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9 Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

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If you have a large footwear collection, it’s important to utilize proper shoe storage. Not only will this help you stay organized, but it can also keep pairs in better condition by preventing them from piling up on the floor.

From shoe racks to shelves and underbed units, there’s a breadth of shoe storage options on the market to choose from. For footwear aficionados and those who love aesthetically-pleasing options, drop-front shoe boxes offer both a stylish and functional way to organize your shoe collection.

While these aren’t the most space-efficient designs, they’re great for storing out of season pairs on closet shelves or to showcase your most prized sneakers, heels and more.

These containers, which open from top to bottom via a front closure, protect pairs from dust and are typically made of clear plastic, so you can easily identify styles.

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When shopping for these, looks for ones that are stackable to maximize space. Of course, you’ll also want to choose options that accommodate your shoe size (some may better fit women’s styles or are able to store large men’s shoes, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation). You’ll also want to consider how many pairs you’ll want to store, as many drop-front shoe boxes come in sets. And, depending on your preference, you may prefer a style that’s transparent from every angle or only partially see-through.

With all that in mind, shop eight drop-front shoe boxes worth adding to your home.

YankeeKicks Premium Sneaker Containers

Perfect for sneakerheads with massive collections, these clear acrylic containers are available in packs of three to 100. Each box is able to fit up to a men’s size 13 shoe and offers UV protection to prevent discoloration of pairs.

YankeeKicks Display

AltraTech Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

Coming in a set of four or six, AltraTech’s Drop-Front Shoe Boxes feature a clear magnetic door and are able to fit up to a size 14 men’s shoe. Made out of quality ABS and PP material, the black-colored, interlocking styles are able to support up to 60 pounds.


AltraTech Drop-Front Shoe Boxes, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Mint Supply Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

A great way to keep your prized collection intact, Mint Supply’s Drop-Front Shoe Boxes are transparent all-around for easy identification and can also fit up to a size 14 men’s shoe.

mint supply drop front shoe boxes, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Aoteng Star Storage Boxes

This set of Aoteng Star Storage Boxes comes with six stackable boxes (available in black or entirely clear versions) featuring a transparent door that’s magnetized. They’re designed to fit large men’s shoes and tall styles like heels. What’s more, they have reinforced frames for durability, ventilation holes that let your shoes breathe and should be easy to assemble.


Aoteng-Star-Storage, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Ironland Shoe Storage Boxes

Ironland’s Shoe Storage Boxes come as a set of three and are available in an all-over clear style or version with black sides. The thick plastic style all have grips for easy stacking, magnetic doors for added security and can fit men’s sneakers up to size 13.

Ironland-Shoe-Storage, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Black Modern Shoe Storage Boxes

Offered as a set of two, Black Modern Shoe Storage Boxes feature a sliding tray design for ultimate grab-and-go convenience. Take note, however, that they are only made to fit up to a size 11 men’s shoe.

Stackable Shoe Storage box, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Iris USA Inc. Easy Access Shoe Boxes

Featuring an easy to open front panel, Iris USA Inc.’s Shoe Boxes are ideal for storing high heels and high-tops, these clear, ventilated boxes feature an especially tall design. As an added bonus, they include a divider for storing two pairs of shorter shoes like ballet flats and low-top sneakers and come in a pack of four.

iris usa inc drop front shoe boxes, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

KPX Drop Front Shoe Boxes

Best suited for women’s shoes (or small men’s pairs), KPX Drop Front Shoe Boxes will fit up to a men’s size 9 shoe. They come as a set of 12 stackable boxes and in four pretty pastel hues to choose from.

KPX Drop Front Shoe Boxes, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs

Homde Shoe Boxes

Homde’s Shoe Boxes are offered in large and extra-large options, with the latter being able to fit up to a men’s size 14 shoe. Their all-over clear design also allows for easy identification of pairs, too.

Homde Shoe Boxes, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes for Storing Your Pairs


OnDisplay Luxury Acrylic Shoe Box - Large

ondisplay acrylic clear shoe box

Men's/Large: 13.4" x 9" x 6.3". Shoes up to 12.75" long and 6" tall when upright. Pairs up to 8.5" wide side by side.

Women's/Medium: 11.8" x 9" x 6.3". Shoes up to 11.2" long and 6" tall when upright. Pairs up to 8.5" wide side by side.

XL/Tall: 13" x 9.8" x 7.1" tall. Shoes up to 12.5" long and 6.9" tall when upright. Pairs up to 9.25" when side by side.

Extra Long: 15.2" x 12" x 7.1" tall. Shoes up to 14.7" long and 6.9" tall when upright. Pairs up to 11.5" wide side by side.

  • Not all shoes of the same size are the exact same length. Please measure your shoes before ordering.
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Best Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes to Display Your Shoes

The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a container for your footwear is the size that the container must be. You don’t want it to be too small, because then you may need to squish the shoe in, causing the structure to be bent out of its shape. After long periods of time, this will change the shape of the shoe to cause discomfort to the heel and arches; and, of course, they will look all wonky when you put them on. As well, the lid may not fit over them if the box is too small, making it harder to stack them in a pile to save space. But with that said, if they’re too big, that’s also a problem. The shoes might have plenty of room, but it defeats the purpose of organizing if the box itself takes up too much space in the closet. The moral is: it’s important to make the effort to get as close as possible to the ideal box size.

All containers are sold with their dimensions (their width, their height, and their length) as well as their volume (for example, 5 quarts) listed in the product descriptions or on their labels. It’s super important to pay attention to this information. With the dimensions, you can take a measuring tape and hold it to the width, height, and length of your pair of shoes (remember, fitting them together in opposite directions and sides save the most space!). You can then determine if the clear shoe container will be too big, too small, or just right. Of course, ideally you would bring your shoes to the store to see if the box is of a good size, but when you’re ordering online you don’t have that convenience.

We recommend you purchase a container that is slightly roomier than the measurements of the two shoes. This way, if it ends up being a bit smaller than you thought, you can still make sure enough room is there.

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