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The charismatic and crazy Chaos, Striated Caracara. #crazybird #birdenrichment

So much great enrichment going on in this video! :O


This is so great! What I really like is how it’s obvious that they’ve re-purposed enrichment items meant for other species - like the cat feeder - for the bird. 

skane101: “He wants to go on a adventure. ”

He wants to go on a adventure.

Cheesey ending. Rumble in the Bronx
Yeah, I don’t even know whats going on with Jackie Chan’s face here. Rumble in the Bronx
The villain after getting his ass kicked by Jackie Chan. Rumble in the Bronx
His eyes betray his stern composure. Rumble in the Bronx
Angry villain with bonus scared girl in the background. Rumble in the Bronx
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(W) Gene Luen Yang
(A) Dike Ruan, Philip Tan

While there are a few continuity hiccups in this mini series I overall enjoyed it. It sets up a new status quo for Shang Chi that could be interesting.
Shang is helping out at Grandma Wangs Bakery in San Francisco and in exchange the owner is providing him an apartment. Leiko Wu shows up (working for M-I6 again) and then a previously unknown brother and sister of his show up too so Shang Chis gets an extended family that are still running his fathers 5 houses. So there’s some retconning of the Fu Manchu being his father thing (which is totally understood due to the rights issue) and more background building of the history of Shang Chis current continuity father Zheng Zu.
I don’t really wanna go through all the plot from these 5 issues but SPOLIER WARNING by the end of issue #5 Shang Chi is now the head of the houses of Zheng Zu with the purpose in mind of reforming their criminal ways into being a force for good.
There’s another Shang Chi series set to launch in 2021 continuing this story line.
I’ll be buying ‘em!

No mention is made either of Leiko Wus chopped off / mechanical hand, or of her being a goopy zombie bad guy we last saw in the 2014 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (Vol 2) mini series. If that version of Leiko is erased from continuity I am fine with that.
Also I think it’s funny that Shang Chis is always shown living in different places in almost every modern appearance. it makes me worried about all the various cats and Fleetwood Mac albums he’s left abandoned over the years. :)

Here’s a link for ya -

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Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in Dengfeng | China |

The 1st Period Class Training of Shaolin Kungfu Grading Test System At the end of december total of 174 Shaolin Kungfu practitioners finished their junior Shaolin Kungfu learning among whom 158 students passed the exam of the Shaolin Kungfu test...
Today starts Dengfeng National Shaolin kungfu competition our school presented here What you think about competitions in kung fu? is it necessary? #competition #shaolintemple #shaolinkungfu #wushu (at...
Why in the temple of the white rabbit festival “of Virtue (Shan Liang)”? Shifu Shi Yanji, he is the Abbot of the temple of the white rabbit in the city of #Xuchang, #Henan province took him from the folklore. In ancient times, in the area of Xuchang...
Unbelievable Shaolin temple! Carefuly by @niehuizheng #shaolintemple #shaolinkungfu #shaolin #kungfu #少林寺 #功夫 #legend #wonderful #incredible #motivation #martialarts #chinesemartialarts #traditionalmartialarts (at...
Very important☝️ Due to force majeure circumstances, my students and I moved to the city of Xuchang. Now we are 70 km from Dengfeng and Shaolin. ⚠️ Thanks to my #师兄 now at our disposal monastery #baitusi (Temple of white Rabbit) for training. Part of...
Introduce Lisane from #netherlands she #studymartialarts and want to riseup thought shaolin kungfu. . If you want you can jois my school this summer, link in bio. . #shaolintemple #martialartist #wushu #kungfu #chinesemartialarts #anime #shaolinmonks...
Hello dear subscribers, are you on air? . . . #shaolintemple #martialartist #wushu #kungfu #chinesemartialarts #anime #shaolinmonks #shaolinkungfu #shaolinmonk #shaolin #shaolingongfu #shuandao #shifu #taichi #shaolinstyle #shaolinsi #kungfulife...
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The Karate Kid (2010) - Everything is Kung Fu Scene (4/10) - Movieclips



After a young woman survives a devastating attack by the occupying Manchus that killed the rest of her family, she flees to a temple, disguises herself as a man and learns the fighting skills she’ll need to avenge her people.

Director: Chun Jo-


During the Qing Dynasty the Shaolin disciples are hunted down by a powerful warrior who wants to rid the Shaolin men from China. At a remote training camp a group of Shaolin train together, their best student Yun Fei is given the task of taking down Shih Shao-Feng and his reign of terror. Along the way he befriends Chan Yuan-lung’s character named Tan Feng, who is a blacksmith.


Young student Liu is urged to rise against the Manchu oppression in China, but the revolution has disastrous consequences. Escaping the massacre, Liu seeks shelter in the Shaolin Temple where the monks train him in their famous martial arts skills.


The film concerns Wang’s one-armed martial arts master being stalked by an imperial assassin, the master of two fighters (the Tibetan lamas) who were killed in the previous film. The title refers to the assassin’s weapon, the “flying guillotine”, which resembles a hat with a bladed rim attached to a long chain. Upon enveloping one’s head, the blades cleanly decapitate the victim with a quick pull of the chain. The Boxer’s adversary is the assassin Fung Sheng Wu Chi who is blind, is an expert user of the Flying Guillotine, and relies on others to identify one-armed men, which he then kills. When the One-Armed Boxer is invited to attend a martial arts tournament, his efforts to lie low are unsuccessful, and the assassin soon tracks him down with the help of his three subordinates competing in the tournament: a Thai boxer, a yoga master, and a kobojutsuuser.

The One-Armed Boxer leaves the tournament and, using a series of traps, defeats the assassin’s subordinates. Unable to directly confront the deadly assassin himself, the One-armed Boxer devises a plan that uses misdirection. Taking advantage of the assassin’s blindness by using bamboo poles as a lure, each time the blind assassin throws his weapon, it becomes snagged on one of the bamboo poles effectively removing the inner blades of the assassin’s deadly weapon; however, as it still contains a jagged outer edge it is still a formidable weapon. The One-armed Boxer then proceeds to convert a coffin-maker’s shop into an elaborate trap. Once the weapon is finally destroyed, the One-armed Boxer engages the assassin in a duel and defeats him.

In Shanghai about the 1930s, Ho Tao (Gordon Liu) is a Kung Fu student. His rich father has set up an arranged marriage for him with the daughter of a Japanese business associate. Ho Tao initially objects and feigns illness, but soon thereafter agrees to the marriage when he finds bride to be, Yumiko Kōda (“Kung Zi” in Mandarin), is attractive. After the wedding, he finds out that she is also a martial artist. Ho Tao finds her style of Karate to be violent, unladylike, and potentially immodest and tries to persuade her to learn feminine but also effectual styles of Chinese Kung Fu. She is later offended during an argument over which nation has the superior martial arts styles and eventually goes back to Japan. When he travels to Japan to entreat Kung Zi to be reconciled with her husband, Ho Tao’s father finds Kung Zi in training by her childhood friend and rather too attentive martial arts sensei Takeno.


Rescued from his house as a child and sent to the Shaolin Temple, Chu Shiao Chieh learns the martial arts and the virtues of patience and mercy. Upon reaching manhood, Chu sets out to reunite with his blind mother and cousin. His refusal to involve himself in fighting injustices is challenged when the Eight Masters kidnap his mother as revenge for his father’s misdeeds.


The film is set during the transition period between the Sui and the Tang dynasties. It opens with various shots of the Shaolin Temple, including the wall paintings, the many beautiful trees, gardens, shrines, gates, and statues of Buddha and the Gods. The temple bells toll as the monks kneel in the pillared inner sanctum and bow before the great altar of the Golden Buddha, before which sits the Abbot of Shaolin. A shaven-headed, blue-robed novice (Jet Li) stands with his palms pressed together and his head bowed. He is about to be accepted into the Shaolin Temple. The Abbot speaks to him of ceremony, purification, and learning to respect one’s self and others. Then the Abbot asks for his name. “Jue Yuan”, he answers. The Abbot tells him that to be accepted into the Shaolin Temple, he must vow to not commit murder. He asks if he can obey this, but Jue Yuan is silent, staring downward. The Abbot repeats the question, and Jue Yuan slowly raises his eyes, gazing intensely at him. The Abbot asks the question a third time…

The film flashes back to the warlord and deadly fighter Wang Shichong killing an old man with a throat lock and throwing him off a high brick wall into a muddy river, then abusively ordering the rest of his slaves back to work. They’re at a labor camp by the great river, toiling in the mud among corpses that hang from gallows as the soldiers whip them. It is during the rebellions at the end of the Sui Dynasty, when China became divided between various factions. Wang Shichong, who ruled from Luoyang, has treacherously installed himself as Emperor of the East Capitol, and is overseeing the bolstering of his riverfront defenses against the rival warlords on the opposite bank. They are near the Shaolin Temple. He forces even the old, crippled, and sick to work, but still the work isn’t progressing fast enough for him. He orders an officer to bring all his prisoners, who are opposing rebels, to join the slaves.

These rebels include an older kung fu master, famous for his kicking skill, and his long-haired son, Jue Yuan. The soldiers whip the slaves, and one old slave collapses and drops a wooden beam, which causes an officer’s horse to rear and throw the officer. The officer begins to beat the slave to death, but Jue Yuan’s father attacks him, though his ankles and wrists are chained together. The officer proves to be a kung fu fighter, and they fight, but Jue Yuan’s father still manages to defeat him. This draws the attention of the Emperor, who attacks Jue Yuan’s father himself and rips his throat out with his bare hand. Jue Yuan rushes in and unleashes the kicking skills that his father taught him, scattering the guards and fighting the officers, but then the Emperor beats him up and deals him a deadly Dim Mak palm strike to the chest. Jue Yuan is thrown into the river, and he manages to swim away and escape. He staggers through the wild, dying of his wounds, but finally he manages to reach the Shaolin Temple. The Sifu (Yu Hai) is teaching the monks staff kung fu when Jue Yuan arrives and falls unconscious.


Sang Kuan Chun is an old kung fu master who is getting ready to retire from martial arts. But just as he is about to put up the kings signboard and call it quits, he receives a note alleging that he’s not the best. Thus begins his journey for one last challenge with each of the Seven Grandmasters to prove his superiority. As Sang Kuan Chun and his three students travel from one challenge to the next, the foursome acquires a fifth—a young man named Siu Ying who wants desperately to train under master Sang Kuan Chun to avenge his father’s death. So he tags along, despite the master’s insistence that he will not accept any more students. Eventually we learn more about the master’s past.

His own teacher, before he died, left him the secret book of The Pai Mei Twelve Strikes. However a masked man soon stole several pages of the book, leaving only nine strikes. So, somewhere out there, is this unknown man, and he has the final three strikes of Pai Mei, which are the most deadly and can beat even the other nine strikes. Sang Kuan Chun soon accepts the seemingly devout Siu Ying and teaches him the nine known strikes of Pai Mei. Siu Ying ends up learning from his “uncle” that Sang Kuan Chun (who was set up) killed his father during a friendly tournament. Siu Ying is taught the final 3 strikes from a mysterious figure and almost kills Sang Kuan Chun until he being a loyal good student couldn’t break his teacher’s rule of “Never kill anyone if it can be avoided”. This all leads up to an exciting climax, where we learn the identity of the masked man who stole the Pai Mei final strikes and the identity of the man who killed Siu Ying’s father.


During a changeover in China to constitutional government, regional warlords and chiefs use the confusion to rebel against the new government. One honorable chief refuses and leaks a secret ciphered document outlining the warlords plans to local police. A shady thug working for the evil warlord faction hires the aid of two young brother scoundrels to assist in ruining the reputation of the towns police chief, Hu, who has come in possession of the leaked document. The scoundrel’s sister, Ms. Poon, is in love with Hu and the brothers unwittingly work for the thugs for the sake of helping their sister. Meanwhile, the warlords have sent assassins to kill anyone who may have seen the document and end up killing the killing the girlfriend of Hu’s best friend. The best friend returns and aids Hu to find those whom the document belongs. Hu then proceeds to manufacture situations and events that will lead him directly to the traitors and find all involved.


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Kung Fu Panda

Real talk tho, my biggest gripe with SING is the fact that having all the characters be anthro animals was kinda unnecessary. If anything, I think people would be able to relate to and enjoy the characters more if they were actual humans. Cos that’s the thing, them being animals in the movie is seriously… Wasted I guess? They all move and act like humans, there was no interesting factors to be brought in by them being animals. 

And I know what you’re thinking: Oh, well that’s the point of anthro animals, they’re supposed to move and act like humans. 

Which I understand! But, there should still be some creative liberties you when making characters (who could have easily been humans) as animals. 

For example:


Aside from a few nods to their “ original animal behavior”, everyone really does just behave like human people, and as previously stated, I feel a better connection could have been made with these characters if you made them humans; them being animals feels almost gimmicky in this movie. 

But with Kung Fu Panda on the other hand:


It almost ALWAYS takes into account that these characters are animals, which adds so much charm to them and really opens up a lot of creative opportunities for world building and character interactions. 

Like, this is a super obvious/minor addition in the animation, but I always loved how they have Monkey walk on his knuckles


It would have been super easy to just have him walk on both feet, with practically little to no complaints I think. 

Anyways, I didn’t think that far ahead so I have no way to wrap this up, thank you for coming to my TED talk and remember to wash your hands. 

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Kung Fu Warriors


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