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Mike Inel was born on August 23, 1988 (age 33) in Philippines. He is a celebrity video star web.

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"Project 360" Progress

Mike Inel - 1 month ago

Mike Inel - 6 months ago

Timelapse of 8 Mini Splatoon Fanarts

Mike Inel - 1 year ago

Splatoon Island - Announcement Trailer

Mike Inel - 2 years ago

What if "Zootopia" was an anime (Comparison)

Mike Inel - 2 years ago

What if "Zootopia" was an anime (4K)

Mike Inel - 2 years ago

Splatoon 2: Animation Music Gallery - Trailer

Mike Inel - 3 years ago

What if "Zootopia" was an anime (Preview Comparison) (4K)

Mike Inel - 3 years ago

What if "Zootopia" was an anime (Preview) (4K)

Mike Inel - 3 years ago

What if "Adventure Time" was a 3D Anime Game (Public Beta 4 Demo)

Mike Inel - 4 years ago

Mike Inel Biography


Digital anime artist who is widely known for his eponymous YouTube channel. He has earned popularity for his original 3D anime animations, timelapse videos detailing his artistic process, and translations of popular games and cartoons into 3D anime.

Family life


He was born and raised in the Philippines.

Before Fame


He began his YouTube channel on October 11, 2006.



He has amassed more than 900,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. One of his most popular videos there, "What if 'The Amazing World Of Gumball' was an anime," has earned more than 15 million views.

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Mike Inel is alive and well and is a celebrity video star web

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Associated with


He and Akidearest are both known for their original anime artwork posted to YouTube.

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Facts About Mike Inel


● Mike Inel was born on August 23, 1988 (age 33) in Philippines
● He is a celebrity video star web

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Mike Inel

2017-09-01What If "Adventure Time" .. 392,479 15,313 129 1,346 2018-02-27What If "Zootopia" Was An.. 4,967,382 197,521 2,519 6,634 2018-03-09What If "Zootopia" Was An.. 5,188,416 144,199 2,586 5,469 2018-04-01Splatoon 2: Animation Mus.. 889,595 38,169 288 2,596 2018-11-26What If "Zootopia" Was An.. 8,044,244 443,562 8,929 47,528 2018-11-26What If "Zootopia" Was An.. 3,318,086 103,654 2,332 7,654 2019-04-01Splatoon Island - Announc.. 4,648,479 159,249 4,518 22,349 2020-07-17Timelapse Of 8 Mini Splat.. 672,628 30,082 273 1,521 2021-04-01Nicole's Side Jobs - Offi.. 6,134,332 402,370 5,376 20,190 2021-08-30"Project 360" Progress 335,460 29,885 374 1,294 2015-12-07What If "Adventure Time" .. 239,149 11,311 64 961 2016-01-11Projectile Dysfunction 6,425,177 386,231 2,141 11,657 2016-02-07Fan Art Timelapse: Gravit.. 1,228,524 47,792 316 2,265 2016-03-04Gravity Falls: Twins Fore.. 16,931,023 701,836 12,406 61,944 2016-03-13What If "Adventure Time" .. 791,294 26,049 477 1,186 2016-04-01What If "Adventure Time" .. 1,254,715 20,954 806 1,384 2016-06-07What If "Adventure Time" .. 324,208 10,587 107 1,449 2016-11-09What If "Adventure Time" .. 401,071 12,024 144 1,115 2016-12-25Arson (Horror Game) 674,147 28,421 158 739 2017-04-01Reverse Falls (Visual Nov.. 5,493,416 286,635 2,476 14,987
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Mike Inel / Manyakis Person


Mike Inel, also known as his hentai alias Manyakis, is a Filipino digital artist, 2D and 3D animator who does fan art and original artworks on YouTube, DeviantArt and Tumblr. He is known for his works in Katawa Shoujo, "What if?" videos, his animated short "Draw With Me" and his other SFW and NSFW animations.

Online History

His first YouTube video titled "Illusion of the Tower (Opening WIP)" was uploaded on January 1st, 2007. It shows the progress of his game Illusion of the Tower. Although it is unfinished, he released a playable demo in the CGSociety forums. His first fan art animation, uploaded on April 27th, 2007, is based on the anime series Di Gi Charat.

His first full fan animation was uploaded on July 11th, 2007, based on a Kingdom Hearts fan comic. The video received over 800,000 views and 5,000 likes. On October 16th, 2008, he uploaded one of his most well-known videos, "Draw With Me," with no audio, which gained 5 million views.

He reuploaded another version with audio included on July 18th, 2009, gaining over 2 million views in total. On January 1st, 2013, the video "Drawn with Me: I Love You" was uploaded, as a "gift for Draw with Me fans." The video description stated that it is not the sequel to the "Draw with Me" video, although a sequel is possible. It has acquired over 644,000 views and 25,000 likes.

In 2011-2012, he remastered and made the animations and act title cards for the dating sim Katawa Shoujo, in which he communicated Four Leaf Studios by email, and surpassed the team's expectations. He also contributed to Katawa-Shoujo's fifth illustration book: Imperfect Spectrum.

Mike Inel's first Gravity Falls fan art animation was posted on August 30th, 2014, as a GIF, with over 11,000 notes. It is also said to be remastered as a video and will be uploaded on YouTube. Another of his animated GIFs, titled "Biting Twins" was uploaded on Tumblr and Deviant Art.

Mabel Pines Dipper Pines white line art black black and white mammal hand cartoon vertebrate finger text product human behavior armMabel Pines Dipper Pines line art white black mammal black and white hand vertebrate cartoon head finger standing shoe arm human behavior

On October 9th, 2014, he uploaded an animation titled "What if 'Gravity Falls' was an anime?," the first of his "What if?" animations. The video is a recreation of one of the scenes from the Gravity Falls episode "Golf War." It has accumulated about 6 million views and 100,000 likes. On January 18th, 2015, he uploaded "What if 'The Amazing World of Gumball' was an anime?," recreating scenes from The Amazing World of Gumball, which has gained approximately 7 million views and 142,000 likes.

He also made a Rule 34 animation of the characters from the series: Darwin and Nicole Watterson, with the same style of the "What if?" video. The video was posted via Tumblr on his NSFW blog having over 18,000 notes. Another rule 34 GIF of Nicole Watterson was made and was posted on the same NSFW blog with over 35,000 notes.


Besides his videos on YouTube, Mike Inel also posts his artworks on Deviant Art, Facebook and Tumblr. He also has a Game Jolt account where he posts his self-developed games, as well as a Patreon dedicated to his artwork. He posts most of his NSFW material on another Tumblr account and Hentai Foundry under the alias "Manyakis." He occasionally streams his artwork using Picarto.TV, an online streaming service for artists.

Notable Works



Marceline the Vampire Queen green cartoon yellow nose vertebrate fictional character mythical creature artMarceline the Vampire Queen string instrument sitting musical instrumentMarceline the Vampire Queen Rainbow Dash pink cartoon
Mabel Pines Dipper Pines cartoonred artblue aqua pattern azure

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Inel mike

There always was this delicate balance and control over what about the project was transparent and what was not. We were open and very honest about what it was like to make KS, but never wanted to really explain what exactly we were doing. Not having our work under constant scrutiny from the outside made it easier for us to work, and left all the actual content in the game a mystery up until the release.

So, when we unexpectedly got the chance to reallysurprise everyone with something super fancy, we decided to keep it a complete secret. This however lead to us having to hide one 4LS member from the public spotlight completely up until the release, which has been hard. To remedy that, I'm going to tell you the story of Mike Inel.

It all began from an e-mail... 

Mike contacted us out of the blue, offering to animate an opening sequence for KS since he was a fan of the game. Now, there's something you have to understand here. Since Act 1 was released, we've gotten dozens, possibly in the hundreds, inquiries from people wanting to join 4LS to work on KS. We've accepted noneof them. The reason for some of the declinations was that we didn't want to add features like voice acting, but in most cases we already had all the people we needed, and we had galvanized into a working unit. There was simply no need to recruit more members who we would've needed to somehow find a niche in the team for, and then get them up to speed.

But Mike could do something none us could, animation. He also was exceptionally good at what he does. And animations are something that was easy to add in the game, as they only require the technical implementation. So we got interested. We wanted him to work with us. However, we really liked the OP sequence from Act 1 and didn't want to replace it, so we started thinking if there was some other good place for animation in KS. A credit/ending animation could've been ok, but it's not really where you put your most visually impressive stuff. Animating parts of the story didn't feel like a good idea. So, we ended up with a plan for 5 short animations for the beginnings of each of the paths, sort of like second OPs. It was more work than what Mike initially offered, but he was happy to take it up. And so, Mike became the only ever member of 4LS who applied and got accepted post Act 1 release.

I can't remember how it ended up like that, but Mike worked differently from other 4LS members. Instead of the usual IRC/forums/MSN, he and I corresponded through e-mail, with the normal 4LS feedback/iteration loop going through me to both directions. Anyway, that style of communication worked nicely for everyone, as it allowed me to distill the feedback to Mike, which increased his efficiency, and on the other hand, the rest of 4LS only had to bother themselves with the bits of the animation production that were pertinent to them. I don't know if the arrangement was actually better than if Mike had just worked similarly to the rest of 4LS (likely not, at least not significantly), but it worked out so there's no problem.

We originally envisioned that the animations would be maybe like 15 seconds long at most, just little interludes that are visually striking and serve as a good way to communicate the beginning of the girls' stories. When Mike completed the first animation, Shizune's, it was something like 51 seconds long. That was, of course, amazing, but I was thinking in horror whether Mike would be able to pull off making all 5. If he couldn't, we'd have to drop them all and his work would go to waste. He wouldn't let me down, however.

Months flew by, we mailed back and forth every day, storyboards, sketches, concepts, ideas, progressing forward stage by stage. Mike's own ambitions grew as he worked, and the animations became much longer, much more elaborate and much more impressive than anyone originally thought they would be. At that time the act title cards were not done, as they were right at the bottom of the artist TODO list. We thought it would be fitting that Mike would illustrate them, to have visual uniformity, but he already was doing way more work than anyone expected. Regardless, he took up this job too.

It took almost a year for Mike to complete all 5 animations and 16 title cards. But even after all that, he wasn't done. Nope, he wanted to revise and expand some of them, and when delta suggested he reimagines the OP sequence in his own animation style, he did that too.

And so, almost 13 months, 337 emails between him and me, and the longest ever thread on the development subforums later, Mike had completed the 5 story animations, the reworking of the opening sequence and all the act title cards. All by himself.

Overall, I feel that the production of the animation sequences was easily the cleanest and most succesful part of the KS project. The unique communication style, Mike's professionalism and us having learned our lessons all made me feel really positive about our capabilities. Generally speaking, many things in the KS project were dragged down by the baggage accumulated through the years, but with the animation production we all started from a clean table, and it was a smooth, fun ride for the most part.

The best part about working on KS to me has been the people I've been working with. To me, 4LS is something really extraordinary. Exceptional individuals who I've befriended and stuck together for years, working together towards a common goal, figuring stuff out together, growing as creators together, having fun together. We always said that even if nobody would ever read KS, making it would still be worth it, and that still holds true.

Tomorrow will be the second part of a long, long story that I probably don't remember half of anymore.

- Aura

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Art-filled blog


Crowd Funding


Live Art Stream


I’m aiming to make my Patreon successful, thus, any commissions, requests, collaborations, or job opportunities are impossible for me. I’m sorry.


Q: Can I post your artwork somewhere else?

A: With or without permission, you're free to post it under these three simple conditions:

1: No money involved. (Free in short)

2. A proper credit is displayed. ("By: Mike Inel" is fine)

3. You won't claim it's yours unless it's a collaboration between us. (I rarely do collabs)

Q: What if it's an old commissioned artwork you made, am I free to repost it too?

A: Old commissioned artworks belong to their respective clients/commissioners. Please ask for their permission instead.

A: However, if you're the client/commissioner of the artwork, feel free to do anything you like.

Q: I made a fanart of your work. Should I credit you?

A: Not necessarily, but you could.

Q: I made something that was inspired by your work. Should I credit you?

A: No need.

Q: Can I cosplay one of your works?

A: Sure!! (Credits are optional)


Q: What program do you use for drawing? (and painting?)

A: Adobe Photoshop CS6 + Manga Studio 5

Q: Animation?

A: Adobe Photoshop CS6 + Manga Studio 5 + Adobe AfterEffects CS6

Q: 3D?

A: Autodesk 3dsmax 2013 + Adobe Photoshop CS6

Q: Programming language?

A: Unity. I use Ren'Py too for visual novels.

Q: Do you use tablets?

A: Yes. Wacom Intuos 4 L


Q: Can I request an artwork from you?

A: I'm sorry, but I only do requests to close friends.

Q: Are you available for commissions?

A: Not anymore.

Q: Have you ever considered making tutorials?

A: I'm not good at teaching. (Believe me, I tried.)


Q: What university did you attend to learn how to (insert art-related verb here)

A: None. I'm undergraduate.

Q: Where did you learn how to (insert art-related verb here)

A: Self-learning and free online tutorials.

Q: Any tips or tutorials?

A: Check my downloadable PSDs here: mikeinel.deviantart.com/galler…

Q: What's your inspiration in creating art?

A: I want to see something I haven't seen, so I'll try making it instead.

Q: How long did you practice drawing to get to the level you're at now?

A: The longest time I can remember.

Q: Why aren't you replying to our posts?

A: I find it difficult to answer hundreds of posts. But believe it or not, I'm reading them all. In fact, I'm even excited to read them.

Q: Are you a Filipino?

A: Opo

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/mikeinel

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Mike Inel

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