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Dozens of Vintage Space Games Now Available Online

Nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS computer games are now free to play online — no floppy disk required — and nostalgic fans of space-themed games should have dozens of options to explore.

The games, which can be played in a standard Internet browser, were recently added to the MS-DOS Software Library at the Internet Archive, the same group behind the Wayback Machine (where you can also see what looked like 15 years ago.)

The collection includes Orbiter, a 1986 space shuttle flight simulator that claims to be based on actual NASA procedures. There's also E.T. - No More Mr. Nice Alien (1997), in which you, as E.T., can inexplicably kill tourists at Stonehenge. You can test your knowledge of "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy" series with a 60-question trivia challenge from 1993. Digital NASA images make a cameo in Where in Space Is Carmen San Diego (1993). There's Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom (1995), described as one of the cutest shoot-'em-up style games ever made for the PC."

Jason Scott, of the Internet Archive, wrote in a blog post that his goal was to upload only fully functional games, but warned users to expect some glitches.

"Some of them will still fall over and die, and many of them might be weird to play in a browser window, and of course you can't really save things off for later, and that will limit things too," Scott wrote. "But on the whole, you will experience some analogue of the MS-DOS program, in your browser, instantly."

Here's a list of some more of the sci-fi and space-themed games now available online:

Droids (1982)

Stargate (1983)

Galactic Gladiators (1983)

Zaxxon (1984)

ALF - The First Adventure (1987)

Space Station Oblivion (1988)

Space Racer (1998)

Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (1988)

Star Wars (1988)

Gravity Force (1989)

Cosmic Soldier - Psychic War (1989)

Final Frontier (1989)

Beyond the Black Hole (1989)

Space Harrier (1989)

Universe 2 (1989)

UFO (1989)

Star Trek - The Next Generation Trivia (1990)

StarBlade (1990)

Another Lifeless Planet and Me With No Beer (1991)

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat (1991)

Martian Memorandum (1991)

Armada 2525 (1991)

Galacta - The Battle for Saturn (1992)

Jetpack (1993)

Icarus (1994)

Star Castle PC (1994)

Meteor Mission (1995)

Alien Rampage (1996)'s Steve Spaleta contributed to this report.

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It looks quite dated now, but if you put a set of headphones on and say “Roger that” a lot, it feels quite realistic.

28. Realms of Chaos

Realms of Chaos

Realms of Chaos was one of the last Apogee titles to make it to the desktop, but it was one that’s certainly worth playing again.

The shareware version only had the first of three episodes available, and as far as I was aware, it was pretty difficult to get hold of from the game shops in the UK (I purchased it via a 3D Realms BBS).

On the face of it, Realms was a pretty bland looking 2D scroller, but it was hugely entertaining, and it allowed you to swap between the Conan-like character to a Wonder Woman-like character with the Space Bar for different combat abilities. The best part was the ability to save at any point in the game for a restart after dinner.

27. Silent Service 2

Silent Service 2

This is one I picked up as part of a compilation MicroProse pack from a charity shop in the mid to late 90s. Having played a few older submarine combat sims in the past, on various platforms, the extra power a decent PC offered was something I was looking forward to, andSilent Service 2 didn’t disappoint.

After much choosing of your sub and the area of war you were planning on taking to the might of the Japanese Navy,Silent Service 2 was a long drawn out game of tactics and choosing your future operations based on intel from CINCPAC. Finally though, if you were lucky, you’d get to face off against the Battleship Yamato. Not many lived to survive that bit, though.

26. Master of Orion

Master of Orion

Master of Orion, the game that invented the 4X strategy term. An immense turn-based game that basically took over your life once you started to play it. I’d probably be lynched if I didn’t mention it in a list of DOS games.

Despite its popularity though, it’s barely mentioned today. In my opinion, it’s the sort of game everyone should have played at least once in their lives. It’s hard to compare too much to the moment where discovering Orion and the Guardian results in a complete loss of all your ships. Where colonization, military, research, planning, and combat all come together in such a way as to feel like your brain is melting out of your ears.

According to myth, the copy protection scheme used was so good (or bad) that the original game couldn’t even load up at times. Anyone have this issue?

25. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

Where Gorillas.BAS was quite a simple approach to the old artillery genre, Scorched Earth took everything one step further. “The mother of all games,” as it called itself.

You still had to wipe out the other player’s tank by judging the power, angle, and so on against the wind speed and direction, but withScorched Earth, you earned money for a win which you could spend on more elaborate weaponry.

Linux users have enjoyed a 3D version ofScorched Earthfor years, but it was back in the good old BBS shareware days that version 1.2 appeared and we could fiddle around with the physics, economics, landscapes, and weapons. Sadly, I never got to play version 1.0, which the purist would argue is the better version (or 1.0b), but hey it was still an ace game. Did you know that you could edit the messages that appeared on the screen? I’ve only just found that out.

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24. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Quite possibly the bestStar Trek game ever developed is the 25th Anniversary edition from Interplay. The floppy disk version, which came on about eight thousand disks, took an age to install. The CD version had voices from the original actors, better sound effects, and music too.

The two parts to the game, one where you were on the away mission and the other on-board the Enterprise, were marvelously designed. The point and click adventure mode on the away mission took the majority of the gameplay, from what I recall, and trying to get a redshirt crushed by rocks or eaten soon became the main focus.

Taking control of the Enterprise was immense fun during combat. I can only imagine the conversation on the Klingon bridge at watching me trying to bring the Enterprise about and continually missing. “Doch ghe”or “YItungHa’, qaH QaQ ‘Iv?” or something.

23. Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer

Classic point and click adventure gaming in a very LucasArts vein. Everything was inSimon the Sorcerorthat should be in a graphical adventure. Humor, clever puzzles, great animation, an excellent script, and the odd poke at books such as Lord of the RingsNarniaJack and the Beanstalk, and so on.

Simon’s dog Chippy finds a chest in the loft in which there’s the Ye Olde Spell Booke. After tossing it to one side, a portal opens and in goes Chippy followed by Simon, where he finds himself on a quest to rescue Calypso, the grand high wizard, from the evil sorcerer Sordid.

A great adventure game that’s often overlooked these days, with the CD version having the voice cast of Chris Barrie. And finally, was I the only one who wanted a bed like Calypso’s, tucked away in a window recess?

22. Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge

Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge

One more adventure before I move on, and one of the most enjoyable I played on my early PC: Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge.

I remember the box had a comic inside detailing the time between Space Quest 1 and this episode. Sadly, I never got around to playing Space Quest 1, though.

The humor inSpace Quest II was one of the main draws of the game. Elements such as “We hope you’re not looking for anyone to blame because you died” messages in the About Space Quest 2 menu and the writing on the bathroom wall on Vohaul’s asteroid that mentions the developers and other games. There’s even a reference to Leisure Suit Larry when Roger Wilko is rendered unconscious.

21. U.S. Navy Fighters

U.S. Navy Fighters

Combat simulators were extremely popular for the PC in the DOS era, but U.S. Navy Fighterswas one of my personal favorites.

U.S. Navy Fighters looked amazing. In fact, the DX2-66 I had couldn’t cope with the highest level of graphics. Even my mate’s DX4-100 struggled sometime later. The missions were well conceived, and you could even create your own missions.

A pretty amazing combat sim this. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it was better than Falcon 3.0. Mind you, your wingman had the nasty habit of flying off and taking out a target that was three hundred miles away for some odd reason.

20. SimAnt


SimAnt was an interesting game I picked up at one of those travelling computer fairs – one that was held in Bolton. I recall there being a huge manual with it, a veritable encyclopedia of ants as well as the instructions on how to play the game.

There were several modes of play, where you had to raise your colony of ants, hunt for food, and defend and attack other colored ants as well other insects, which could also be used for food. It was oddly absorbing being an ant.

According to legend, Will Wright developed the concept for The Sims while coding SimAnt. And doesn’t the House View remind you of Plants vs. Zombies?

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19. Alien Breed

Alien Breed

This top-down, Gauntlet-like game was immensely enjoyable back in the day. Developed by Team 17, of Superfrog (we’re coming to that) andWormsfame, the game was obviously heavily influenced by the Alien films.

You played as a space marine-type dude, heavily armed and up against a seemingly unlimited number of aliens. All you needed to do was find the exit to the next level and progress deeper into the station, all the while picking up credits to buy better weapons and health packs to heal yourself with.

The levels were huge and maze-like, making them a dream come true for the gaming cartographer. And the two player option was great.

18. Archipelagos


Archipelagos is by far one of most intriguing and absorbing puzzles games ever created. It’s a little like a cross between The Sentineland Populous, in that you have to manipulate the 3D landscape in order to build land bridges across the 10,000 different islands.

When you’ve made it to another island, you’ll need to destroy the2001: A Space Odyssey obelisk radiation generators on each one. Each generator is fed power through several sub-generators, so you’ll need to wipe them out before having about a minute to finish off the actual generator.

It’s one of those games that takes ages to complete, if you ever do, but is thoroughly enjoyable the entire time.

17. Superfrog


Superfrog is one of the most enjoyable sidescrolling 2D platformers for DOS, an absolute treat. You take on the role of a frog, who was once a prince that has been turned into said Anura by a wicked witch – who has also kidnapped your girlfriend.

Naturally, you’ll need to rescue her and get back to being a human again, and you do this by racing through five different worlds, collecting coins and other things. Think of Superfrog as an early Sonic the Hedgehog clone and you won’t go wrong.

Sadly, there’s no detailed intro with the PC version, as there is with the Amiga version. But still, a cracking little game.

16. The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall

We’re all familiar with the current Elder Scrolls games these days—Oblivion, and of course,Skyrim. However, way back in 1996 Bethesda released the second of TheElder Scrolls series, Daggerfall.

Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall was an immense game, so big it actually had a map size of 62,394 square miles (apparently the biggest map in any game – unless you want to count Minecraft), complete with 15,000 cities, towns, and hamlets for you to wander aimlessly around, and hundreds of individuals you can occasionally poke your sword at.

Daggerfall doesn’t get quite as much appreciation these days as it deserves. Obviously, Skyrim and Oblivionstill take up the lion’s share of the internet, but despite its age, Daggerfall still has a lot to offer.

15. Lighthouse: The Dark Being

Lighthouse: The Dark Being

This is my wife’s favorite Sierra On-Line game ever. A 1996 largely forgotten adventure where you have to find various clues to find the whereabouts of Dr. Jeremiah Krick and his infant daughter, Amanda, in an alien and parallel world to ours.

The game was on CD, so featured lots of excellentMyst-like graphics, cut scenes, and tons of sound effects, voices, and so on. I can still recall being downstairs in our house at the time and listening to a baby crying upstairs for hours at a time while my wife played the game.

The puzzles were generally good – aside from the safe combination that had everyone stumped – and required more thought than your average point and click adventure.

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14. Starflight


Once called “the best science fiction game available on computer,” Starflight is considered the genesis of the open-space exploration, role-playing genre, and the direct spiritual descendant of Star Control 2.

You gather minerals to sell in order to gain enough credits for upgrading your ship. You can explore the galaxy, meet other species, get into fights with them, hire and train crew members, and stop your homeworld from being destroyed by solar flares.

It was an immensely deep game, with a wicked anti-copy system where you had to enter a code to warp to another star system. If you entered the wrong code, after a certain length of time, the Space Police came looking for you and destroyed your ship for using an illegal copy of the game. Thankfully, I bought mine from a jumble sale.

A game of intense details and micro-management, an absolute credit to the early PC.

13.Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Desert Strike was a game I immensely enjoyed on the Sega Mega Drive, so finding a boxed copy of the DOS version in a charity shop some years ago was a heck of a score – especially since a lot of the copies of it were pulled from the shelves on account of references to the Gulf War.

It’s such a great little game, flying over the dunes and wind-swept reaches of the enemy territory, looking for SAM sites, ammo and fuel dumps, and power stations to take out with your Hellfire missiles and other weapons of equal destruction.

A game that’s sadly not mentioned much now, but a classic to those who played it first time around. Interestingly, the German release had to have the blood effects removed before it was allowed to be sold.

12. Syndicate


We’re quite used to violent games today. Barely anyone bats an eyelid at a character dropping from a building and sinking a hidden knife into someone’s neck. However, back in 1993, Syndicate caused a few raised eyebrows and a sharp intake of breath from the various focus groups on video game violence.

This dark look at the future has you trying to take over the world with the help of a team of androids. You’re set kill orders, rescuing allies, assassinations, and persuasive tactics to help grow your influence, power, and cash reserves. You could be as ultra-violent or as passive and sneaky as you like, as long as the end goal of world domination was achieved.

A lot of us here cut our teeth on Syndicate, so there’s a lot of love for this now mostly ignored title. The sequel was even more intense, too…

11. The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine

I had plenty of first-person shooters, combat sims, space trading games galore, and platformers to pick from in my diskette boxes of goodies. But the one game that kept me coming back for more, time and time again, was The Incredible Machine.

This amazing little puzzle game grabbed you and refused to let go until it was late at night and you finally realized that you had work to go to in the morning. It was seriously addictive.

According to internet legend, which I can’t honestly remember if it’s true or not, if you played the game on Valentines or Christmas Day, you’d get either a heart-shaped balloon or Christmas Tree to use.

10. Raptor: Call of the Shadows

Raptor: Call of the Shadows

A great vertically scrolling shooter from Apogee, one that seriously threatened what little remained of a social life you once had, or – again – any chance of getting up in the morning.

Raptor was fairly basic in its gameplay. You headed ever onward, collecting power-ups and cash and obliterating everything that streamed down from above. After each level you could use the collected cash to buy even more destructive weapons or the ability to last a little longer. Either way, it was a fab little game – even the shareware version of one level.

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9. Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania

Pipe Maniawas a cunning puzzle game my brother used to play endlessly. It has you placing down sections of a pipe, that appear Tetris-like on one section of the screen, to a set grid in the main game area. But you’ve only got a limited amount of time before a green liquid (sewerage?) starts to flow down the pipe.

If you manage to organize your pipe laying well enough, then the ooze will flow through the sections and you’ll score enough to proceed to the next level. If not, then it’s game over and start again.

A clever little game, and one that was fiendishly addictive. Published by LucasArts in the US, the UK version was by Empire Interactive. It also appeared in the second Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack.

8. Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry)

Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry)

Alien Carnage was Apogee’s first 2D platformer, where you played as the hard as nails Harry tasked with ridding the world of the attacking aliens, who were turning people into zombies and freeing captive humans. The jetpack wearing, and initially flame-thrower wielding Harry could collect coins from downed aliens, and use the coins at certain stations to buy different weapons from missiles to mini Nukes and an Omega Bomb.

The shareware version was simply called Halloween Harry when it was released and later namedAlien Carnage for all four episodes. Since 2007, it’s been freeware, so find a copy and get playing.

7.The Chaos Engine

The Chaos Engine

The Bitmap Brothers certainly knew how to make a cracking game, and Chaos Engine was one such example. With their usual flair for top-down mayhem, The Bitmap Brothers gave us this wonderful steampunk themed game, filled with tons of enemies, two-player action, loads of power-ups, and great sound effects with a cool sound track playing continuously in the background.

Seriously, one of the best DOS games of the mid-90s, although originally banned in Germany due to excessive violence, it still looks and plays pretty well today. It’s Ikari Warriorsevolved!

6. Descent


Ask most people for a few memorable DOS games from their past, and you’ll more than likely have answers such as DoomQuakeX-Wing, and so on, which is fair enough. But the canny DOS gamer would, among those titles, name Descent.

This seasickness-inducing true 3D game was an absolute marvel to behold. Flying through the various mines looking for the exit and the reactor to destroy, while trying to work out whether you were the right-way-up or still upside down, was one of the most visually impressive gaming experiences of 1995. Even when you entered a cheat code and had the computer voice call you a cheater.

5. Epic


Ocean Software and Digital Image Design have a number of great games under their collective belts. One memorable DOS game isEpic, an immense space shooter with a fantastic story and beautifully rendered graphics.

While Epic wasn’t quite up to the same graphical standard as, say, X-Wing, it was a fun game to play. The missions involved you taking out mines, enemy spacecraft, and dropping down to a planet’s surface to destroy a communications array or something. It had plenty: fast space combat, a Battlestar Galacticalike storyline, and quite splendid visuals.

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4. MDK


MDK was a thoroughly strange game I picked up on sale from a local computer game shop in Leeds towards the end of 1998.

This third-person run and gun, with hints of puzzles, has you as Kurt Hectic in a bio-armor suit taking on waves of enemies on board giant, city-sized Minecrawlers heading towards various locations on Earth. Obviously, you need to stop these Mincecrawlers and save the planet. To help, you have an array of weapons, from a chaingun on your arm to The World’s Smallest Nuclear Bomb – and for some reason or another, a genetically altered dog called Max.

Odd it may be, but it looked and played brilliantly on my newly purchased Pentium 133 MMX PC. Apparently, there was supposed to be a film made of the game some time ago. Naturally, this didn’t take place.

3. Stormlord


Hewson Consultants Ltd. came up with some of the finest computer games ever conceived. The likes of FirelordUridiumNebulusRanarama – all for various platforms – were played countless times by us in our youth.

This “immensely playable game” (as quoted by Crash for the Spectrum version in 1989) not only looked fantastic – complete with scantily-clad fairies – but also played extremely well. In fact, it’s aged very well indeed.

Playing as the bearded Stormlord, you’ve got to travel across the scrolling platform levels and free fairies trapped in glass spheres by a wicked witch. Once you’ve released these nude nymphs, it’s off to the next level, but doing so involves you using various objects to allow you get to otherwise inaccessible areas of the level. It’s all rather clever and a great game to play. Incidentally, the Sega Mega Drive version had to be cleaned up before it was allowed on sale – cleaned up as in the fairies had to put some clothes on.

2. Jill of the Jungle

Jill of the Jungle

The pretty bland looking first episode of a trilogy of games, Jill of the Jungle, was surprisingly good. Okay so it was a basic platformer, and it was awful to control, but this shareware competitor to Commander Keen and the like worked quite well.

You play as Jill, an Amazonian warrior who has to get from one end of the jungle to the other. Or something like that, I can’t really remember to be honest. Needless to say, it’s more of a navigational puzzle, action platformer than an all-out combat platformer, as you try and figure out how to get through the maze of blocks, vines, trees, and everything else.

A decent enough, harmless game this, with the strange addition of having every key on the keyboard mapped to a sound effect in the game.

1. Tyrian


In my humble opinion, Tyrian is the best top-down scrolling shooter ever – an opinion I’m prepared for some backlash for.

Tyrianhas you as ace pilot Trent Hawkins, seeking revenge against MicroSol, who killed your best mate Buce Quesilliac over the discovery of an ultra-rare mineral called Gravitium.

It’s a packed game, with tons of enemies, loads of extreme power-ups, quick reflexes and nimble fingers, and a cracking soundtrack with equally great sound effects.

You could also link up a couple of PCs with a Null Modem cable or network and get some two player action against the onslaught of MicroSol henchmen. An amazing game that’s barely mentioned these days, but certainly needs to be revisited.

The games that didn’t make the list, but are still underrated and utterly awesome:

Jazz Jackrabbit – A fantastic platformer, one that really put the PC out there as a proper games platform capable of knocking the consoles off their perches.

Day of the Tentacle– Credited as the father of the cartoon adventure,Day of the Tentacle is a great adventure title with superb writing and gameplay.

Aces Over Europe – An immense combat simulator with a huge 200-page instruction manual to weigh the box down.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Text adventures don’t get much better than this.

Hexen – ID Software’s sequel to Heretic, built on an enhanced version of the Doom engine, was pretty impressive.

Rogue – Everyone mentions Rogue-like games these days, but this is where it all started. From simple ASCII dungeon crawlers come great things.

Eye of the Beholder – A great RPG dungeon crawler series of games, based and built on the D&D games.

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Space Roque

Adding one more to the pack of sci-Fi inspired games, Space Rogue as the name goes is a science fiction video game released in the year 1989. A smart mix of space combat simulator and role-playing, this game raises the bar of adventure to a new peak with its 3D designing. The game begins with the player sent on a mission to the Princess Blue along with his crew of astronomers in their spacecraft Jolly Roger a derelict sun racer class. Now, this is not just what the game is about. As the saying goes everything good has its share of encounters with bad, here too the spacecraft is attacked by a group of rogues who are none other than aliens called the Manchis. Using their vulture class spacecraft, the aliens attack the Princess Blue and destroys it. Now the player is left with nothing in hand other than their Jolly Roger and some money, its all in the hands of the player to start again with setting his own living. For this, you can either indulge in piracy, become an interstellar merchant, hunt bounties or else join hands in the interstellar politics. Space Rogue has received thumbs up from gamers especially sci-fi savvy, who get to play the arcade action game. This role-playing game with its share of economic strategizing to make his living on a foreign planet is an ultimate pack of adventure all set to raise the adrenaline of player making them hooked to the computer.

Developed by:

Origin Systems Inc

Artificers of some of the greatest gaming franchises the world has ever known they are, and forever will be, scions of a golden age. We salute you, Origin. We salute you. Established in 1983, Origin (or Origin Systems) has become well known their Wing Commander, Ultima and Privateer titles. Acquired by Electronic Arts in the early 90's, Origin has recently been working on internet-only software, with the Ultima Online series.


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EPIC (PC/DOS) 1992, DiD, Ocean

List of space flight simulation games

Title Release year Developer Publisher Platform Notes References 3D Star Racer1994 BlazeDev ClickGamer Windows MobileFMV-style simulator [citation needed]Absolute Zero1995 DomarkDomark DOS, MacintoshAcamar Rising2005 Beteo Software and Games Beteo Software and Games WindowsAce of Angels2002 Flying Rock Enterprises Flying Rock Enterprises Windows Aces of the Galaxy2008 Artech Digital EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentWindows, Xbox 360 LiveAllegiance2000 MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Official servers shut down in 2002; as of 2012, developed and maintained by volunteers and free to download from their official site.Ambush1983 Nippon Amuse Co. Ltd Nippon Amuse Co. Ltd. Arcade[citation needed]Anthelion: The Galactic Alliance2003 PDAmill PDAmill Windows MobileAnthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance2006 PDAmill PDAmill Windows Mobile [citation needed]AquaNox2001 Massive Development Fishtank Interactive Windows Sequel to Archimedean Dynasty but abandons much of the trading and privateering for which its predecessor was famous; reviews state the feel is that of a space combat sim[18][19]AquaNox 2: Revelation2003 Massive Development Encore Software, Inc., JoWooD ProductionsWindows As noted many places, the addition of lasers in an underwater submarine battle makes the look and feel of the game that of a space combat sim[20]Ares Rising1998 Imagine Studios Imagine Studios Windows Argon 3D2006 Mediaplazza Clickgamer Java ME[citation needed]Arvoch Alliance2011 StarWraith 3D GamesStarWraith 3D Games Windows Astron Belt1983 SegaSega Arcade Considered the first laserdisc video game[21]A/X-1011994 Absolute Entertainment, Micronet Sega Sega CDFMV-style simulator Backlash: A Turret Gunner Simulation1995 Sanctuary Software Studio Sanctuary Software Studio DOS Also known as Backlash: Assault on Omicron StationBabylon 5: I've Found Her2004 Space Dream Factory Space Dream Factory Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware; uses its own game engine; set in the universe of Babylon 5[22]The Babylon Project2004 The Babylon Project The Babylon Project Windows Freeware mod to Volition'sFreeSpace 2[23]Bang! Gunship Elite2000 RayLand Red Storm EntertainmentDreamcast, Windows BattleSphere2000 4Play/ScatoLogic 4Play/ScatoLogic Atari JaguarFirst video game with a 32-player network ability; one of the most rare and expensive games to find Battlestar Galactica2003 WarthogVivendi Universal GamesXbox, PlayStation 2Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line2007 Beyond the Red Line team Beyond the Red Line team Windows, Linux, Mac OS XFreeware mod to FreeSpace Open; in February 2008, it won Mod DB's Mod of the Year Award for Best Indie Game Battlestar Galactica Online2011 Bigpoint, Artplant Bigpoint Windows, Mac OS X Browser based MMO Battlezone1998 ActivisionActivision Windows, Nintendo 64First-person RTS/Tank Commander. Expansion 'The Red Odyssey' - requires original game. Black Prophecy2011 Reakktor Media GMBH Reakktor Media GMBH Windows MMORPG with a maximum number of players on each server limited to 300[24]Blast Radius1999 Pitbull SyndicatePsygnosisPlayStation[citation needed]Cellblock Squadrons2005 Super Furious Software Super Furious Software Windows Codename MAT1984 Derek Brewster Micromega ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC sub-system damage and repair simulation. Colony Wars1997 Psygnosis Psygnosis PlayStation Colony Wars: Vengeance1998 Psygnosis Psygnosis PlayStation Colony Wars: Red Sun2000 Psygnosis Psygnosis PlayStation Cosmic Conflict1978 MagnavoxMagnavox Magnavox Odyssey Creature Shock1994 Argonaut GamesVirgin InteractivePC, 3DO, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, CD-iParts of this FMV game include space combat; these parts are omitted from the PlayStation, Saturn, and CD-i versions Darklight Conflict1997 Rage SoftwareElectronic ArtsWindows DarkSpace2000–2014 Palestar Palestar Inc Windows DarkStar One2006 Ascaron cdv Software Entertainment AG Windows, Xbox 360Darxide EMP2003 Frontier DevelopmentsFrontier Developments Windows Mobile, Symbian, Sega 32X, Windows Death Star1970s Gene BallUniversity of RochesterXerox AltoDescribed in 1982 as "you pilot your Alto down a trench in the Death Star and fire a torpedo in its only vulnerable spot to save the Federation ... No still photograph can describe the fine graphic detail". [25]Deep Space Attack2003 Pimap ClickGamer Java ME [citation needed]Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War1998 Volition InterplayWindows, AmigaDestination Earthstar1990 Imagineering Acclaim Nintendo Entertainment SystemDestiny2006 Black Bull Studios ClickGamer Symbian [citation needed]Diaspora: Shattered Armistice2012 Diaspora Development team Diaspora Development team Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Freeware game based on FreeSpace Open set in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe Drift: When Worlds Collide2002 Redward Studios Cosmi CorporationWindows Endless Space 2 2017 AMPLITUDE StudiosSega Windows, Mac OS X Endless Space 2 is a strategic space opera set in a mysterious universe.

Your story unfolds in a galaxy that was first colonized by God-like beings known as the "Endless", who rose and fell eons ago. All that remains of them are mystical ruins, powerful artifacts, and a strange, near-magical substance known as Dust.

Epic1992 Digital Image DesignOcean SoftwareAmiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, NEC PC-9801 Everspace2017 Rockfish Games Rockfish Games Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo SwitchSingle-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling. Eve: Valkyrie2016 CCP GamesCCP Games Windows, PlayStation 4 Uses virtual reality headsets FreeSpace 21999 Volition Interplay Windows,
FS2 SCP was also ported to Linux and Mac OS X In 2002, Volition released the source code for the game engine which is under development as FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project; FS2 SCP is the base to many user created modsFreeSpace Port2003 GalacticEmperor Hard Light Productions Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Allows users to play full campaign of original FreeSpace and Silent Threat using updated graphics engine from FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project[citation needed]Forced Alliance1997 Ripcord GamesOrbital Studios Windows FurtherTime2004 Maxim Vorsobine Maxim Vorsobine Windows Galactic Command- Echo Squad: Rise Of The Insurgents2008 3000ADGameTapWindows Also, Echo Squad SEGalactic Federation2004 Radivoj Radivojevic AM-Games Windows [citation needed]Galactic Gunner2009 iTunes StoreiOSRail shooter style combat [citation needed]Galactic Realms2004 Crimson Fire Entertainment Crimson Fire Entertainment Windows Hellhog XP2003 StateVector Games StateVector Games Windows HomePlanet2003 Revolt Games 3Map Games Windows Homeplanet: Play with Fire2004 Revolt Games 3Map Games Windows Expansion to original game, installing the expansion adds multiplayer support to the game [26]House of the Dying Sun 2016 Marauder Interactive Marauder Interactive Windows Inca1993 Coktel VisionSierra Entertainment Windows Contains a Myst-like FMV graphic adventure gameInca II: Nations of Immortality1993 Coktel Vision Sierra Entertainment Windows Also called Inca II: Wiracocha; contains a Myst-like FMV graphic adventure game Inca I & II (Collector's Edition)1995 Coktel Vision Sierra Entertainment Windows Incoming: The Final Conflict1998 Rage Software InterplayUS, ImagineerJP Dreamcast, Windows Incoming Forces2003 Rage Software Interplay Windows Inferno1994 Digital Image DesignOcean SoftwareMS-DOS Sequel to EpicInterstellar Flames2002 Xen Games, Eon Games Xen Games Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm OS, Symbian[citation needed]Independence War1997 Particle SystemsInfogramesWindows Released in Europe as I-WarIndependence War - Deluxe Edition1998 Particle Systems Infogrames Windows Released in Europe as I-War Special Edition this installment has the Defiance Expansion Pack; the expansion pack was never released alone Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos2001 Particle Systems Infogrames Entertainment SA Windows Lander1999 Psygnosis Psygnosis Windows Included single and multi-player gameplay; released as a 'Special Edition Pack' which included both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM versions; DVD version included added video cut scenes between missions Leo's Space Combat Simulator2007 Leopoldo Bueno Castillo Leopoldo Bueno Castillo Windows Mobile This game is freeware [citation needed]The Last Dynasty1995 Coktel Vision Sierra Entertainment Windows Contains a Myst-like FMV graphic adventure game that occurs aboard a giant space station [27]Lunar Rescue1979 TaitoTaito Arcade Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter2004 WarthogVivendi Universal GamesXbox, PlayStation 2, Windows Mixed genre game: 80% is first-person shooter, 20% is space combat [28]Mercenary series1985 Novagen SoftwareNovagen SoftwareAtari 400/800/XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, Commodore 16/116/Plus/43D open world action-adventure. The second and third parts of the series involved interplanetary travel within a solar system. Metalion2002 ZIO Interactive ZIO Interactive Windows Mobile [citation needed]Metalion 2: Mutant Uprising2003 ZIO Interactive ZIO Interactive Windows Mobile [citation needed]Mobile Suit Gundam: Last Shooting1984 BandaiMSXMobile Suit Z-Gundam: Hot Scramble1986 Game StudioBandaiNESN-Space2005 Monkey Business Nokia SNAP Mobile Java ME One of the few MMOG space combat sim games for mobile phones [citation needed]Nexus: The Jupiter Incident2004 Mithis EntertainmentVivendi Universal / HD Interactive Windows Focuses on tactics and ship management instead of resource collection and base construction. Previously "Imperium Galactica 3". Nihilist1996 Bits Corporation PhilipsWindows [citation needed]Phoenix1999 Team17Titus InteractiveWindows Has a dynamic campaign structure Phoenix 31995 Gray Matter Inc. Studio 3DO 3DO Combination of Flashback/Another World platforming with Wing Commander-esque flight sequences No Gravity1998 realtech VR Titus InteractiveWindows, Linux, Mac OS, Amiga OS, BeOS, PSPIs also named Space Girl; released as freeware No Gravity: The Plague of Mind2008 realtech VR PlayStation Store, iTunes App StorePSP, iOS Sequel to No Gravity produced 10 years after original title Project Sylpheed2006 Game Arts, SETA CorporationMicrosoft, Square EnixXbox 360Psi-5 Trading Company1985 Distinctive SoftwareAccoladeAmstrad CPC, DOS, Commodore 64, Apple II, ZX SpectrumRomanians in Space2007 2 Bad Design 2 Bad Design Windows Incited controversy in Hungary as it depicts the Romanians having conquered the Earth now beginning to conquer the galaxy; full version released as freewareShattered Horizon2009 Futuremark Games StudioFuturemark Corporation, SteamWindows First-person shooter set in zero gravity Shattered Worlds - Space Combat2003 Skwork Studis Astraware Windows Mobile, Palm OS [citation needed]Shattered Worlds - Planet Assault2004 Skwork Studio Astraware Windows Mobile, Palm OS [citation needed]Shadow Squadron1995 Sega Sega Sega 32XShockwave Assault1994 DiceElectronic Arts 3DO, Saturn, PlayStation, Mac OS, Windows FMV style simulator, released on the 3DO as simply ShockwaveShockwave: Operation Jumpgate1995 Dice Electronic Arts 3DO, Playstation FMV style simulator expansion pack, included as a bonus in most versions of Shockwave AssaultShockwave 2: Beyond The Gate1997 Dice Electronic Arts Saturn, PlayStation, Mac OS, Windows, 3DO FMV style simulator Silent Threat: Reborn2008 GalacticEmperor & Goober5000 Hard Light Productions Windows, Linux, Mac OS X 18 missions based on the original Silent Threat, 8 of the missions are original; all are made possible using the updated graphics engine from FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project[citation needed]Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict1987 Dynamix, Inc.Electronic Arts DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64Set in space, may be viewed as a mix of space sim and first-person shooter Solar Eclipse1995 Crystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics Saturn, 3DO FMV style simulator Solar Winds: The Escape1993 Stone Interactive Media Epic MegaGamesDOS Chapter 1 shareware version Solar Winds: Galaxy1993 Stone Interactive Media Epic MegaGamesDOS Chapter 2 SOL: Exodus2012 Seamless Entertainment Seamless Entertainment Windows Space Encounters1980 NamcoNamco Arcade [citation needed]Space Seeker1981 Taito Taito Arcade Space Tactics1980 Sega Sega Arcade [citation needed]Star Assault2007 KalypsoGamesArk Windows StarBlade1991 Namco Namco Arcade, Sega CD, 3DO, PlayStationEarly full 3Dpolygonal gameStar Conflict2012 StarGem Inc Gaijin EntertainmentWindows, Macintosh, Linux Free to play 3D arcade space-shooter, MMO elements. Star Cruiser1988 Arsys SoftwareArsys Software NEC PC-8801, Sharp X68000, Sega Mega DriveEarly full 3D polygonal game[29][30]Star Fighter1994 Fednet Krisalis Acclaim EntertainmentAcorn Archimedes, 3DO, Saturn, Windows, PlayStation Released in 1996 for the 3DO and the Sega Saturn under the slightly changed name Star Fighter 3000 Star Luster1985 Namco Namco Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo Vs. ArcadeStarMade2013 Schema Schema Windows, Macintosh, Linux Freeware. Currently in Alpha. Voxel based, spaceship building game. [31]Star Quest I: In the 27th Century1995 Paul Lauzon Virtual Adventures Inc. DOS3D space combat, exploration and race Simulator Star Raiders1979 Atari, Inc.Atari Atari 8-bit familyStar Rangers1995 Interactive MagicInteractive Magic Windows Star Trek1982 SegaSegaArcadeOne of the most elaborate vector graphics games ever released [32][33]Star Trek: Invasion2000 WarthogActivisionPlayStation Star Trek: Klingon Academy2000 14 Degrees EastInterplay Windows Star Trek: Shattered Universe2004 Starsphere Interactive TDK MediactiveXbox, PlayStation 2 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy1994 High Voltage SoftwareInterplay Windows, Super NES, Mega Drive, Mac OS Star Trek: Tactical Assault2006 Quicksilver Software Bethesda SoftworksNintendo DS, PSPStar Trek: The Next Generation: Advanced Holodeck Tutorial1994 Imagineering Absolute Entertainment Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game GearStar Voyager1986 ASCII Entertainment Acclaim Nintendo Entertainment SystemReleased in Japan as Cosmo Genesis Star Wars1983 Atari, Inc. Atari, Inc. Arcade, Acorn Electron, Amiga, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit family, Atari ST, Apple II, Macintosh, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, ColecoVision, DOS, ZX SpectrumStar Wars: Arcade1993 Sega LucasArtsArcade, Sega 32XStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1985 Atari GamesAtari Games Arcade Star Wars: Trilogy Arcade1998 AM3 LucasArtsArcade Star Wars: Battle for Naboo2001 Factor 5LucasArtsNintendo 64, Windows Star Wars: Battlefront2004 Pandemic StudiosLucasArtsWindows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS X, mobile phone, PSP Star Wars: Battlefront II2005 Pandemic Studios LucasArtsWindows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PSP Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron2009 Rebellion Developments (PSP), N-Space (DS)LucasArtsNintendo DS, PSP Star Wars: Rebel Assault1993 LucasArtsLucasArtsDOS (Windows re-release), Sega CD, Macintosh, 3DO FMV style simulator Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire1995 LucasArtsLucasArtsDOS, Windows, Sega CD, Macintosh, PlayStation FMV style simulator Star Wars: Rogue Squadron1998 Factor 5 LucasArtsWindows, Nintendo 64 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader2001 Factor 5 LucasArtsNintendo GameCubeStar Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike2003 Factor 5 LucasArtsNintendo GameCube Star Wars: Starfighter2001 LucasArtsLucasArtsPlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter2002 LucasArtsLucasArtsPlayStation 2, Xbox Sequel to 2001 StarfighterStar Wars: TIE Fighter1994 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Windows, Mac OS Star Wars: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire1995 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Mac OS Expansion pack for the original TIE FighterStar Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM Edition)1995 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Windows, Mac OS TIE Fighter plus the expansion pack and improved features Star Wars: X-Wing1993 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Macintosh Star Wars: X-Wing - Imperial Pursuit1993 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Macintosh Expansion pack for the original X-Wing Star Wars: X-Wing - B-Wing1993 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Mac OS Expansion pack for the original X-Wing Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM Edition)1994 Totally GamesLucasArtsDOS, Windows, Mac OS Includes both expansion packs and improved features Star Wars: X-Wing Collector Series Edition1998 Totally GamesLucasArtsWindows Includes both X-Wing, and TIE Fighter games with all expansion packs from both games, plus a flight training school add-on; integrated in this game is the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter 3d accelerated engine Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy2000 Totally GamesLucasArtsWindows Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy Arcade1998 AM3 LucasArtsArcade Rail shooter style combat Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance1999 Totally GamesLucasArtsWindows Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter1997 Totally GamesLucasArtsWindows Star Wars: Squadrons2020 Motive StudiosElectronic ArtsWindows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One SpaceCombat2008 Cilcoder Xbox LiveXbox 360 Very basic cartoon styled space combat game Space Combat2008 Windows Freeware Space Interceptor: Project Freedom2004 Merscom City Interactive Windows Space Rebellion2004 Phoenix Games Phoenix Games PlayStation 2 Released for PlayStation 2 only; a Windows game with the same name was published by, but it is not a space flight simulatorStarglider1986 Argonaut GamesRainbird SoftwareAmiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum Starship 11977 Atari Atari Arcade Starship Command1983 Peter Irvin AcornsoftAcorn Electron, BBC Micro Starlancer2000 Digital AnvilMicrosoft Windows, DreamcastStarmaster1982 Activision Activision Atari 2600Starshatter2004 Destroyer Studios Matrix GamesWindows Starshatter: The Gathering Storm2006 Destroyer Studios Matrix Games Windows Starship Conquer2004 Michael Molkenthin Enjoy Soft Windows Star Wraith1999 StarWraith 3D GamesStarWraith 3D GamesWindows Released as freeware Star Wraith II2000 StarWraith 3D GamesStarWraith 3D GamesWindows Released as freeware Star Wraith III: Shadows of Orion2000 StarWraith 3D GamesStarWraith 3D GamesWindows Released as freeware Star Wraith IV: Reviction2002 StarWraith 3D GamesStarWraith 3D GamesWindows Released as freeware Strike Suit Zero2013 Born Ready Games Born Ready Games Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Nintendo Switch Sublevel Zero2015 Sigtrap Games Sigtrap Games Windows, Mac OS, SteamOS Features 6-DOF gameplay across procedurally-generated levels SubSpace1997 Burst Studios Virgin Interactive Windows Tac/Scan1982 Sega Sega Arcade Tarr Chronicles2007 Quazar Studio Akella, cdv Software Entertainment, Paradox InteractiveWindows Russian name was Tarr Chronicles: Ghosts of Stars, English release removed words from nameDark Horizon2008 Quazar Studio Akella, Paradox Interactive Windows Prequel to Akella's Tarr Chronicles: Ghosts of Stars and set 100 years prior, introduces a new race, new control modes, more advanced ship modification; Russian release is named Tarr Chronicles: Guards of the Frontier, English release is named Dark HorizonThe Earth Dies Screaming1983 Sirius Software20th Century FoxAtari 2600Also was released for Commodore VIC-20 and Atari 8-bit family computers under the name Final OrbitThe Tomorrow War2009 CrioLand 1C, 505 GamesWindows Space sim based on a trilogy of novels written by a famous Russian author, Alexander Zorich; game was originally released in Russia in 2006, however the new release suffered from a poor English translation[34]Virtual Impact2003 Erik Koenig VirtualImpactGames Windows Described as space combat sim plus sports match [35]Void Destroyer2015 Paul Zakrzewski Paul Zakrzewski Windows RTS/sim hybrid. Pilot a single ship in first-person combat, or control the entire fleet using the mouse. WarpSpeed1993 Accolade Accolade Sega Mega DriveWing Commander1990 Origin SystemsOrigin Systems DOS, Amiga, Sega CD, Super NES, 3DO Wing Commander: The Secret Missions1990 Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS, Amiga, Super NES Expansion pack for the original Wing CommanderWing Commander: The Secret Missions 2: Crusade1991 Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS, Amiga Expansion pack for the original Wing CommanderSuper Wing Commander1994 Origin Systems Origin Systems 3DO, Macintosh Contained Secret Missions, and special third campaign was also created between the two expansions Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi1991 Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger1994 Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS, 3DO, PlayStation, Macintosh Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga1996 Origin Systems Origin Systems Windows Recompilation of the first three Wing Commander games; expansion packs must be downloaded separately as they were not shipped on the CD but were made available online for free Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom1995 Origin Systems Electronic Arts DOS, Windows, PlayStation, Macintosh Wing Commander: Prophecy1997 Origin Systems Electronic Arts Windows, GBAWing Commander: Secret Ops1998 Origin Systems Electronic Arts Windows Expansion pack for the original Wing Commander: ProphecyWing Commander: Prophecy Gold1999 Origin Systems Electronic Arts Windows Contains the original Wing Commander: Prophecy and the expansion pack Wing Commander: Secret OpsWing Commander Arena2007 Gaia Industries Electronic Arts Xbox 360 (XBLA) X-Plane: Space Combat Sim2004 Laminar ResearchLaminar Research Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Released as freeware X-COM: Interceptor1998 MicroproseMicroprose Windows X - Ekkusu1992 NintendoNintendo Game BoyReleased in Japan only; to be followed by a DSiWare exclusive sequel, X-ScapeXenocracy1998 SimisGrolier InteractiveWindows, PlayStation XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter1992 Microprose Microprose DOS Jupiter Strike1995 Taito Interplay Windows, PlayStation Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star1995 Midnight Software Strategic Simulations Inc Windows Warhead1989 Motion Picture House ActivisionAmiga OS, Atari STMission based. Newtonian flight model. Designed by Glyn Williams. Heat Signature2017 Suspicious Developments Suspicious Developments PC Top-down shooter which lets players fly through space to board ships and take down factions through killing and strategy.

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