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Cordless tool diffs

Dillithium said:

If only, Bosch is an example of this.

They sell bosch blue, and bosch green. Both have different finish levels and warranties. Green is aimed towards the common folk, and blue towards construction/contractors. Though I don't think the US suffers from both product lines.

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Right, but as I understood the OP, it was more of an "invisible difference" between one set sold at, say, Lowes, and another sold at a specialty store like an electrician's supply store. You'd buy an 18v Milwaukee impact at Lowes, and it would look the same as the one from the electrical store, but the Lowes version would have looser tolerances, a weaker motor, etc. Course, I could just be doing my engineer thing and over-analyzing it, heh. :lol:

I don't personally think I've ever seen a green Bosch tool here in the US, but as a market strategy it makes sense.



Different grades of the same power tool?

dwilliams35 said:

I don't think that's the issue with electric power tools. On the other hand, I know for a fact that's the case with their gas-powered yard tools: husquvarna, John Deere, Stihl, etc.: those "big names" at HD/Lowes aren't the same thing you'd buy at their respective dealers.

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Actually, it is. A lincoln welder from Home Depot isn't the same internally as the like model number at a welding supply. IIRC, they use aluminum windings and such, versus copper in the others.

A dewalt drill from Lowes/HD will (at least did a few years back) have plastic gears, while the ones from the Dewalt store have metal gears. At work, they bought the cheaper drills, than replaced them with metal gears when they shelled.

Air compressors will use aluminum cases with steel sleeves vs. a cast head, and aluminum rods instead of steel, cast cranks instead of forged, etc.

It's buyer beware on many things.

AFAIK, Milwaukee (used to be this way, who knows now that they're only HD) didn't downgrade their tools. I'm 99% sure bosch doesn't, either.


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Do You Buy Tools & Supplies at Big Box Home Centers or Independent Stores?

Lutz Ratcheting Screwdriver Display

I don’t know about you, but I buy most of my tools online. For planned out purchases, shopping online offers greater selection, sometimes better prices, and although it sounds backwards I usually receive my online orders quicker than I could make a trip to the right store.

But there are certain things that it makes more sense to buy in stores. Dropcloths. Adhesives (although I do buy wood glue and specialty adhesives online). Paint. Power tool accessories such as saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper, router bits, and other such stuff when I need a certain size or style on short notice.

Usually, I just head to a home center, where I will typically see contractors, tradesmen, and other professional users going in and out of the store. Home improvement centers, such as Home Depot and Lowes, have “pro corners” and counters, and as mentioned in last year’s post about Lowes’ trial delivery program, professional users contribute to a large percentage of sales.

But some professionals I know steer clear of home centers.

I recently had a conversation with a general contractor, who told me about how he won’t shop at a particular home center because of bad tool experiences. He purchased a definitely pro-grade tool, and it broke within a short time. They replaced it, and the replacement broke.

The contractor noticed that the part number was different for the home center tool, compared to the part number for the same tool sold at a local independent supplier. With similar packaging, one possible explanation was that the home center tool was different in some way, possibly making it cheaper and of lesser quality.

I have heard similar stories and unverified claims that home center tools, equipment, supplies, or fixtures might be different from those sold at supply houses and independent shops. It’s possible, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen proof.

The only complaint I have heard about independent suppliers is that their prices tend to be a little higher.

But you know what? The more I think about it, the more I think that independent shops and supply houses are the way to go.

I stopped by at a new one yesterday, and saw a couple of hand tools and power tool accessories that I had never seen at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, or any other big box home improvement store before. I had seen them online before, but in stores. I had my wife and “I wanna run around and touch EVERYTHING” son with me, and so I plan to go back, solo, the next time I can.

Shown above is the Lutz ratcheting screwdriver display (I briefly wrote about these Lutz drivers years ago). Since then, I bought one or two online, but had never seen them in stores. The reader that wrote in about them found them at Ace Hardware, but there isn’t one around here.

My father always used to go to the local Ace-affiliated independent supplier, because it was close by and they almost always had what he needed. I bet they had good answers to his questions, too. I shopped there a few times in high school too, for the randomest things.

He also used to go to plumbing supply shops for things like faucet washers and the such, and because of that he only did plumbing repairs on Saturdays when the plumbing supply shop was guaranteed to be open.

There are Home Depot and Lowes where I grew up, but they weren’t really close by, although a new Lowes opened near the mall that’s pretty awesome. But… I suppose they’re not the best place for when you need a particular size washer, a certain plumbing fitting, advice about which primer to use, or a substitute for something you might need that’s not on the shelf… and things like that.

Tool selection also tends to be limited, as home centers have their own brand relationships.

So my question to you is this:

Big Box Home Center or Independent Supplier?

For those of you that buy at both, what kinds of tools, equipment, supplies, etc. would you buy at one and not the other?

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