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Apex Legends Best Advanced Look Controls

These settings are only available for controller on PC, mouse, and keyboard does not have this option. Also, to adjust any of these settings you have to enable ‘advanced look controls’ under controller settings in the settings menu.

1. Deadzone

Ever feel like your controller just does not move when you want it to? Well, it could be that your dead zone is at the wrong level.

How the correct dead zone settings will help you:

  • Setting your dead zone to the correct level will allow you to achieve optimum results when you look with your controller. (It’ll actually move as you move your finger)

How to set your dead zone:

  • Set your dead zone to the lowest possible setting for the highest responsiveness your controller can achieve. 
  • Adjust it according to your personal preference and controller abilities.

2. Response curve

Do you struggle because your crosshair jerks before you even rest your thumbs on the sticks? Or maybe it takes a century for the crosshair to move when you drag the stick as far as it can go? Guess what! Your response curve is set incorrectly.

How the correct response curve settings will help you:

  • Your crosshair will actually move at the speed and sensitivity you want it to move, which should make your aim better…

How to set the response curve:

  • The lower the value on the response curve bar is, the more sensitive your crosshair will be to input. In other words, the faster it’ll respond to your input.
  • Play around with adjusting this setting until you get to the point where the crosshair moves exactly when you want it to based on your input.

3. Yaw Speed

Does your crosshair spin a 360 whenever you try to look 2 degrees to the right? I know why! Your yaw speed is WAY too high!

How the correct yaw speed will help you:

  • Keeping your yaw speed at the correct place will allow you to look left and right as fast, or slow, as you prefer.  This will greatly benefit your aim, after all, who can hit a shot if the crosshair is bouncing around the screen like a ping-pong ball?

How to set your yaw speed:

  • If you put your yaw speed at 16 notches to the right of 0 then you should have a pretty balanced look speed. 
  • You can fiddle with the setting until you get it to what works best for you, because, as with all these settings, personal preference will differ.

4. Pitch Speed

Pitch speed is how fast your crosshair moves up and down when you push or pull your stick. If it’s too fast then your setting is too high and if it’s too slow... Well, then it’s too low!

How the correct pitch speed will help you:        

  • The right pitch speed will make all the difference between whether or not you manage to control recoil, look up and down fast enough to hit jumping enemies, and anything else related to looking (or aiming) up and down.                                                       

How to set your pitch speed:

  • A pitch speed of 8 goes quite well with a yaw speed of 16 so if you have no clue what to do, start there.
  • From there you can adjust the pitch speed as you prefer. And the ratio of pitch speed to yaw speed isn’t cast in stone… You can set them to whatever works best for you! After all, everyone’s different, thank goodness!

5. ADS Yaw Speed

You miss easily when you ADS and try to strafe or track? You should change the ADS yaw speed.

How the correct ADS yaw speed helps you:

  • It will improve the horizontal control of your crosshair when you Aim Down Sight.

How to set ADS yaw speed correctly:

  • Try starting at 1 notch up from default, from there you can adjust it as you prefer.

6. ADS Pitch Speed

Do you struggle to look up and down while ADS’ing? Your ADS pitch speed definitely needs tweaking!

How the correct ADS pitch speed helps you:

  • It will let you track vertically moving targets easily while aiming down sights AND it will help you stay on target when you are jump strafing. Also, it’ll help with recoil control.

How to set correct ADS pitch speed:

  • Start with 1 notch up from default and tweak it according to your preference as you play. In the end, it’s all about what works for you and only you will know what THAT is!

7. Extras and Ramp-ups

The ‘extra’ and ‘ramp-up time’ settings you can leave at 0. Unless of course, you want to fiddle with them and see how they work for you, but by my knowledge, you can just leave them be. 

8. Per Optic ADS settings

Do you ever find it harder to hit shots with on optic than another? Well, because they have different ranges they may feel different if they all have the same sensitivity!

How the correct per optic ADS settings will help you:

  • Setting these correctly will allow you to have your preferred ADS sensitivity on every optic and will let them feel the same despite using them at different ranges.

How to set per optic ADS settings:

  • With this, it is really just personal preference. 
  • For 1x try setting the sensitivity to 1.
  • For 2x try 1.2
  • 3x to 10x can all go at 1.4

Again, all this is up to you. No one group of settings is the alpha and omega. Do whatever you want! (BTW, alpha and omega mean beginning and end, for those who don’t know ANY Greek!)

Also be sure to check out:

Sours: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/apex-legends-best-advanced-look-controls

Apex Legends

Button Layout

Apex Legends has six possible controller presets. Default is the recommended controller layout for Apex Legends. Bumper Jumper puts jump on LB; allows for jumping without sacrificing view agility. Button Puncher puts crouch on right stick. Evolved puts jump on LB and crouch on right stick. With Evolved, you can jump, duck, slide, and drop from walls without sacrificing view agility. Grenadier puts grenades on RB and ping on D-pad up. Ninja puts jump on LB and crouch on RB. Ninja is best used with “Hold to Crouch” enabled in the settings.

Stick Layout

There are four possible configurations of the left and right sticks: Default, Southpaw, Legacy, and Legacy Southpaw. Default is movement on left stick and view on right stick. Southpaw swaps the function of the left and right sticks. Legacy is movement and turning split between the left and right sticks. Legacy Southpaw is the same as Legacy with the function of the left and right sticks swapped. 

Interact/Reload Button

This feature option determines how the interact-reload button behaves. The default option is Tap to Use and Reload. You can also set this as hold to use and tap to reload, or hold to reload and tap to use. 

Crouch Button

Determines the behavior of the crouch button. Choose between Toggle and Hold. Defaults to Toggle. If using Ninja as the Button Layout controller preset option, we recommend setting this option to Hold. 

Aim Button

Determines the behavior of the aim (ADS) button. Choose between Hold and Toggle. Defaults to Hold. 

Trigger Deadzones

Determines how sensitive the triggers are when pressed. There are five levels of sensitivity for this feature. The default option is Default. You can also choose between None, Moderate, High, and Max. The default option’s level of sensitivity is between None and Moderate. 



Determines how quickly your view rotates. There are eight possible options for this setting: Very Low, Low, Default, High, Very High, Super High, Ultra High, and Insane. The default option is Default. 

Sensitivity (ADS)

Determines how quickly your view rotates when aiming. There are nine possible options for this setting: same as Sensitivity setting, Very Low, Low, Default, High, Very High, Super High, Ultra High, and Insane. 

Response Curve

Response Curve determines how the stick’s analog input is used to turn your view. There are five options for this setting. Classic is the classic Respawn feel. Steady is a balance of firm control and fast aim. Fine Aim is specialized for small, gradual adjustments. High Velocity is quick response for the very even-handed. Linear is raw input. The default option is Classic.

Look Deadzone

Can prevent your view from drifting when you’re not touching the stick. Increase only if needed; a smaller deadzone allows for better aim control. There are three options for this feature: None, Small, and Large. The default option is Small. 

Movement Deadzone

Can prevent your movement from drifting when you’re not touching the stick. Increase only if needed. Choose between Small and Large. Defaults to small.

Inverted Look

Reverses the Look Up and Look Down axis of the controller. Choose between Off and Inverted. Defaults to Off. 


Enables controller vibration. Choose between Off and On. Defaults to On.

Sours: https://www.ea.com/able/resources/apex-legends/xbox-one/features
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Apex Legends controller settings: Button config, advanced settings, deadzone, more

Amongst many battle royale titles out there, Apex Legends is by far one of the fastest and most intense.

It is the game where decisions need to be taken quickly and every second matters.

If one wrong move of your fingers can cost you the game then you need to have the best possible conditions set on your controller, so that the only thing that will decide between winning and losing is your skill, and you will not be hindered by other factors.

Modern FPS games offer a vast variety of settings for controllers where you can choose almost every single detail and decide what suits you the best, but sometimes all those settings can be overwhelming and confusing.

best apex legends controller settings
(Picture: EA)

Worry not! We are here to help you understand what are the optimal settings for the game, step by step, through all available options.

Naturally, there are no universal "best" settings, as everyone plays differently and has different preferences, but with this controller guide, we will help you understand what are generally good settings so that you can test them and start from there.

Also, keep in mind that often people need some time to get used to changes and new settings because it will feel differently. Give it some time and proper testing until you feeling comfortable with the new settings, and then you will see if they are good for you or not.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at what are probably the best controller settings for Apex Legends players.

Apex Legends Button Layout


Best controller preset

apex legends Best controller settings preset
(Picture: EA)

While Button Layout mostly comes down to personal preferences and Legends you are playing, top Apex Legends players are recommending Button Puncher and Evolved, mostly because Crouch is on your right stick which allows you to crouch without moving your thumb from the stick.

The main differences are where your Tactical Ability and Jump are, and if you are not using Jump that much while playing, then Button Puncher is probably the best for you because it puts your Tactical Ability on LB, and the other way around, use Evolved if you are jumping constantly.

The main idea is that you are trying to minimise moving your fingers from sticks as much as possible, especially during the combat, when it is the most crucial.

apex legends Best controller settings button layout
(Picture: EA)

Other button settings:

  • Stick Layout: Default
  • Interact/Reload Button: Tap to Use and Reload
  • Crouch Button: Hold
  • Aim Button: Hold
  • Trigger Deadzones: None/Default
  • Menu Cursor Speed: 70%

Putting Interact/Reload on tap allows you to be more time-efficient.

Holding the buttons for Aim and Crouch is pretty much standard, it allows you to quickly return to the normal state without needing to double-tap.

Trigger Deadzones should be generally low, and while many players love to put them to "none", which means they will be ultra-sensitive, we generally think that the Default is probably the best for this one. You don't want your fingers to accidentally click.

Menu Cursor Speed should be generally fast which will allow you to quickly go through the menu, but not too fast because you sometimes you can miss something. Around 70-75% of the scale is perfect.

Apex Legends Movement and Aiming setting

apex legends Best controller settings movement aiming
(Picture: EA)

  • Look Sensitivity: Super High (6)
  • Look Sensitivity (ADS): High (4)

As controllers have aim assist, you should maximise that advantage you have over mouse/keyboard players and that's why we are here going for a bit higher sensitivity settings.

While some players like to play with lover settings (2 or 3), in general, that's more preferable for when you play with a mouse because you have space to physically manoeuvre with your mouse, but with the controller, you don't have that luxury and often time you can be to slow if you put it lower.

  • Optic ADS Sensitivity should usually match the one you have for look Sensitivity (ADS), but you can also keep it default as well.
  • Response Curve: Classic(Linear can give you a smoother movement experience, while the fine aim is good for when you play with the sniper, but overall Classic is the best)
  • Look Deadzone: Small (prevents view drifting, helps with aiming)
  • Movement Deadzone: Small

  • Inverted Look: Off
  • Vibration: Off (on if you like immersion, but your aiming will drastically improve without it)

Advanced Look Controls(ALC)

apex legends Best controller settings Advanced Look Controls
(Picture: EA)

These are advanced settings, which we don't recommend testing until you are comfortable enough with the basic settings.

These settings allow you the fine-tune every single detail when it comes to your view, and while it might look complicated at first glance, actually each one of them is quite well explained, so you will know exactly what you are changing, but you won't know how that actually feels until you try it.

We will not give you the exact advice here because ALC settings are highly personal and it all depends on some little details that will work better for different players. Once you are on that level that you think you need some small adjustments for specific things, start testing these settings in small doses, with small tweaks here and there, until you find what's perfect for you.

And that's it! We hope that with these tips you now at least have better understandings of how things work and what's important and what isn't. While we did give you some optimal settings, at the end of the day it all comes down to you and how it feels for you.

First, understand your options, understand what changes you can potentially make so that your game becomes better and then start tweaking things and exploring different setting until you find that perfect little spot where everything is just right for you.

But, first and foremost, have fun playing Apex Legends!


Sours: https://www.ginx.tv/en/apex-legends/apex-legends-controller-settings-button-config-advanced-settings-deadzone-more
This One Change Will Improve Your Aim - Controller Tip - Apex Legends!

Aiming with a controller

FINtastic187 wrote:

Blaz3dDragon wrote:

yep its pretty bad. some guns are fine like the br, pistol is unusable
How exactly is it unusable? Go watch Sean W on YouTube, the guy plays with a controller, literally with one hand and lands headshot after headshot consistently.

Fyi I'm not debating about this, I'm just wondering how a disabled player can aim pretty much perfectly with it but some complain. Personally I avoid using the sidekick.
Honestly, he doesnt show everything, so not the matches where he doesnt hit that well. And his opinion "its your experience, if you like the game ok, if not: I dont care." And "today games are mainstream not like 10 years ago". How old is he? 20? Games were mainstream 10 years ago already, but esport has become a huge market.

He is just another guy with no clue what he is talking about.

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Sours: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/aiming-with-a-controller/b2b845e4-d63f-47fa-87e7-14ef4a3c3860/posts?page=2

Apex look deadzone

The Best Console Apex Legends Settings - Best Gaming Settings

PC Players Of Battle Royale Titles Are Able To Tweak Their Settings To Get The Best Possible Frame Rate. However, Console Players Don’t Have Quite As Many Options. It Is True That A Lot Of People Are Going To Be At An Inherent Disadvantage When Playing Apex Legends On Consoles. However, It Doesn’t Have To Be A Complete Wipe-out. Some Console Or Controller Players Manage To Have Great Success In All Sorts Of Battle Royales, Fortnite Has A Prominent Child Controller Prodigy! If You’re Really Committed To Playing Apex Legends On A Console, You Can Use These Console Apex Legends Settings To Get The Most Out Of It.

You Don’t Have As Much Control Over Factors Like Your FPS, But The Default Settings Are Still Far From Optimal. There Are A Lot Of Console Players In Apex Legends, So You’re Not At A Massive Disadvantage. In Fact, If You Use The Right Console Settings For Apex Legends, You Can Give Yourself An Edge Over Other Players. This Can Help You With Perfecting Your Aim And Winning More Games.

The Important Thing To Remember When Adjusting Your Settings Is That There Isn’t a One-size Fits All Solution. Just As Most Pro Players Use Different Settings, Each Of Your Settings Has To Be Geared To How You Play. If One Or Two Feel A Little Unnatural, It Is Worthwhile Changing Them To Something More Comfortable. However, With Things Like Sensitivity Sticking To One Set Is Much More Helpful For Building Muscle Memory.

The Best Console Apex Legends Settings For PS4 And Xbox One

The Best Console Apex Legends Settings - Best Gaming Settings image 4

These Settings Are Best Suited For Use On A PS4 Or Xbox One. These Apex Legends Settings Only Depart From The Defaults In Places. The Few Changes Made Should Make It Easier To Get Feedback On Your Play And Streamline Your Movement. This Won’t Have As Big Of An Effect As Changing Your Settings On A PC, But Even Little Changes Can Help You Improve Your Performance Over Time.

  • Interact Prompt Style/ Button Hints –Largely irrelevant.
  • Crosshair Damage Feedback –You should have this in for hit markers to improve your aim with the feedback.
  • Damage numbers –This needs to be turned on so you have feedback on your gameplay, however, the style is largely personal preference. Stacking keeps the game less busy but floating is a little easier to keep track of.
  • Stick Layout –Default is fine for this which can then be customized with the individual settings. If you’re really set with a different layout, change it to that. However, Apex Legends uses a similar default layout to most other games so these Apex Legends console settings should feel familiar.
  • Interact/Reload Button –Tap to reload is a lot easier than hold. This makes it a quicker process when you need to reload in the middle of battle. Saving yourself a little time can make a big difference over the course of a game.
  • Crouch Button –Toggle makes a lot more sense than hold if you’re aiming to play stealthily in sections.
  • Aim Button –Holding is the better setting.

Sensitivities And Aiming Down The Sights

The Best Console Apex Legends Settings - Best Gaming Settings image 8

The Aiming Down The Sights Sensitivity And Settings Are Pretty Important For Apex Legends On Consoles. You’re At A Disadvantage To PC Players, So Using The Best Console Apex Legends Settings Possible Will Help You Even That Out. You’re Looking For A Balance That Makes Your Movement Responsive But Not So Sensitive That Your Aim Is Clumsy. These Settings Are The More Important Thing When Playing Apex Legends On A Console.

  • Sensitivity – 4-5. 3 is really slow compared to other games. Apex Legend needs accuracy compared to other Battle Royales, but you still need sensitivity a little higher than the default to make it properly responsive. 5 will work if your aim is already pretty good. However, 4 will suffice for most players.
  • Sensitivity (ADS) – Much like the regular sensitivity, the trade-off is between responsiveness and accuracy. Al ower sensitivity is easier to aim with, but it will be slower. Just above the default works better than the standard as it gives you a little more responsiveness. Setting it too much higher can make your aim quite erratic, so unless your skilled at aiming at these sensitivities you should keep to 4.
  • Response Curve – This works just fine as it is, classic.
  • Look Deadzone – This setting dictates how far you have to move your joystick before it registers. Set this to small if you have a newer controller. Older controllers may want to set this to large as this setting helps minimize stick drift that can happen with older controllers. Our full guide here covers how you can find your deadzones.
  • Movement Deadzone– Again, this will depend on your exact controller so check how your deadzones are.
  • Inverted Look – This is personal preference.
  • Vibration – Vibration might help muscle memory for a lot of people but it is a little distracting and probably doesn’t need using. All it really does is throw off your aim by shaking your hands around during firefights.

Other Apex Legends Console Settings 

  • Field of View – You can use this default if you want, but it is worth changing. On a PC field of view is much more exploitable, you’re limited on a console but you can and should still expand this. It will give you a wider view. However, be careful of going too far as consoles aren’t build to output the same sort of picture as a PC.
  • Button Hints – These are only really need to be on if you’re a beginner.
  • Crosshair Damage Feedback – This should be on to give feedback on your shots hitting.
  • Damage Numbers – Stacking is going to make things clearer to see.
  • Ping Opacity – Default, unless you’re starting to find it annoying.
  • Colorblind – This isn’t like the Fortnite colorblind that can fiddle with, it is a static choice. This makes it unnecessary unless you are colorblind.

There Isn’t Much Outside Of Sensitivity That You Can Change To Increase Performance On Xbox One Or PS4. Really, Only A PC Is Going To Give You The Option Of Using The Best Settings. However, If You Want To Play Apex Legends In A More Casual Way Or Use Both Console And PC Then These Are The Best Console Apex Legends Settings For You To Use. These Slight Adjustments Do Add Up, And They Contribute To A Much Better Experience Playing Seriously On A Console.

Our Other Guides To Apex Legends Can Help You Work On Other Areas Of Your Gameplay:

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