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Unturned rain command DEFAULT

Weather is a game mechanic in Unturned 3. There are only four types of weather used on official maps.


Default weather consisting of no precipitation. Current weather conditions can be disabled via command.

@weather none


Rainstorms are a form of weather, which consists of rain precipitation. Clouds begin to darken as a rainstorm begins. Rainstorms can be restricted to specific

When a rainstorm ends it will instantly grow all Plants and completely fill any Rain Barrels that are not blocked.

Rainstorms can be started manually via command.

@weather storm @weather d73923f4416c43dfa5bc8b6234cf0257

Heavy Rainstorms

Heavy Rainstorms are similar to regular rainstorms, but include lightning, and reduced visibility. Black fog signals the danger of lightning storms. Lightning will always strike within half a kilometer of a player.

Lightning storms currently only appear on PEI, Washington, Russia and Easter Island.

@weather 6c850687bdb947a689fa8de8a8d99afb

Gentle snowfall

@weather 22a2d4cf2d0341e08bee3d9557b78d23


Blizzard weather consists of snow precipitation, and causes the Temperature system to take effect. Clouds begin to darken as heavy fog sets in when a blizzard begins. Blizzards can be restricted to a specific areas.

Blizzards can be started manually via command.

@weather blizzard @weather 903577da2ecd4f5784b2f7aed8c300c1


VersionChanges Default weather has been added into the game. Snow weather has been added to the game. Rainstorm weather has been introduced to the game. Added dynamic snowstorms.
Added weather command which takes none, storm or blizzard as inputs.
Added options in map and config for blizzard frequency/duration and ambiance volume controls to limit rain and snow to specific areas.
Improved blending between rainstorms and blizzards. Added gentle snowfall on Yukon Added Lightning Storms

Unturned 3:


The first teaser of Rain weather seen on Nelson's trello.

Sours: https://unturned.fandom.com/wiki/Weather

Unturned Server Command List




BindBind [IP]Binds a specific internal IP to the socket.ChatrateChatrate [Number]Assigns a minimum time between chat messages to prevent spamming.CycleCycle [Number]Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.Debug DebugProvides information on the state of the serverFilterFilterFilters out players with non-english alphanumeric names.GoldGoldRestricts server to only Gold players.LoadoutLoadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/...Give players each item when spawning. Using SkillsetID of 255 gives the item set to everyone. Can only be used in the server console or the servers Commands.dat file.LogLog [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death]/[Anticheat]

Enables logging of chat, join, leave, death, and anticheat messages. Parameters are Y or N values. 

MapMap [Level]Sets the map that the server loads on startup.MaxPlayersMaxPlayers [Number]Sets the maximum number of connections the server is willing to acceptModeMode [Easy/Normal/Hard]Assigns the difficulty to the server.OwnerOwner [SteamID]Gives admin rights to a steam ID. Must also be set in the server's Commands.dat file.PasswordPassword [Text]Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server.PerspectivePerspective [First/Third/Both/Vehicle]Assings the perspective of the server.PortPort [Number]Assigns the port of the server. Port +1 and port +2 are also used.PvEPvEToggles Player vs Player for Player vs Environment.Queue_SizeQueue_Size [Number]Sets the maximum number of queued connections to the server.ResetConfigResetConfigResets the config.dat file to default values.SaveSaveForces a save of the serverSaySay [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]Broadcasts a message to all of the connected clientsShutdownShutdown [Delay]Saves the server state and closes the server. SyncSyncAllows players to share savedata between your serversTimeTime [Number in Seconds]Assings current timeTimeoutTimeout [Number in seconds]Assigns a maximum ping threshold WelcomeWelcome [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]Sets a chat box welcome message.
Sours: https://www.gameserverkings.com/knowledge-base/unturned/unturned-server-command-list/
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How does it works?
the Help Rain does not seem to work, somehow.]

Like, my server restarts hourly.
For me to make it rain, like 20 minutes per restart. how do i do?
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Weather Asset¶

Overrides the built-in snow and rain weather with custom events. This is feature is a work-in-progress.

How to test?¶

When a GUID is passed to the weather command it will start a custom weather event, and 0 can be used to end it.

Properties Reference¶

float: seconds between weather event starting and reaching full intensity.

float: seconds between weather event ending and reaching zero intensity.

Master Bundle Pointer: audio clip to play globally. Volume matches intensity.

bool: should fog configured in the lighting be overridden?

bool: should fog affect the skybox?

, , and : refer to the Time of Day section.

array: refer to Effects section.

Time of Day Properties¶

Each of the four main times of day can override certain properties.

color: distance-based fog. Optionally overrides the skybox color.

float: [0, 1] similar to fog intensity in ambiance volume.

Effect Properties¶

Multiple effects can be instantiated while the weather is active.

Master Bundle Pointer: game object with a particle system. PlayOnAwake should be disabled. For effects tied to the view it may be helpful to change the culling mode to Always Simulate.

float: power applied to weather intensity multiplied by default constant rate over time.

float: x-axis rotation when is enabled.

bool: should position in world-space match the camera? The built-in snow and rain move with the view. Position is zeroed when false. May be useful for transition effects like dust blowing into the map signaling the start of a sandstorm.

bool: should y-axis rotation match the wind direction? The built-in snow and rain rotate with wind.

Last update: June 1, 2021

Sours: https://unturned.info/Modding/WeatherAsset/

Command unturned rain


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