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Stator Ignition Source Coil for Kawasaki KDX 200 1985-1988

Vehicle Fitment

Interchange Part No



Big Coil : Red to Blue = 170 ohms+/-20%
Small Coil : Red to Blue = 24 ohms+/-20%


Read these instructions completely before begining
  • By using a small soldering iron weld the wires to the ones on your OEM wiring harness.
  • Insulate your solders with heat shrink.

*If no spark, switch the wires at the plug.


Brand new ignition source coil

  • We offer a brand new ignition source coil for you to repair your stator.
  • Often unavailable from the OEM manufacture
  • Highest grade lamination materials
  • Highest grade copper windings, resistant to 200 degrees celsius
  • Works with all other OEM parts
  • All product shipped are tested

*All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.


Sours: https://rmstator.com/en_us/stator-ignition-source-coil-for-kawasaki-kdx-200-1985-1988-rm00035

ElectroSport ESL225 Lighting Stator Kawasaki KDX200

ElectroSport ESL225 Lighting Stator Kawasaki KDX200

ElectroSport ESL225 Lighting Stator Kawasaki KDX200

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ESL225 is a complete replacement LIGHTING stator for your KDX200. This lighting stator offers a healthy 35W of lighting output for powering a headlight. It comes as an aluminum plate with stator coil mounted, complete with wire leads, pulser and connectors, ready to plug in. The item is backed by a full one year warranty. This stator is also a very cost effective and high quality replacement for the OE stator.

ElectroSport ESL225 Lighting Stator Kawasaki KDX200

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Product description

Sours: https://sirdc.ac.zw/gyratory/942550/945639/1121746
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ElectroSport ESL225 Lighting Stator Kawasaki KDX200

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