Firing Mode:

Full Auto

Zoom Levels:

#1 Option: 1.5x Zoom - 5x Zoom

#2 Option: 2.2x Zoom - 5x Zoom

#3 Option:2.9x Zoom - 4x Zoom

Barrage - Assault Rifle Parts

A single number in the top right of parts show its rarity.
Parts with a number < 1 are less common and parts with a number > 1 are more common.


  • Grip 1

    -20% Accuracy (Bloom)
    +5% Damage

  • Grip 3

    -30% Recoil (Width)
    +5% Fire Rate

  • Grip 4

    -5% Reload Time
    +10% Crit Damage


  • Foregrip 2

    -30% Weapon Sway
    -30% Accuracy (Bloom)

  • Foregrip 4

    -30% Weapon Sway
    +5% Fire Rate

  • Foregrip 5

    -15% Recoil (Width)
    +5% Damage

Barrage - Buffs & Nerfs


Barrage - How to Farm

Mincemeat, Trufflemunch & Buttmunch

Mincemeat, Trufflemunch & Buttmunch

  • Named Enemy

  • The Droughts


Mar 4, 2021 23:50



More Weapons for your build

Atlas Replay

Atlas Replay

  • Director's Cut

  • Atlas


Aug 21, 2021 20:17

The Monarch

The Monarch

  • Base Game

  • Vladof

    Assault Rifle

Sep 12, 2021 11:03

Guardian 4N631

Guardian 4N631

  • Director's Cut

  • Hyperion


Aug 21, 2021 20:42


Aug 21, 2021 20:22


Aug 21, 2021 20:52



  • Bounty of Blood

  • Maliwan


Aug 21, 2021 21:09

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

  • Director's Cut

  • Hyperion


Sep 21, 2021 10:59


Aug 21, 2021 20:24

Blood-Starved Beast

Aug 21, 2021 21:10



  • Base Game

  • Vladof

    Assault Rifle

Aug 21, 2021 19:21

Borderlands 3 - What Happens if You Tip $1,000,000 to Moxxi? (Borderlands 3 Secrets)

Borderlands 3 | BL3

Barrage Legendary Assault Rifle - How to Get & Stats

Read this Borderlands 3 guide to learn more about how to get the Legendary / Unique Barrage Assault Rifle! Learn more about how to spawn the legendary item, how to farm it, and more!

Table of Contents

Find More About Legendary Weapons Here

Barrage - Legendary / Unique Weapon Stats & Traits

Barrage - Legendary / Unique Weapon Stats & Traits
TYPEAssault Rifle
FIRE RATE15.02/s
Magazine Size34
- Quick maths.
- +15% critical hit damage
- 1.5x or 6x weapon zoom

*Shown stats are excerpted from the variation confirmed in-game.

Burst Fire, High Damage Weapon

The Barrage delivers consistent dps due to its raw damage, quick fire rate, and burst fire. It's a pretty solid weapon though it doesn't have anything other feature that makes it unique.

Change Weapon Zoom

Unlike other Dahl Assault Rifles where you change firing methods, the Barrage will allow you to choose its weapon zoom. The 6x zoom makes it a faux sniper rifle.

Can Spawn With or Without an Element

The Barrage can spawn with either an element or without one. This is entirely random with no way of rigging the chances to get either.

Check Out the Elemental Damage Types Here

How To Get Lucian's Call

Random World Drop

This weapon is a random world drop, meaning that you may be able to get it from defeating enemies, opening loot chests, or even from slot machines! However, below are some ways for you to easily farm legendary weapons.

Check Out How To Farm Legendaries Here!

Farm the Graveward

Farm the Graveward

The Graveward is a great high level farming boss as it has a high probability of dropping Legendary Loot. Make sure to equip the Porcelain Pipe Bomb Grenade Mod as it can quickly decimate the Graveward's health!

Farm the Chupacabratch

Farm the Chupacabratch

The Chupacabratch is a Legendary Hunt objective that you complete for Hammerlock. Due to how easy it is to defeat, you can keep reloading the game and defeating it in order for it to drop a legendary.

Farm Loot Tinks

Farm Loot Tinks

Loot Tinks are a great way for you to score Legendary Loot! Defeating them will initially drop several items. You must then interact with their bags to open them up and possibly spawn a legendary weapon!

NOTE: Please note that due to the Sep 19 Patch, chances of dropping legendaries have been lowered.

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