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MAKE MP3 / iPOD CASES / HOLDERS / COZIES / COVERS CRAFTS FOR KIDS: instructions, patterns, and activities for children, teens, and preschoolers

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Please get off my dresser Miss Kitty. Crash, crack!!! Oh man, there goes my ipod again. I can't believe how many MP3 players I've gone through because they've fallen and cracked the screen. I wish they would just make them all with Gorilla Glass or something similar.

In the mean time I need to come up with a better way to store my music player. Maybe a home made Ipod case craft to make a holder that will give at least a bit of protection if my Ipod gets knocked over again. Maybe something to help protect the glass from scratches at least, like an MP3 player cozy craft that I could sew. That might make a nice gift too. I could sew the Ipod cozy and give it to a friend.

Altoids   iPod/MP3 Case  : How to Make an iPod CaseAltoids iPod/MP3 Case : How to Make an iPod Case - - In this instructable you will learn how to make an Altoids tin in to a iPod/MP3 player case.

Altoids   MP3 Player Case   : How to Make an MP3 CaseAltoids MP3 Player Case - - This design can be easily adapted to fit other mp3 players with a modification of just one step and has been made to fit a 4GB Creative Zen, and works perfectly.

Altoids   Tiny Tin Case  : How to Make an iPod Shuffle CaseAltoids Tiny Tin Case - - So here’s a guide on how to make an MP3 player/iPod shuffle case using a discarded or empty Altoids tiny tin which are sort of hard to find but are useful.

Cabled   iPod/Music Player Holder  : How to Make an iPod Minis CaseCabled iPod/Music Player Holder - - Here's a cute holder for those little MP3 players or iPod minis you have in your possession.

Cassette   Case Reincarnate   : How to Make an MP3 CaseCassette Case Reincarnate- - This is a very simple yet highly functional and not hard to carve project. The aspect I like most is how the iPod's menus show clear through the closed case.

Clear   MP3 Cover   : How to Make MP3 CoversClear MP3 Cover : How to Make MP3 Covers - - Are you always scratching the screen on your mp3 player? Well now, there's an easy and cheap way to keep it protected. Find out how with this guide.

Cozy   BaggyCozy Baggy - – Give a trendy look to your mobile gadgets such as mobile phones, PDAs, and iPods or similar MP3 players with this homemade craft product

Cozy   for MP3 Player .   : How to Make  MP3 CoziesCozy for MP3 Player MP3 Cozies - - Take your MP3 player everywhere you go in this eye-catching cozy. This video tutorial will show you how.

Cozy   iPod  : How to Make an iPod CaseCozy iPod - - Keep your iPod warm this winter by knitting it a snug little cosy.

Cozy   Wool Pouch .   : How to Make  MP3 PouchesCozy Wool Pouch Make MP3 Pouches - - There are so many cosies out there that we decided to add a Basic iPod cosy pattern to get you started, this pattern is ideal if you are a beginner or advanced.

Crafting   Through the 80’s .   : How to Make  MP3 CasesCrafting Through the 80’s - - Felt is quick, easy, and cheap! This little iPod case cost only a whopping $0.60 and was finished in about 45 minutes.

Crosshatch   Necklace .   : How to Make  MP3 CasesCrosshatch Necklace - - This craft project measures about 3 1/2" X 1 1/2" and is perfect for an iPod Nano or similarly sized Mp3 players..

Crowning   Glory Case .   : How to Make  MP3 CasesCrowning Glory Case . : How to Make MP3 Cases - - Let your personality shine with Tulip® Fashion Glitter™! Embellish your phone or iPod case with a fabulous design and sparkle that speaks volumes.

Custom   Built MP3 Player CradleCustom Built MP3 Player Cradle - – This project is essentially a docking/charging station for all portable electronics such as the Archos Jukebox 6000. Since many portable electronics don't come with docking cradles, this project could be adapted to work with many of them.

Denim   Gadget Case .   : How to Make  MP3 CasesDenim Gadget Cases - - I decided to put my old jeans to a good use and make an iPod case, i wanted to keep the coolest part about jeans which is the leather label on the waistband. Now like most guys i don't know a whole lot about needles and sewing so i decided the easiest way to make it was just to cut a strip out, fold it over and sew it together. You can modify the sizing for any gadget you want!

Denim   Mp3 Player Holder  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersDenim Mp3 Player Holders - - Make this great holder to carry a personal MP3 player (like an iPod or Zune) or cell phone. It makes a fun present for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or an older sibling's birthday. Whatever the occasion, this makes a great Gift .

DIY   iPod/MP3 Cover  : How to Make an iPod CaseDIY iPod/MP3 Cover - - Here's an easy DIY project to customize your iPod or similar MP3 players.

DIY   Music Player Cover  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersDIY Music Player Covers - - Although this is kind of hard to make due to the size, the holes, and the cutting; it is all worth it when you're done.

Domokun   Cozy Craft  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersDomokun Cozy Crafts - - Domokun (or Domo-kun) is the mascot of the Japanese Television station NHK and is a monster like creature. In this project, you are going to create a cozy for your iPod which looks like Domokun!

Domokun   Mp3 Player Cosy  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersDomokun Mp3 Player Cosy - - Keep your beloved music players protected. Here's how...

Duct   Tape Case  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersDuct Tape Case . - - This guide will teach you how to make a duct tape case with a screen protector for your treasured mp3 player.

Duct   Tape Case for Mp3 players  : How to Make an iPod CaseDuct Tape Case for Mp3 players - - This how to make a duct tape case is for any iPod or Mp3 player. If you want to make it simple you don't have to cut all the necessary holes for the hold button, headphone jack, etc.

Easy   Ipod or Camera Cover  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversEasy Ipod or Camera Cover - - This project was born out of the necessity to protect my precious music player. I hope you could find it useful too.

Fabric   iPod/MP3 Carrying Case  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersFabric iPod/MP3 Carrying Case . - - With a bit of time and materials, you can make your own custom iPod carrying case... for a fraction of the price found in most electronics purveyors shops. With prices of iPod accessories so over-inflated, you could sew up ten of these for the price you'd pay at the electronics store. The sewing level required is average to experienced, but a beginner could do this with a bit of patience and perseverance. iPod and MP3 players vary in size and shape, but the general instructions would apply to any roughly rectangular shape.

Felt   and Fleece MP3 Player Case  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersFelt and Fleece MP3 Player Case . : How to Make iPod / MP3 Holders - - The synthetic "craft" felt may scratch the finish of your player. Don't use craft felt as a liner. I've used 100% wool felt as a liner and never had any problems with scratching. 

Felt   and Fleece MP3 Player Case no. 2  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 HoldersFelt and Fleece MP3 Player Case no. 2 . : How to Make iPod / MP3 Holders- - For squarish MP3 player cases that fit the Rio Karma are hard to come by - if you're handy with sewing, here's how to make your own. 

Felt   Cases for Music Players  .   : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversFelt Cases for Music Players . - - Protect small electronics and other essentials with cases you can whip up in minutes. .

Felt   iPod/Blackberry Case    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversFelt iPod/Blackberry Case : How to Make iPod / MP3 Covers - - These little suckers are just made out of sheets of regular .20 craft felt! The fun part is that you can whip up several to match whatever outfit or purse you want to wear.

Felt   Ipod Cozy    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoziesFelt Ipod Cozy : How to Make iPod / MP3 Cozies - - Love your music? Love felt? (C’mon who doesn’t nowadays). Well look no further.   Here’s how to make one uniquely yours.

Five   Gum Case    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversFive Gum Case - - If you like 5 gum as much as I do, then THIS is for you! In this Pocket-sized instructable, I will show you how to make a pretty pimpin' Ipod case. :)

Furry   Monster Case (Domokun)    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversFurry Monster Case (Domokun) : How to Make iPod / MP3 Covers - – Here’s another furry little creature to make as a holder for your precious music gadget.

Gum   Case    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversGum Case : How to Make iPod / MP3 Covers - - Did you ever want to chew your tunes, we great news to you now you can with this wicked awesome case made out of a gum box.

Handy   Gadget Holder    : How to Make  iPod / MP3 CoversHandy Gadget Holder : How to Make iPod / MP3 Covers - - Keep your necessary technological devices within quick and easy reach with a soft bag to hold your iPod, cell phone, digital camera or PDA.

Happy   StarHappy Star - - Every iPod and MP3 player needs a buddy!

 Hard Case Book     : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts for Kids Hard Case Book - - Recycle a used/useless book into a functional hard case for an iPod or other mp3 player!

Homemade   Gadget Case for Dad     : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts for KidsHomemade Gadget Case for Dad - - How many dads actually wear ties anymore? Instead of giving dad a present he'll only use twice a year, steal one of his seldom-worn ties to make a cool gadget case. Kids can help with pinning and sewing.

Hooded   Weasley Sweater MP3 Cozy     : Mp3 & iPod Cozy Crafts for KidsHooded Weasley Sweater MP3 Cozy - – This craft project is simply too coooool! So cool in fact that you won’t find it for sale at any department store so, here’s a guide to teach you how to make one.

iCosy     : Mp3 & iPod Cosy Crafts for KidsiCosy Mp3 & iPod Cosy Crafts - - Do you know how to do some knitting? Then here's a simple craft project to keep your Ipod/MP3 player cosy this winter!

iDisguise     : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts for KidsiDisguise - - Designed as a disguise for your iPod or Mp3 player as well as a protective case, the iDisguise cleverly hides your music player behind a candy tin for the fictional candy company “Olde Lyme Imports”.

iHoodies     : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts for KidsiHoodies : Mp3 & iPod Cases - - Say you're walking one day and listening to your tunes and it starts raining. Your precious mp3 player/iPod must be kept fry and protected from the rain! Our solution: put your little mp3 player in an easy to make hoodie!

iPod   Carrying Case     : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts for KidsiPod Carrying Case : Mp3 & iPod Case Crafts - - With a bit of time and materials, you can make your own custom iPod carrying case... for a fraction of the price found in most electronics purveyors shops.

iPod   Cover     : Mp3 & iPod Covers Crafts for KidsiPod Cover - - Well, you finally bought an iPod. It looks so shiny and new that you just wish it would look like that forever. At least you can keep it shiny, new and safe by making your own felt iPod cover.

iPod   cozy     : Mp3 & iPod Cozy Crafts for KidsiPod cozy - - This is so easy and makes good use of those sweater sleeve leftovers just as they are. I already had this one felted and ready to cut into, but you can felt a second-hand wool sweater in the hot wash and dryer.

iPod   Cozy     : Mp3 & iPod Cozy Crafts for KidsiPod Cozy - – This craft project is actually easy to make, especially for the “tweeners” age bracket, that you’ll feel like a pro once you’re done.

iPod   Cozy     : Mp3 & iPod Cozy Crafts for KidsiPod Cozy - – Here’s a simple craft project that will hold not only your music player but your other precious gadgets as well.

iPod/Mp3   Holder      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniPod/Mp3 Holder - - It looks cool and it’s easy to make. This funky holder will protect your iPod with cushy foam. You can decorate it anyway you like and make them as Gift s for your friends too! This super soft holder will protect your I-Pod. They are so cute and fun that you will want to make them for your friends too! It’s also a great project for sleepovers and parties

iPod   Mp3 Case      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniPod Mp3 Case - - This nano case would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays and even more special cause you made it. 

iPod/MP3   Carrying Case      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniPod/MP3 Carrying Case - - Here's something to keep your beloved iPods or MP3 players away from scratches.

iPod/Mp3   Gadget Cover      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniPod/Mp3 Gadget Cover - – Prevent scratched and swirls on your shiny new mobile electronic toys with this gadget cover made of soft wool. The best thing is that you need not spend a fortune getting one for you can easily make it right in the comfort of your own home on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

iPod   Nano Case (Orbit Gum)iPod Nano Case (Orbit Gum) - - Don't want to pay $40 for that new Nano case? You've come to the right place! Learn how to make a Nano case for (nearly) free out of an Orbit gum package.

iPod   Nano/Small Mp3 Players CaseiPod Nano/Small Mp3 Players Case - – This trendy little gadget case is not just a looker but functional as well. All you have to do is pop in your treasured music player and you are good to go! Here’s how you can make one…

iPod   Touch Felted Cozy      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniPod Touch Felted Cozy - - Felting the yarn adds an extra thickness to this cozy which will help keep your iPod Touch protected from miscellaneous scratches.

iShuffle   Cosy      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildreniShuffle Cosy - - Keep your iPod shuffle cozy, warm and stylish. This works for similar sized mp3 players too!

Knex   MP3 Player Holder      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenKnex MP3 Player Holder - - This holds Various MP3 Players such as the Zen V, the Zen V Plus, and the new version of the iPod Nano.

Knitted   Cosy w/ Armband      : Mp3 & iPod Armband Crafts for ChildrenKnitted Cosy w/ Armband - – Stylish, unique, and best of all – it’s affordable! All you need to do is follow our easy guide.

Knit   Your Own Mp3 Player Case      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenKnit Your Own Mp3 Player Case - - You want to keep your precious music player safe or you can't find a case for your music player either it be a Zune, iPod or other mp3 players.

Little   Bag For Mp3 Player And SpeakersLittle Bag For Mp3 Player And Speakers - - Revamp a make-up bag for your mp3 player and speakers.

Little   Girl Cozy      : Mp3 & iPod Cozy Crafts for ChildrenLittle Girl Cozy - - Put some smile into your MP3 player carrying case!

Make   your own iPod/Music Player CaseMake your own iPod/Music Player Case - - Reusing old clothing fabric to make a cover for your mp3 player may seem more like an arts and crafts project than an environmentally friendly action, but it can be quite helpful for the planet. Making your own cover instead purchasing one, saves resources that would otherwise be used to manufacture one in a factory. You'll also save money and lengthen the lifespan of your device!

Mario   Mushroom      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMario Mushroom - - This one goes for all the Mario Bros. fans! And then some...

Micro-Fiber   Case      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMicro-Fiber Case - - As the case is in your pocket or bag the weight of the iPod/iPhone shifts and it rubs against the microfiber cloth which in turn polishes and cleans your device! Simple!

Mobile   Gadget Cozy      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMobile Gadget Cozy - – If you know how to knit, then this craft project is a great way to make a holder for your beloved music player. Boys need not worry, any colored yarn will do.

Mobile   Gadget Pocket      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMobile Gadget Pocket - – Take your music everywhere with you in this easy to make furry little thing.

Monster   Cosy      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMonster Cosy - - Here you will find a felt monster i-pod tutorial that will take less than an hour to make.

Mp3   Case      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMp3 Case - – Who says protecting your electronic gadgets such as Mp3 players need to be expensive? Follow our guide and we’ll show you how to make your own, in style.

MP3   Player Case: New and ImprovedMP3 Player Case: New and Improved - - This "new and improved" case that fits the Rio Karma is easier to make than the old design, and it can be made so all the controls and jacks on the device are accessible while it's in the case. This case closes when the loops at the top are joined in the carabiner, which can be used to attach the case to a bag, belt or waistband. There is a protective vinyl cover over the screen. The general style of this case is easily adaptable to fit outher squarish MP3 players.

Mp3   Player Covers      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMp3 Player Covers - - These little covers will add style to any personal electronics devices and can help hi-tech teens personalize their gadgets and try out the low- tech craft of hand sewing. These holders can be adapted to fit many hand held electronic devises such as cell phones, mp 3 players, or hand-held video games at a fraction of the cost of holders that are sold at the mall. Teens will find these holders so easy to make and so inexpensive they can make several. These would also make creative Gift s for friends and family.

Mp3   Holder      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMp3 Holder : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for Children - - You can tailor this make to create covers for portable CD players, mobile phones or digital cameras. In fact you can make one to fit just about anything! Try making some for members of your family - they make the perfect personalized present. Never lose your mp3 player by stitching your name onto the holder.

Mp3   Player Cozy      : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for ChildrenMp3 Player Cozy : Mp3 & iPod Holders Crafts for Children - - On today's environment, geek chic rules with these cute cozies for the technological gadgets in your life. An MP3 cozy therefore, makes a great Gift . Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Mp3   Player HolderMp3 Player Holder - - Find an old pair of jeans with a pocket that fits your MP3 player snugly. Use child-safe scissors and ask an adult for help with this project. Remember to observe safety first before anything else.

Mp3   Player Neck HolsterMp3 Player Neck Holster - - Over your shoulder or around your neck, these knit pouches are handy to hold keys, lipstick, and your cell phone or MP3 player. Off you go on a walk or quick trip to the grocery. These little pouches can be used in many ways. Vary the dimensions according to your needs.

Mp3   player on the CapMp3 player on the Cap - - Summer, hot. Do you like listening to music, but hate the lace on the neck and the mess of wire? Attach your player to the visors!

NES   Mp3NES Mp3 - - This is a simple 20 minute project on how to transform an old NES Controller into a cool looking MP3 player holder using materials that will cost you for about $20.

Nice   Disguise CosyNice Disguise Cosy - - Got iPod pride but want to keep your iPod safe and warm while showing off it's still an iPod? Make it an iPod disguise cosy.

<strong>Paper Case</strong>Paper Case - This will show you how to make a case for your iPod using paper and clear packaging tape in easy to follow step by step instructions.

Paper   Mache MP3 HolderPaper Mache MP3 Holder - - Paper mache, sounds crazy huh? It used to be that masks were made using paper mache, but here is another way to carry your MP3 player in style. Just give it a try! Of course, you can use this for any kind of iPod, MP3 player or cellphone, as long as you have somewhere to take a mold of the gadget.

Plastic   NeedlepointPlastic Needlepoint - – Wait… is that the sound of decades crashing together? Yes, iPod meets plastic needlepoint is a little bit like Hannah Montana singing backup for the Bee Gees. But in a rather good way. Because while it would have taken the entire decade to needlepoint a case for our 8-track tape player, this carrier sews up in a snap.

Playful   iPod HolderPlayful iPod Holder - - Tuck-away pockets protect tune players and ear buds in a simple clip-on carrier.

 Playing Cards Case Playing Cards Case - – Now here is something unique! Turn those incomplete decks of playing cards into something useful for your treasured MP3 player.

Plex   Electronic Gadgets Charging PocketPlex Electronic Gadgets Charging Pocket - -The charging pocket saves space by keeping electronics off counters and tables. Begin with a crayon box and use our templates to embellish it with Plex details. Cords drop through the bottom of the box.

Pig   iPod CozyPig iPod Cozy - - Help celebrate the Chinese New Year, "Year of the Pig" by making this cute pig iPod cozy from recycle felted sweaters. So cute!

Piglet   CostumePiglet Costume - - Here's a little something different for the girls who never forget to bring along their tunes with them.

Pouch   For Ipod Nano/Small MP3 PlayersPouch For Ipod Nano/Small MP3 Players - - This guide will teach you how to make a case for your new iPod Nano or similarly sized music players to stop it from getting scratched in the depths of your bag or pockets.

Protect   the TechProtect the Tech - - Recycle cast off denim into a convenient caddy with three separate pockets to protect delicate expensive gadgets from your keys, pens, half eaten granola bars and whatever else lurks in your backpack or purse. Add an optional wrist strap and it can double as a minimalist purse.

Purse   PouchPurse Pouch - - A set of woven pouches can keep electronic devices such as cameras and MP3 players (at left) safe inside your bag. Each has an attractive scalloped edge -- no finishing required.

Sandwich   CoverSandwich Cover - - Made with craft foam, and cheap dollar store acrylic paints, here is a nice, non-edible sandwich to keep your Ipod/Mp3 Player Warm :)

Santa's   Gadget CozySanta's Gadget Cozy - - This modified sock makes a perfect pouch for your precious gadgets such as a mobile phone, small digicam, iPod or any other mp3 player. It will also add a festive touch to your phone. The sock works great as its stretchy, quick to make and prevents scratches whilst being utterly unique!

Sew   BotSew Bot - - I just needed an ipod cover and thought a robot would be ended up coming out pretty good. So here's acute little robot to protect your iPod, cell phone or whatever you want!

Shuffle/Mp3   Gum CosyShuffle/Mp3 Gum Cosy - - Disguise your iPod shuffle as a packet of gum with this crafty tutorial.

Silicon   Mp3 CaseSilicon Mp3 Case - - Handheld MP3 music players have revolutionized the world of personal entertainment, unfortunately, they can sometimes be fragile devices. Silicone sleeve cases make an attractive and fun protector; with just a trip to you local kitchen supply store, you can make your own. Here's how to pattern a personalized silicone MP3 case using a silicone baking sheet.

Snoopy   CoverSnoopy Cover - - Here's a great way to recycle a sock… Snoopy style!

SpiderMan   PouchSpiderMan Pouch - - This modified sock makes a perfect pouch for your precious gadgets such as a mobile phone, small digicam, iPod or any other mp3 player.

SquiPod   iPod CozySquiPod iPod Cozy - – There’s no better name for this crafty craft project other than what we have given it. But then again, you could change it yourself once you have made your own. Find out how!

Sweatpants   SockSweatpants Sock - - All you need is a pair of old sweatpants (or at least the leg), a sewing machine, and some creativity!

Swiss   Tech CaseSwiss Tech Case - -This guide will teach you how to make a cool looking and tough ipod case out of a swiss tech box.

Techno   HoodieTechno Hoodie - - Here's something that you can do to take the boredom out of a rainy Saturday afternoon. Since you can't go out to go window shopping at the mall, why not make something to protect your beloved electronic gizmos?

The   iMugThe iMug - - This iMug holder will be able to hold any iPod or MP3 player (I do not say that it will not be stolen).

The   ZipDockThe ZipDock - – Learn how to make an iPod dock/charger made from parts that are found lying around the house.

Wooly   JumpersWooly Jumpers - - If you have some spare wool around the house, then do some knitting! This guide will show you how to make all shapes, sizes, colors and styles of the snug little jumper/pockets/socks for phones, iPods, and similar MP3 Players.

Woven   Fabric MP3 Player CaseWoven Fabric MP3 Player Case - - This pattern was made for the 4th generation iPod, but a few simple modifications should allow it to fit other models. This case was made for a player which is 5/8" wide.


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I got this game and loved it and by the way I’m not a bot like another person said. All the good reviews are I can’t prove this but yeah... now I’m not sure why people said for you’re safety don’t get this game it seems safe I have been playing it for a few months now and I have never felt unsafe. It’s addictive I have no clue why it just is. This game cost no money it does have adds but that’s how they get their money so no complaints there! But I do have a subjection. If you put DIY in the games name people are going to think you can design it yourself but, if you want more money then you have to watch a add or do exactly what the person says I think the game should be more DIY like it the name. Thanks for reading over all its a great game 👍have a great day! 👋


Fun, but it has WAY to many adds, after a while I just got sick of adds and deleted the game. But I downloaded it again because the game itself was very fun. But back to the adds. It is fine to watch an add to earn prizes but this games adds is just excessive! I was playing like one minute ago and it wouldn’t even let me exit out of the add! I rebooted the whole iPad and everything but STILL! And some of the adds I find are a bit inappropriate sometimes. So overall a good game, bad adds. #stupidadds also, they repeat the same adds over and over and OVER! So it’s like DUDE! Show something NEW at least ! It is especially annoying when it is an add that looks kinda cool and u can’t do a little sample run of the game, or it is a game u already downloaded, or if u downloaded the game on the add and the game itself is nothing like add. (I know from personal experience 😑) So just needs new adds! And PLS make the glitter update SOON! Sorry, of topic. I ❤️ the game, hate the adds. Also, I agree the app is pretty safe, no online play, no friends, but I’m iffy about the adds carrying viruses or something. So agreed and disagreed on the whole “safe or not “ thing. And one more thing, u have an option to skip the thing that requires an add to do, but if u click skip, it makes u watch an add anyway! So what is the point? So I give it a 2/5. Kinda a thumbs down 👎. Because it is also kinda boring. Kinda 2 or 3+. Anyway, hope this helps!

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Requires iPadOS 12 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12 or later.

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

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12+ Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear ThemesInfrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude HumorInfrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment InformationInfrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy ViolenceInfrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive ThemesInfrequent/Mild Realistic ViolenceInfrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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