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Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, A Liberty's Kids * , Episodes , - These two differentiated video guides / worksheets and four differentiated quizzes are designed to guide students in viewing the video, learning the essential concepts maximizing time-on-task and assessing the learning.Worksheet, Answer Sheet, Four Quizzes- fo, A Liberty's Kids * , Episodes , - Worksheet, Answer Sheet, Four Quizzes-LK - Pages Episodes Answer Sheet, Student Worksheet (Both a Fill-In-The-Blank and a Word Bank version), A regular Quiz (Both a Fill-In-The-Blank and a Word Bank version) and a Special Needs Quiz (Both a Fill-I. I am not affiliated with anyone or any company connected with Liberty's Kids in any way. A perfect tie-in to an American Revolution unit! The kids witness the execution of Nathan Hale, after discovering he is a spy. Each form is a single page with questions assessing student understanding of the material presented in each episode. These questions are in a very simple multiple choice format. Sarah finally finds her father in the Ohio frontier.

while addressing members of the Continental Congress at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia.These video guides were created, This Liberty's Kids - Liberty or Death (E04) - Movie Guide | Worksheet encourages students to take the time to stop, think and digest all the historical concepts packed into these fun, concise cartoon episodes. A Quiz Set to go along with the PBS Video Series - Liberty's Kids. In this Episode, your students will learn about the Battle of Bunker Hill. King Louis XVI and Franklin negotiate a treaty of alliance, James and Moses travel to Newport to meet with Moses Hays, and Sarah and Henri start to hate staying in Philadelphia. LIBERTY! Meanwhile, Washington organizes and offensive. In this Episode, your students will learn about Patrick Henry and the events surrounding his famous "Give me Liberty, or give me Death" speech. Sarah and James try to find out what is happening at the constituational convention. Skinners capture a British spy while James is interveiwing them. Number of permitted concurrent streams will vary based on the terms of your subscription. LIBERTY’S KIDS is a historical fiction cartoon that centers on three kids immersed in the events leading up to America’s independence. Sarah's cousin is killed during the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which James and Sarah witness. You can find it in my store. Each form is a single page with questions assessing student understanding of the material presented in each episode. This Emmy-nominated animated series brings history to life! The episode can be streamed for FREE on Liberty's Kids TV YouTube Channel. Liberty's Kids. Meanwhile, the kids hear Patrick Henry is attempting to rally the southern patriots. Sarah and James witness the Battle of Saratoga.

** Before enlistments run out, James hears of a plan to attack the British and then crosses the Delaware with Washington. In this Episode, your students will learn about the Intolerable Acts and how they affected the colonists during the American Revolution. Add STARZ® to any Hulu plan for an additional. Sarah goes to Boston to help supply the resistance movement, while James covers the First Continental Congress. A Quiz Set to go along with the PBS Video Series - Liberty's Kids. This is a Liberty's Kids Viewing Guide for Episode 4 - Liberty or Death This format is based loosely on Sumer Ramsey's initial viewing guides for Episode 1 and 2. Features:


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Liberty's Kids

Liberty's Kids (stylized on-screen as Liberty's Kids: Est. ) is an American animated historical fiction television series produced by DIC Entertainment, originally broadcast on PBS Kids from September 2, to April 4, , with reruns airing on most PBS stations until October 8, [1]

The series was based on an idea by Kevin O'Donnell and developed for television by Kevin O'Donnell, Robby London, Mike Maliani, and Andy Heyward. It received two Daytime Emmy nominations, in and , both for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program (Walter Cronkite, playing Benjamin Franklin).[2] Its purpose is to teach its viewers about the origins of the United States. Like the cartoon mini-series This Is America, Charlie Brown earlier, Liberty's Kids tells of young people in dramas surrounding the major events in the Revolutionary War days.

The theme song was performed by Aaron Carter and Kayla Hinkle.

The show features celebrity voice talents, such as CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite (as Benjamin Franklin), Sylvester Stallone (as Paul Revere), Ben Stiller (as Thomas Jefferson), Billy Crystal (as John Adams), Annette Bening (as Abigail Adams), Dustin Hoffman (as Benedict Arnold), Michael Douglas (as Patrick Henry), Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Baron von Steuben), Liam Neeson (as John Paul Jones), Whoopi Goldberg (as Deborah Sampson), and Don Francisco (as Bernardo de Gálvez), who lend credence to characters critical to the forming of a free country, from the Boston Tea Party to the Constitutional Convention.

The episodes run a half-hour, including commercials. During PBS airings, these are replaced by segments that include "The Liberty News Network" or LNN (a newscast delivered by Cronkite summarizing the events of the episode, with each including his trademark sign-off "that's the way it is"), "Mystery Guest" (a guessing game where the kids guess a historical figure, who often is a character in the episode), "Now and Then" (a segment comparing life in the Revolutionary Era and today), and "Continental Cartoons" (a rebus word guessing game). The LNN segments were produced and art directed by designer Mike Bundlie.[3]


Benjamin Franklin and four fictional associates of his in their experiences during the American Revolution. Although the series spans 16 years from the Boston Tea Party in to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in , no main characters appear to age much, except for Dr. Franklin.


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Sarah Phillips (voiced by Reo Jones) – A bright-eyed red-headed girl from England, Sarah travels to the Thirteen Colonies in at age 15 in search of her father, Major Phillips, who was last heard exploring the region of Ohio; upon her arrival, she is warmly welcomed by and lives as a guest of Benjamin Franklin. Her mother, Lady Phillips, remains in England and is a good friend to Dr. Franklin. However, with the possibility of a war between the American colonists and the English mother country, she decides that she will become a reporter for Franklin's newspaper in order to offer a more balanced perspective to the press. Sarah believes firmly in the power of words and equal rights for all, and is not afraid to speak her mind. At the start of the series, she is a firm loyalist, which sparks many arguments between her and James. Later in the series, Sarah has a change of heart, and realizes how much she has come to understand the people of the colonies, and ends up supporting the Revolution. Some men know the way to her heart – good manners; when this happens, James can seem almost jealous, although near the end of the series she appears to feel "more than friendship" for James. Throughout the series, Sarah and James grow closer. At the end of the series, her mother, Lady Phillips, joins Sarah and her father in the United States and Sarah hopes to explore more of her adopted country.
  • James Hiller (voiced by Chris Lundquist) – A young American colonist who works as an apprentice journalist for Franklin's newspaper. James holds a great deal of respect and admiration for Dr. Franklin and his works, particularly his invention of the lightning rod, as when he was an infant, both his parents died in a fire caused by a lightning strike. Street-smart and impulsive, James pursues the revolution from a slightly one-sided perspective – something that prompts Sarah to counter his views. An apprentice in Franklin's Print Shop, James believes firmly in the American cause and will do almost anything to ensure that the people receive an honest view of what is happening. In the process, he also faces the less positive aspects of the political conflict, which eventually forces his patriotic fervor into a new maturity. He highly values his friends, Sarah and Henri. He can be a little protective of Sarah while he attempts to keep Henri out of trouble, acting somewhat like an older brother figure to Henri. He is very laid-back and is constantly reminded of his bad etiquette and poor table manners by Sarah, toward whom he shows feelings of what might be "more than friendship". At the end of the series, James intends to start his own newspaper, following in the steps of his mentor.
  • Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFevbre (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – An energetic, rambunctious French boy, Henri shares a similar tragic story as James. Several years earlier, when he was six years old and still living in France, his parents made an agreement with a merchant for seven years of labor in exchange for passage to North America. However, during the voyage an illness broke out aboard the ship, killing half of those on board, including both Henri's parents. The merchant decided to make Henri his cabin boy and treated him very cruelly, until James and Moses discovered him locked in a cage while collecting a new printer from the merchant. Together they smuggled Henri off the ship and the boy found a home in Benjamin Franklin's workshop. While he speaks French fluently, Dr. Franklin has insisted that Henri learn to speak, read, and write in both English and French. Henri's small size has proved more than useful to Sarah and James, though he has a tendency to land himself in all sorts of trouble while not fully understanding the dangers of the war. His lookout on life is that of a "huge party for his benefit" and he has been labeled a "magnet for trouble." In later episodes, he serves on the drum and bugle corps of the Continental Army. Curious and fearless, the only thing Henri values more than his freedom is finding a family of his own. At the end of the series he returns to France with Marquis de Lafayette, whom he had become close to during the series almost as a son. It is implied that Lafayette adopts Henri as his foster-son.
  • Moses (voiced by D. Kevin Williams) – Born in Africa, Moses was brought in chains to North America as a slave and sold on the block in Charleston, South Carolina. Because of his ingenuity, Moses learned to read, forge metal, and buy his freedom from his master, thus freeing himself from the slavery of the American south. To keep from being confused for a runaway slave, Moses is required to carry papers proving that he is a free man. He eventually moved to Philadelphia and found work at Dr. Franklin's Print Shop. His brother, Cato, had not been so fortunate but later escaped, joining the British troops as a soldier to earn his freedom. Cato appears again at the end of the series when he does not tell on an African American Patriot spy, James Armistead, whose spying was crucial to the American victory at Yorktown, which ends the war for American independence. Moses looks out for Dr. Franklin's young wards, especially Henri. Like Henri, he values his freedom more than anything. Iron-willed Moses will never allow anyone to strip him of his dignity, despite his or her feelings on race. By working at the Print Shop, Moses hopes to educate children of all colors in the ideals of America so that everyone may one day be free. At the end of the series, Moses reveals a plan to set up a school for free black children, both boys and girls, but only to Dr. Franklin and Marquis de Lafayette. Cato goes to Canada with Mrs. Radcliffe, a British loyalist and friend of Sarah and her mother.

Historical characters depicted[edit]

Continental Army, Navy, and American militia[edit]

British Army and Navy[edit]

French officers[edit]

Spanish Army[edit]

Native Americans[edit]


American family members[edit]

American politicians[edit]

British politicians[edit]

Other historical figures[edit]


The following table contains all 40 episodes of Liberty's Kids, with links to relevant historical articles.


The show was originally broadcast by PBS on its PBS Kids block from September 2, to April 4, , with reruns airing on most PBS stations until October 10, to make room for PBS Kids GO![1]

Beginning in September , DIC began to syndicate the series onto their DIC Kids Network block, so that those respective stations that broadcast the block, could fulfill FCC educational and informational requirements.

In , it ran on Spacetoon.

In , it ran on History.

The series also aired on This TV's Cookie Jar Toons block and on CBS' Cookie Jar TV block from to

In , it played on Starz Kids & Family, and, until August , regularly aired on Starz Encore Family.[6] Until July 4, , the series only aired as a series-long marathon on Independence Day on Starz Encore Family.

Home media releases[edit]

PBS Home Video released a VHS/DVD boxset of the series in for educational purposes. The boxset contained 20 VHS's/DVDs which each contained two episodes each. The boxsets also came with resource guides. PBS also released a 6-DVD boxset of the series.

In June , Ten-Strike Home Entertainment released 3 VHS's/DVDs of the series – The Boston Tea Party: The Movie, Give Me Liberty and The First Fourth of July, each containing three episodes, with the former being made in a feature-length format. The DVD version also came with an assortment of bonus features including a character guide, Historical Biographies and DVD-ROM features which are a printable coloring book and a web link. These releases were made for public use. Ten-Strike planned to release three more DVDs, titled Heroes and Traitors, American Battles and Daughters of the American Revolution in September respectively, but they were unreleased.

On October 14, , Shout! Factory released Liberty's Kids: The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1.[7] The 6-disc box set contains all 40 episodes of the series as well as several bonus features. This release has been discontinued and is out of print as Shout! Factory no longer has the distribution rights to the series.

On July 16, , Mill Creek Entertainment re-released Liberty's Kids: The Complete Series on DVD in a 4-disc set.[8] Each disc contains 10 episodes each.

On February 14, , Mill Creek Entertainment released Liberty's Kids: The Complete Series: Education Edition on DVD in Region 1.[9] The 3-disc set contains all 40 episodes of the series as well as in-depth study guides for all episodes and activity pages.


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This is an article about Liberty or Death (episode). Do you mean Liberty or Death (Historical Event)?

Liberty or Death is the fourth episode of Liberty's Kids.


James, Sarah, Henri, and Moses witness Patrick Henry 's speech in Virginia; Moses tries to save his brother, Cato from a slave auction.


James Hiller, Sarah Phillips, Henri, and Moses travel to Williamsburg to purchase a new printing press. Moses tell James and Sarah to go to St John's Church to listen to Patrick Henry's speech while he go and find his brother,&#;Cato.

In the end Sarah wrote a letter to her mother from returning from Williamsburg, Virginia.


  • Historical Inaccuracy: Much of the events of the episode take place on March 23, One of the last scenes of the episode, which seems to take place the following day, shows the proclamation by the Earl of Dunmore&#;offering freedom to slaves who join the British army. This offer wasn't made until November 17th, however.
  • Patrick Henry's famed "Liberty or Death" speech is greatly shortened and edited for clarity for its younger audience. The only lines which remains true to the original speech are the following (The full speech can be read here):
    • The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery
    • An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!
    • They tell us, [sir,] that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be [the] next week, or [the] next year?
      • The President of the Continental Congress at the time, Peyton Randolph, is absent in the episode, to whom Henry was historically addressing. With this, the use of "sir" in the original speech is left out in this episode.
    • Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from [Boston] will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle?
      • "Boston" replaces "the north" in the episode's version of Henry's speech.
    • Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!


  • Moses: We won't be stopping at that farm, Sarah.
    Sarah: Why not?
    Moses: Because those workers aren't just workers. They're slaves.
  • James: Moses belongs to himself.


Written by: Doug McIntyre

Executive Producers: Andy Heyward, Michael Maliani, and Robby London


Liberty's Kids 103 - United We Stand


Episode 4 kids liberty


Penn and Teller Fool Us - Magic Maxl - Youngest fooler ever! S08E02


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