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VR Exercise Equipment Horse Riding Simulator 9D Indoor Shooting Game


Experience to degree immersed in the visual field of the three kingdoms. You can also directly incarnate three players, with game handle beheaded enemy minions and generals, the real experience of the Cold War era and the blood Horse Charm blade. VR riding the tiger is an epoch-making cold weapon VR action game.Through rigorous and realistic role setting, exquisite art scene construction, large-scale display with the screen and other means to restore the magnificent war scenes in the Three Kingdoms era.It is the industry's high VR gaming experience. Let the players seem to be in the virtual world.

VR Exercise Equipment Horse Riding Simulator 9D Indoor Shooting Game


HTC VIVE is one of the best VR device currently on the market, can perfectly solve the watch (game) , the handle is used to simulate the ware trajectory and pike switch weapons form and so on, give the user a better immersion experience.A machine for simulation game in horse kill game experience.In the game, game player can walk with the horse stirrups, forward the rough, immersed in the game word.At the same time, riding machine as fitness equipment, can also help in the game when the game player when the game player can also exercise fat.

VR Exercise Equipment Horse Riding Simulator 9D Indoor Shooting Game


Comfortable seat with adjustable vibration seat, more realistic to experience riding horse.High resolution, famous brand HTC glass, very comfortable helmet.Excellent stereo system, highly stimulating racing events.Interactive archery game, practice your hand coordinated ability and your eyesight ability.Smart and durable controlling joystick, more convenient to play.

VR Exercise Equipment Horse Riding Simulator 9D Indoor Shooting Game


Product Name:VR Tiger-Leopard Ride
Product Size:mm*mm*mm
Accessories:HTC Suit
Input Voltage:V - V
Screen:42 Inch Screen Console
Rated Current:10A


Only need 9 square meters to set up this VR battle game machine. In shopping mall, amusement park, theme park, clubs etc., which have the high rate flow of visitor.

VR Exercise Equipment Horse Riding Simulator 9D Indoor Shooting Game

Sours: https://www.vrwayvr.com/vr-war-horse/vr-exercise-equipment-horse-riding-simulator-9d-indoor-shooting-game.html

VR games can take you anywhere, and now, they can even carry you into the sky on the back of an eagle. What? Futuretown, a VR gaming company backed by former HTC CEO Peter Chou, announced its new hardware platform called 5D Totalmotion at the Tokyo Game Show today. The device is a motion machine that’s used in coordination with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or 3Glasses VR headset. The machine can have various modules screwed into it depending on the needs of whatever game is being played. So an animatronic horse body, for example, can be used to simulate riding a horse or eagle, or boots can strap users in for skiing.


Futuretown announced four VR games along with the introduction of the machine itself. The games include: Whiteout: Ski VR, Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR, Wave Breaker: Surf VR, and Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR. We've seen similar games from companies like VirZoom, which made a horse game, too. Clearly 5D Totalmotion isn’t a consumer device, unless you have room for an entire VR setup and a motion machine, in which case cool. The games and hardware will be available some time next year. Until then, I guess you’re just going to have to hunt down an animatronic bull in your city of choice. Wishin ya luck!

Sours: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker//9/15//futuretown-5d-totalmotion-horse-vr-game
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Horse Show Jumping VR

First person VR Game Fun Horse Riding Sport Simulator. Choose your favorite magic Horse, and jump over the obtacles in the Show Jumping Arena.


Multiplayer game. Choose your Avatar, and play with your friends over WiFi.

There are two training courses for practise, and one Show Jumping Course for the final. Use game points to enter the Show Jumping Arena. When you need more game points, just ride the Off Road trail to find and collect floating things to earn new game points.

Use Google Daydream, Cardboard or compatible Plastic VR headset in VR mode, or play the game in 3D mode whithout headset. This game is designed for Accelerometer input, and GYRO controls.

Use an optional Game Controller to move your avatar with input from a joystick instead of using the gyro. Apply som forward input to activate the Game Controller. The B-button will jump, and the A-button will disable the joystick, and resume to standard controls.

Move your head to control your character.
Use your eyes to look around, instead of moving your head to much, to minimize the risk for motion sickness that some may suffer from otherwise.
Hit the ”visit cards” left from the horses. It can also loosen upp some tensions that otherwise may lead to nausea for beginners.

For playing the game in VR, a device with a fast processor, and 8 cores is highly recommended.

Remember, you can’t get hurt in the virtual reality world, but watch your steps in the real world. Keep a safe distance to In Real Life things you might trip over, or break, like chairs, tables, stairs, windows, or fragile vases.

Note about system requirements.
This app needs some free memory to run smoothly.
If the device internal memory are full, please move photos, and apps to the external SD card for best performance. You can also try to clear the app data, and app cache to improve the performance.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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