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Core i7-950 is a desktop processor from Intel released on 2 June 2009, and it is in end-of-life production status now. It belongs to Core i7 family and has a Bloomfield architecture. This processor is built on Intel Socket 1366, and uses Gen 2 PCI express connection. 45 nm process is used in production.

Processor has 4 cores and 8 threads, with the base frequency of 3.066 GHz. It has DDR3 Triple-channel memory support. As for the cache, it supports L1 64K (per core), L2 256K (per core) and L3 8MB (shared).

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Release date
2 June 2009
Production status
Core i7
Intel Socket 1366
Number of cores
Number of threads
3.066 GHz
Turbo clock
up to 3.333 GHz
Cache L1
64K (per core)
Cache L2
256K (per core)
Cache L3
8MB (shared)
130 W


Intel Socket 1366
Process size
45 nm
731 million
Die size
263 mm²


3.066 GHz
Turbo clock
up to 3.333 GHz
Base clock
133 MHz
Multiplier unlocked
1.375 V
130 W


Production status
Release date
2 June 2009
Core i7
Memory support
DDR3 Triple-channel
ECC memory
PCI Express
Gen 2


Number of cores
Number of threads
Integrated graphics


Cache L1
64K (per core)
Cache L2
256K (per core)


  • MMX
  • SSE
  • SSE2
  • SSE3
  • SSE4.2
  • SMT
  • EIST
  • Intel 64
  • VT-x
  • TXT
  • HTT
  • XD-Bit

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Sours: https://sysrqmts.com/cpus/intel/core-i7/bloomfield/950
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Intel Core i7-950 Review

Intel Core i5-950 Review

UK price (as reviewed):£228.15 (inc VAT)
US price (as reviewed):$294.99 (ex tax)

One of the reasons we find the world of technology so addictive is that it's in an almost perpetual state of change. Products come and go quickly and there is always something bigger and shinier on the horizon. This can often mean that companies are forced to discount current products to encourage people to buy now rather than waiting for the future shiny.

This is certainly the case right now in the CPU market. Intel's new Sandy Bridge chips are on the horizon and their imminent arrival is forcing the company to rapidly reshuffle its product line-up. The last few months have seen the Core i7-920 finally disappear from the shelves and Intel announce that its replacement, the Core i7-930, will soon follow it. We've also seen the Core i7-950 dramatically halve in price, bringing it to within just £17 of the soon to be gone i7-930. This is a strong indication as to where Sandy Bridge CPUs will sit in the performance line-up.

At its new price, the i7-950 looks like a bargain. It's based on the same quad-core Bloomfield design as the i7-930 and packs the same 8MB pool of Level 3 cache. It's also produced on the same super-overclockable 45nm production process as the i7-930 and has the same D0 core stepping. The ace up its sleeve, though, is its 23x CPU multiplier, which gives it an advantage in terms of raw clock speed; the i7-950 has a rated speed of 3.06GHz compared to the 2.8GHz of the i7-930.

Intel Core i7-950 Review
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The i7-950 uses the same Turbo Boost technology as the rest of the LGA1366 range which means the CPU has the ability to dynamically increase its speed when it's not drawing its maximum TDP. Intel claims the i7-950 has the ability to boost up to 3.33GHz. In practice though, the CPU boosted its speed to 3.2GHz regardless of how many cores were loaded.


We get twitchy if we spend an entire afternoon at stock voltages so we dutifully dipped into the BIOS to move some numbers around. We were hoping for good things too as Bloomfield-based chips have typically been excellent overclockers.

Things didn't go entirely smoothly. We started by first ramping up the QPI to 200MHz and applying a CPU multiplier of 20x giving an overall CPU speed of 4GHz. The chip managed this easily so we set our sights on achieving the same 4.3GHz that we know our test i7-930 chip is capable of. We tried the i7-950 at the same 205MHz QPI and 21x CPU multiplier we used when we reviewed the i7-930 but it would crash after only a few second of running Prime95 - hardly the reliable overclock we like to see.

After a little negotiation we managed our 4.3GHz overclock, but at a less than optimal 187MHz QPI and 23x CPU multiplier. This arrangement meant our DDR3 memory only ran at 1,499MHz as opposed to the 1,600MHz it was capable of. We also needed to up the voltages significantly to achieve this overclock and the 1.468V vcore we settled on meant the i7-950 ran pretty toasty during testing. We also raised the CPU PLL to 1.94V, the QPI/DRAM voltage to 1.306V, the IOH to 1.22V and the ICH voltage to 1.3V.

Intel Core i7-950 Review
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  • Frequency: 3.06GHz
  • Core: Bloomfield
  • Manufacturing process: 45nm
  • Number of cores: 4 x physical, 4 x logical
  • Cache: L1: 32KB +32KB (each core), L2: 256 KB (each core), L3: 8MB (shared)
  • Memory controller: Triple-channel DDR3
  • GPU: None
  • Packaging: LGA1366
  • Thermal Design Power (TDP): 130W
  • Features: SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4, EM64T, EIST, Execute Disable Bit, Hyper-Threading, VT

Sours: https://bit-tech.net/reviews/tech/cpus/intel-core-i7-950-review/1/

Will an i7 950 be enough?

Thanks again all. I do have the correct PSU I put in a new one and I’ve for 24gb ram so that’s not an issue

The issue with trying to fit the video card may be length and width but Im going to measure again tonight however another video card issue might be getting one!

I am very confused at the moment as the grx 1050ti is an older card which has been brought back onto the market? Because it seems there’s no new alternative?

What I mean by this is that there is no budget NVIDIA or AMD GPU with 4/8gb except for older 1050ti and Rx580s?

Current video cards with 4 or 8gb in and and NVIDIA are like $500 minimum but the older 1050 and 580 were prices around $240 but most are out of stock and finding a second hand one is not cheap either

I think this is because of the video card shortage? Finding a new 580 8gb is hard because it’s discontinued, I have found stock of the 1050 but I would prefer the 580

Maybe at the moment I just wait. I don’t want to spend $500 on a GPU I’d really like to find a reasonably priced 580 new or second hand

Sours: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/will-an-i7-950-be-enough/379883

950 i7

Intel Core I7 950 3.06GHz Quad Core Processor Review

Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz Bloomfield CPU

Intel Core I7 950 Performance Review

Today we are going to look at an offering from Intel that has actually been around for quite some time. In fact it was released in the second quarter of 2009. You may be asking yourself why are we looking at a chip from a year and a half ago? Well, in short, the recent price drop on the Intel Core I7 950 has made this particular processor much more of an attractive option for the masses. When the Intel Core I7 950 was initially released it had a price tag of $560. This wasn’t a price that many wanted to pay. That was then, and a new day has dawned or at least the Intel Core I7 950 has gotten a serious price slash. Currently you can find the Core I7 950 online for only $294.99. This isn’t a bad price for this much power. Though if you are one of the lucky ones who happens to live near a Microcenter, you can purchase the Intel Core I7 950 for as little as $199.99 as we were fortunate enough to do. Only problem is that this is limit one per customer and in store only.

Intel Core I7 950 CPUz

Does the Intel Core I7 950 have any differences from the I7 920 through the I7 940? Nope, well aside from frequency of course. The QPI remains at 4.8GT/s, the TDP is 130W like all of the Intel Core I7 processors, and the L3 Cache is 8Mb as well. As stated the only difference is the frequency, the Intel Core I7 950 trots along at a comfortable pace of 3.06GHz thanks to the x23 multiplier and the 133MHz base clock speed. When Intel’s turbo technology kicks in the Core I7 950 runs along at 3.33Ghz. Does the drop in price for the Intel Core I7 950 mean that we are going to see the end of the Intel Core I7 930? If Newegg.com is any indication, I believe that it does as we can’t find the I7 930 available there.

Intel Core I7 950 Die

Taking a look at the die of the Intel Core i7 950 processor we see a first for Intel processors — the integrated memory controller. This on-die, triple channel, DDR3 memory controller is unique in the fact that it allows consumers to run three memory modules together for optimal performance. By moving to an integrated memory controller and triple channel memory the platform has over 25GB/s of throughput between the processor and DDR3 memory modules!

Intel Core I7 950 Processor Performance review

For those that follow processor architecture you will notice a brand new cache structure on the Core i7 diagram shown above. All Intel Core i7 processors feature L1, L2, and shared L3 caches. Before, Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad processors had just an L1 and L2 cache. The break down on the cache is as follows: there is a 64K L1 cache (32K Instruction, 32K Data) per core, 1MB of total L2 cache, and an impressive 8MB chunk of L3 cache that is shared across all the cores. That means that all Intel Core i7 processors have over 9MB of memory right there on the 45nm processor!

Intel Core I7 950 Specifications

ProcessorCore I7 950
Number of Cores4
Number of Threads8
Clock Speed3.06 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency3.33 GHz
Intel Smart Cache8 MB
Bus/Core Ratio23
Intel QPI Speed4.8 GT/s
Number of QPI Links1
Instruction Set64-bit
Instruction Set ExtensionsSSE4.2
Embedded Options AvailableNo
Lithography45 nm
Max TDP130 W
VID Voltage Range0.800V-1.375V
Max Memory Size24 GB
Number of Memory Channels3
Max Memory Bandwidth25.6 GB/s

The Intel Core I7 950 is host to several “advanced technologies” such as Intel Turbo Boost Technology, and Intel Hyper-Threading. You can find all of the technologies from Intel and which ones the I7 950 takes advantage of below.

Intel Core I7 950 Advanced Technologies

Intel Turbo Boost TechnologyYes
Intel Hyper-Threading TechnologyYes
Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)Yes
Intel Trusted Execution TechnologyNo
AES New InstructionsNo
Intel 64Yes
Idle StatesYes
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep TechnologyYes
Intel Demand Based SwitchingNo
Thermal Monitoring TechnologiesNo
Execute Disable BitYes

Before we get to far into the good stuff, we need to take a look at the system we will be using for our testing today.

Questions or comments? View this thread in our forums!
Sours: https://www.legitreviews.com/intel-core-i7-950-3-06ghz-quad-core-processor-review_1484


Crush your enemies, climb the tower of paperwork -- or do both at the same time. Intel's Core i7 processor not only makes it possible, it makes it easy. The Core i7 950 has four cores that run at 3.06GHz and shares 8MB of L3 cache.

Quad cores means true multi-tasking and multi-threading. One core handles the usual action on your operating system, while the second can play a DVD on the TV, the third download a file from internet, and the fourth one sends audio to the kids in another room without lags or stutters. All this is made easier with Intel’s advanced Digital Media Boost.

With Intel Turbo Boost technology and Intel Hyper-Threading technology, The Core i7 enables highly threaded applications or demanding applications to work in maximum speed without any extra effort. The 45nm Intel Core i7 processor is armed with Intel HD Boost, which implementing new Intel Streaming SIMD Extension 4.1 (Intel SSE4.1) instructions for fast high definition video editing and encoding, enhance the multimedia performance.

Learn more about Intel-powered ultrabooks. Check out our Ultrabooks store page.

  • neweggIntel Core i7 Quad-core ProcessorWith four processing cores, the multitasking monster Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor delivers fourfold the performance on highly-threaded applications, taking your desktop PC experience into a completely new realm of mega power. The powerful processor delivers serious performance on the ultra-demanding games of today and tomorrow. The innovative 45nm quad-core technology optimizes thermal performance for reduced power consumption and noise.
  • neweggIntegrated DDR3 Memory ControllerWith the integrated DDR3 memory controller, the Intel Core i7 enables three channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, resulting in up to 25.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Plus the memory controller's lower latency and higher memory bandwidth delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.
  • neweggIntel Advanced Smart CacheIntel Advanced Smart Cache Technology dynamically allocates the shared L3 cache to each processor core based on workload. This efficient, multi-core-optimized implementation increases the probability that each core can access data from fast L3 cache, resulting in significantly reduced latency for frequently used data and improved performance.
  • neweggIntel Turbo Boost technologyIntel Turbo Boost technology maximizes speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload-more performance when you need it the most.
  • neweggIntel Wide Dynamic ExecutionWith Intel Wide Dynamic Execution, each of the four cores can complete up to four full instructions simultaneously, improves execution speed and efficiency, delivering more instructions per clock cycle.
  • neweggGreater Performance with Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology)Hyper-threading enables multi-threaded software applications to execute two software threads in parallel to improve system responsiveness. Intel Core i7 enabled with HT Technology delivers performance and multitasking gains that result in increased productivity and efficiency.
Sours: https://www.newegg.com/intel-core-i7-950/p/N82E16819115211

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