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What does it mean to dream about a cabinet?

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The meaning behind dreaming about a cabinet depends on what type of cabinet you saw while you were asleep. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Take, for instance a display cabinet- perhaps you are trying to showcase the best parts of yourself to someone lately.

While this may be a good plan to attract their initial attention, the dream could be telling you to give them some idea about the things you are trying to hide too.

Particularly if this is someone you want to form a lasting relationship with. You may owe it to them to be more truthful than you currently are. 

On the other hand, if there were things you were proud of alongside things that you are not so fond of being displayed in the cabinet, you may be quite comfortable showing people both your good and bad sides. 

To see a filing cabinet refers to facts or important things that you have stored. 

Do you need to find a more effective way to organise these in your waking hours, or perhaps you need to reference something from your most valued documents. 

Are you struggling to locate a particular piece of paper? 

A filing cabinet can also be linked to things you can’t let go of. 

If you were emptying a filing cabinet, perhaps you are trying your best to rid yourself of something that has been at the back of your mind for a while now. 

You may be tackling things from your past that you’ve had locked away for many years. 

Perhaps you did something that others around you are choosing not to forget. 

Maybe you are struggling to let it go and the cabinet is a representation of you storing and replaying this event in your mind. 

To stuff lots of items in a cabinet and lock the door implies that you are overwhelmed lately but you are choosing to hide things in the hope that they will go away. 

Sadly- this technique won’t work and you need to face up to what is behind the door. 

A cabinet containing a TV could mean a number of things. If you were closing the cabinet over, perhaps you are spending too much time being entertained and you need to take a break from the time you spend looking at screens. 

On the flipside, if you were opening the cabinet and you found a TV behind it, it may be time to give yourself a break, especially if you have been working hard lately and not had any downtime. 

Consider what was on the TV as it may be related to what you are going through at present. 

Try to remember where the cabinet was located. Depending on the room- this could refer to different aspects of your life.

For example, if it was in your kitchen- do you need to alter your eating habits? If the cabinet was in your bathroom, would you benefit from cleansing something from your life in order to move on?

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If you dreamed about a frying pan, it’s possible you are being shallow or superficial over someone or something and need to look at the bigger picture. If the pan was empty in your dream, this could indicate a feeling of loss, disappointment or a sense that you will experience this in the near future. If you were cleaning a dirty frying pan, then you feel satisfied or content about something you’ve achieved in your waking hours or anticipate this feeling over something you are about to complete. A frying pan that is new and cold could indicate your lack of desire or drive to achieve something or acquire something...

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File Cabinet
To see a file cabinet in your dream, suggests that you need to keep your facts and information straight. The file cabinet may also represent the memories or unnecessary details you keep stored in your mind and need to retrieve from time to time. (read all at source)

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To see a file cabinet in your dream, suggests that you need to keep your facts and information straight. The file... Continue dream interpretation - File Cabinet"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Filer... (read all at source)

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shadow, shadow cabinet, shadow play, shadow ram, shadow show, shadowbox, shadowboxing, shadowed, shadower, shadowgraph, shadowiness, shadowing, Shadowish, Shadowless, shadowy
Dream Dictionary
Definition:... (read all at source)

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Desire to control everything Repeated dreams of filing cabinets, brief cases etc. indicate a tendency towards compulsive-neurotic behavior. You wishe an order at all costs because only then can feel comfortable when you take total control of yourself and others exercise. (read all at source)

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Looking through cupboards, cabinets or armoire can be how you explore ideas that have been hidden away but remain important. Consider the symbol that is found in thae cabinet and how it might be brought out or tapped to achieve fulfillment. (read all at source)

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cabinet dream symbol
Looking for something in a cabinet can mean that in real life you are looking for something you need, something you've lost, or some part of your life you've been neglecting. (read all at source)

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A lower cabinet can represent a basic matter that needs your attention, such as physical, practical, logical, etc.
Organizing your cabinets can represent the idea of physical or mental "cleaning out" or re-prioritizing.
See also: container storage area looking in a drawer drawers knob locker... (read all at source)

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To dream of a cabinet is a reference to the female form. It may also represent the womb. Conversely, it may be an indication that there is a family secret you have been carefully hiding from those around. You may wish to examine what the cabinet holds. (read all at source)

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To see a cabinet in your dream, symbolizes the female body and/or the womb. Alternatively, you may be hiding some family or personal secret. Consider the contents and condition of the cabinet for more clues. (read all at source)

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Filing cabinet-symbolic of storing events, situations, or memories
Fire-symbolic of the word of God, Ps. 29:7, Jer. 23:29. Fire can also symbolize a raging problem in someone’s life. Fire, brimstone, and scorching winds are all judgments against the wicked, Ps. 11:6. (read all at source)

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Cabinet - Storing place for unneeded or unwanted aspects of yourself. Your unconscious. Your feminine qualties often hidden away and not used.
Cable - Strength, durability, the ability to hold your own weight. Less used aspects of your psyche. (read all at source)

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A filing cabinet or file in a dream often represents your memories and thoughts.
If you dream that you file something away, it can mean that you are trying to put your thoughts in order after finding yourself in a confusing situation. (read all at source)

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A filling-cabinet in your dream represents luck. In general, dreaming that you are using files while you are working refers to good fortune. If you dream of a letter or a piece of paper lost inside a file, you should pay attention not to be ruined. (read all at source)

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filing cabinet keeping old thoughts filed away for too long; storing important and private documents. What are you holding on to that you no longer need? (read all at source)

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I had an old cabinet with door open and suddenly a bunch of snake big and small exited.i saw a yellow stripe 1st impulse I run afraid that the snake may bite me but as I returned back a single snake with yellow stripe is right in front of me just starring.then I woke up.. (read all at source)

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A dream featuring files suggests that you need to organize yourself or some part of your life better, or you feel overwhelmed or suffering from information overload. The dream may also imply ..Read more →
FIND ... (read all at source)

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He's got troves of various good luck charms, trinkets and objects. Tabletops are dotted with lucky doo-dads, curio cabinets stuffed with auspicious knick-knacks from around the name it, he's got some kind of object to convey luck and fortune. (read all at source)

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A bridge connecting two streets in a dream may lead to the ruler or to someone in his cabinet, particularly if it is built from stones and covered with baked bricks. (read all at source)

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Many other times i was buying bread from bakery
I also found big amounts of breads in every corner of my kitchen cabinets ,telling my wife & youger dauther(The only one still living with us ) why you are not consuming these breads ? they will stale!... (read all at source)

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(I first discover some evidence against him in a cabinet over a display of souvenirs I have. He has moved around my souvenirs in an insulting way too.) I also cannot remember what I did with my computer - whether it is missing too. (read all at source)

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Dream "Cabinet"
Dream Interpretation Miss Hasse
Cupboard, which were the things dreams of wealth, success in trade. The more he was filled, the greater will be your condition, the more your business enterprise to flourish. Empty enclosure dream to poverty and failure. (read all at source)

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dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets

dream meaning

Everyone must have dreamed. For some people dream about dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets considered a wind and so sometimes ignored.

But for some people, dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets as a sign or a signal will come an event, so it must be interpreted according to its meaning.

Dreaming about dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets can be positive, it can also be negative for your life. Depending on which point of view we see it.

In ancient civilizations in the past, dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets will always be associated with the supernatural world. That is, the gods and demons appear in his dreams.

When dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets as a beautiful and happy vision that is defined as the presence of God, whereas dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets become a nightmare then this is a sign of the existence of evil spirits or demons when humans sleep.

Today, we can group dreams into 2 major parts, namely (1) dreams related to the past and present, and (2) dreams related to the future.

Interpretation dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets on this site may be a reflection of your future, it can also be something that is still in touch with your own past. So, actually you just spend time pondering whether or not your dream relationship with the previous incident.

Only, we must continue to realize that everything is in the hands of God. Therefore, use the interpretation of dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets just as a consideration in your life, not as an indisputable absolute reference.

By staying positive and positive even though dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets will give the courage that God knows what is best for man.

Therefore, in any case, you should not forget the power of God with dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets experiences and other things in your daily life.

If our dreams are good, hopefully it becomes a reality and if that nightmare, may we all awake from his dream or not come true in real life.

Prediction dream interpretation of kitchen cabinets just to illustrate at a glance. True or misinterpreted is beyond the responsibility of the author.
What does clothes dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

Interpretation of dreams about a cabinet

Every person dreams every night for about five to twenty minutes per dream. A person can dream about five times in one night and most of the time we forget about them when morning comes. People say dreams are an interpretation of what is to come, your past, about events going on in your life or even warn you of the dangers in your life. Have you ever dreamed about seeing a cabinet or wardrobe in your dreams?

Dreaming about a cabinet signifies that

Dreaming about a cabinet signifies that you might have a good event coming in terms of either promotion at work. If you dream about a cabinet especially in an office it may indicate you are soon going to get a job if you have been searching for one. You might dream about a disorganized desk, and it often indicates that your work life is not going as well as you anticipated. This means that you might have to try new ways and make changes to your work and life to achieve better results. It might also mean that you have too much stress about work and that you need to look for your happy place so that you can escape the stresses of life.

Cabinets can also mean that you

Cabinets can also mean that you own many secrets either family secrets or personal secrets that need to remain locked up. It may often mean that the weight of these secrets are pulling you down and are like a burden to you. When you dream about an open cabinet, it may mean to that you wish to open about your life. It's not just your life, you need to open up about some things you have hidden in the depths of your heart to someone close to you.

Interpretation of dreams about a cabinet

For a woman who has been hoping and praying for a child, a cabinet may symbolize that her hopes are soon coming to life. She should be more patient and hopeful about getting a baby. A woman may also see a cabinet in her dreams which may represent a good fortune for her family or her husband. Cabinets are like a symbol of comfort and success in your life. Dreams can also indicate someone's wishes and their dream to have better days at the office or hope for promotions at the workplace. It might be an indication that soon your hope will be achieved for someone who is searching for a job or a good relationship.

Dreams about a cabinet may not always represent a good fortune in your life. If you see a broken cabinet, it may mean that there is a problem that needs to fixed. This problem may come to affect your future relationships, family life, work life or friendships. It is important for you to know the broken piece in your life for you to move forward peacefully. To see a broken cabinet in your dreams may also that you might have monetary problems ahead and also the business venture you are undertaking might fail. You need to thread carefully in the near future and be careful of the business partners you have entrusted your business with.

If you see a notebook or a file in a cabinet while you are dreaming, it means that you need to change your plans. It may also mean that there are facts that you should never forget in your life. These may be facts about family, friends, the deceased and favors that you owe to people. It may also represent your struggle in education and what you dream about achieving. Dreams are like windows to our inner selves.

Many people have different kinds of dreams at night. Most people are always curious about the meaning of their dreams.They may be a warning of impending doom, traps set by our enemies or even about deceased members of your family. Seeing a cabinet in your dream can be interpreted in different ways. We should sit down and analyze and know what they mean to you. Dreams for us humans are mostly a reflection of our inner selves and our inner turmoil. When you have a dream that keeps you thinking, you should try to figure out what it means because it just might be your saving grace.


Dream meaning cabinet

What does it meaning cabinet, in the dream?


Dream Interpretation Cabinet | Dream Meanings

See Drawer.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

Dreams of a cabinet symbolize your body and your life.

If the cabinet is locked, then it represents family secrets and mythology.

If the cabinet is open for display, then it represents your desire to express the truth.

If this is a governmental cabinet, then you are processing feelings and opinions about the government or of other people running your life. However, if you dream that you are part of this cabinet, then you are stepping into leadership and taking responsibility for your life.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1. One is keeping secrets.

2. Female body, particularly the womb.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To see a cabinet in your dream symbolizes the female body and/or the womb. Alternatively, you may be hiding some family or personal secret.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

Contains objects of interest presently “shelved”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Cabinet | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream:Cabinet

File Cabinet


Dream Symbols and Analysis

File Cabinet


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Filing Cabinet


The Language of Dreams

Filing Cabinet


My Dream Interpretation

What does clothes dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

Dream Cabinets

The Cabinet is quite an interesting symbol in dreams. To make this dream interpretation complete I have used both the cabinet that we see (like a cupboard) and additionally a presidential cabinet.

In older dream lore dreaming of an empty cabinet often promises change, loss, betrayal of a person who was trusted, deceived, boring work. I’m sorry that does not sound that positive. If you could see a kitchen cabinet in a dream this denotes opportunity for career growth, interesting events, pleasant changes, success in the opposite sex. We see kitchen cabinets in daily life all the time and in spiritual terms indicates a new beginning.

What does cabinet mean?

A cabinet is basically a cupboard that has draws or inside is a shelve. In dreams, a cabinet can be shown in many ways from a kitchen cabinet to a wooden cabinet.

What is the detailed dream meaning of a cabinet?

Cabinets can appear in many ways in a dream. To dream of a dental cabinet then in old dream books, be wary of whom you trust. Such a dream can imply that you are not sure the best way to proceed in life. Perhaps they are not too pleasant, but necessary for further development. A normal cabinet in a dream can indicate closing emotions up. To dream of a glass cabinet can indicate that the reflection of yourself. A cabinet in regard to a presidential cabinet in a dream indicates authority and control. Perhaps you are going to embark unique shortly. To hide in a cabinet in a dream indicates a new start especially in connection with work. In older dream lore, a bathroom cabinet in a dream can imply a problem with friends awaits you. Also, the cabinet, that will not open indicates a difficult situation in life. To dream of many cabinets indicates that other people are going to understand you. A wood cabinet in a dream suggests a new focus in life. To see the school cabinet in a dream - some of the sleeper's talents remain unrealized. You must develop them.

What does it mean to dream of cleaning the cabinet?

In old dream lore, this refers to our social status, which will soon change. It can indicate a new approach to life, that you will sweep away the cobwebs, and wipe the dust away – it can, therefore, foreshadow a change of work. Repairing the cabinet portends interesting events and pleasant changes.

What does it mean to dream of moving a cabinet?

Now, this is a positive dream there will be an opportunity for career growth, which should be utilized. Seeing a new beautiful cabinet in a dream means that there is a long way to reach a goal. Thanks to perseverance and your desire will overcome difficulties. Moving a cabinet in a dream is associated with how you will achieve results. Also, a new cabinet heralds the fact you will improve your own financial situation.

What does it mean to sit in a presidential cabinet in a dream?

Seen yourself sitting the presidential cabinet being in a cabinet of power can indicate negotiation teamwork between people. The Cabinet “symbol” in this sense is associated with social gathering and a focus on results.If you felt you were part of the cabinet in terms of the government, specifically that you were part of the presidential cabinet then this can suggest authority control in life. There are many different types of a cabinet which include 15 executive departments and these could feature in any of your dreams. Perhaps you’re part of the defense, Treasury or even the Department of State. To be part of the Cabinet has many different meanings but mostly around control and authority. I feel that this dream indicates our own self-control and assertion over life. If you dreamt of a presidential election then this can indicate a focus and hard work in the future. In some countries, the Cabinet consists of officials deciding government response to certain worldwide events. If you are searching for answers or opinions in your dream then this can foretell that you will take an advisory position in life. To be president in a dream represents ultimate control.

What does it mean to not be able to get into a cabinet?

I'm talking about cabinets that need to be opened with a key, alternatively open via a door. If you cannot open the cabinet in your dream indicates hidden secret thoughts. The cabinet from a psychological point of view can have an association with your own feelings. As a cabinet can't be opened in the dream this indicates a closure problem or situation waking life.

What does it mean to dream of small cabinets?

Small cabinets are connected to our nutrition in life, putting away feelings about food. Consequently, a small cabinet is normally shown in a dream when we need to watch what we eat.

What does it mean to dream of an empty cupboard?

An empty cabinet in a dream means that you could be worried your duties. This behavior can imply the loss of space. In old dream lore, it may be necessary to carry out your deeds faithfully, even if they seem insignificant. An empty cabinet indicates, according to old dream lore - that the sleeper will receive a gift soon.

What do kitchen cabinets mean in a dream?

Kitchen cabinets can sometimes crop up in dreams as our main food storage they are associated with shutting a problem in life. Kitchen cabinets can come in all different shapes and sizes. If you notice a pull-out garbage cabinet this can suggest storage of feelings of annoyance. To dream of pulling out spice racks then your life will spice up soon. Full draw cabinets (soft close) can indicate you need to tread carefully.

I do hope this dream interpretation of a cabinet helped you understand your dream better. And, if there is anything that I missed please leave me a facebook message below.

1930s dreams:

  • Wood Cabinet - there is a tense, boring work that cannot be abandoned.
  • Toy Cabinet - expect the promotion.
  • Dressing Cabinet – there are losses in future.
  • School Cabinet - it is necessary to overestimate the established stereotypes.
  • Medical Cabinet - possibly a disease.
  • Dentist Cabinet - you can be deceived.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a cabinet:

Power, control, comfort, discontent, fear, worry, stress, fatigue.

Possible dreams:

  • You are sitting in a cabinet.
  • You cannot get into a cabinet.
  • There is a repair required to a cabinet.
  • A cabinet was destroyed.
  • You took drugs out of a cabinet in the dream.
  • You could see a filing cabinet.
  • You saw a cabinet full of books.
  • A cabinet was in a house.
  • You hid in a cabinet in the dream.

Similar news:

cabinet dream meaningcabinet dream meaning

Akela999 / Pixabay

A cabinet is a place to store utensils. Many types of tools include a closet, larder, bookcase, cabinet, and others. In the dream world, it has a specific interpretation that may surprise you. A nightmare is dreaming of ghosts coming out of the closet. Have you ever seen a devil sitting on a locker? The subconscious has a purpose by sending you this picture.

Dream experts say that cupboards in dreams represent certain aspects of yourself. Dreaming about clothes or dresses explains your personality. When you dream of storing clothes in a closet, this shows that you don’t show yourself for who you are. You might also be hiding from someone else. Even so, dream analysis always depends on your condition and detail in your sleep. You need to follow more about this dream explanation. Below are other dreams in different contexts:

What does it mean to dream about cabinets?

If you see a full closet, this dream symbolizes prosperity. You will socialize with people you care about. You find things that are very important in your life without burdening yourself with material wealth that does not make you happy.

When you see an empty cabinet in your sleep, this dream is a warning to you. Thieves will enter your place and collect all the valuables they find. You must be careful in the future and to protect yourself and your property.

When you see a small cupboard, this dream symbolizes longevity. You don’t want to burden yourself with ignorance so you can maintain good health and think critically about everything that is happening around you.

If you see a new cabinet in your sleep, this dream shows that you are still naive. You are optimistic and generous, but you are too kind. You never thought that people had personal interests. You will feel disappointed if you can see the truth.

When someone runs through your closet, this dream shows that other people are involved in your life. Your family knows what’s best for you; they want to impose their will on you. They do not allow you to deal with difficult situations alone.

When you dream of making cabinets, this dream symbolizes that you will get a chance to start something new. You give new things to life that you will start with bad memories and people who have hurt you.

When you set your items in the cabinet, this indicates that you will make a priority list. You realize that your current lifestyle does not give you satisfying goals. You need to change things and dedicate yourself to others.

When you sell your closet in a dream, this is a sign that you will understand your life. It’s time for you to get rid of something for no apparent reason.

If you open a closet and you look like a hallway, this dream symbolizes that you are running away from something. It also indicates that you are trying to spy on someone. People with specific problems often have thoughts like this. They want to escape through the closet aisle as a desire to avoid conflict.

When you see a messy closet, this dream shows your mind is messed up. You have no clear things in life. A cluttered closet can prove that you do not have a clear purpose. Everything doesn’t go as well as you want. Your subconscious encourages you to renew your ideas.

You can leave a brief description of your dream. Did you buy a closet? Don’t forget to share dreams about cupboards with other people you care.


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