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LED Digital Shower Temperature Display Water Thermometer Monitor Self-Powered

Main Features: - This thermometer monitors the shower temperature in real time. - The built-in small-scale hydro power system makes it generate currents without any battery. After turning off the water, it'll turn off current automatically. - High-precision temperature sensor provides accuracy, the error is only + / - 1 Deg.F. - 360 degree rotatable waterproof LED screen for better viewing. - Compatible with most of the shower equipment, easy to install without any tool needed. - A home essential, to serve you and your family. Especially perfect for families having babies. - Elegant design, premium quality bath thermometer is ideal for home use and even bathrooms in five-star hotels.

Specifications: LED display: water temperature Affordable water pressure: 0.06 - 0.08MPa Temperate Measuring Range: 5 - 85 Temperate Measuring Precision: 0.5 Specification: 1/2 Inch

Please Note: When installing the water thermometer, please remember to install the leak-proof mat; besides, please tight both connector ends of the water thermometer, or it will leak. Color Custom Picture: NO Material: ABS+PC Surface Finishing: Brushed Size: 8.1cm x 8.06cm x 3cm/3.19"" x 3.17"" x 1.18"" (Approx.) Package Contents: 1 x LED Digital Shower Thermometer, 1 x Filter, 1 x English User Manual

Product type: Home Thermometers

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best-selling LED Digital Shower Temperature Display Water Thermometer Monitor baby protection good reputation

best-selling LED Digital Shower Temperature Display Water Thermometer Monitor baby protection good reputation

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    best-selling LED Digital Shower Temperature Display Water Thermometer Monitor baby protection good reputation
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SEANADO LED Shower Head with Temperature Display

Juno Digital Temperature Display Chrome Finish Round Shower System

Juno Modern Bathroom Digital Temperature Display Brass Chrome Finish Round Shower Head System

Category: Bathroom shower faucets
Material: Brass body, zinc handle, ss spring
Treatment: Polished
Surface finished: Chrome plated

1. Multifunctional use: shower, handshower and spout
2. Universal Ceramic Disc Cartridge
3. Standard US Plumbing Connections
4. We provide one step service, design, production and packaging
5. Top quality, competitive price and good service
Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM

1. Worked water pressure:0.2-0.8 MPa.
2. When water flows down,the led will light instantly and automatically.
3. Digital temperature display

1. No batteries and wires needed. The LED display working by water power through an inside micromoto.
2. Gravity casting solid brass body, ceramic cartridge, zinc-alloy handle, chrome finsih.
3. High-class workmanship, machined-precisely, each production process is controlled strictly.
4. Contains Drip-free Seal Ceramic Cartridge, which for drip free operation (600, 000 times operation tested)


Display shower temperature

I now live in a house with an electric water heater which warms the temperature on the fly to the temperature we set on the display, provided it’s not too cold. But in the past, I lived in colder climates with water pre-heated in a hot water tank, and accessibly from most taps in the house. Each time I took a shower I had to adjust the cold and hot water taps, wait a bit, and do further adjustments to get the right temperature, not too cold, not too hot.

I’ve just come across a little gadget that you ease this process as it display the water temperature on an LCD display. Installation looks fairly easy, and there’s no need for batteries as it’s self powered with the flow of water. Some of the key features of the device include:

  • Display – 360 degree rotatable & waterproof LED display design:  and waterproof design for better viewing
  • Sensor – High-precision temperature sensor with 0 to 100°C range, 0.5°C accuracy
  • Power –  No batteries required: the device harvests its energy from the water flow
  • Dimensions – 8.10 x 8.06 x 3.00 cm; screw nut size: 1/2 inch
  • Weight – 160 grams
  • Materials: ABS, PC

None of sites I’ve checked clearly mention how energy harvesting works here, but I assume water may make a small wheel turn to generate enough electricity to display temperature on the LCD.

I first found the device on GearBest for $11.99, but you’ll also find it on eBay for under $10 shipped. [Update: It’s also sold under the brand Tecboss on Amazon]

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Tchibo shower head WITH temperature display!


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