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The vibrating screening machine JEL Fix is used for protective and oversize grain sieving. Thanks to its low design height and narrow platform, the sieve will find space even in limited production spaces. The JEL Fix can be fitted with a stationary or movable base frame depending on the requirements, or it can be integrated directly into a system without a frame. Thanks to a housing free of dead space and smooth surfaces, the vibrating screening machine can be cleaned easily and is therefore suited to high standards of hygiene.


The sieve’s movement is produced using a vibration motor with adjustable imbalance discs. Thanks to the option to adjust this, the screening capacity can be adjusted to be optimal to the appropriate screen feed. Open operation without a cover is made possible by the optional edge attachment.

Range of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Similar industries

Screening applications

  • Protective screening
  • Coarse screening

Bulk solids

  • Grains
  • Powder
  • Fine powder
  • Granules


  • Materials: Frame made completely of stainless steel, pluggable sealing sections made of silicon or TPE
  • Vibrating screening machine witgh a variety of surface finishes and roughnesses
  • Dust-tight (gas-tight design on request)
  • A variety of sieve-cleaning systems (ball, triangle and ultrasound cleaning)
  • Optional: Inspection opening with rubber cover
  • Available with or without a base frame (stationary or movable)
  • ATEX version available
  • Optional edge attachment for open operating without a cover

Machine features

The vibrating screening machine JEL Fix is based on a compact modular design.
Edge attachment for operation without cover

Edge attachment for operation without cover

May be integrated into existing and new systems

May be integrated into existing and new systems

Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces

Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces

Operated without tools

Operated without tools

Sieve insert can be changed easily

Sieve insert can be changed easily

Low design height

Low design height


Fine Mesh Vibratory Sieves, Sifters and Screeners

Cleveland Vibrator Company's affiliate, HK Technologies, provides production and laboratory sized vibratory sieves and ultrasonic vibratory sieves, sifters and screeners for fine particle sizes, typically from 10 micron to #10 mesh.  Handling both wet and dry applications, HK's vibratory sieves can be used for sizing, fines removal or liquid/solid separation. HK's unique design for optional application of ultrasonic vibration outperforms sieve throughput of competitive units.  Ultrasonic vibration and can be applied as a retrofit conversion on most standard sized competitive vibratory screeners, sieves and sifters.


HK's fine mesh vibratory sieves and sifters are perfect for check screening applications and ensure a consistent, high quality product every time with removing oversize contaminates from your production batch. 

Benefits of HK fine mesh vibratory sieves and screeners include:
  • Use of low-maintenance, continuous-duty rated vibrators ensure long and low-cost product life
  • Flexibility in design options ensures a seamless fit into your existing production processes for your specific screening, sieving or sifting application
  • Unique ultrasonic vibration transducer design utilizes full screen surface area, eliminates screen tearing issues of competitive units and significantly reduces screen blinding to improve throughput rates
  • Ultrasonics significantly reduces blinding to improve throughput rates
  • High quality construction, warranty and service
Common Applications Include:

Select a product below or contact us today for more information on our full line of industrial sieves and sifters!


Lab & Pilot Sieves

Lab & Pilot Sieves

Fine Mesh Vibratory Sieves for small batch processing and quick sieve analysis of product samples. 

Learn More

Production Sifters & Screeners

Production Sifters & Screeners

Production Sifters and Screeners for difficult-to-screen products and high capacity screening applications.

Learn More

Screen Deblinding Sytems

Screen Deblinding Sytems

Increase sieving rates up to 10x and utilize 100% the mesh screen surface

Learn More

Rescreening Services

Remeshing Services

Improve your screener and sifter maintenance with our turn-key services for managing your rescreens. We rescreen most major manufacturers, including Sweco, Kason, Russell Finex and Midwestern, at ...

Learn More

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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sifter Product Information | Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd.


Ultrasonic vibration sieving machine

Ultrasonic vibration sieving machine

Thank you for visiting the website of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo [Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd.].

Thanks to our company, more than 40 years have passed since its establishment, and we have gained wide trust as the only manufacturer in the manufacture and sale of sieves in Tokyo.
Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd. is a testing organization that meets the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 international standards, has been accredited by a registered certification body, and is officially recognized as a testing organization that has the ability to provide technically appropriate test results. For JIS Z 8801-1 test sieves, it is possible to issue a calibration certificate with the ilac MRA symbol mark.
We manufacture and sell everything from conventional mesh sieves to electroformed sieves and sieves using ultrasonic waves. We provide sieves that meet customer needs with reliable technology.
We can also process stainless steel products. We have fulfilled our customers' requests as much as possible and manufactured various custom-made products.
We accept orders from the required size, so please feel free to contact us for an estimate, price, and delivery date. We have posted products that have been produced in the past on our website for customers who do not know the design in detail even though they are said to be stainless steel products. Please see for reference.

For consultation on sieves and stainless steel products handled by our company, please call 03-3256-7457.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Digital Vibrating Sieving Equipment suitable for Test Sieves of 3 to 18″

The Laboratory Vibrating Sieving Machine is perfectly suitable for the batch and continuous sieving of soft, middle hard, hard and brittle materials. The machine is designed to give precise and reproducible results. Due to the wide choice of parameter combinations it is possible to achieve fast and reliable sieving results in a short time.

Sieve analysis

A sieve analysis is a practice or procedure used (commonly used in civil engineering) to assess the particle size distribution of a granular material.

The size distribution is often of critical importance to the way the material performs in use. A sieve analysis can be performed on any type of non-organic or organic granular materials including sands, crushed rock, clays, granite, feldspars, coal, soil, a wide range of manufactured powders, grain and seeds, down to a minimum size depending on the exact method. Being such a simple technique of particle sizing, it is probably the most common.


Adjustment of sieving parameters

The required sieving time, Interval function and amplitude can be pre-selected and stored in steps. This is done in a reproducible and comfortable way via the ergonomic operator keypad.

Menu Parameters

  • Mode
  • Selection
  • Increase Time / Amplitude
  • Decrease Time / Amplitude
  • Run / Start
  • Cancel / Stop
  • Display Sieving
  • Display Power

sieve shaker supplier and manufacturer

sieving-machines-test-sieves-digital-sieving-machinelaboratory screen analysis equipment

Comfort quick clamping elements

Using the comfort quick clamping elements the clamping height can be extremely fast and easily be adjusted and clamped in all heights.

Rugged standard clamping device

Allows simple and easy fixation of the sieve stack


sieving-machines-test-sieves-adjustment-of-sieving-parameters-2sieving machines test sieves stainless steel test

The LMSM is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts to wear making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. The vibratory action produced by the power unit moves the sample over the sieve in a unique way producing faster more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help to keep the apertures clear from blinding.vibrating_sieve_machine_manufacturers

The 3D Digital’s digital controller is used to set both the process time and the amplitude setting while a further control enables the vibration to run continuously or intermittently. Intermittent vibration improves performance and helps to clear apertures that may have become blocked. The controller will also set the duration of both the on and off times of the vibration. Non-metallic springs and anti-vibration feed are fitted to isolate vibrations from work surfaces and reduce noise levels.

  • Better performance due to 750 watt drive
  • Optimum sieving results
  • Suitable for dry- and wet sieving
  • Suitable for batch and continuous sieving
  • For test sieves of up 200mm / 8″ diameter
  • CE certified
  • Suitable for 20µm of up to 150 mm mesh sizes
  • Underframe (optional)
  • All sieving parameters can be digitally pre-select
  • Interval mode adjustable
  • Optimum operation due to ergonomic key pad
sieving-machines-test-sieves-techanical-data-2sieving-machines-test-sieves-continuous-sievingsieving machines test sieves vibration sieving

This vibration sieving machines are suitable for wet sieving processes as well and all accessories for wet sieving are available.


Our Analytical Sieve Shakers the optimal solution for perfect quality control. Particle size analysis gets more and more important and the demands in research and development production and quality assurance are constantly increasing. instruments meet and exceed the high requirements of their customers. All that has to be done is to pour in the sample, put the sieve stack into the shaker, close the clamping device, enter the required parameters and start the sieving process. Due to the unique technology and the design our sieve shakers and test sieves produce accurate, reproducible and fast sieving results in no time. This shows you the operating mode, the innovative technology and the many advantages the high tech sieve shaker has to offer. The superior drive mechanism as well as the sieve acceleration which can be set independently of the power frequency ensures comparable and reproducible sieving results worldwide.

Comfortable handling, digital parameter adjustment and an extremely quiet maintenance free drive make this device very convenient and user friendly. All these features guarantee an efficient work flow and short sieving times. Particles between 20µm and 25mm can be analyzed with the shaker; it is also suitable for wet sieving. The comfort sieve clamping device enables an easier, faster and safer handling. All sieving parameters such as time, interval, vibration height or respectively sieve acceleration are digitally adjustable; the default setting of the vibration height can be switched to sieve acceleration. Sieving with equal acceleration means obtaining worldwide comparable and reproducible results completely independent of operational parameters such as power frequency, loading, age or condition of the unit; an advantage that only Sieve Shakers offer. Additional to this, 9 parameter settings can be stored for routine sieving processes.

The drive produces a 3D throwing motion that moves the sample to be sieved equally over the whole sieving surface. This movement is the result of the electromagnetic drive mechanism that is very effective so that the sieving time is greatly reduced. This patented technology which sets standards worldwide is supported by six leaf springs operating extremely quiet and without wear and maintenance. Furthermore a microprocessor controlled measuring and control unit guarantees a constant vibration height, the external influence is absorbed by the measuring sensor and the data is then transferred to the controller. The controller compares the measured data with the desired amplitude and to adjust the drive to the previously entered parameters. The maximum fall through probability is given when the throw time of the particle corresponds to one period of the sieve bottom vibration, this occurs when the relative speed between particle and sieve reaches it’s maximum. Every period the particles have the possibility to be compared with the sieve mesh and to pass the sieve. The so called statistical resonance is the decisive criterion for an optimal sieve analysis; the corresponding acceleration can be pre-selected in the acceleration mode. When the sieving process is completed the sieve stack can be withdrawn without having to take off the lid completely.

With the integrated interface the instrument can be connected to a PC and controlled with the evaluation software; easy sieve. This program enables you to control the whole sieving process and the subsequent documentation with convenience and accuracy. The software calculates all common particle distributions as well as the characteristic values of the particle size, thus making it possible to present the results in standard presentation forms such as tables and charts. The 911MPESM is calibrated to ensure 100% reproducibility of sieving results not only in one device but among all 911MPESM controlled units, thus the traceability to national standards according to ISO 9000 2000 is given. Sieve Shakers are available in different models in order to support the various needs of our customers. All sieve shakers of the series 911MPESM work with a drive that produces a 3D throwing motion. The difference between the two models is that the 911MPESM+ provides a two times larger sieving surface and deals with heavier sieve stacks of up to 10kg. Different from the 911MPESM200 and 911MPESM300, the 911MPESM400 performs horizontal, circular motions which are particularly suitable for the separation of certain products as milled grain, splints and similar materials. The testing of plastics even requires the circular sieving motions.

The following accessories are available for Sieve Shakers; sample dividers to ensure representative individual samples, comfort clamping device for wet sieving, sieving aids like chain rings, brushes, cubes and balls of different materials. The evaluation software; easy sieve special dryers for the rapid and gentle drying of samples and test sieves, ultrasonic cleaners for the optimal cleaning of test sieves to avoid damage of the sieve mesh. A fully automatic production and extensive optical inspection allows a previously unattained product quality which is also documented by a calibration certificate. Moreover our manufacturing process ensures a high quality design for each and every sieve. This offers many unique benefits, based on individualized laser engraving the sieves are clearly and precisely labeled with full traceability. A maximum stability and optimum sealing is given when used in sieve stacks. The tests sieves are 15% lighter than traditional sieves while at the same time the free sieve area is increased due to high alloy stainless steel a high degree of corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning is provided. The one piece construction and fabric transition without any groves prevents cross contamination. The innovative resistance welding technology guarantees permanently tight sieve fabric. Analytical Sieve Shakers provide comfortable handling and efficient working, as well as reliable and reproducible results. The superior drive mechanism runs without wear and does not require any maintenance. Together with the innovative and easy to use software easy sieve, they offer you the best solution for your sieve analysis.


Machine vibrating sieve

Vibrating sieving machine Sievmaster Multiscreen Series

circular vibratingfor powdersfor seeds and grains

Vibratory Sieve for Grading and Separating Separate, grade, and sort nearly all types of materials through multiple screens, using the Multiscreen vibratory sieve. Weight configuration technology controls the amount of time product is sat on mesh screens, and the deblinding system eliminates clogging for a consistent throughput and mesh longevity. Features & Benefits - Perfect for screening powders, liquids, ground, or disintegrated products - Easy quick change bonded mesh screens - Mesh deblinding system as standard - Easy clean, no crevices - Constructed from FDA compliant materials - Low maintenance/running costs Product Options - Available in 800, 1200 and 1500mm diameters - Up to 4 grades (3 screens available) - Stainless steel base unit - Specially designed frames and extended height bases - Ultrasonic deblinding system, designed to improve throughputs by up to 300% - ATEX approval on all sizes

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Centrifugal sieve or vibrating sieve: which one to choose?

Centrifugal sifters, by the spinning action of the paddles, offer a mild de-agglomerating action. These machines are often used in food production to help break apart raisins, as well as other types of dried fruits. Any type of small lumps that can be described as friable (e.g., compression lumps in sugar and flour) a centrifugal sifter can most likely handle. The centrifugal forces can also help keep nylon mesh clean from near size particles plugging the screen. Therefore, the machine does not need any other type of mechanical anti-blinding mechanism. Because of this, it is possible to screen materials that contain a low percentage of fat and moisture, for example, screening pet food meal before extrusion.
Also possible with a centrifugal sieve is the ability to scalp small percentages of over-size material for recycling back into the upstream process for a second pass through on milling equipment (refered to as scalping). Finally, these machines are known for quiet operation, adding to worker safety on the processing floor.

Vue intérieure du tamis centrifuge

Vibratory screeners are great for high feed rates and quality control of powders, where a simple coarse screen allows 99.9% of the material to pass straight though to the down stream process. They are compact, and the inlet and outlet flanges are inline which makes this screener easy to retrofit into existing processes with restrictive height clearances.
There are also fewer components which reduces downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Also, screens can be more easily swapped out with an on-hand spare replacement.
Finally, these screen separators are less prone to damage when checking for foreign contaminants, like nuts and bolts, since the mechanical action is located on the outside of the housing.
Both types of screen separators can be designed for gravity feed and pneumatic conveying applications. There is a wide selection of micron mesh sizes based on the application.

Both types of screens can be designed for gravity feed applications or on pneumatic conveying lines. There is a wide range of micron mesh sizes to suit the application. Easy Clean hygienic versions of both screens are also available: ECD vibrating screen and ECD centrifugal screen.

To help your supplier determine what is the best strainer / screener to choose from, its good to know the following information:

  • Feed rate
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Material Characteristics
  • Fat and Moisture Content
  • Purpose of the industrial sifter

In order to determine which type of separation equipment is best for your process, consult with one of our knowledgeable sales staff today!


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