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Chase Hudson New Haircut

Chase Hudson, TikTok star and fellow benefactor of the Hype House. He is one of the most mainstream youngsters on the web at this moment. From his developing crowd on TikTok to his relationship with Charli D’Amelio.His star sign, in case you’re puzzling over whether you’re viable, is Taurus. As of April 2020, Chase has 18.2 million supporters and just about a billion preferences. He’s as of now the 35th most bought in part on the stage. While the pair kept their relationship pretty obscure toward the beginning, Chase, disclosing to Entertainment Tonight that they “don’t have any desire to put a name on it yet”. However, both Charli and Chase posted Valentine’s Day pictures on Instagram affirming their relationship. Let`s now talk about Chase Hudson new haircut.

Chase Hudson New Haircut

Chase Hudson preferred the floppy, center-parted style for a new haircut. Recently, the retro style has been having a genuine rebound. On the ongoing menswear runways, models at Celine and Paul Smith left shaking the middle part. It’s a look that has been crawling its way back into mainstream society, as well. Kid groups, for example, BTS have been known to grasp the look.

A brisk look at the spring assortments from quite a few brands will affirm the nineties style restoration is as yet pressing onward, and with the hairstyle characterized the decade. However, it wouldn’t be the primary rebound, on the grounds that the historical backdrop of shades returns much farther than the turn of this century. Harking back to the nineties, this trim looked best on individuals with poker straight fine hair. This sort of hair underlines the solid splitting that characterized the look, however not every person had the correct sort of hair or trim. It didn’t stop them, and neither should it stop you since present-day window ornaments have advanced. Truth be told, that floppy look with an inflexible splitting now with a touch of the surface is your companion.

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32 Curtains And eBoy Haircut Combinations You Should Try In 2021

From classic leather jackets to acid-wash jeans, the 90s era continues to shape the way we look. The eboy haircut joins the ranks of beloved trends making a monumental comeback.

Of all the hairstyles for young men to adapt, the eboy might be one of the easiest. To produce the eboy hairstyle, grow your hair out further than an undercut or buzzcut. The general length for these ‘bangs’ is from the temples to the ears. Once your hair is long enough, part it down the middle with a comb or brush. The final look results in natural bangs framing both sides of your face.

As simple as the eboy haircut might look from the outside, growing out and parting your hair isn’t the only requirement it takes to achieve the best version. This low-maintenance style is perfect for high schoolers and hipsters, but there are special tricks to avoid split-ends, generate a ‘wet’ facade, and more. Follow this guide to help you create the ultimate eboy look.

Middle Parted Eboy Haircut

3 Tips For Maintain Eboy Haircut

#1 Add A Fade or Undercut

The eboy haircut works on a variety of levels mostly depending on the length. The most common version is for the hair to be all one layer with bangs at the temple, eye level, or around the ears. A barber or stylist can help you decide which length of bangs matches your face shape. Instead of opting for one layer of hair, you can ask about adding layers, an undercut, or a fade. All of these options can turn a traditional eboy hairstyle into an edgier or sophisticated version. A barber will also work their magic to ensure your bangs are even on both sides and easy for you to maintain.

#2 Wear It Dry or Wet

The most common approach is to wear the style as naturally as possible – dry and loose. After you commit to a routine of brushing out your middle part, it will hang naturally. There’s no real need to add any product to your hair unless you want to.

If you want a ‘wet’ look, where your hair is slick from the root to the ends, use a wax or pomade to comb your hair from the center. However, the wetter your hair looks, the less it will appear like a natural eboy hairstyle. How wet it looks is ultimately up to you, but you should refrain from overloading on any particular product.

#3 Avoid Split-Ends

If you’re aiming for a medium to longer length like Chris Hemsworth or Johnny Depp, the thickness of your hair might result in split ends. Use a shampoo and conditioner to nourish and strengthen the strands. Avoid excessive heat from a blow dryer or flat iron. It’s okay to use a blow dryer intermittently, but using it too much generates damage. Physical health can also create split-ends. Signs of dehydration and vitamin deficiency will show up in your hair. Consult a professional about extreme split-ends and ask about a change in diet, adding a multivitamin, etc.

Disheveled Eboy Hairstyle

TikTok star Josh Hewitt nails down his easygoing version of the Eboy look. Instead of splitting his hair from the middle part, his coarse hair frames his face. To create the same look, brush your hair forward over your forehead with a subtle space in the center for Curtains.

Disheveled Eboy Hairstyle

Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

In contrast to the M-style Curtain bangs, establish volume from side to side instead of top to bottom. Use a brush and a blowdryer to round your hair outwards and back. A light layer of hairspray will help keep the swept-back look in place.

Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

Surfer Boy Haircut

Similar to the 90s look that put Hollywood’s youngest stars on the map, a Curtains hairstyle is also synonymous with hip surfer boys. Most of the hair parts to the sides with a few strands whisked down the middle. The beach blond locks with medium-to-long hair evoke a laidback attitude.

Surfer Boy Eboy Hairstyle

Heir.Of.Atticus Hairstyle

Heir.of.Atticus earned millions of followers by sharing his rebellious attitude on TikTok. But his hair took a page out of actor Timothée Chalamet’s book. On his social media stream, he shares how he starts with wet hair before piling it into thick curls with a curling iron. He also dyes the front of his hair dark brunette and contrasts it with platinum blond streaks in the back.

Heir.Of.Atticus Wavy Eboy Hairstyle

Curly Eboy Haircut

Even though Eboys avoid excessive heat to shape their hair, you’ll need to use a curling iron to create a massive wave of curls. If your hair is too straight, a dramatic hairstyle like this might require a perm with a barber. If your hair is already curly, try to brush your hair from the center to create the middle part.

Curly Eboy Haircut

Slick Middle Part Hair

Wet hair gives you a blank canvas to work with. Once your hair is dry, it’s challenging to incorporate the right hair products. Maintain a slick aesthetic with wax or pomade. Rub it through the strands from the roots downwards after parting it down the middle.

Slick Middle Part Hair

Thick Eboy Fringe

Persistence can be the key with an effortless Eboy look like this. Thick hair often makes it difficult to situate the bangs and hold them in place. After you brush your hair, lightly run pomade or wax through your strands, and let the strands settle where they want to go. With the right amount of effort and attention to detail, you can control how laidback your appearance is.

Thick Eboy Fringe

Wavy Bangs with Undercut

When your hair consists of endless curls, one of the easiest options is to let them pile on the crown of the head. A sharp fade along the side makes it look disconnected. The curls can be difficult to shape into a traditional Curtains hairstyle, so it’s best to work with what you’ve got. Let them fray into the direction they want to go.

Short Eboy Bangs

Cowlicks are strands of hair that stick out on their own and change how the rest of the hair forms. However, most of this Eboy’s hair is a solid shape, a few stray hairs spiral from his hair pattern. If you don’t typically wear your hair short, you’ll learn to embrace which hairs break out of the pack or are willing to lie flat.

Short Eboy Bangs

M-Style Curtains

Too often, Eboys want Curtain bangs but give up when the hair lacks volume. To create the M-style bangs, use a comb and a blow dryer to round the hair upwards in the middle part. As you gently brush and dry your hair along the back and sides, gravity will take over to produce the M-shape.

M-Style Curtain Bangs

Two-Tone Punk Style

TikTok star Noen Eubanks sports an Eboy cut that aligns with his off-beat comedy and music. When his hair isn’t entirely platinum blonde, he dons a mix of black and platinum blonde. There’s little effort here to polish his bangs as he lets the frizz and fringes run free.

Two-Tone Punk Eboy Hairstyle

Highlight Curtains

Highlights break up a pure brunette or black hair tone. This style mostly consists of brushing the layers to make them even. Some strands criss-cross from one side to the other, which is also a fun way to style the middle part.

Highlight Curtain Bangs

Hot Pink Eboy Haircut

A dramatic dye change can also elevate your Eboy haircut. Hot pink is right up your alley if you love stepping out of your comfort zone. Depending on your hair color, a hairstylist or barber might bleach your hair before dying it hot pink and leaving the roots visible.

Hot Pink Eboy Haircut

Multi-color Front Curtains

When your hair is long around your ears, brush your hair to go against the grain of its natural direction. The inclusion of different dyes in the back will organically take the spotlight. The combination of dye and brushing the bangs forward provides an edgy twist to the traditional Curtain hairstyle.

Multi-color Front Curtains

Side Parted Fringe

The most common way to style Eboy bangs is for both sides of the hair to frame the face. However, you can break the mold by only parting one side of your hair. For the other part of your hair, tuck it behind your ears or slick it back with hair clay.

Side Parted Fringe

Cole Sprouse Middle-Part Hairstyle

Actor Cole Sprouse’s effortless style replicates the icons from the 90s who made his style cool. Sprouse’s hair centers evenly and requires nothing more than a simple brush through in the morning.

Cole Sprouse Middle-Part Hairstyle

Thick Curly Hair

Josh Hewitt also tried using his thick curls to split his hair. He brushes his thick brunette locks over his forehead and uses the curls to split off into both directions. Though an Eboy haircut work for all textures of hair, this is ideal for someone who is already rocking curly hair.

Green to Black Brush-Over

The preppy aesthetic doesn’t always adhere to the clean-cut reputation that precedes it. With the right striking facial features, a simple brush-over with your hair parted to one side creates a sophisticated look. Add a rebellious edge by dying the edges with a dark green and fading it in with your roots.

Green to Black Brush-Over

Kaden Sowers Eboy Haircut

Here’s another example of the Curtains style proving their popularity for TikTok stars. Kaden Stowers wows his followers with medium length curtains that fall around his face. It’s a relaxed hairstyle that matches his dreamboat appearance.

Kaden Sowers Eboy Haircut

Layered Curtains

A subtle amount of curls is a perfect way to add texture. Lightly run texturizing oil through your hair after a shower, and then top it off with a complimentary spray. Eboys don’t generally keep their bangs in sync. Play around with different strands until you create the right amount of waves.

Layered Curtains Hairstyle

Even Curtain Bangs

Taking the traditional Eboy route offers elegance to wearers from young boys to mature men. The hair is one length all around his head, almost like a mushroom or bowl-cut shape. It falls evenly beyond the eyes without the use of products to shape. This look is best for those who don’t mind bangs constantly grazing or obstructing their vision.

Even Curtain Bangs

Noen Eubanks Curtains

To contrast his two-tone hairstyle above, Noen Eubanks shows off his platinum locks here. His hair still promotes the casual frizz of his previous look on this list. This style is longer around the ears, making it easy for him to tuck his hair back when he wants to.

Noen Eubanks Curtains Bangs

Split Color Eboy Cut

Instead of mixing several dye colors around the crown of the head, or fading shades together, use a split color tone. Use two contrasting dyes like black and red on both sides of the head to create the middle part that the Eboy haircut utilizes.

Split Color Eboy Hairstyle

Edgy Blonde Curtains

Edgy fringes are another effective way to throw the Eboy rulebook out the window. Similar to Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, this Curtains haircut is thin and messy. The part splits down the middle and helps the model’s rebellious attitude match his unruly hairstyle.

Edgy Blonde Curtains Haircut

Celebrities with Iconic Curtains Hairstyle

Even though hairstylists and fashion experts interchange the Curtains haircut name with Eboy, the overall haircut works for everyone no matter their age or what their personality evokes. The best examples range from young stars like Timothée Chalamet to veteran actors Johnny Depp. All of the examples below show just how versatile this simple yet influential hairstyle can be.

How to Achieve the Curtains Haircut

The most popular stars who sport the eboy haircut often exude a vulnerable charm. They’re not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves on-screen and in real life. Don’t let the boyish nature of the hairstyle dissuade you from trying it out. Even mature actors like Brendan Fraser and Jared Leto continue to rock this hairstyle today. A Curtains haircut is adaptable to every young man whether they’re edgy, preppy, or somewhere down the middle. Here are a few tips to create the Curtains haircut that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • As part of your normal grooming routine, wash your hair regularly. If you’re avoiding heat, use a towel to dry. Don’t go against the grain of your hair by excessively rubbing the towel in different directions. Gently soothe the towel against your hair in the direction that it grows.
  • To create the eboy bangs, use a wide-tooth comb to section your hair down the middle. Depending on how thin or coarse your hair is, a round brush can create more volume for the bangs. Take time to structure your hair exactly as you want without any strands sticking out or creating a cowlick.
  • Though eboy styles are typically straight, you can add more curls or waves. Use a texturizing spray as your hair begins to dry and you brush it out. Otherwise, let your hair flow and you’re good to go.

Timothée Chalamet

Actor Timothée Chalamet won the hearts of the millennial generation with compelling roles in “Call Me By Your Name,” “Lady Bird,” and “Little Women.” Outside of his effortless charm, his dreamy eyes and thick black curls are a staple in his red carpet repertoire. He commonly grows his hair out near his ears and uses a curling iron to accentuate the twirls his hair is organically capable of.

Timothée Chalamet Eboy Haircut

Charles Melton

The popular CW television show “Riverdale” cemented its ensemble of stars on the map, garnering millions of fans who admire the cast. Actor Charles Melton immediately drew attention for his good looks and charm as varsity captain Reggie Mantle. Similar to Chalamet’s jet black locks, Melton sports his curls slicked back with wax or pomade for a sophisticated appearance for public events.

Ben Barnes

Dry is the most common way to wear Curtain bangs. From the classic pompadour to an eboy haircut, Barnes rotates hairstyles according to his upcoming film and television roles. Unlike shorter Curtains that significantly frame the face, Barnes’s hair camouflages the bangs with the rest of the long hair. Small layers towards the end make this hairstyle almost reach his shoulders.

Ben Barnes Eboy Haircut

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is always in style as an actor. Whether he stars in action blockbusters or romantic comedies, his enigmatic presence on-screen keeps audiences lining up to see his films. His jet black hair is an iconic asset to his good looks. From the 90s to even now, the star typically dons an Eboy haircut with medium-to-long layers near his shoulders.

Keanu Reeves Eboy Haircut

Johnny Depp

No one can argue that Johnny Depp follows the beat of his drum both in film and his everyday wardrobe. He became one of the first upcoming stars in the 90s to revitalize this look. Similar to Keanu Reeves, he often opts with medium length hair around his ears and keeps his use of hair products to a minimum.

Johnny Depp Eboy Haircut

Leonardo DiCaprio

Starring in megahits like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic” cemented Leonardo as someone to watch out for. During his youth, he sported the Eboy haircut, parting his hair to the side when it didn’t settle into the M-shaped bangs. He eventually grew out of his teenage phase and into a mature actor, but his hairstyle is a staple in 1990s fashion.

Leonardo DiCaprio Eboy Haircut

River Phoenix

No one can talk about the Curtains haircut without shining a light on actor River Phoenix. He captivated audiences with his brief yet unforgettable film career. Beyond his notable roles, his brooding appearance continues to be a major influence. His long rough and tumble hair is as loose as it can get if you let your Curtains hairstyle run just as free.

River Phoenix Curtains Hairstyle

Cole Chase Hudson

Cole Chase Hudson is one of the prominent TikTok stars who kickstarted the current Curtains trend. He generally wears his medium length hair with blond highlights to get a subtle M-shape. Depending on his modeling gigs or social media, he adds hair product to make it look refined yet casual.

Cole Chase Hudson Curtains Hairstyle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eboy mean?

Like most trendy phrases that cut to the chase, eboy is a shortcut term of “emo boy.” Emo boys are commonly associated with brooding teenagers who shamelessly enjoy hobbies and aesthetics that emote the likes of a hipster.

How long does your hair need to be to style eboy haircut?

Your eboy haircut ultimately depends on the length of your bangs. Shorter curtains will be 2-3 inches long and barely reach your forehead; medium length estimates to 5-6 inches around the eyes; the longest curtains are about 8 to 10 inches and end around the ears.

What is the eboy haircut called?

The Curtains haircut is another name to identify the eboy style. The former reflects how your bangs frame your head like curtains. It’s like your hair acts as a sneak preview as you show off your handsome features to the world.

What’s the history of the Curtains?

The eboy haircut popularized in the early 1990s with young Hollywood heartthrobs making audiences swoon. Early examples include Leonardo DiCaprio, River Phoenix, and Brad Pitt. Today, famous figures such as actor Timothée Chalamet and Korean pop sensation BTS keep the hairstyle trending.

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The newest objects of teen crushes don’t sing — that is, unless you count lip-syncing. They don’t act, unless acting includes contorting one’s face into a smoldering pout. They do dance, with varying degrees of talent, but even that isn’t what they’re really famous for.

They’re e-boys, and they’re quickly becoming part of an industry with the potential to rival the boy bands of yore. E-boys and e-girls, the subculture of young, hot, and online teens who went viral last year on TikTok, are known mostly for making irony-steeped videos of themselves in their bedrooms wearing tragically hip outfits composed of thrifted clothes. Now they’re breaking out of the internet and scoring lucrative deals in the fashion and entertainment spheres.

On January 13, the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that 17-year-old Chase Hudson, an e-boy with more than 9 million TikTok followers, and his LA creative collective Hype House had signed with one of the world’s biggest talent agencies, WME, for modeling, music, film, and more. Meanwhile, the fashion brand Céline recently recruited Noen Eubanks, an 18-year-old TikToker with 7.5 million followers, to be the new face of its campaign. Management companies like Vivid and TalentX are stacked with teen clients whose claim to fame is millions of TikTok fans with supernatural cheekbones and a sellable personality.

E-boyhood, it seems, is now a viable career path. When the term became a meme in the fall of 2018, it mostly referred to an aesthetic: As I explained in a piece last summer, e-girl and e-boy style takes inspiration from skate culture, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM, goth, and the ’90s; the e-boy look often involves decorative chains and Chandler Bing polos underneath a mop of middle-parted hair dyed shades of purple or green.

Now, however, “e-boy” is perhaps a lacking term for an increasingly visible brand of influencer: the teen creator collective. In a piece for the New York Times, Taylor Lorenz explained the phenomenon of Los Angeles mansions housing TikTokers who capitalize on one another’s clout to generate more for the whole. Hype House, which is one of such collectives and also an actual house, includes both Hudson and his rumored girlfriend Charli D’Amelio, a 15-year-old in Connecticut who gained 5 million followers within three months and became TikTok’s most-talked-about star this fall, known mostly for dancing and lip-syncing in her home (she doesn’t know how it happened, either). As of January 15, Charli, her sister Dixie, and her parents Marc and Heidi signed with UTA.

Digital creator mansions are not new — YouTuber Jake Paul has infamously annoyed his neighbors in not one but two Los Angeles homes with his Team 10 crew — but it’s the next logical step in TikTok’s rise to become the world’s fastest talent incubator.

TikTok teens, most of whom have yet to break into mainstream entertainment, know they’re stronger together. Videos showing kids’ favorite influencers all hanging out together in a gorgeous mansion tend to garner huge numbers of likes and views, but it’s also part of what makes e-boys and e-girls so ready-made for the talent industry: Many of them share a similar look — which happens to be very white, middle or upper class, and thin — and make similar content on TikTok. A major business deal could come to virtually any of them.

TikTok, the platform, has also begun focusing on how to incentivize creators to stay on the app. In November, it began testing a feature that allows creators to add links to their videos, which can be used to promote merch sales or other brand deals. Though it’s still new for TikTok, Douyin, the version of TikTok that exists in China and is also owned by parent company ByteDance, has included in-app shopping for more than a year. In December 2018, Douyin facilitated nearly $30 million in sales in a single day.

The feature hasn’t yet been rolled out in the US, but last month, TikTok general manager Vanessa Pappas said the company is also focusing on finding more ways for creators to potentially get rich off their followings. “We’re at the beginning stages of exploring different models and ways we can connect creators with brands and opportunities,” she said. “We’re definitely in that exploratory phase, but we’re focused on what ways we can best serve our creative community.”

There’s no way to know how many TikTok kids will hit it big out in LA, but more of them than ever are certainly trying. The fashion and entertainment industries have noticed, and it’s only a matter of time before others do too.

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Hudson hair chase

I woke up with Payton and Faith cleaning. "What time is it?" They both looked at their phones, "it's now 2pm babes." faith said and held me up. "Today we are gonna do I complete makeover and we gonna show Nick what he missed." Faith said and Payton nodded, "Yep now go wash up we are leaving in an hour!"

I nodded and walked to my dresser I pulled out some sweats and a hoodie. I looked at the hoodie nick gave me and tears came rushing back. "Fuck." I walked to my bathroom and saw how ugly I looked.

My hair was a mess and my makeup was running down my face. I sighed and started the shower. I washed my face my body and hair. I got out and got dressed, I brushed my teeth and my hair. "You ready babe?" I nodded and Faith looked up at me, "Nope come on go out on some nice ass clothes!"

She pushed me into my room and went to my closet. She came out with a black lace type crop top and some ripped jeans. I walked to my bathroom and got changed. "There you babes! You look hot! Now come on let's go to the mall!" I nodded and walked downstairs with Faith.

"So bubs do you wanna get your hair dyed or cut?" I shrugged, "idk." Payton grabbed my hand and pulled me to the hair salon. "How May I help you?" The lady at the front said, Payton told her that I wanted to dye my hair and I wanted to get my eyebrows done. She nodded and took me to a chair. "So sweetie what do you want to do with your hair?"

She started my hair and we waited for the bleach the work. Payton was getting his hair done to. "Hey bubs u ok?" I nodded and went on my phone and texted Madi.

Hi babes you ok?
Wifey boo😩💙
Hey bebe I'm fine. Payt and Faith took me out. I'm getting my hair, nails, eyebrows and so much other shit.
Great, babes take as much time off and take some time to yourself. I love you!
Wifey boo😩💙
Thanks bebe I love you!

I smiled and the girl was about done with my hair. She was blow drying and curling my hair. I decided to dye my hair grey with black roots. Payton went black hair. "Omg this looks amazing!"

They did my eyebrows, "Omg girl you are beautiful!" I smiled and thanked her. Payton payed and we went to get some food. "Hey Autumn look over there." I looked over at the end of the food court and saw Madi, Avani, Chase, Anthony, Addison and Griffin. "Omg!" I pushed out my chair and ran to them. I jumped into Madi arms.

I let some tears go and held her. Soon everyone started to join the hug, we all pulled off each other and I hugged each of them. "Omg guys! What are you doing here?" They all laughed, "Cameron surprise you dipshit." I laughed and slapped Anthony. "And girl your hair is so cute!!" I smiled and thanked them.

We walked back to my table and I sat with Madi, Avani and Chase. Then Anthony, Griffin, Payton and Faith together. "Bubs you ready to get your nails done?" I nodded and we walked to the nail salon. Madi, Addison, Faith, and Avani all got their nails done with me.

We finished and paid. "So bubs I'm taking the boys and Faith will take you girls. I nodded and we went to the cars. "Babes you look so cute!"

I smiled and took out my phone. I'm decided to post on Insta cuz why not. "I'm posting!"

Liked by madimonroeee and 648,783 othersautumn

Liked by madimonroeee and 648,783 others
autumn.moormeier Little makeover🤷🏼‍♀️
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addisoneasterling QUEEN
paytonmoormeier Bubs you are beautiful!
lilhuddy 😍😍
nickaustin Oh....
autumnfan I Stan this
hater Imagine changing after a breakup just to get him back🤡

I laughed at the last comment I read. "Hahah haters are funny." They nodded and we got out of the car. Mom still doesn't know I dyed my hair. "Hi momma!" She looked over and her eyes went wide. "Omg Autumn your hair! It's so cute!" I smiled and hugged her. "Thanks momma." The girls and I went to my room and got ready for bed. "Night babes."

Chase Hudson Transformation - From 0 to 18


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