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Who is Armored Republic? Buyer’s Guide


Ar500 Armor provides steel, ceramic, and polyethylene ballistic protection for civilians, military, and law enforcement. The plates that I recommend in this blog are both certified by the NIJ and will protect you based on Level 3 & Level 4 NIJ standards. AR500 Armor provides plate carriers, utility pouches, and IFAK kits to make them a one-stop-shop for your protection and tactical gear needs. The reason I recommend AR500 Armor is because they have been fairly transparent about the capabilities of their armor and provide evidence of their claims. The price point is almost unmatched in the body armor industry and will serve you well for at least 5 years with moderate to extensive wear and tear. I recommend giving them a chance and if you like their products, you could end up saving hundreds, if not thousands on ballistic protection.

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Sentry Vest with Level 3 AR500 Curved and Coated Plates


IN STOCK USUALLY SHIPS FROM OUR FACILITY IN 1-2  DAYS!!!! (updated weekly) (ACTUAL BUSINESS DAYS) Unlike others with 8 to 14 weeks lead time.



NEW XL WITH 11X14  PLATES NOW AVAILABLE ( use drop down menu for size)


Additional Full Frag Mitigation Coating Available.

AR500 Body Armor with Sentry Vest.
This set includes the Sentry Plate Carrier, 10×12 front and rear Formed plates.

Level III, body armor. Tested under NIJ-0101.06 III ballistic body armor standards by H.P. White

Available in Black, Tan, OD Green, Black Multicam and Multicam

  • Emergency drag handle
  • Removable padded mesh shoulder pads with hook and loop guides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • MOLLE Heavyweight webbing for modular attachments
  • Padded mesh interior lining
  • Quick adjust cinches
  • Quick release buckles
  • Easy access plate pockets
  • Free USPS Shipping
  • we reserve the rite to upgrade from ar500 to ar550 plates if we are out of ar500 without notice

Additional information


Black Multi Cam, Multicam, Woodland camo, Black, Conceal (CVP) Vest, OD Green, Tan


Base Coat, Full Frag Mitigation coating +$65

10X12 11X14


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Raw steel can be cut into many different forms: plates, billets, beams, sheets, bars, slabs, rolls, and more.

AR500 Armor manufactures steel plates of all sorts. These are used in the creation of the brand’s different types of body armor. The plates, their configuration, and their coating – these are the determining factors in the level of protection which is attributed to the armor. The plates can be flat, single curve, or multi curve, and the shape of their cut affects their recommended use, their durability, and their performance.

AR500 Plate Carrier

Okay, so let’s say you’ve got yourself a nice Level IV plate of AR500 armor – how are you going to physically put it on? It is essentially just a treated piece of hardened coated steel weighing in at 8.3 lbs, so it’s not exactly something you can just stick under your shirt willy nilly.

You need something to wear which will position your armor in the right location on your body, and provide the best fit for the mission or situation at hand. This is precisely what the AR500 plate carrier series is: modular armor-housing solutions.

AR500 Carrier

In the company’s recent 2019 catalog, some new carriers appeared alongside the older and more familiar ones. The idea is simple: these carriers are designed to set the plates in the right places, while keeping you lightweight, mobile, and protected.

By the way, the plate carriers are made in Vietnam to Armored Republic’s strict standards, but the plates themselves are manufactured in the US, at the company’s facilities in Arizona.

AR500’s carriers are each designed a little differently, to correspond with the wants and needs of different types of users or scenarios. Some of the plate carriers in their lineup are:

  • Concealment
  • Emergency Personal Carrier (EPC)
  • Guardian
  • Micro
  • Tetsudo Gen 2
  • Veritas
  • AR Freeman (new for 2019)
  • AR Invictus (new for 2019)
  • Tetsudo Lite (new for 2019)
  • Veritas Lite (new for 2019)

There are others available, and some which have been discontinued. They all come in different configurations and sizes, and are compatible with the various plates and pads.

This is certainly no “one size fits all” situation. Far from it. What fits one set of plates and gear may not fit the other set – which is why you should take the time and do your research. That way you will find the best and most appropriate combination for you. There is also the option of all sorts of upgrades, chest rigs, pouches, and accessories.

AR500 plates and armor

The more gear you carry, the bulkier and heavier you become. This is why AR500’s plate carriers are designed to provide the civilian, officer, soldier, or agent with the best protection possible, while still enabling them to get moving quickly and, if needed, engage the enemy with force and agility.

Their carriers are lightweight, double-stitched, reinforced, and they come with different combinations of webbing, velcro, mesh, 500D Cordura (a high-strength durable nylon), and more.

These carriers are all fully adjustable and easily customized, because gear is an inseparable part of combat readiness, and it should be personalized to the highest degree.

Plate carrier MSRP: starts at $49 (for the EPC) and up to $249 (for the Valkyrie)

AR500 Targets

AR500 Armor also manufactures steel targets and stands. Most shooters probably use paper targets, but steel is a great (and fun) alternative. It is usually not a real necessity, but in some cases it is clearly the better option.

The company offers silhouettes, gongs, zones, and packages of all kinds, including a build-your-own target option. Targets are made of AR500 steel, starting at the MSRP of $9 for the 2” gong.

AR500 Targets

Steel gives you easier and immediate hit-or-miss confirmation, with a satisfying “PING!” to boot. They last much, much longer than paper could ever hope to last, and they also allow you to keep firing without having to go down-range to change targets. Plus, weather conditions do not affect them, and if you do want to make them look good as new, a quick spray-over with any cheap can of spray paint will provide adequate and satisfying results.

As mentioned, AR500 steel is a combination of hardness and strength. These are both needed if you are planning on firing at steel targets regularly. If you choose a softer or more mild kind of steel, the target will deform quickly and potentially affect the results of your shots, as well as the amount and direction of ricochets. This poses potential safety and training hazards, so if you are going to use steel – do it right, and use proper steel targets with a rating of 500 or higher on the Brinell scale.


Shortly after PFC Stephen Tschiderer was shot, both the sniper and the cameraman were apprehended by US forces. The two insurgents had sustained various wounds and injuries (the result of a 90-minute pursuit), and were tended to by none other than the medic on the scene – Tschiderer himself. I don’t think the tragic irony was lost on anyone who was there.

I’ll tell you what we really need, though. We need to get ourselves some of that Elven mithril, that appears In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It is described as being a precious silver-like metal which is extremely lightweight, and which can be fashioned into hard and durable armor. But the chances of finding some mithril outside of Middle-earth are not too good, and I don’t know of any Dwarves who are currently in the trade.

So if you want a high-quality, American-made product which may save your bacon when the chips are down – the good people over at Armored Republic and AR500 Armor have got you covered, front, back, and sides.


AR500 Targets

Shooting targets are some of the fastest and costliest consumables for training. Purchasing high-quality shooting targets can help you cut down on costs while simultaneously increasing the quality of training. At Tactical Scorpion Gear, we host one of the largest assortments of AR500 steel targets for sale.

The Different Types of Targets on Our Collection

We host mainly two different types of targets in our collection. These include steel plate targets and AR500 steel targets for sale.

Highly Durable Targets for Reuse

Unlike conventional targets, you can use our AR500 steel plate targets again and again. They can sustain heavy damages without any signs of failure. The targets are perfect for guns that support heavy ammo. The thick plate nature of the best shooting targets allows you to use them for prolonged periods. You can purchase these reactive steel targets to train your soldiers for longer and harder periods.

Outdoor Shooting Targets with Gong Nature

Shooting indoors is relatively simple and easy. However, while practicing outdoors, you need to invest in high-duty plates that can sustain damage from heavy guns. Also, you cannot bring the shooting targets back to you with a powered pulley in case of an outdoor shooting range. Under such circumstances, the gong nature of our AR500 steel plate targets helps you identify the right and the wrong shots. In case your bullet hits the target, it produces a heavy metallic noise that helps you track the shot. You can go and check the accuracy of the shot for yourself using binoculars later.

Outdoor Shooting Targets for Hanging Systems

At Tactical Scorpion Gear, we strongly believe in providing end-to-end solutions for all our customers. Therefore, we provide a range of reactive steel targets with hanging systems that can be used with fixtures in outdoor scenarios.

Want to ensure that you have the best shooters in the country? Buy complete AR500 target sets for them, only from Tactical Scorpion Gear.

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Review body ar500 targets armor

AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor products are some of the most popular items we sell at LA Police Gear. The company launched its own body and ballistic armor in 2012. AR500 Armor created their products with the military, law enforcement and law-abiding Americans in mind. 

It’s AR500 body armor and other similar products that offer high-quality, reliable personal security solutions at an affordable price. The company is able to keep prices affordable because they buy materials in bulk. They also spend a significant amount of money on research and development, so the armor and plates you buy are innovative and fully protect you. 

Since AR500 Armor is a small company, everything is made with care. Everything is done in-house because they never outsource any part of the process so the company can maintain its own quality standards. 

The company manufactures the AR500 Armor and AR500 plates with a unique in-house process that allows them to source the materials they need to create quality armor to their specifications. AR500 Armor sets the standard for ballistic steel core body armor. They’ve taken ballistic steel to the next level with leading spall and fragmentation mitigation coatings.

AR500 plates are very popular, and the most in-demand item is the Armor Level III ASC plate. This revolutionary body armor combines durability, affordability and quality to create some of the best ballistic plates out there. The AR500 Level III ASC plate is the flagship model for people who need rugged and reliable armor that feels comfortable but protects you. This armor also provides additional room for your rifle stock with shooting ergonomics and comfort in mind. 

All AR500 Armor ballistic products are 100 percent made in the U.S. The company comes as the most vetted, reviewed, validated and independently tested body armor manufacturer in the world by its peers. 

LA Police Gear keeps the most popular AR500 body armor and ballistic plates in stock–from the soft armor all the way up to the level IV ballistic plates. 



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