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10 Assassin's Creed Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

You won’t ever find a mainstream game series that hasn’t had thousands of memes made out of the ridiculous logic surrounding it, and the Assassin’s Creed games are on the top of this pile. Fans love to poke fun at the more unintentionally comedic aspect of the series, and the memes are there for us to enjoy.

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These are all done with a lighter context, so there’s no need to feel as if your favorite fandom might be getting insulted. In fact, if you can get the joke within each of these 10 memes, you can then call yourself a real fan since you’re bound to find them funny.

10 The Best Kind Of Teacher

It’s too bad that Assassin’s Creed wasn’t around for most of our youths, since playing its games is an easy way to ace the History exam. After all, barring the thing about the Pieces of Eden, a majority of the events happening were real.

Of course, we all know there’s no such thing as an actual creed or Templars running about, so separating fact from fiction is pretty easy. For this reason, Assassin’s Creed has turned out to be a better teacher than any we could’ve come across in school.

9 You Don't Say

On occasion, you’re bound to come across things that are exactly the way it says on the label, but even then it sounds ridiculous. The same thing happened in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, when Yusuf divulged the workings of a hook blade.

As it happened, there really wasn’t much to it since a hook blade was literally a hook attached to a blade. You can’t fault either Yusuf or Ezio in this case, seeing as Yusuf really was telling how it was, while Ezio feeling as if the answer was dumb wasn’t a wrong notion either.

8 So Much For That

If one were to eavesdrop on conversations between assassins, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to assume these guys were something else. Even their motto doesn’t make much sense when taken out of context, and this meme proves it.

It appears that electricians and assassins are one and the same according to Al Mualim, who points out to Altair that the former profession is the true purpose of the creed. Considering Al Mulaim’s true affiliations, maybe he felt this way even in canon.

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7 Every Time

There’s no greater troll in the Assassin’s Creed series than the game itself, as we end up in the present day sequences always at the worst times. This was more striking back when Desmond was the protagonist, being a source of exasperation for gamers.

Without fail, the game would cut away from the awesome storyline in the animus over toward Desmond, and we’d have to play through yawn inducing sequences with Desmond talking to Lucy and the others. This practice still lives on, with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey also having several boring Layla moments.

6 Now That's A Master Assassin

Ezio has a bunch of cool kills under his kitty, and it becomes even more impressive if you take this meme to heart and assume he could barely see the whole time. The posters for the Ezio Trilogy always had his face hidden, which brings up the question of his vision.

You’d need a whole different kind of training to pull off assassinations the kind Ezio completed, considering he must have been able to see barely above the ground with that hood of his. Maybe that’s why he was considered a Master Assassin.

5 Why Though?

The earlier games had players complete contracts from assassin bureaus, with it being shown that Ezio had teams of assassins all around the world. These missions would result in goods and supplies, but it didn’t make sense since all of that was already available.

Players could make several hundred thousands in florins for Ezio alone, meaning the assassins shouldn’t have had any threat of running out of supplies. This also meant sending teams to far out countries had no point in the first place.

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4 At First Sight

There were attempts to make the Templars out to be kind of the good guys during the “Kenway Saga” but it was clear fans didn’t buy this angle. Since then, and before that, the Templars have been treated as disposable enemies only there to be killed off.

Within the game, any sight of a Templar meant you could head off and kill them regardless of the time or place since these were supposed to be the bad guys. And as Ezio had a habit of giving them their last rites, we heard these words a whole lot over the series.

3 Can't Argue With That

The series has attempted in every game to keep fans away from killing innocents, but these have all failed as killing off NPCs is part of the fun. No matter what the penalty might be, fans always come up with a way to go all GTA style in their playthroughs.

There’s also a good logic among these fans as they argue that killing off every bystander wasn’t against the rules, seeing as it left no witnesses ergo it was like nothing ever happened. Maybe that’s why the penalties to fight NPCs has been relaxed in recent years.

2 Not Exactly The Brightest Idea

While we had our fun making Ezio jump around every building there was and climb whatever peak we saw, it didn’t mean every character in that universe could do the same. However, this kind of logic wasn’t applied and we saw guards patrolling rooftops for some reason.

Even more bizarre was how there were wanted posters in locations no normal person could ever reach. And yet, Ezio was tasked with ripping these posters off in order to avoid being recognized as if frequenting rooftops was a hobby every citizen in the city liked to indulge in.

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1 Fallen Glory

It’s not hard to understand why the developers chose to have Assassin’s Creed play out in the past rather than the present, seeing as the latter route would never have made the assassins look cool. Today, there’s no chance an assassin could scale buildings, leading to scenarios like the above image.

You won’t find conveniently placed haystacks nor have the authorities be chill at you committing illegal acts by jumping off tall structures. Even the assassin look comes across as lame when among large groups of people dressed casually. Reality is indeed disappointing, so we're glad the animus exists in the game universe.

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Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books. He's been a writer for The Gamer, Screen Rant and CBR since 2017, contributing 100+ articles for a variety of topics. Saim also covers entertainment articles for Fansided. Apart from freelance writing, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart.

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Assassin’s Creed: 10 Hilarious Memes Reacting To The TV Series Announcement

The announcement of the Assassin’s Creed TV series has brought back interest in the memes created by fans as a way to poke fun at the series’ logic. These usually resurface whenever a new game is about to be released, and the TV show’s announcement has seen a combination of the games’ and 2016 movie’s memes showing up.

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This is the best way for fans to busy themselves while awaiting further details for the live-action show, which is certain to have a lot of similar elements from the source material. The memes are hilarious, but also point out key details from the games that should serve as a way to recap the series.

10 Now That's A Burn

The TV series should definitely feature the characters of the Kenway family, whose story was the center of the games in the mid-2010s. In it, Connor Kenway never got the love of his father, Haytham, who didn’t care for anything other than the Templars.

To sum up, this picture is pretty much how their relationship worked. Haytham seems to have adjusted well to the role of absentee dad since he’s been living the part all along.

9 It's Time For Arno's Revenge

Fans have always been interested in the idea of Arno Dorian tracking down Shay Cormac for assassinating his father. It remains an unresolved question if Arno ever did find Shay. The TV series can look into this story should the timeline be set in this period.

If the moment in this meme comes to pass, then Arno can very well take inspiration from Scarlet Witch and the way she threatened Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. It certainly applies since Cormac probably didn’t even know Arno existed when he took his father’s life.

8 Edward Is A Simple Man

The large playthrough of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has made it a game worthy of several memes, but the earlier titles had a lot of potential in this regard too. Up until Assassin’s Creed III, all the protagonists had a clear purpose to their journeys before Edward Kenway came along.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag didn’t have the straight storyline of Assassin versus Templar, instead featuring Edward’s attempts to get as much treasure as he could, as depicted in this picture. It was only at the end of the story that he joined the assassins, so it’s interesting to see if the TV series will have something similar.

7 The Movie Did Something Right

The Assassin’s Creed movie gets a bad rap for the many mistakes in storytelling it brought, but it appears as if the announcement of the TV series has made fans see it in a different light. There aren’t many movies that have so much meme-making potential hidden in them.

Much like the Star Wars prequels, the Assassin’s Creed movie can be exploited to no end, seeing as it managed to anger so much of the fanbase (which has been channeled into comedy.) If the TV series does succeed, expect to see the movie enter the hall of fame for memes.

6 That's Some Logic


Some might argue that the Assassin’s Creed games are similar to Game of Thrones due to the combination of a period setting and fantasy elements. What people won’t be seeing in Game of Thrones is this level of flaws in the series’ logic.

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Assassin’s Creed II gives players the option to avoid being spotted by ripping off wanted posters of Ezio, going so far as to treat him as a free man just because he took these posters off the walls. It’ll be hilarious to see the TV series try something along the lines of this meme and expect viewers to buy it.

5 Still Counts, Doesn't It?

Those who aren’t caught up with the storyline of the video games -- and that’s fair since there are so many of them by this point -- they will need to look at alternative means to do so in order to prepare for the TV series, as there will be plotlines adapted there.

It’s still rather embarrassing to share that one would need to check out the story through YouTube instead of actually playing it since it’s a surefire way of admitting that the games might have been too difficult to complete. Assassin’s Creed fans definitely do like to create memes to poke fun at something like this.

4 The Animus Is A Jerk

The 2016 movie didn’t dive much into the idea of desynchronizing and instead focused on the Bleeding Effect. The TV series can be the one to tackle the issue of desynchronization, specifically when a character fails a task by a second or two at most.

This has been a frustrating thing for fans, as pointed out in this meme, since it entails restarting a mission when the one second was easily negligible. If this does turn up in the TV series, it’ll be interesting to see how the show avoids this aspect from being annoying.

3 Better Teacher Than An Actual Teacher

There are certain games in the series that have had the potential to become movies of their own. The ones that lack in this area are the stories that have a revolution as the backdrop, which becomes too political and sucks away the aspect of the Assassin-Templar fight.

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The TV series could do better since it will have a longer time to establish the period setting as the games do. As mentioned in this meme, the games are so good in this area that the younger fans claim to have learned more through Assassin’s Creed for their studies than from their teachers.

2 If That Isn't A Real Shame

A glaring issue in the Desmond Miles Saga was how the main character was shown learning how to be an assassin yet remaining in the Animus pretty much the whole time. This was the case with the movie as well, which is why arguments over why it doesn’t deserve another chance can be seen as valid.

Hopefully, the TV series can find a good balance between the period setting and the modern-day segments to avoid getting a meme like this out of it. It would be a shame if the main protagonist ends up being boring or useless, especially if they’re supposed to be training in the way of an assassin.

1 So Much For Job Security

Sure, it’s satisfying to complete a kill in the game by sneaking up on an enemy, but the ethical ramifications do have a point as well. After all, the guards are supposed to be doing their job, which involves stopping trespassers -- they don’t have a connection to Templars.

The TV series will need to toe the line in this area, as fans will catch on to how hypocritical it will be of the assassins to kill innocents and then claim they’re doing it for the purpose of achieving peace. This meme, in particular, highlights the glaring flaw in the assassins' logic.

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10 Assassin's Creed Memes That Prove The Games Make No Sense

Action-adventure game Assassin's Creed has been a huge franchise for many years now. It's known for its compelling stories, likable characters, and fun gameplay. Some installments aren't as fondly remembered as others, yet it is still a series with more hits than misses.

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However, even when the franchise is at its best, there are a few things that don't make sense about it. Some are cases of video game logic being applied, whereas others are gaps in logic altogether.

Over the years, fans have made many memes about the moments that don't make sense. We have collected the very best, and put them into this list. So, let's poke some good-natured fun at this  fantastic series.

10 Guards' Weakness For Benches

For some reason, in the Assassin's Creed franchise, Assassins become unidentifiable when sitting on benches. They could be the most notorious person in town with their wanted posters everywhere, yet if they're sitting with their head down, nobody can recognize them.

As the meme points out, they wear very different clothes to regular people, so they shouldn't be hard to spot. The whole thing makes no sense unless every guard the Templars hire is just that inept.

9 The Power Of Posters

Not only are guards terrible at spotting targets, but they're also awful at remembering them. In some of the early games, removing wanted posters lowers players' notoriety. As the meme shows, the logic behind it can be questionable at times.

In the real world, if a hooded man came to the town where you live and started killing all the authorities, there's a good chance you'd remember them. Yet, in the Assassin's Creed universe, people only remember mass murderers if there are wanted posters of them up.

8 Poor Placement

Based on the last meme, it seems like wanted posters are vital in stopping crime in the world of Assassin's Creed. So, placing the posters in the right place is important. Unfortunately, as the above meme shows, the people putting them up aren't great at it.

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Some wanted posters in the games can only be seen by the person trying to tear them down. From a video game perspective, it makes sense as it creates more of a challenge for players to find, but inside the world of the game, it's really odd.

7 The Worst Crime

Guards hate people being on rooftops. If they see someone on a roof, they may give them a simple "get down from there" before attempting to kill them. It is such an excessive reaction to a small misdemeanor, yet guards respond this way in most of the games in the series.

Maybe guards just assume whoever is on rooftops must be a criminal, which wouldn't be far off as Assassins and thieves are usually the only people who can climb. But still, they shouldn't be killing people based on assumptions.

6 A Ship's Ultimate Defense

Video game logic often differs from actual logic, which this meme illustrates. To lessen the damage from cannon fire during naval combat in Assassin's Creed III, Black Flag, and Rogue, all the crew ducks, which is important to survive battles.

However, the fact that the crew ducking means the ship takes less damage from attacks doesn't make any sense at all. In later games in the series, enemy ships rain down arrows instead of using cannonballs, and the crew attempts to deflect them with their shields, which all makes much more sense.

5 Repairs

Avoiding damage by ducking isn't the only thing that makes no sense about Assassin's Creed's naval combat. Somehow in the middle of a battle against multiple ships, players can board one of them, kill some of the people on it, and use the sinking ship's resources to fix their own ship.

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Why do all the rest of the ships that the player was fighting stop to allow them to do that? The Navy would have a lot more ships if they didn't sit idly by while their colleagues were being boarded.

4 Armor Inconsistencies

This meme is talking about Assassin's Creed, but most RPGs have a similarly hilarious lack of logic when it comes to armor. Only in video games can a blindfold (or eye patch) be considered better armor than a full helmet.

It's unbelievable that something that leaves every part of the wearer's head exposed can get a 92 armor rating. Also, the blindfold looks just like a basic bit of cloth, yet the game regards it as an "epic head," which is equally strange.

3 Impractical Fashion Choice

Speaking of headwear, this meme pokes fun at the classic Assassin hood. Being fully aware of their surroundings is important for an Assassin, thus a large obstructive hood is a hindrance in that regard.

The creator of this meme may have included both Ezio and Edward, but the Italian's hood is the most inconvenient as showcased in the bottom panel of the meme. Maybe a mask would've been a better choice for the Assassin Order, although it probably wouldn't have looked as cool.

2 Miracle Medicine

Many health items in games have never made sense, and as this meme illustrates, the ones in Assassin's Creed are no different. In most of the games in the franchise, players carry around little medicine bottles that somehow heal any injury they receive, from flesh wounds to falls from great heights.

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Imagine if we had that in real life, a type of medicine that healed every ailment — it'd be a medical marvel. A lot of the Assassin's Creed series might be set in the past, but they're far beyond us when it comes to medical science.

1 The Masters Of Disguise

The creator of this meme has made a great point about the Assassins' famous blade. It does kind of defeat the whole purpose of a hidden blade if the rest of their blades aren't hidden. It still allows for quick assassinations, but any potential victim should expect it from someone carrying that much weaponry.

Also, the meme mentions the Assassin's logo on the belt; it's weird that they brandish their logo on anything. A purpose of a logo is to make a company/brand easily identifiable, which is the last thing an Assassin would want.

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Assassin's creed 2 hidden memes Edition

10 Assassin's Creed Memes That'll Make You Laugh

Assassin's Creed is one of the most beloved gaming franchises, and it's still riding strong with its latest release Assassin's Creed: ValhallaThough the game has always had a very large fanbase, it has not been able to avoid criticism.

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Most of those criticisms result in some of the most hilarious memes a video game can possibly have. Some of the memes throw some compliments at the game and its players while others rip into Ubisoft's "game logic" and how they completely butcher common sense. These memes are so funny, they'll make any AC fan cry laughing.

10 Start The Main Quest Already!

Playing for several hours and not even knowing what the game is all about is very typical for Assassin's Creed players who always begin with the side quests. The good thing about playing the side quests first is that they offer the player a chance to upgrade their arsenal and wallets for future use. All the experience from side quests comes in real handy during the main quest and makes the game more enjoyable. Players die far fewer times, especially if they died a lot during side quests.

9 Who Needs Stealth Mode?

Is there a staunch Assassin's Creed fan that hasn't attempted this? Why bother sneaking in when you could kill them all and be done with it? Sometimes, it's even easier to lay waste to all the guards than to sneak past them. Sadly, many missions do not permit fighting and insist that the player use their head and figure out a way to get past the guards. Once the player is spotted, it's all over. Sometimes is refreshing to let your anger out on those annoying guards.

8 Who's The Bad Guy Now?

This is just another reason to not be a guard because one will most likely fall victim to an assassin. It must be terrible to be up there taking in the scenery and some fresh air, minding your own business, and some bloke comes up behind you and smacks you on the head.

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Though, to be fair, the assassin was doing his job as well. He's an assassin, and so he assassinated. Therefore, this meme mostly features two people trying to do their job. Let's just hope that they are getting paid well for such high-risk business.

7 Stealth Mode Activated

It's funny how common this is in Assassin's Creed. How do they not notice him, and more importantly, what do they think he is when they do? This funny occurrence is a result of the player's eagerness to show off their new gear. It's sad to have an outfit this awesome and not wear it because you have to be discreet. It's no wonder the guard can't help but notice the player with a really suspicious fashion sense.

6 How Kind Of Them

One has to wonder if these wanted posters were put up for birds to recognize the assassin. How do the authorities expect a civilian see or report the wanted individual when the wanted posters are pasted high on the buildings. It's a good thing the assassins are skilled climbers, but the problem is that they aren't going to turn themselves in. So who exactly was meant to see this wanted poster? The carpenter, maybe?

5 Strategy Is Key

This is always the go-to strategy of the soldiers in Assassin's Creed. Instead of coming up with an attack that utilizes their superior numbers, they'd rather come to face the assassin one at a time, allowing the assassin to focus his attention on defeating just one opponent before facing the next one.

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But it's also good to note that just charging in blindly without a plan can prove to be detrimental. That said, the guards surely do a good job of making the game a bit easier for us so that's nice at least. Let's hope a Netflix adaption will have more interesting battles.

4 What's So Bad About Standing On A Roof?

In the world of Assassin's Creed, anyone who stands on the roof is guilty and must die. One has to wonder how carpenters made a living in those days. Do they get executed after their jobs? Perhaps the assassin was just admiring the scenic view in fancy clothing and a sword. Nevertheless, attacking someone just because they were spotted on the roof makes no sense.

3 It Would Seem That Was The Only Choice

Sometimes it's easier and more entertaining to fight your way through to the objective. At first, a player may be determined to go into stealth mode in order to sneak past the guards, but after several failed attempts, they usually throw a temper tantrum and go rampaging through the camp or castle. Once it's established that sneaking in is not a priority for the overall success of the mission, then chaos ensues on the enemy camp.

2 What Unbelievable Strength!

This is just another day at work for Ezio. We understand that assassins are highly skilled in combat, but this one is way too much. How did he not dislocate his arm after such a stunt? Notice that Ezio is holding that ledge with only his fingers. The thing that's most interesting about the Assassin's Creed fanbase is that they don't let these minor oversights get in the way of good storytelling.

1 You Think They'd Have Learned

Is it loyalty or stupidity that drives these soldiers to fight sometimes? Perhaps the story wouldn't be so interesting if they actually ran away. But in a real life situation, running should be the next order of business if your opponent is too skilled to take on. One would think that common sense should tell the guard to run for his life, but no, they still insist to fight and die. That's probably their way of showing off honor and valor.

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Twitch reverses its fifth ban against popular streamer Amouranth, allowing her back on the streaming platform after just three days.

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Creed memes assassins

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: 10 Memes That Will Leave You Crying Of Laughter

Being the latest Assassin's Creed game isn't an easy task, but Assassin's Creed: Odysseyperformed well enough. It managed to surpass most existing and successful earlier titles despite being the least Assassin's Creed-y of them all. That aspect of it alone is enough to prompt the Assassin's Creed community to make their own memes about it and the franchise in general.

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Beyond that, there are simply too many meme-worthy moments in Assassin's Creed games, and Odyssey is no exception. Plenty of these satirical contemporary jabs are most noticeable after several playthroughs which is probably what's happening right now while everyone waits for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. So here are 10 memes to quell off the nauseation of trailing missions, camp massacres, and malakas.


When fans first saw the trailers for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, half of them were on fire and the other half were scratching their heads. The collective community outcry was that it didn't look like an Assassin's Creed game anymore...

Turns out they had nothing to worry about, it was still a good game. It's allowed the developers to explore Assassin's Creed like never before and introduced many innovations... mostly by borrowing notes from The Witcher IIIand Dark Souls.


There was that one cynical and stoic quote that Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed 2 kept repeating. It reverberated throughout the franchise and somehow became the motto of the Assassin Brotherhood.

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Problem is, the Brotherhood wasn't even present as early as the time period portrayed in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. So that's why we have Kassandra here improvising (or bastardizing) the creed with a more mercenary and spartan flavor. Fitting.


The main gameplay loop and focus of Assassin's Creed games have changed since Odyssey took the reins. It's no longer about parkour and assassinations, but about clearing enemy encampments to get money to upgrade equipment and to level up.

It's one of the things they borrowed from Far Cry games, of course. However, there's something hilarious about seeing the best of the ancient Mediterranean nations get trashed by a lone Mary Sue or Gary Stu who is able to sneak while fully clad in bronze and iron.


Stray too far from the Assassin's Creed vision and fans are only bound to notice. This began back in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, eased down a bit,and resumed back in Origins after the developers likely realized that the core Assassin's Creed formula has exhausted itself already.

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Thankfully, this transition only made the games more fun. It still somewhat retained the true Assassin's Creed spirit of tampering with world history except with less trailing missions and more RPG.


One of the most frustrating experiences a player can have in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is taking out a camp by themselves because mercenaries did back in the day.

Most of the time, players don't even have to murder everyone-- just the key figures like the garrison commanders and some sabotage duties. Still, there's always that one weird guard who didn't show up in the eagle voyeur and now you have to kill them along with half the population of ancient Greece.


Historical authenticity and cultural replication is something that Assassin's Creed games pride themselves upon. Odyssey does it with flying colors and more as the best representation of Greek culture in the game came not from nude statues of Greek gods but from one word: "malaka!"

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It's apparently the most common word during that era if Odyssey is to be taken seriously. It's like Origins' "nek" word except more forceful, passionate, and flexible as it can be used to ascribe anything from village idiot to compulsive masturbator.


Those days when Ubisoft tried to be as accurate to the time period as possible are likely now long gone with Origins and Odyssey. Both games introduced some weird and fancy mythological elements.

This sacrificed the historical themes of the game just to make the new titles look like their RPG peers. Thankfully, they did it rather conservatively with mythical creatures only appearing in high-level side missions or in DLCs.


With the rate at which Assassin's Creed games are released, one could wonder just how robust the developer's teams are. It's quite impressive churning out open-world game after open-world game on a year by year basis.

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Then players actually get to play them and realize that there are lots of overlaps from graphical fidelity, user-interface, and even gameplay mechanics. Such was the case with Origins and Odyssey, two games which came out barely a year apart from each other. The more the merrier.


Speaking of more, that's what Odyssey offered in spades-- much more. It's the biggest Assassin's Creed game to date and consequently has the largest map. One look at that beast and players can foresee their social lives disappearing and their sleep cycle getting wrecked.

It's bigger than Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos and the only means of transportation are via ship or via horse-- don't even think about traveling by foot. Where are Icarus' wings when you need them?


On average, it takes about 80 hours for players to finish Assassin's Creed: Odyssey... that's before it introduced the DLCs and the New Game plus mode. Just double or triple that amount to get the exact number now.

In any case, most of that is likely spent on murdering whole garrisons, sexual conquests, playing switcheroo on Sparta and Athens, and collecting that armor which makes the character look like Brad Pitt's Achilles or Wonder Woman. Thankfully, most of it is fun, more so than the main quest.

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