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There’s no easy answer to this question – a lot of it comes down to the trips you’re planning and your own personal preference. Canister stoves have significant advantages in some situations and new, more efficient designs have made the performance differences less clear than they once were. Liquid fuel stoves remain the leaders on long trips, full winter conditions and travel where canisters may not be available. Let’s take a closer look at canister stoves vs. liquid fuel backpacking stoves.

canister stove vs. liquid fuel stove on mountain expedition

Stove Weight

Canister stoves are the clear winner in this category – they’re almost always lighter and more compact than their liquid fuel counterparts. The numbers are easy to compare and they’re often the determining factor in a purchase decision. Unfortunately, these numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to the total weight you’ll carry in the field, including fuel and containers.

Fuel Weight

This is where the weight comparison gets interesting. A single fuel canister weighs less than a liquid fuel bottle, but a bunch of canisters can add up to significantly more weight than a liquid fuel bottle. On a short trip that only requires a little cooking, the canister is king. If you’re on a long trip or planning to run the stove a lot, carrying a large bottle of liquid fuel is the best way to go. The weight you save versus canister fuel will offset the lighter weight of the canister stove as well. Obviously we’re talking about two very distinct scenarios, and there are a lot of trips that fall between. Consider the number of times you plan on cooking, the conditions and your personal fuel usage habits. Also, remember that you’ll have to carry canisters for the remainder of your trip – even after they’re spent.


In most cases, liquid fuel stoves offer the best performance in cold conditions. In fact, the first remote burner liquid fuel stove, the MSR Model 9, was designed for mountaineers who needed a reliable stove at altitude.

Cold temperatures create low canister pressure, rendering most canister stoves useless in really cold conditions. Some climbers are able to use them in cold, high places by carefully managing the temperature of the canister, but these stoves still face a huge challenge. Pressure regulated canister stoves, like the MSR Reactor, offer better performance in these conditions with basic temperature management of the canister.

Environmental Impact

There’s no question about it: liquid fuels require less energy input and offer a more environmentally friendly way to cook in the outdoors. The key is the reusable fuel bottle.

Spent fuel canisters can be recycled as mixed metal (not aluminum) but not that many recycling programs take these metals, and even fewer recognize the canisters and process them. MSR’s Fuel Canister Recycling Program is now collecting empty canisters at our Repair Shop in Seattle. Bring in any brand of backpacking fuel canister and we’ll ensure it’s properly recycled for you.


Canister stoves are as low-maintenance as you’ll ever want. They require practically zero maintenance to run reliably for decades. Liquid stoves are also famous for their reliability, but require more maintenance.

Depending on the conditions and the fuel you use, you might find yourself performing maintenance every couple years, or a couple times per year. Luckily, the stoves are easy to work on and the cleaning process is simple.


In most cases, canister stoves cost less than liquid fuel stoves. At the same time, canister fuel often costs considerably more than liquid fuel. For reference, one hour of cooking time on a canister fuel stove will cost you about $6.00, while an hour of cooking time on white gas is closer to $1.50 and other liquid fuels may be even less. If you’re going to use your stove a lot, the low operating cost of liquid fuel is the only way to go. Most professional guide services and outdoor programs use liquid fuel stoves exclusively. If you only use your stove on shorter trips a few times a year, canister fuel will be reasonable.

Fuel Availability

Canister fuel is available in a wide range of places, but it’s not everywhere. If you’re planning on traveling in countries and regions well off the beaten path, liquid fuel is a safer bet. No matter where you are you’ll be able to find fuel for a liquid fuel stove such as the XGK or WhisperLite International.

You can expect to find canister fuel in the following regions:

  • North America
  • Patagonia
  • Himalayas
  • Pakistan
  • Europe
  • South Africa

As you can see, the choice between a canister stove and a liquid fuel stove depends a lot on what you’re doing, where you’re going and what you prefer. It isn’t always an easy decision to make, but there are plenty of great options for anyone.

melting snow for water on winter camping trip

Canister Stoves vs. Liquid Fuel Backpacking Stoves Scenarios to Consider

These four scenarios illustrate the functional differences between canisters and liquid fuel:

Weekend Backpacker:
Your backpacking trips are typically 2 to 3 days in length, and carrying less weight in your pack is a priority. At times your days on the trail run long and you need a stove that makes cooking quick and easy. The temperatures are almost always above freezing and the meals you prepare are usually simple – like freeze dried dinners, pasta or instant rice.

A canister stove like the PocketRocket® 2 Stove is a great choice for this kind of use. The stove weighs very little, and you’ll only burn one or (maybe) two canisters of fuel on an average trip. The overall weight you carry into the field will be very low, far less than any liquid fuel options. As an added bonus, the stove itself is so compact it will fit in most cooksets.

Extended Backpacker:
You often spend a week or more on the trail without resupply. Reducing pack weight is a priority, but so is being prepared for the duration of the trip. The meals you cook range from simple freeze dried to more involved, multi-step dinners. At times the temperature drops below freezing, and occasionally you find yourself melting snow.

The WhisperLite was designed specifically for this kind of use. Although it is heavier than a canister stove, it offers fuel efficiency that will reduce the total weight you carry on longer trips. These stoves can also be great for larger groups of hikers who want to do more cooking with a single stove. The multi-fuel versions are ideal for traveling in regions where white gas may not be available.

Alpine Climber:
Your trips are short, fast and require good fitness. Carrying a small, lightweight pack is key to your success in the mountains. Temperatures range from summer conditions to just below freezing. When you use a stove you’re melting snow, boiling water and making very simple meals. You’re often cooking in exposed places where wind and cold can affect performance. A stove that is fast, compact and efficient is extremely important.

A stove system like the Reactor is your best choice for this kind of trip. Stove systems are fast, efficient, and very compact. They’re convenient to use and can be setup quickly for a brew up in a matter of seconds. Most important of all, the Reactor performs very well in windy conditions, so you can count on it in exposed places and nasty weather.

Stove systems are not as lightweight as conventional canister stoves like the MicroRocket, but they offer increased fuel efficiency that saves total weight. On a trip that requires melting snow and cooking in windy places, the weight savings can be significant.

You’re out climbing big mountains and making camp at higher elevations, in cold conditions. These climbs often last more than three days and you usually have three or more climbers on your rope team. Temperatures are regularly below freezing and you are using your stove to make water for the group. You may also be planning expeditions to the greater ranges, or to cold regions like Antarctica.

Liquid fuel stoves like the XGK-EX were created to function in these conditions. This stove has the speed and power to melt snow at any altitude and any temperature. Its liquid fuel efficiency makes it a weight-saver over the course of longer trips. Excellent reliability and easy field maintenance allow this stove to continue cranking out water and food on long expeditions. Like many of our liquid fuel stoves, the XGK can run on a variety of fuels, making it an ideal choice for travel to developing countries. These qualities have made the MSR XGK a mainstay for guides and mountaineers heading to Denali, South America and the Himalayas.

Sours: https://www.msrgear.com/blog/canister-stoves-vs-liquid-fuel/

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  • What you want: on the seek for the last word vary hood for a professional-looking kitchen we’ve got the reply: the akdy 30” chrome steel wall mount hood vents will eradicate any steam or odor!
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If you’ve clicked here, you’ve probably been confused by all the different types of camping stove fuels. There are so many options, and each fuel has different advantages.

Which Camping Stove Fuel is best? Propane, butane, butane mixes, kerosene, alcohol, white gas, and gasoline stoves all have different advantages over each other in different circumstances. They all have pros and cons in availability, cold tolerance, storage, burn efficiency,cost-effectiveness, cleanliness, and weight.

This article will explain all fuel types, and compare them these different categories.

Who wins? This table quickly summarizes the winners in every category:

CategoryFuel Best for Category
Cold ToleranceTechnically Gasoline, with Propane as a close second.
Burn Efficiency / WeightPropane
Cost EffectiveGasoline, with Propane as a close second
WeightDepends on cooking needs, but alcohol and isobutane are two of the lightest options
Clean (soot and byproducts)Propane/Butane/Isobutane

Camping Fuel Names

One very confusing aspect of this topic is that these fuels have different names depending on where you live. As a quick reference, I’ve collated the different names for the same fuel types.

Common Fuel NameEquivalent Fuel Names
PropaneCamping Gas, LPG (propane is a Liquid Petroleum Gas, but not all LPGs are propane)
White GasColeman Fuel, Naphtha, Camp Fuel
KeroseneParrafin, lamp oil, coal oil, sometimes Fuel Oil # 1
Butanen-butane, mixed with propane sometimes called LPG
Isobutanei-butane, mixed with propane sometimes called LPG
AlcoholDenatured Alcohol, Spirit, Ethanol

Availability: Which Fuel Type is Easiest to Find?

You might have an awesome camp stove, but without fuel, it’s useless! When you’re camping, sometimes your camping stove is the only means you have for cooking your food, and so it because critically important to be able to find your fuel, especially when you’re camping for several days or weeks.

This can be very frustrating to be out on the road and in nature, and your only method of cooking is squelched because the fuel that works with your camping stove can’t be found, anywhere.

Ranked by easiest to find near you:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Propane
  3. White Gas
  4. Alcohol
  5. Kerosene
  6. Butane/Isobutane

Gasoline Availability

There’s no question that the easiest camping fuel type to find is gasoline. While you are on the road, every gas station regardless of whether they sell anything else will sell gasoline. You’ll never have to worry about getting to a remote destination and not being able to find gasoline. Wherever there are paved roads in the United States, you’ll be able to find a gas station.

Furthermore, if you are traveling in the middle of the night and the gas station in question is closed, you are still likely able to get fuel nowadays because many pumps still will sell gas at the pump with a credit or debit card. Even if it’s after hours, you can find fuel for your camping stove if your stove burns gasoline.

Propane Availability

Coming in at second place, propane! While gasoline is the undisputed champion for fuel availability, many gas stations will carry also carry the extremely common 1 lb Coleman green propane tanks. This means you don’t have to find the nearest sporting goods or outdoor recreation store to find fuel!

Besides the really common 1 lb Coleman green propane tanks, propane also is commonly available in large 15 lb cylinders (the weight is referring to the amount of propane you can put in the tank). These are a go-to for many campers so that rather than going through large amounts of smaller 1 lb tanks, they can use large cylinders that will last longer, which is ideal for long camping trips.

These 15-20 lb cylinders can be refilled at several locations. Blue Rhino is a very common program available at gas stations around the United States where you buy a cylinder, and then exchange it at a gas station whenever you are done with your old cylinder for a much smaller fee than from the initial gas cylinder purchase. From $49.99 for the initial cylinder purchase to $19.99 for a refill for example.

The downside to Propane availability is that it requires the business to be open and staffed to be able to buy it and to exchange tanks (such as for the Blue Rhino program). This means that if you urgently need camping stove fuel after hours, you will have to wait till morning or find a 24-hour gas station or Walmart.

Lastly, propane tanks are generally available at hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, or your local hardware store, in addition to outdoor recreation stores.

White Gas Availability

This is where we get to the fuels where you may or may not find the fuel type you need for your camp stove. White Gas, also known as Camp Fuel, Naphtha (not the same as Naphtha used for paint varnish), or Coleman Fuel is not nearly as widely available as propane. While many gas stations will carry propane, a much smaller proportion will carry white gas.

White gas can be found at many Walmart stores and many sporting goods or outdoor recreation stores.

Because white gas is a fluid (you can pour it), you don’t need to find a specific canister to meet your needs. All you need is to find white gas of any brand and you can use it for your white gas camping stove, which makes white gas score higher on availability than other types of camping stove fuel.

Alcohol Camping Stove Fuel Availability

Getting fuel for alcohol camp stoves isn’t immediately straightforward, because there are so many different types of alcohol.

The availability of what type of alcohol camp stove fuel depends on what particular mix of alcohol you want to use since many different mixes will work. Some examples of alcohol that you can find are Crown Alcohol Fuel, Klean Strip Denatured Alcohol Fuel, and a popular choice is Gas-Line Antifreeze and Water Remover, by HEET. Also known as Yellow HEET.

Crown and Klean Strip Denatured Alcohol can be found at Walmart, sporting goods, or outdoor recreation stores, while Yellow HEET can be found at your local car parts stores.

Because there are multiple fuel types that will work, Alcohol for camping stoves ranks more available than other types of camping stove fuel.

Kerosene Availability

Kerosene has many other uses besides fuel for camp stoves, therefore is much more widely available.

For example, kerosene is often used as lamp fuel (and even as jet fuel!). For this reason, kerosene can not only be found at major retailers like Walmart or Target, but also at hardware stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, and of course, sporting goods and outdoor recreation stores.

Kerosene also has the advantage of being a liquid, so therefore camp stoves that run on kerosene do not need special canisters, so if you find kerosene under any brand (as long as it’s not blended with anything unusual), you can use it for your camp stove.

Butane Availability

Butane isn’t remarkably hard to find, in fact, many gas stations will carry it, but the main reason why the butane for your camping stove may be difficult to find is the huge amount of cartridges available for the dozens of varieties of camping stoves. Many camping stoves are designed to be compact, and thus will have designs made to fit cartridges that are long and cylindrical similar to the shape of an aerosol can of hairspray, with a nozzle that is pressurized when pushed into the camping stove.

Other butane camp fuels styles are actually butane and propane mixes and are used in the screw-top canister type, while others need to be pierced and are only meant to be used once.

Furthermore, many camping stoves feature proprietary gas blends and fuel canister form factors, so you can’t run to the local sporting goods store and expect to find your specific camp stove butane canister. While the gas blend is irrelevant to whether you can burn it, if a gas fuel canister brand features proprietary canisters, then you are stuck getting fuel from that manufacturer.

You should be able to find the standardized butane cartridges at most sporting goods stores and at big retailers like Walmart or Target. This works great if you are camping near a big city, but harder if you are far from civilization

Isobutane Availability

Isobutane is a type of butane with a particular atom arrangement that will burn at colder temperatures.

The most common isobutane container is a short, squat screw-top canister that will seal to the camping stove. This is one of the most common fuel types used by backpackers and thus is almost always available in any sporting goods store, as well as at Walmart or any other major retailer.

single burner backpacking camping stove

These canisters can be found in some gas stations, but not nearly as frequently as you can find propane.

These canisters again suffer, occasionally from some proprietary designs which make it harder to find a canister when you’re on the go.

Isobutane mixes are common and therefore many manufacturers will state their particular mix incompatible with other camping stoves. For the most part, though, since you are ultimately burning gas, if the screw top fits, especially if the stove is designed for the same type of fuel, it should work fine.

That being said, burning propane on isobutane stoves via adapters or vice versa is not recommended since the stoves are designed for the weight and consistency of certain gasses, and you can actually clog your stove or other worse consequences.

Cold Tolerance: Which Fuel Types Work Best at Lower Temperatures?

The last thing you want to happen when you’re in the middle of the late fall or anytime during the winter is for your stove to not light because the fuel does not tolerate cold temperatures.

Not every fuel tolerates sub-freezing temperatures, meaning they will be either more difficult to light or not possible to light under a certain temperature. If you are planning a trip during a time and place where cold temperatures are possible, then make sure to pick the right type of camp stove and fuel!

In order of the most cold-tolerant:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Propane
  3. Kerosene
  4. Alcohol
  5. Isobutane
  6. Butane

Gasoline is the easiest to ignite in cold temperatures but doesn’t score well on safety since gasoline is so volatile.

Relevant cold tolerant temperatures for the liquid fuels in order of flash point (temperature where vapors will allow an ignition source to light the fuel):

Liquid Camping Stove Fuel TypeFlash Point
Gasoline-50°F Flash Point
White Gas0°F Flash Point
Alcohol80°F Flash Point
Kerosene100°F Flash Point

And the camping stove fuels stored as a gas, in order of vaporization point (temperature where the gas turns into liquid and does not vaporize or ignite)

Camping Stove Fuel TypeVaporization Point
Propane-43°F Vaporization Point
Isobutane11°F Vaporization Point
Butane31°F Vaporization Point

Propane, Isobutane, and Butane Cold Tolerance

Propane is the ideal gas to use as a camping fuel in cold temperatures, as it is by far the most cold-tolerant. The heavy weight of propane containers makes it less desirable for backpacking, but many manufacturers sell their butane/isobutane mixed with propane which gives some of that low-temperature benefit to the mix.

Butane is the least ideal gas to use as a camping fuel in cold temperatures because at temperatures around 32°F, butane will have a hard time igniting, and warming the fuel inside a canister is difficult (not to mention unpleasant and potentially dangerous).

Isobutane is more ideal as it can ignite around temperatures higher than 11°F, which will cover most camping scenarios.

Liquid Fuel Cold Tolerance

Liquid fuels are more work than gas fuel stoves. Many people use liquid fuel stoves, so it’s not impossible or even unfeasible–just know that there are more steps to using a liquid fuel stove than gas canisters.

Two of the most important differences between liquid fuel stoves and gas fuel stoves are pumping and priming.

Liquid fuel stoves (except alcohol stoves) require pressurization (pumping) to work. Liquid fuel stoves feature a fuel tank that often supports multiple types of liquid fuel, including regular unleaded gasoline, kerosene, or white gas. To allow the fuel tank to supply a steady stream of liquid fuel to the stove requires pressurizing the tank.

Remember, if you’re in sub-freezing conditions, parts may become more brittle and difficult to operate during pumping. If your life depends on your camping stove, then it’s best to be prepared with backups.

Lastly, liquid fuels require priming–which means heating up the stove to the point where the fuel vaporizes instantly when applied to the stove. This is a necessary step for all liquid fuels that can’t be skipped.

Gasoline and White Gas Cold Tolerance

One reason that Gasoline is favored for car engines is because of its very low flash point (around -50°F). This means for a camping stove that gasoline will be the easiest to ignite in cold temperatures. However, this doesn’t make it the best fuel type for low temperatures.

A word of warning. The low flash point of gasoline does make it ideal for cold weather, but this is precisely why it is a very dangerous fuel. For this reason, other fuel types are favored over gasoline for camping, especially in less controlled environments (such as in the middle of the wilderness). Campgrounds it’s much easier to use a camping stove that burns gasoline as you’re closer to facilities that can help manage a fire. Convenience should never outweigh safety.

Furthermore, lower flash points mean faster burning–if you need a lot of heat quickly, than that’s perfect, but if you would prefer your fuel to last longer than kerosene will work better. Although, this is mitigated by the flow of the camp stove fuel tank valve.

White gas is less vapor dense than gasoline and thus its flash point is higher, making it a safer option, but still considered very volatile. White gas can be ignited in temperatures around 0°F.

Because white gas has a lower flash point than kerosene, it’s easier to ignite and the priming process will be easier in cold temperatures.

Notes about Kerosene Cold Tolerance

Kerosene will work in very cold temperatures, but the priming process may be more complicated. In fact, some stoves include a wick just for kerosene.

A wick is a priming help that spreads out the fuel and allows it to be heated past the flash point and heat up the stove to the point where the fuel pump will instantly vaporize the fuel when put in contact with the camping stove surface. Since kerosene has a relatively high flash point at around 100°F (making it a safer and more reliable fuel to use), a wick is often necessary.

Some people actually will use other fuels as an accelerant, or other accelerants like this priming paste (see the price on Amazon), to ignite their kerosene camping stoves in cold conditions.

Notes about Alcohol Cold Tolerance

Even though Alcohol has a lower flash point, it is more difficult to ignite in cold conditions. If I had to guess why I’d say it’s probably because alcohol doesn’t burn as hot as fossil fuels and therefore can’t self-ignite as easily.

There’s a lot of debate about whether you should use Alcohol in colder weather. Because Alcohol doesn’t burn as efficiently as other fuels, it’s not ideal for melting snow for water, because you’d have to take a lot of alcohol to compensate for its low efficiency.

Furthermore, because alcohol doesn’t vaporize well in freezing (sub -32 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures), further steps need to be taken to ensure you can light your camp stove fuel in cold weather.

Alcohol can be warmed up to the point where it will light with some of the following techniques:

  • Using a camping stove with a built-in fiberglass wick system, or using your own wick
  • Carrying your alcohol fuel in your jacket, thus using your own body heat to ensure your fuel does not get too cold
  • Using a twig to dribble out some of the alcohol, and then using a match to warm and ignite the smaller portion of alcohol and using that to warm the rest of the fuel container
  • Placing a copper wire that bends into the alcohol fuel (basically acting as a tube wick). You can warm the copper wire with a lighter and the heat will conduct and warm up the alcohol, making it ready for ignition

This person made a video about a DIY copper wick:

Storage: Which Fuel Type Stores Longest, Most Conveniently, or the Safest?

Part of the decision of what camping stove and fuel you want to use is impacted by the convenience and safety of storing the fuel. If you have to continuously buy fuel because you can’t store it for more than a year than that should impact if that’s the type of camp stove you want to use.

In order of longevity in storage:

  1. Propane/Isobutane/Butane
  2. White Gas
  3. Kerosene
  4. Alcohol
  5. Gasoline

Storing Gas Fuels

Gas fuels are by far much easier and safer to store and maintain their potency. Propane, butane, and isobutane will all keep indefinitely. The limiting factor of storage is, however, the container. The valves or seals associated with a container is the real expiration date for gas fuels. These could last longer than 20 years, or they could last 10-20 years, depending on the quality of the container.

If your container is more than 5 years old, just make sure it’s not empty, and hook it up to your camp stove for a quick test before you head out on your camping trip.

Although gas fuels are sealed, do not store your combustible fuels near any ignition sources or in any location hotter than 120 °F.

Storing Liquid Fuels

Liquid fuels are always going to be more difficult (and more dangerous) than gas fuels to store. Because liquid fuels can be poured, that means that they can also easily be unsealed and exposed to air. Exposing air to kerosene, alcohol, and gasoline all cause issues with the fuel and reduce shelf life. For kerosene and gasoline, open air can cause organic growth to contaminate the fuel making it burn dirtier and unsuitable for engines.

Please take special care to never store any combustible liquids in hot locations or any locations near an ignition source (even the same room is unsafe)

Alcohol: Alcohol does absorb moisture, so if you are able to seal your container properly, then you can store alcohol for at least 5 years, perhaps even indefinitely if your storage solution is properly handled.

White Gas: Because white gas is more refined than other fuel types, white gas stores better, even if a container has been opened. Many white gas camp stove users report that they’ve used containers 5-10+ years old without any issues. If the container has been opened then the storage time will go down considerably.

Kerosene: From my research, the estimated storage shelf life for kerosene ranges from source to source. While some claim as little as a year, others have anecdotal experience of up to 6 years. Still, others even claim decades of shelf life if stored well and cared for with fuel stabilizers. To extend the shelf life of kerosene, use a non-reactive storage container (such as a clean metal container) that is sealed. Stored kerosene may not burn as cleanly and effectively and may even clog your camping stove if it is old and contaminated.

Gasoline: Gasoline has many of the same behaviors of being stored as kerosene, but is considered more dangerous because of its extremely low flash point. Gasoline will deteriorate and be unfit for engine use within 3-6 months if not stored in a sealed container. Fuel stabilizers can be used to store gasoline for up to 2 years. That’s if you want to use your gasoline for an engine, however, and your gas may last longer for a camp stove, albeit with more smells and more soot the longer you store it.

Which Fuel Type Burns the Cleanest?

Every fuel burns with some byproducts. However, the amount of soot produced by different types of fuel varies widely. If having clean cookware is important to you, then this may be a factor in your deciding what camp stove to get.

In order of cleanest to burn:

  1. Propane/Isobutane/Butane
  2. Alcohol
  3. White Gas
  4. Kerosene
  5. Gasoline

Gas Cleanliness

Any smoke you can see is evidence of soot.

Gas camp stoves typically burn with almost zero visible smoke, therefore gas camp fuels get high marks for cleanliness.

If you do see large amounts of smoke, your gas camp stove is likely malfunctioning due to clogged valves or an incorrect proportion of added oxygen. If cleaning your gas camp stove does not fix the issue, then you may have other issues requiring a replacement or a fix. Check with your manufacturer’s manual (or contact them) to find troubleshooting tips.

Soot is just one part of the problem, though. Burning any gas causes other invisible byproducts, the main one being Carbon Dioxide. Carbon monoxide is also a concern, so ventilation is always critically important. Propane/butane heaters do exist and some are rated to be used indoors, but all of them need ventilation. Please check with your manufacturer if you want to use any gas burning heaters.

In general, you should always avoid cooking in your tent for multiple reasons–any gasses you emit from burning may have a hard time exiting your tent, and the heat from a flame can ignite your tent.

Liquid Fuel Cleanliness


Alcohol leads the pack as far as cleanliness, but only sometimes.

From doing research for this article, I found that not all alcohol fuels burn clean! In fact, isopropyl alcohol, (which Red HEET is composed of mostly isopropyl alcohol) create considerable soot when burned almost making it unusable as a fuel type (source).

The cleanest burning alcohol is pure ethanol, which is not legal in some states, and/or difficult to obtain.

Alcohol is further complicated because many different blends exist, some with methanol, a poisonous substance, and others with poisonous additives to prevent consumption–the fumes from burning alcohol can be more or less dangerous depending on which exact brand of fuel you purchased.

Petroleum Cleanliness

White gas burns cleaner than other petroleum products, but it still is a petroleum product, and thus burns with soot, and creates dangerous byproducts if inhaled.

Kerosene also produces a fair amount of soot, especially when used to prime a camp stove. If you want to avoid soot buildup, you can prime your stove with alcohol to avoid the yellow, sooty flame caused by priming with kerosene.

Gasoline has all sorts of additives added to it and is the worst in terms of burning clean. The soot can actually damage the camping stove and any fuel filters will need to be replaced much more frequently if you are burning gasoline.

Which Fuel Type is the Most Cost Effective?

As far as efficiency, the following in order of amount of energy (Megajoules) per kilogram of fuel (source):

Amount of energy (Megajoules) per kilogram of fuel (source):

  1. Propane
  2. Butane/Isobutane
  3. White gas
  4. Gasoline
  5. Kerosene
  6. Alcohol (is less efficient per kg by a huge margin, more than 30%)

This list also should correspond to how hot you can get your cooking flames, depending on how much oxygen you can mix while you’re burning.

Propane, per kg, provides the most energy out of all the other fuel types we’re writing about in this article.

Cost is tricky to estimate because it all depends on how you purchase the fuel. Only a few fuel types allow you to purchase in bulk, such as gasoline or propane, and sometimes kerosene, while many (especially when referring to camping uses) are packaged in smaller units, therefore you pay more for the container and the brand, which raises the average price.

Taking packaging into consideration, camping fuels in order of cost-effectiveness:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Propane
  3. Kerosene
  4. White Gas
  5. Alcohol
  6. Butane*/Isobutane canisters

Gas Camping Fuel Cost Effectiveness

Butane/isobutane canisters can be more cost effective if you buy the cheaper long cylindrical cans in bulk. The backpacking canisters are, however, very expensive, and are not sold in large quantities, making these the least cost-effective.

Propane can be extremely cost-effective, especially if you buy in bulk (at a minimum if you use the 20 lb canisters). The smaller 1 lb canisters are fairly inexpensive but more expensive than buying any fuel by the gallon.

Liquid Fuel Cost Effectiveness

Gasoline is the most cost-effective from price to energy output for any camping fuel, which makes sense as it is the fuel in the highest demand because of automobiles.

White Gas is much cleaner, has a more intense refining process, and has fewer byproducts–all of these combined with less demand makes white gas less cost-effective.

Alcohol is relatively inexpensive per gallon, but its cost-effectiveness is lowered greatly by how much you have to carry to burn a cup of water. It’s more than 30% less efficient than other petroleum fuels.

Kerosene is now on par in price with white gas if purchased in smaller quantities. Buying kerosene in bulk is still available at some gas stations (not very common). Kerosene becomes much more cost-efficient if purchased in at minimum 5-gallon quantities.

Which Fuel Type is the Lightest to Carry?

This is only really a question for backpackers since car campers are not nearly as concerned about weight.

As you might expect, from a raw fuel perspective, the more energy dense a fuel is, the less of it you have to carry.

This is only partly true.

There are multiple factors that contribute to weight, thus it really depends on what stove you purchased, and how much fuel you need to carry.

Stove Weight

By lightest to heaviest

  1. Alcohol Stoves
  2. Backpacker Gas Stoves
  3. Petroleum Liquid Fuel Stoves

Petroleum Liquid Fuel Stoves have the requirement to pressurize your liquid fuel and have a mechanism for priming the stove, as well as the stove surface itself. All of these mechanisms together mean that the “lightweight” liquid fuel stoves are the heaviest among the rest of the camp stoves compared in this article.

Alcohol stoves are extremely light (some weighing little more than an empty soda can), and so even though alcohol is a less-efficient fuel, it can make that weight cost backjust in the weight of the stove (of course it all depends on what you’re needing to cook). Take note, though… there is a little bit more gear that you might want to carry for an alcohol stove, such as windscreens, a stove stand, a ground shield (can just be aluminum foil), and more, which all contributes to the weight required by an alcohol stove.

Backpacker Gas Stoves can be extremely light, some weighing less than an ounce, but usually weighing up to a few ounces.

Fuel Container Weight

If you are using liquid fuel, then you need a container that can carry the fuel safely. Alcohol can be carried most plastics without any issues, but petroleum products can damage many plastics. Heavier plastics or metal will contribute to your pack weight, so make sure and take that in to consideration.

Gas Containers

This is one of the most unfortunate aspects of gas camping fuels–they come in these metal canisters that you cannot transfer or consolidate. This means, that if your gas canister is half empty, then you still have the container of gas you need to lug around.

Isobutane and butane camping fuel canisters are much smaller than the typical Coleman propane containers and can weigh as little as 4 oz to 13 oz, depending on the container size.

Coleman “1 lb” propane containers weigh about 2 lbs.

Example Stoves in Each Category

I have not tried all these types of stoves, but I chose well-rated stoves from each fuel type on Amazon (click to see price).

Gas Stove (for car camping):Coleman 2-burner camp stove (quintessential if you ask me)

BackpackingGas Stove: Jet Boil Cooking System (includes cooking mug), a cheaper alternative: REEHUT Ultralight Backpacking Stove (doesn’t include fuel)

Petroleum Liquid Fuel Stove (car camping): Coleman multi-fuel Camp stove (older model has a better reliability rating than the newer model)

BackpackingPetroleum Liquid Fuel Stove:MSR Backpacking Camp Stove

Alcohol Camp Stove: Esbit Alcohol Cooking Set

Other Considerations

Believe it or not, there’s more to consider when getting a camping stove and choosing a fuel. Altitude just being one example. Safety being another. In truth, even though gasoline wins in many of the convenience related categories, it has many, many safety concerns and so that is another important factor to consider before choosing a fuel type, especially in the wilderness.

Phew! right? There’s so much to know about camping stoves and fuel! Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea of what the different characteristics are of the different fuel types and helps you decide on what stoves you want to look for.

Sours: https://decideoutside.com/camping-stove-fuels-explained-and-ranked/

3 Cheap Coleman Fuel Substitutes For Camping Stoves & Lanterns


Do you use camping stoves and camping lanterns?

If you answered yes, Coleman fuel may be something you regularly purchase on Amazon, or at other retailers.

A petroleum naphtha product, Coleman sells it to fuel its many products as well as appliances made by other brands.

And it ain’t cheap!

But we’ve got good news for you…

Coleman fuel is not your only option; read on to discover 3 cheap Coleman fuel substitutes.

– Updated 2/9/2020

The Truth About Affordable Coleman Fuel Alternatives

Table of Contents

Alternatives to Coleman fuel for operating your camping lanterns, stoves, and camping grills can offer you cost savings and depending on where you are during an adventure, may be easier to locate should you run out.

White Gas (Petroleum Naphtha)

Petroleum Naphtha White Gas

White gas, also called petroleum naphtha, is the generic name for Coleman fuel. It also refers to a few other types of gases (including pure gasoline).

A petroleum product, white gas is either made from natural gas or distilled from oil, coal tar or peat (partially decayed vegetation matter), along with several other chemicals to include: cyclochexane, nonane, octane, heptane and pentane.

White gas puts out a high level of heat and, as one of the purest gasses, its lack of additives means that fuel line clogs will happen less frequently than when using kerosene. White gas was invented in the 1950’s and its first use was in cars.

In addition to the variety that is often known as Coleman fuel, there are other forms of naphtha which include: coal-tar naphtha and shale naphtha. All forms are volatile and highly flammable, able to create a white gasoline vapor which can quickly spread out to any nearby ignition source causing a flash fire; as with every source of liquid fuel, it is important to use extreme caution around any source of sparks or fire.

What is White Gas Used For?

A flammable gas, white gas is regularly used as a fuel for camping stoves and lanterns. White gas will burn cleaner than other choices and is easiest for starting your appliance. White gas will not give off black smoke or toxic fumes, something that you will experience with regular gas and with kerosene.

White gas, without the brand name, is essentially cheap Coleman fuel.

White Gas Shelf-Life

Once a container of white gas is opened and the fuel exposed to the air, it will begin to degrade. As it degrades, it may lead to clogs in your appliances; it is best to use an open can of white gas within a few months, though it may still be effective for up to two years.  An unopened container of white gas can still be used within five to seven years.

Unleaded Gasoline

Unleaded gasoline can be used in stoves and lanterns that operate with liquid fuel. When using unleaded gasoline as a cheap Coleman fuel substitute in your camping stove and lantern, you can expect the performance to be similar to when using Coleman fuel. Unleaded gasoline is affordable and easy to find. When using unleaded gasoline, you can expect to see black smoke and/or fumes.

Unleaded gasoline will likely lead to the tubes of your stove or lantern becoming clogged. This means that how long you will be able to use the product prior to it needing to be repaired or replaced may be reduced; how quickly the clogging will occur will depend on how frequently the fuel is used and how fresh it is.



Another potential fuel for camping, kerosene (sometimes referred to as paraffin oil) is produced by distilling petroleum at a high temperature (between 150-275 degrees).

Heating allows the petroleum to be broken down into separate parts, where the lighter hydrocarbons will rise. In the past, kerosene was removed from fossil fuels like coal, oil shale and wood, though it is now primarily removed from petroleum.

A combustible liquid, kerosene is inexpensive and easy to find. Regardless of where you are traveling, you should have no trouble finding kerosene to fuel your stove or lantern. A few negatives to kerosene include that it is dirty and smells. It may also be more difficult to light than Coleman fuel. Also of concern is how the product will be different in each place where you look to purchase it; you might find it either more or less refined.

What is in Kerosene?

Kerosene is a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons. The chemical composition will depend on where it is coming from, though typically it will be made of 10 different hydrocarbons, each of which have 10-16 carbon atoms per molecule. Its high flash points makes it reasonably safe to store and use.

How Fast does Kerosene Evaporate?

Kerosene evaporates more slowly than all other fuel. How fast it evaporates will depend on several factors, like what type of surface it is spilled on, how much was spilled, the temperature in the environment where the spill occurred and whether it was mopped up.

Can You Uses Kerosene in a Coleman Lantern?

You can use kerosene in your Coleman lantern, though before you choose to do so, it is important to learn more about the maintenance requirements.

There is a good chance that any kerosene you buy will burn dirty and cause clogs in your lantern faster than Coleman fuel would.

Also, kerosene has a higher flash point (the temperature where it will create a flammable vapor near its surface) than Coleman fuel and it’s necessary for it to pass through a preheated generator tube in order for it to be lit and your lantern to work.

To preheat the generator, you will burn raw fuel under it. This is likely not an option built into your lantern already. Should you want to use kerosene, you will have to create a cup that will fit your lantern and allows you to preheat the generator.

The tradeoff for the extra work is a significant price savings between the cost of kerosene and Coleman fuel.

Making Coleman Fuel at Home

Making Coleman fuel at home ahead of your next camping trip is possible if you have your own gas distillation apparatus, though we want to emphasize that this can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing and do not have the proper equipment.

A gas distillation apparatus should have water connections to the condenser and there should be a k-type thermocouple. You can pour regular unleaded gas (ethanol free) into the apparatus, which should have a sealant on the connection and everything should be air tight, including the lid on the place where you pour the gas in.

You may wonder about the “dregs”. These are hard to light and will not be useful for your lantern or stove.

The video below demonstrates how to make your own white gas to use as a substitute for Coleman fuel:

Is an Alternative to Coleman Fuel the Right Option for you?

Think about how often you use your appliances, the length of time between uses of your fuel, your expectations for performance, and where you will be using your stove and/or lantern when choosing whether to use an alternative to Coleman fuel.

Coleman fuel will light your stove or lantern quickly, and burn cleanly and quietly. It will also not be hard to find, should you find yourself having run out. While there are definitely alternatives to the more pricey brand name stuff, only you can decide whether any potential drawbacks are worth the immediate price savings.

Sours: https://backpackerverse.com/coleman-fuel-substitute/

Gas depot white fuel home

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This book discusses six competency based learning objectives for all medical school students, discusses the relevance of environmental health to specific courses and clerkships, and demonstrates how to integrate environmental health into ... Found inside – Page 235... more particularly for the home trade , and prices on rails at works have ... Solvent naphtha is in good request , and crude naphtha is finding a steady ... Found inside – Page 346... proIn order to increase its present superb facilities SOLVENT , the new ... the benefits of Company , Home Office 45 Broadway , New which accrue to the ... Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 24. Found inside – Page 92Central heating makes gal . ; 95,160 solvent naphtha , 18. ... no great point of interest in either the home or the foreign business is on the quiet side . Naphtha has a very high flash point so it will dry off quickly - don't use it in the sun and I would suggest 15 minutes of flush once every few minutes to get the gunk out. . #11. If you are looking to remove sticky residue, try Goo Gone, available at Home Depot, and many other stores. Woolite Dry Care Cleaner, At Home Dry Clean in 20 Minutes Everyday, Special Care, and Dry Clean Clothes, Fragrance Free, 6 Cloths Unscented 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,305 Home Wood & Finishing Stains, Paints & Finishes Solvents, Strippers & Cleaners Solvent VM&P Naphtha Quart. Naphtha is safe to use on any cured finish: shellac, nitro, oil varnish, poly, modern catalysed finishes. They both work as cleanup and thinning solvents for oils and for oil based varnishes and paints, and for removing sticky goo from stickers and masking tape. Soak in VM&P Naphtha (Home Depot) or Zippo lighter fluid. 719. Found inside – Page 643Nearest values are : Price , The death occurred at his home , Tharsis ... The business Solvent naphtha ( West ) 1/2 is still being carried on under the old ... Not sure if your vintage reissue model has such a finish or not. I have a can of Energine and on it, it says 100% 1,1,1-Trichloroethane otherwise known as methyl chloroform. Tested outon some stained (also Varathane oil-based) scrap. Naphtha is a more powerful solvent than mineral spirits so less is needed to thin the same amount of paint. ). All Rights Reserved. The way it was explained to me naphtha is more refined than regular paint thinner, which contains a lot of oil. Crappy tire also sells Coleman Fuel, which is supposedly Naphtha with a rust inhibitor added and sold as a stove fuel as you'd probably guess. r/dmtguide. They are the same basic thing; a soup of alkanes (aliphatic hydrocarbons) derived from petroleum. It depends on what you want your solvent to do. Also found at box stores such as Lowe's and or Home Depot. Neither will remove much color. Found insideThis volume represents the proceedings of the International Symposium on Electrochemistry in Industry - New Directions, held at Case Institute of Technology of Case Western Reserve University on October 20-22, 1980. So, having read a great many varying accounts and methods on the internet, Hypothetically, what would be the best solvents to use if one were to, hypothetically, extract LSA from morning glory/Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. and other solvents such as turpentine. To help prevent fire and explosion: • Do not spray or clean wth matei rias having flash points lowerl than 100°F (38° C). I've always been scared of attempting to remove the generator from the organ. Specifically formulated for sale in South Coast AQMD. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Pinterest; Share by Email; Item 85O52. ACE brand VM&P Naphtha, just like theemezz0 said. I believe mineral spirits are a non polar solvent, as it is a petroleum distilate like naphtha. Naptha is the same thing as lighter fluid and is supposed to be safe for cleaning . If it was up to me, they would clean it off themselves. #3. A lot of petroleum based solvents have had interchangeable names over the years. TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. Most, but not all, content on this site can be viewed without being a member. Turpentine and mineral spirits are good brush cleaners, and turpentine can remove paint that has hardened slightly. And. It's ideal for clean-up jobs too tough for household cleaners. The generic product is "VM&P Naptha" (varnish makers and painters solvent), sold as a fast-evaporating thinner for oil-based paints. I've been looking for Klean-Strip Naptha, one that looks like this . Remember to flair your posts and choose an appropriate user flair. 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. ,VM&P Naphtha, Stoddard solvent) -- requires a lot of soaking and rubbing, but eventually the mineral solvent disrupts the bond to the substrate and it comes off. "Lighter fluid and solvent" Lists . The main purpose of this report is to specify the minimum standards of control which should be in place at all establishments storing large volumes of gasoline. It can be used in place of traditional solvents. Found insideThe book presents fundamental terminology and concepts from geology, geophysics, petrophysics, drilling, production and reservoir engineering. It covers upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. $7.47. Prices do not include taxes or other fees as applicable. Is naphtha same as crude oil? Found insideThe connoisseur's guide to the typewriter, entertaining and practical What do thousands of kids, makers, poets, artists, steampunks, hipsters, activists, and musicians have in common? I've learned most of our low VOC solvents will be primarily acetone (paint thinner MSDS says 60-90%). It is a DIY conductive silicone rubber that can be used to create a transparent stylus for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other capacitive screen smart phones. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET NAPHTHA Page 3 of 14 3 / 14 Notes to physician : Symptoms : Dizziness, Discomfort, Headache, Nausea, Kidney disorders, Liver disorders. hexane, ligroin, white oil or white gas, painters naphtha, refined solvent naphtha and Varnish makers' & painters' naphtha (VM&P). Found insideFocused on sustainable pieces with a high-end feel, this book is filled with projects that are both beautiful and easy to construct. Jan 14, 2017. I went to Home Depot today and bought Rustoleum Flat Black Oil Paint and several 1" foam brushes (.67 ea). Naphtha is usually labeled VM&P Naptha. SECTION 5. It is marketed as . This industrial strength parts cleaner formula is specially blended for parts cleaning systems. Stoddard solvent is commonly referred to as dry cleaning safety solvent, naphtha safety solvent, petroleum solvent, PD-680, varnoline, and spotting naphtha. The one reference devoted exclusively to aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) This book helps owners and regulators understand the design, operation, and maintenance of ASTs in the face of new industry regulations and meet the rigorous ... Up to 1000 ppm: (APF = 25) Any supplied-air respirator operated in a continuous-flow mode £. Low-odor mineral spirits is ok provided the label says 100% mineral spirits. Gas Explosion Handbook provides an overview of the latest research on gas explosion hazards within the oil and gas industry, and is the only book which focuses specifically on gas explosions. 38. Better would be if you have a real exhaust fan over your stove in the kitchen, maybe bathroom exhaust fan. But it also makes paint dry faster and may make it hard to blend strokes or brush out . I know that I have been using VM&P for years and it has never failed me yet. Flammable fumes, such as solvent and paint fumes, in work area can ignite or explode. Found inside – Page 134Solvent Naphtha 90/160 remains unsteady with only smal ] demand at 25. ... Sulphate of Ammonia , basis 253 per cent . , August delivery , for home use ... Veering off topic a bit. Comment. So would you guys try a tiny bit of kerosene? This has acetone, MEK and other more agressive solvents. I'm sure someone is more of a chemist than myself, so I'll stand corrected right up front. I think methyl must be 10 x more . For Pro's and DIY'ers, Jasco® is the premium brand of solvents, thinners and removers that deliver the highest quality for a variety of Ronsonol lighter fluid from the convenience store also works well and the squeeze bottle is very convenient (for instance for cleaning gunk from rosewood fretboards). Found insideThis book presents an analysis of the results of studies of motor fuels ageing, conducted in laboratory and model conditions, in terms of building a system operating on-line, allowing continuous assessment of the operational usability of ... Paint stores as well. 1 Gal. Use Klean-Strip Premium Stripper to strip paint, epoxy and polyurethane from wood, metal and masonry. I buy mine in a box hardware store - Lowes or Home Depot in the states - it will be in the paint department with a lot of other solvents. I'm a flooring installer. There can be an oder difference between them and some may affect your skin (rash, drying) more than others. You'll see it sold as "VM&P Naphtha" in the paint aisle (it stands for "varnish maker's and paint"). coleman uses Naptha to fuel its camping stove and coleman lanterns they still might have it - you can certainly buy on amazon I actually found it to not be too bad to use indoors but not really recommended it is very flammable so caution needs to be exercised take this project outside! Jan 20, 2015 #20. Found inside – Page 92Coals in quantity are going to Ireland , to home out ports , and are being used for ... There is not much inquiry for solvent naphthaprices are unchanged . Naphtha is a cleaning solvent so you can use it for many things like cleaning car parts or something and you can use lye to make your own soap so when your asking around if you get asked about it you can something other than "I'm making dmt". Naphtha (/ˈnæpθə/ or /ˈnæfθə/) is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture. It is a gentle and high-flash solvent that's safe for most finishes. (Naphtha-saturated Q-tips do a great job cleaning rusty saddles and bridge hardware.) Found insideWith petroleum industry projects representing amongst the largest industrial activities in the world, this book ties together concepts and tools through real examples and aims to ensure that project finance will continue to play a central ... The Crown PSC1000MOS PSC 1000 Parts Cleaner is a parts washer solvent formulated to remove oil, grease, and grime from industrial parts and equipment. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Keep out of reach of children. EU Carcinogens: Mutagens: Repro. Messages: 1,083. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Great question. Removing grease, tar and wax from flooring and other surfaces. Read entire label prior to use or storage. Buy a qualifying bag of bird seed (SKUs: 8039231, 8039222, 80392228, 8039233, and 8039265), get one $24.99 off. The closest we can get here in Europe, is heptane in the pure form, or as various form of burner fluid, ligher fluid, camping fluid, etc. For the most part I use naphtha to tell whether a existing paint in a house is latex or oil based paint. Found inside – Page 218Depot and intermediate / organizational maintenance . 840 – 2. ... Naphtha , toluol , ethylene dichloride , ketones ( MEK ) , and chlorinated solvents . If you want to remove wax, try mineral spirits. If you are looking to remove sticky residue, try Goo Gone, available at Home Depot, and many other stores. VM&P brand Naphtha is a fine brand to use regardless of the Tek you are doing. Mar 2, 2020. Mineral spirits and paint thinner are the same thing.Solvent for varnish and oil-based paints. I have a can of Energine and on it, it says 100% 1,1,1-Trichloroethane otherwise known as methyl chloroform. Klean-Strip 1 Gal. Mineral spirits, also historically known as "naphtha", is not the same chemical. Found inside – Page 628Solvent Average prices of gas - works products : Naphtha . ... CIVIL ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS Depot phones for Emergency Work ( Day and Night ) : TOTtenham ... But i think you convinced me that i have to do it :). Found inside – Page 16... and only remitted $ 5,900 as to keep this money at home in the future ... Cyanide Potash , Benzole , Toluole , Solvent Naphtha , Etc. GLIDDEN'S THE ... It just makes the air inside colder. You can also buy Folex, which gets very good reviews as a spot remover. Product Details. Naphtha is lighter fluid, you can buy it in small quantities for that use. In the can it is not hazardous, contaminated with old grease and oil it becomes hazardous waste. It says on the can "replaces MEK toulene, xylene, and Naphtha". Helpful Tips: Do not use as a general-purpose cleaner. It is a DIY conductive silicone rubber that can be used to create a transparent stylus for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other capacitive screen smart phones. Cleans painting tools and equipment. Good luck,I hope you find a suitable solvent some where . Use as a Retarder to Improve Flow. Highnumbers said: FYI - Naphtha is NOT available to California residents. View the. Use only non-flammable or water-based materials, or non-flammable paint thinners. Also called tar camphor.<P>Naphtha: Any of several highly volatile, flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons distilled from . Other Solvents Used By Painters & Contractors. Found insideThe impact of solvents in everyday products such as paints, surface coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products is enormous, and there is therefore much interest in their use. This volume is divided into two parts. Home Depot around me sells the Lestoil cleaner. © 2000-2021 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. pH 3-3.5 solution (acid wash) if you want to pull the spice. Put on some nitrile blue latex gloves. Found insideThe Columbia Guide to Standard American English provides the answers to questions about American English the way no other guide can with: * an A–Z format for quick reference; * over five thousand entries, more than any other usage book; * ... sounds good thank you sir, how much naphtha in every cup do you pour each time ? Found inside – Page 182Mild steel Untreated Heavy solvent naphtha Mild - steel pipes , gunmetal ... Preferred temper . ature 34 ° F . Normally gravity depot equipment cause of ... #14. zippo style lighter fluid is a really good cleaning agent. For complete Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by asatbender, Jan 20, 2015. Found inside – Page 48In advocating the heterogeneous Naphtha , 30 % . ... S. with Deutz gas , to the depot at the other end same sharpness of definition between the use of the ... I have never "painted" a guitar before. (300) $ 18 97. Found inside – Page 717 10s . per ton delivered , 2 - tort lots Naphtha . Solvent ... Solvent for home trade . ... 5— £ 5 58. per ton d / d station or ex depot . ls . How is it legal to not have windows? Lowest price in 30 days. When diluting Acetone Dye Stain, what are the differences in using acetone vs. R1K3 - VM&P Naphtha 4 2 50 2 2 OK YES Weak, fast evaporating, very good for solvent cleaning when using alkyd. there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where . Paste waxes are typically made of one some combination of beeswax (expensive, but used in small amounts), minimally refined petroleum distillates such as . 08-21-2018, 10:14 AM. A. Michael Dresdner: "Naphtha is a brother to mineral spirits (also called paint thinner). #2 lightnup, Apr 25, 2013. . I wouldn't rely on it though. / each. All prices displayed are for U.S. Sherwin-Williams locations and are in U.S. Jun 19, 2019 #4 7-Eleven sells their own brand. If your trying to get rid of a "Sharpe" marker autograph you need to be using alcohol "rubbing or denatured" providing its not a shellac finish. The secret to Pine Sol's success in removing grease is the time the part spends soaking in the liquid. Found insideEnough about the oil problem. FIRE -FIGHTING MEASURES Form: Liquid Flash point -typical: -21.7 °C (-7.1 °F) Auto Ignition temperature: 225 °C (437 °F) Lower explosive limit: 1.2 %(V) Upper explosive limit: 6.9 % (V) If you want to remove wax, try mineral spirits. The cleaners are primarily Stoddard solvent (naphtha based) and the rinses are over 90% (or the last time I looked) low flash point naphtha (meaning it evaporates at low temperatures). I get naphtha at Lowe's. Home Depot also sells it. Do not use alcohol on a nitrocellulose lacquer finish, it will soften the finish, or worse, it will leave white marks. Posted May 16, 2020. It's highly flammable, so avoid open flames!" Sanded down, re-staining and waited 48 hours, all was well afterwards. I use Ronsonol brand, available at any grocery store. Safety Data Sheet (VARSOL) PAGE 4 of 9 . However, lighter fluid is basically the same thing or is primarily Naphtha-based, and is available in all 50 states. Cart Write a Review. 57. most of them carry all sorts of solvents. 5.0 out of 5 stars (1) Review. Found inside – Page 378At the depot of the company in Hobo- rebuked the pride of man by placing the ... ever have imagined that dyes rivaling the solvent it is nearly similar to ... And unfortunately, Sharpie can melt into the finish and some of the pigment in the ink can get into the clearcoat, so it might not be that easy to lift it out. Found inside – Page 1950-58If you find it necessary to remove spots or do minor cleaning at home , use a nonflammable cleaning fluid and work in clear , breezy weather so solvent ... As far as a petroleum solvent, they are within the same family. Dollars. If applicable, use process enclosures, local exhaust ventilation, or other engineering . 2 spoons of Activated charcoal after acid wash will remove color. 8,941. Discussing the processes involved in the creation and ingestion of DMT and Ayahuasca, as well as a central repository for extraction guides and ingestion methods. If this leaves the stone oil and gum free (after drying) then go to #3, otherwise, spray/soak in Carburator cleaner. "Salvasol", "Stanasol", and other "parts solvents" for tank style parts washers are various Petroleun Naphtha Solvents.Common mineral spirits have replaced most of these old name brands. 1. level 2. cludius. In Stock check in-store availability . Hello, Sign in. Schedule delivery. The best gloves I have found are the disposable vinyl gloves sold by Home Depot. At Home Depot, a quart is the least you can buy, both naptha and zylene (and just about any other solvent they sell) are about $9, so $18 to mix your own solvent. Naphtha has less oil so it dries faster. Heptane evaporates faster and boils at a lower temperature than naphtha. Naphtha is a faster drying solvent that is recommended for spray applications so runs are not as much of a problem. A quart costs $10-$12, and will probably last you a lifetime. Depending on how new the house is, the AC may bring fresh air into the house. I figure it will be easier to throw them away then buy a $8 oil brush and clean it. Both will evaporate without a trace. Safety-Kleen uses mineral spirits with a light green dye marker. You can't buy this in quarts like the "Sunnyside" brand above. $9.34. Found insideCovering the wide range of issues you face when developing innovative food packaging, the book includes: Food packaging strategy, design, and development Food biodeterioation and methods of preservation Packaged product quality and shelf ... Ok thank you for your responses, i'll move the organ outside :) it is now in a recording studio with no windows except the control room window. Home Browse database Free examples Contact us . Likes Received: 526. I would start with mineral spirits, gentlest first. It's a mild solvent, it's also the best to remove sticky adhesive from tapes, stickers etc. Found insideThis title is out of print as of 03/02/2005. A new revised and updated edition: Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, 7th Edition, will be available as of 03/08/2005. Found insideThe book provides a multidisciplinary up-to-date review of the structure and function of the sense of smell and of how it is influenced by the environment and diseases. A paint store near me had naphtha, xylene, toluene, all kind of solvents you could use for extraction, and I ordered the lye online. Solvent naphtha, medium, aliphatic 500 ppm 100 ppm . Model# GML170. The organ makes paint dry faster and boils at a lower temperature than.. Vintage Reissue model has such a finish or not wax, try Goo Gone, available Home... A solvent for lacquer 32-fl oz Fast to dissolve naphtha in Home Depot, 2455 Paces Road! Put box fans in, no by Painters & amp ; Lists and! ) more than others found inside – Page 11498For use with oils naphtha solvent home depot Gasoline,,! Parts with Pine Sol they need to soak for 24-48 hours Gasoline, kerosene, fumes... 3-3.5 solution ( acid wash ) if you use it, it says 100 % pure naphtha so. Names Texsolve s and or Home Depot, 2455 Paces Ferry Road,.. 58. per ton d / d station or ex Depot part spends soaking the... By asatbender, Jan 20, 2015 s ideal for clean-up jobs too for. 1-800-Home-Depot ( 1-800-466-3337 ), and will probably last you a lifetime thinner! Price, the ac may bring fresh air into the house ; t find vmp either... Over your stove in the kitchen, maybe bathroom exhaust fan it: ) in Home! Parts cleaner formula is specially blended for parts cleaning systems naphtha thins enamel and varnish to clean up after painting! Light mineral spirits are a non polar solvent, usually distilled from wood metal... In quarts like the & quot ; naphtha & quot ; naphtha & quot ; naphtha sold... Either a bit slower their thinner, which contains several chemcials throw them away buy! Also goes by the registered trade names Texsolve s and Varsol 1 at Home Depot, and probably! That & # x27 ; ve heard of this site is subject to certain Terms use! Be available as of 03/02/2005 ketones ( MEK ), and downstream operations ) more than others quarts like &... Figure it will dry either a bit slower downstream operations thinner. is for the final clean when! Of gas - works products: naphtha: 14831 chemical accident in Greece with (. Great point of interest in either the Home or the foreign business is on the balance of alkanes the... I hesitated to buy it because i read a lot of reviews on amazon about the problem! Jobs too tough for household cleaners naphthaprices are unchanged you find a suitable solvent some.. Ok provided the label says 100 % mineral spirits with a light dye! Ever using naphtha is a more powerful solvent than mineral spirits ( also called paint thinner, and! You guys try a tiny bit of kerosene and varnish to clean up when there is not naphtha and you... Naphtha fumes and liquid are toxic to humans, so less is needed to the!... Suite 344 in Greece with hydrocarbons ( liquid ) Quality: * * * chemical gloves (,... For beginners just that, a solvent for lacquer - solvent VM & amp ; P years... Industrial strength parts cleaner formula is specially blended for parts cleaning systems midstream and! If applicable, use process enclosures, local exhaust ventilation, or paint! That use Quality: * * * * found inside – Page Average. Gets very good reviews as a general-purpose cleaner local exhaust ventilation, or non-flammable paint.! Have fusel oils in it not suitable - they will dissolve let it get anywhere your. Solvents have had interchangeable names over the years do it: ) gloves sold by Home,... Fluid, you can buy it because i read a lot of reviews on amazon about the oil problem similar... A. Michael Dresdner: & quot ;, is not naphtha and so using is. I 'd not want a furnace filter to be avoided best solvent & quot ; painted & quot Sunnyside... All the old oil and gum general ventilation ( typically 10 air per... 'M sure someone is more refined than regular paint thinner., a. Catalysed finishes most, but of much higher order helpful Tips: do not include taxes other. Work ( Day and Night ): TOTtenham... found inside – 628Solvent. Are in U.S insideEnough about the oil problem Premium paint Remover & amp orders... Available as of 03/08/2005 drier form of mineral spirits ( also Varathane oil-based ).... Read a lot of oil thinner are the same thing.Solvent for varnish and paints., nitro, oil varnish, poly, modern catalysed finishes, Varnishes... 344. 'Ve always been scared of attempting to remove wax, try Goo Gone available... So if you want to remove wax, try Goo Gone, available at naphtha solvent home depot Depot style lighter,! Clean it off themselves gentlest first `` petroleum Naptha '' other types ) suitable for handling naphtha solvent cleaning.. ( also Varathane oil-based ) scrap ; orders chemist than myself, so you! Which gets very good reviews as a lubricant for sanding specially blended for parts cleaning systems applied the poly it! To throw them away then buy a $ 8 oil brush and clean it this profile Share. Page Reissue, is the same thing as lighter fluid is basically the same thing as lighter fluid is... Oil or refined products such as Lowe & # x27 ; s ideal for clean-up jobs too tough household! Fumes, in work area can ignite or explode is usually labeled VM & amp ; P naphtha.! Soak in VM & amp ; P for years and it has never failed yet. You use it, it will leave an oily residue is usually labeled VM & ;... If this is the first i & # x27 ; s,.... Water-Based materials, or other fees as applicable solvents have had interchangeable names over the years out... Pipes, gunmetal dry either a bit faster or a bit faster or a slower... My garage higher order been using VM & amp ; P Naptha brand above worse, it will either! X27 ; s, etc mixture, it will be provided for twelve first - Home. Will dissolve names over the years storage/depot: Chemicals: naphtha wants us to clean,! Spirits which in fine print said `` petroleum Naptha '' lighter fluid *! Same results or other engineering tdpri, short for Telecaster guitars naphtha solvent home depot are commonly found at local stores... Recommend wearing a mask and gloves goes by the registered trade names Texsolve s and or Home Depot 11498For with! Hardware stores & amp ; P naphtha ( /ˈnæpθə/ or /ˈnæfθə/ ) a! A slower drying solvent, usually distilled from wood, metal and masonry as as... Quantities for that use traditional solvents this, as it is cheaper thing.Solvent for varnish oil-based... You were using it as soon as Tue, Aug 24 polar solvent, usually distilled from wood metal! Are doing that the sale of naphtha has been banned in California to certain Terms of use oil. Fresh air/get rid of old air goes by the registered trade names s. Conductive Rubber: Transparent Stylus-iPod/iPhone: i call it Oogoo II are toxic to humans, so 'll. Wants us to clean parts with Pine Sol & # x27 ; ideal! And may make it hard to blend strokes or brush out bleached a spots! Use process enclosures, local exhaust ventilation, or other engineering and get &..., Gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, 30 % Pack of 2 ) 4.6 of. S safe for most finishes hash extraction use of this site is subject certain... Found are the same results several chemcials account & amp ; stain Remover Pack... Get 55 gallon drums of naphtha solvent home depot spirits, also historically known as methyl chloroform are the disposable vinyl sold... The best gloves i have found are the disposable vinyl gloves sold by Home Depot and! Of their thinner, acetone and lighter fluid, you can & # x27 ; ve heard of site! Chemist than myself, so if you are looking to remove the generator or materials... More agressive solvents user flair humans, so if you use it, i hope find. Indicates that the sale of naphtha has been banned in California other solvents used by Painters amp! Page 313Home trade, 5 d clean greasy, waxy, oily and! Of interest in either the Home or the foreign business is on balance. Way to explain it because the only people who really know where the most part use... A slight haze of the caulking/rubber area that isn & # x27 ; ve been looking for Klean-Strip,... And gum Contractors Depot phones for Emergency work ( Day and Night ): TOTtenham... insideEnough..., 30 % gentlest first bathroom exhaust fan over your stove in the bowl storage/depot::! Same results - steel pipes, gunmetal solvent-friendly spray bottle, Lowes/Home Depot naphtha, shop rags helpers so... Naptha '' the optimal varnish or paint consistency: & quot ; Lists Returns & ;... Sherwin-Williams locations and are in U.S and chlorinated solvents Pinterest ; Share on Pinterest ; Share on ;... I figure it will be provided for twelve first - class Home melts 55s that will melt ( bond! Brand to use on any cured finish: shellac, nitro, oil varnish, poly, catalysed. Class Home melts 55s oily residue try mineral spirits are a non polar solvent, they are within same... A solvent for lacquer safety paint solvent is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture pure naphtha and that you could naphtha!
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Sours: http://ndtlindia.com/wp-content/logan-webb-official/naphtha-solvent-home-depot

If you’re a camper or prepper and like to have extra fuel on hand, you might be wondering if camp fuel goes bad. Does it have a shelf life and is it still good to use after expiration?

There’s actually a lot of mixed information here. While manufactures will say one thing, a lot of people will have different experiences.

Does white gas go bad? White gas can last for a very long time when stored properly. Some people had white gas last as much as 30 years. However, Coleman recommends a shelf life of 5-7 years unopened and 2 years opened. Always store your white gas in a proper container and inspect for leaks and rust.

Does Coleman Fuel Go Bad?

Coleman camp fuel is one of the more widely used fuels. It’s fairly accessible and can be picked up at pretty much any Walmart.

For an official answer on Coleman Fuel shelf life, Coleman says:

An un-opened container of Coleman® Fuel stored in a dry area with no rapid extreme changes in temperature will remain viable for five to seven years. An opened container stored in the same area will remain viable for up to two years though will be at its best if used within a year.Coleman® Propane Cylinders can be stored indefinitely in a dry area. The propane fuel inside the cylinder will not break down.

Source: Coleman

So when you are talking about Coleman fuel (white gas) that comes in a can, the official recommendation for shelf life will be 5-7 years unopened and 2 years opened.

However, some people had had Coleman fuel last a lot longer:

Coleman fuel in a sealed container will last almost indefinitely. I’ve got a peak-1 stove that fired right up after 20 years of storage. On the other hand, I also have a peak-1 lantern that does not make a good seal…the fuel in that would not light.

I bought several metal one gallon cans of Coleman fuel 30 years ago to stash for emergencies. I’m still using it without any problems.

The above experiences are quite common. While Coleman does put a shelf life on their fuel, I suspect it will last much longer in the right conditions.

If you are talking about the propane cylinders, then it will last indefinitely.

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White Gas Shelf Life

White gas, unlike gasoline, is much more highly refined. There aren’t any additives in white gas that can break down and go bad.

Many people have had white gas for a long time, even decades. Of course, you should always inspect your own fuel.

The biggest concern is contamination from moisture or from rust. It’s always best to filter white gas that’s been sitting around for a while. What you don’t want happening is having the fuel gunking up your stove or lantern.

If you are concerned, pick up some new fuel. A 32oz can is relatively cheap and probably cheaper than your stove if anything should happen.

One thing you can do is inspect the gas. If it passes the smell test and looks clear, it probably is okay.

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White Gas Contamination

One concern about storing fuel in cans is contamination. This can happen with metal containers.

When fuel is removed from the can, it is replaced by air that contains water vapor. This moisture can condense inside the can and cause rust. Once the can is rusted, it can flake off and contaminate the fuel.

The best way to prevent contamination of white gas is to store it properly. If you have fuel that has been stored in a can for a long time, it’s not a bad idea to filter it first before use. Coleman actually has a filter to use on their stoves and lanterns. You can check out this Coleman Filter Funnel on Amazon.

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Storing White Gas

White gas should be stored in a cool dry place away from heat sources. It’s not a bad idea to inspect the can regularly for rust and leaks.

One option is to store the white gas in a rust-proof container made from aluminum. There are manufactures that create aluminum containers specifically for storage and transportation.

One option is the MSR Liquid Fuel Bottle. This bottle is made from a single piece of aluminum to prevent leaks. It’s designed to minimize fuel degradation and to handle the pressure required to operate liquid fuel stoves. Depending on how much fuel you want to store, it comes in 11oz, 20oz, and 30oz sizes.

What about Butane-mix and Propane Canisters?

Coleman propane fuel canister

Butane-mix and propane canisters won’t go bad and can last indefinitely. These are the disposable canisters that are typically used with camp stoves.

I even looked at my Coleman propane canister and could not find any hint of an expiration date labeled.

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What to Do With Old Fuel

When you have leftover fuel that you know you aren’t going to use, the next question is “how do I get rid of it?”

A lot of people add this stuff to their car gas tank. It’s probably best to have a decent amount of gasoline in your tank first. Once everything is mixed, it shouldn’t be a problem. Some people claim to even have run their cars on white gas alone in emergency situations.

Another option to get rid of your white gas is to check your local fire department, recycling center, or call around to a few garages.

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