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Backyard Beasts: Massey Ferguson Lawn and Garden Tractors

It may be one of the best kept secrets in the industry, but many Massey Ferguson dealers offer a lot more than quality agricultural equipment. Many also sell a full line of lawn and garden tractors and zero-turn mowers for the rural lifestyle market.

Zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors

Zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors

“What a lot of customers don’t realize,” says Warren Morris, AGCO tactical marketing manager for tractors under 150 HP, “is that we have an agreement with Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group that offers an extension of our lawn care product line. Many of our dealers sell five different zero-turn mower series and four additional lawn tractor series that are marketed under the Massey Ferguson brand name.

“They are,” continues Morris, “as dependable and comfortable as the Massey Ferguson name would suggest. Featuring all-steel construction, welded frames, high-performance V-Twin engines and easy-to-operate hydrostatic transmissions, they’re built for rugged, reliable performance.”

Dick Felder, director of licensed brand sales, North America, Briggs & Stratton, Inc., says consumers would indeed be hard-pressed to find a lawn tractor as well built as their Massey Ferguson line at such a competitive price.

“Thanks to our factory efficiency and production volume, we can match or beat the price on virtually every mower that is comparably equipped,” he says.

“The same goes for features. All but the lowest priced model, for example, feature a fabricated steel mower deck with a limited lifetime warranty, for lasting dependability.”

Other available features, depending on the lawn or yard tractor series, include automatic controlled traction for year-round performance; power steering and cruise control for reduced fatigue; and an electric PTO for attachments and height-of-cut adjustment.

“Customers are equally surprised at the price and features on the zero-turn mowers, which start at just $2,999,” Felder adds. “Yet, they still get a fabricated steel mower deck with a lifetime warranty, a rugged steel frame and 13 to 15 possible height-of-cut positions.

“Several models are even classified as professional-grade mowers and carry a professional warranty of four years or 500 hours—whichever comes first—with unlimited hours during the first two years,” he adds. “Yet, customers can buy a 27-HP Massey Ferguson professional model with a 61-inch fabricated deck for $6,999, compared to $8,000 to $10,000 for a comparable model from other companies.”

For more information on the full line of lawn and garden tractors and zero-turn mowers, see your participating Massey Ferguson dealer or log on to Currently, Briggs & Stratton works with about 170 Massey Ferguson dealers who participate in the program.


Ph: (08) 85 577 041


  • Choose from side or rear discharge
  • 90 cm to 137 cm cutting widths
  • Briggs & Stratton or Kohler Powered

Massey Ferguson Grounds Care Brochure

Rear Discharge Models

ModelEngineEngine HPDeck WidthDischarge MethodDrive Type
MF36-16ARDBriggs & Stratton16HP36″ (97CM)Rear with catcherHydrostatic
MF41-22RDKohler22HP41″ (104CM)Rear with catcherHydrostatic

   Side Discharge Models

Side Discharge Models

ModelEngineEngine HPDeck WidthDischarge MethodDrive Type
MF42-20SDKohler Courage20HP42″ (107CM)SideHydrostatic
MF54-25SDKohler Command25HP54″ (137CM)SideHydrostatic
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Massey Ferguson Lawn & Garden Equipment, in the USA and Canada, offered a large range of lawn and garden tractors, beginning around the late 1990s. They are built by Simplicity Manufacturing Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA. Simplicity licensed the Massey-Ferguson brand, (as well as the AGCO brand) for lawn & garden equipment. Briggs & Stratton Corp., the well-known producer of small engines, bought Simplicity in 2004. In Europe, Massey-Ferguson branded lawn and garden equipment are built by MTD Products.

In the past, Massey Ferguson lawn and garden equipment have been built by a still other manufacturers: Gutbrod in Europe, AMF, Dura, Snapper and Ingersoll Tractor in the USA, and Hinomoto and Iseki imported from Japan.

Built by AMF

Built by Dura

ModelYear(s) ProducedHorsepowerEngine TypeMisc NotesPhoto
Massey Ferguson 7E19637 hp (5.2 kW)Kohlerbuilt in USA by Dura
Massey Ferguson 8E1964-19668 hp (6.0 kW)Tecumseh/Kohlerbuilt in USA by Dura
Massey Ferguson 24S1964-196712 hp (8.9 kW)Briggs & Strattonbuilt in USA by DuraMF 24S - 1973.jpg
Massey Ferguson 245 Deluxe4 hp (3.0 kW)built in USA by Dura

Built by Hinomoto (Toyosha)

Built by Ingersoll Tractor

Built by Iseki

Built by Massey Ferguson/Others

ModelYear(s) ProducedHorsepowerEngine TypeMisc NotesPhoto
Massey Ferguson 55 hp (3.7 kW)built in USA
Massey Ferguson 66 hp (4.5 kW)built in USA
Massey Ferguson 20-1212.5 hp (9.3 kW)MF 20-12 - 1998.jpg
Massey Ferguson 21-076.5 hp (4.8 kW)Briggs & Stratton
Massey Ferguson 22-1110.5 hp (7.8 kW)Briggs & Stratton
Massey Ferguson 22-11H10.5 hp (7.8 kW)Briggs & Stratton
Massey Ferguson 22-1212.5 hp (9.3 kW)
Massey Ferguson 23-1413.5 hp (10.1 kW)Briggs & Stratton
Massey Ferguson 23-1515.5 hp (11.6 kW)
Massey Ferguson 30
Massey Ferguson 33
Massey Ferguson 40
Massey Ferguson 851977-1979
Massey Ferguson 12001977-198712 hp (8.9 kW)KohlerMF 1200 (L&G).jpg
Massey Ferguson 301414 hp (10 kW)
Massey Ferguson 351717 hp (13 kW)
Massey Ferguson Elf8 hp (6.0 kW)built in Germany by Gutbrod
Massey Ferguson Executive??built in USA by Dura??

Built by MTD

Built by Simplicity Manufacturing Company

massey ferguson 14 restoration

Massey Ferguson lawn tractors by model

Massey Ferguson model 8 lawn and garden tractorA full range of lawn and garden tractors were produced under the Massey Ferguson brand name. Massey Ferguson lawn tractors were always built by an another company. Dura, AMF, and Ingersoll all produced MF lawn tractors under license. With the AGCO purchase of Massey Ferguson in 1996, Simplicity became the supplier. Massey Ferguson lawn tractors were discontinued in 1997.

Massey Ferguson - official site

ModelPowerMower DeckYears
55 hp26" deck1971 - 1974
66 hp32" deck1971 - 1974
77 hp34" deck1968 - 1973
7E7 hp32" deck1963
88 hp34" deck1972 - 1975
8E8 hp32" deck1964 - 1966
1010 hp42" deck1966 - 1976
1212 hp42" deck1967 - 1976
1414 hp48" deck1972 - 1976
1616 hp48" deck1975 - 1976
24S4 hp24" deck1964 - 1967
24S Deluxe4 hp24" deck1964 - 1967
80RT8 hp30" deck1991 - 1994
858 hp36" deck1977 - 1979
112 LT12 hp42/44" deck1991 - 1994
114LTX14 hp42/44" deck1991 - 1994
116LTX16 hp42/44" deck1991 - 1994
212GTX12 hp38/44" deck1991 - 1994
214GTX14 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
216GTX16 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
218GTX18 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
316GTX16 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
318GTX18 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
320GTX20 hp44/48" deck1991 - 1994
6266 hp26" deck1975
8328 hp32" deck1974 - 1975
120012 hp42" deck1977 - 1979
145014 hp48" deck1977 - 1979
165016 hp48" deck1976 - 1979
165516 hp48/54" deck1976 - 1979
185518 hp48/54" deck1977 - 1978
2411G10 hp30" deck1996 - 2000
2413H12 hp34" deck1996 - 1997
2413H13 hp30" deck2002 - 2006
2414H14 hp34" deck1998 - 2001
2514G14 hp38" deck1996 - 1999
2514H14 hp38" deck1996 - 1999
2516H16 hp44" deck1996 - 2001
2518H18 hp38" deckunknown
2520H20 hp38" deckunknown
2522H22 hp44" deckunknown
2524H24 hp50" deckunknown
2615H15 hp38/44" deck1996 - 2001
2616H16 hp44" deck1995 - 2001
2618H16 hp50" deck1999 - 2001
2620H20 hp44/50" deck2005 - 2010
2716H16 hp44" deck2002 - 2003
2717H17 hp50" deck1996 - 2000
2717LC17 hp50" deck1999 - 2002
271818 hp44" deck2004
2718H18 hp50" deck1995 - 2001
272020 hp44/50/54" deck2004 - 2005
2720H20 hp50" deck2002 - 2006
2721H21 hp44" deck2006
272222 hp50/54" deck2005
2723H23 hp50" deck2006 - 2010
2818H18 hp42/48/60" deck1995 - 1999
2818PS18 hp42/48" deck1998 - 2002
282020 hp50" deck2002 - 2005
282323 hp54" deck2002 - 2006
2825H25 hp50" deck2007 - 2010
2827H27 hp54" deck2007 - 2010
2918H18 hp42/48/60" deck1995 - 1999
2920H20 hp42/48/60" deck1995 - 2003
2920LC20 hp48/54/60" deck1998 - 2003
292323 hp48/54/60" deck2001 - 2003
2924D24 hp48/54/60" deck1998 - 2003
2925H25 hp48/54/60" deck1998 - 2003
2927H27 hp48/54/60" deck2004 - 2010
2927LC27 hp48/54/60" deck2004 - 2010
441717 hp44" deck2003 - 2006
ELF8 hp 1962

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