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Warframe: Top 15 Focus Ways You Need To Use

Focus schools are skill trees tied to a player's Operator in Warframe. Each Focus school includes unique passives and augments called Ways that grant powerful bonuses to either the Operator or Warframe.

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There are five Focus schools to choose from: Zenurik, Naramon, Vazarink, Madurai, and Unairu. Each school focuses on different things, whether that be defense or utility. Since maxing out a Focus school can be a long and arduous process, it is best to focus on unlocking the best Ways first. Even if players are not interested in upgrading their Operator, there are plenty of Focus Ways that enhance a player's Warframe. Here are the 15 best Focus Ways players need to use in Warframe.

Updated October 17th, by Charles Burgar: Warframe's Focus system has remained mostly untouched ever since it was overhauled in What has radically changed is the core game itself. Changes to status, armor, and the addition of new activities have made some Focus nodes, otherwise known as Focus Ways, become more relevant. For those looking for the best nodes to unlock while leveling the Focus system, here are 15 options that are sure to please.

15 Mending Unity (Vazarin)

Mending Unity is a Vazarin node that increases a player's affinity range by 25 meters at max rank. A player's affinity range is 50 by default, which makes this bonus equivalent to increasing a player's affinity range by 50%.

Earning experience at a further range can be useful for Sanctuary Onslaught runs or while leveling items on Hydron or similar Defense missions. This affinity bonus also increases the effective range of Trinity's Blessing, Harrow's Covenant, and Harrow's Penance. Harrow and Trinity mains should consider using this node since Zenurik's nodes are focused on generating energy, something these Warframes can do inherently thanks to their abilities.

14 Lightning Dash (Zenurik)

Every Focus school has two augments tied to the Operator's Void Dash mode. For Zenurik, the second upgrade is Lightning Dash.

Whenever the Operator dashes, they will spawn a lightning orb when the dash ends. This orb deals Electricity damage to any nearby target, striking out at enemies slightly faster than once a second. Up to three of these orbs can spawn at once. To make the most out of this node, dash three times at the ground to spawn three of these orbs. Since the damage can proc the Electricity status effect, it acts as a fantastic form of crowd control and deals a surprising amount of damage against Corpus—even in Sortie-tier content.

13 Affinity Spike (Naramon)

In order to earn Focus points, players will have to earn experience with a max rank weapon or Warframe that has a Focus lens installed. Since earning Focus can be rather slow, running affinity-boosting effects is a great idea.

That is why unlocking and maxing out the Affinity Spike Way for Naramon is a great idea when players first unlock their Focus schools. At max rank, this Way grants 45% more affinity towards any equipped melee weapon. The node says it's only from kills, but this bonus applies to any affinity earned towards a melee weapon. With this active and using only a melee weapon and Warframe, players will earn significantly more affinity and, therefore, more Focus points.

12 Unairu Wisp (Unairu)

Unairu may not be the most useful Focus school for general content, but when players have to fight Eidelons or enemies that rely on Operator damage, Unariu is one of the best options.

That is mainly thanks to Unariu Wisp, an upgrade for Void Blast that spawns a Wisp for the entire team to use, granting double damage for 12 seconds. This effect is multiplicative with other buffs, meaning that this can be combined with Madurai's Void Strike to grant obscene amounts of damage. Every good Eidolon hunting squad has a Unairu user with this Way selected.

11 Energy Pulse (Zenurik)

Zenurik's first node is Energy Pulse. This passive causes all Energy pickups to grant 50% additional energy over five seconds. If players find a point Energy Orb, for example, it will grant Energy regeneration per second for five seconds.

Every Energy Orb pickup will activate this passive, even if Energy Pulse is currently active. For instance, picking up ten point Energy Orbs at once will grant 25 Energy regeneration per second. Considering how frequently Energy Orbs drop from slain foes, it isn't uncommon to have upwards of ten Energy regenerating per second. Unfortunately, Energy Pulse does not work while a Warframe is currently channeling an ability.

10 Void Flow (Zenurik)

Void Flow is the simplest Way node to understand on this list, yet it is arguably one of the most important Ways to unlock.

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This Zenurik passive increases the Operator's total Energy by 90% at max rank. Unlike most passives, this can be upgraded as a Waybound passive, meaning that every Focus school players use can equip this Way. Energy on Operators is insanely useful, allowing them to stay invisible longer while crouching, dash further with Void Dash, and knock enemies down more frequently with the Operator's Void Blast.

9 Temporal Blast (Zenurik)

Yet another Way from Zenurik, Temporal Blast augments the Operator's Void Blast to slow enemies by 80% for 15 seconds at max rank.

This upgrade is even stronger than it sounds, as Void Blast ragdolls enemies to the floor by default. With this upgrade, enemies will spend the next 15 seconds slowly getting up from the ragdoll. Since this affects most bosses, Temporal Blast can be used as a substitute for a Nova's fourth ability at will to instantly take a tough enemy out of the fight.

8 Surging Dash (Naramon)

Naramon's Surging Dash grants the Operator's Void Dash 30% increased damage and increases the radius of Void Dash by 12 meters.

For those unaware, Void Dash projects an energy field around the Operator mid-cast that seems to be around three meters. Any foe hit by the field will be ragdolled and grant ten Energy. Surging Dash increases this to 15 meters, meaning the player can hit significantly more foes with their Void Dash. Since Executing Dash—the node before Surging Dash in the Naramon tree—makes enemies susceptible to finishers after a dash, Surging Dash allows the Operator to set up a devastating melee spin attack.

As for mobility, Surging Dash is the best non-Waybound node in Warframe. Every dash through a target returns ten Energy, and since players now have a meter radius to work with every Void Dash, nearly every dash will grant the Operator Energy. Chaining Void Dashes near targets can let the player traverse an entire level in a matter of seconds.

7 Mending Soul (Vazarin)

With how many mods exist in Warframe, it is surprising that only one mod affects revive speed. Unless players want to bring Trinity for her passive, there aren't many ways of getting allies back in the fight faster.

The alternative to using Amalgam Shotgun Spazz for revive speed is to use Vazarin's Mending Soul passive. This Way makes the next 4 revives a player makes instant. If players walk over a friend who's down and press the revive button, they will immediately get up, consuming one stack of Mending Soul. Not only do Warframes get four stacks of Mending Soul but Operators do as well, meaning players can instantly revive players up to eight times. Once all stacks are consumed, swap to the Operator once more to gain eight total stacks again.

6 Void Strike (Madurai)

Void Strike is a Madurai Way that grants 12% additional damage to the Operator's next 8 Amp shots for every second a player stays in Void Mode.

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This single node makes Operators viable for taking down higher-level enemies and Eidolons. The bonus Void Strike gives does not have a cap, meaning players can crouch for a few minutes and deal over a thousand percent extra damage. While this has niche uses in normal content, this bonus is simply insane for Eidolon hunts, single-handedly making Operators able to one-shot Eidolon shields.

5 Inner Might (Zenurik)

Once considered the worst node in the Zenurik Focus school, Inner Might has received a massive rework when Melee released. Inner Might now grants 60% heavy attack efficiency for melee weapons.

Whenever the player uses a heavy attack, it would normally consume a player's entire combo. With Inner Might, it will only consume 40% of a player's melee combo multiplier. This effect can stack with other heavy attack efficiency Mods such as Reflex Coil and Focus Energy, up to a cap of 75% efficiency. Since heavy attacks can one-shot most Steel Path enemies, being able to chain heavy attacks together is nothing to scoff at. Inner Might can single-handedly let players make a heavy attack build.

4 Power Spike (Naramon)

Ever since Melee brought heavy attacks back in Warframe, keeping a high combo counter for constant heavy attacks is more important than ever.

If players don't want to use combo duration mods in their build, Power Spike is easily the best choice someone can make for keeping their combo counter up. This Naramon passive will only reduce a melee weapon's combo counter by 5 after its duration interval expires instead of the entire combo counter. For example, if players have a hit combo that expires after five seconds, Power Spike will reduce it to after five seconds instead of removing all hits, making this a phenomenal option for melee-oriented Warframes and builds.

3 Protective Dash (Vazarin)

Protective Dash is a Vazarin node that lets Void Dashes make Warframes and companions invincible at will.

More specifically, Protective Dash makes allies hit by an Operator's Void Dash invulnerable to damage for five seconds, restoring 60% of their health during this period. While the invulnerability portion only works on teammates, the healing portion works on objectives as well, albeit at a fixed healing rate. Excavators, defense objectives, and rescue targets will heal for a flat rate of health per second for five seconds. This is a fantastic pocket heal that can salvage a defense mission that's going poorly.

As for the invulnerability portion of Protective Dash, it's downright overpowered. If a Warframe is about to die, switch to Operator mode and dash through them to grant them five seconds of invulnerability on top of a 60% heal. Best of all, there isn't a cooldown on how frequently a player can do this.

2 Energizing Dash (Zenurik)

Most Warframe veterans know how powerful Energizing Dash is. For those who aren't aware, this Zenurik augment for Void Dash spawns an energy ring that regenerates Energy by five a second for 30 seconds.

Not only does this affect allies, but it also affects a player's Operator. Passive energy regeneration this high allows most Warframes to focus more on Power Strength instead of efficiency, allowing players to focus on other Warframe stats instead of Power Efficiency. Operators can also use this energy bonus to recover from dashing faster, letting them cover more ground with their Void Dash.

1 Mind Sprint (Naramon)

Mind Sprint does not grant damage or any buffs to a player's Warframe. Instead, this Waybound Naramon passive makes the Operator's Void Dashes % faster.

This passive is absolutely insane for speedrunning content, as it lets the Operator teleport across the map almost instantly. With Void Flow equipped as well, Operators can dash seven times in quick succession, each going more than twice as far as normal. Mind Sprint makes every Void Dash cover 25 meters each cast, meaning that players can traverse meters in two seconds! It's equivalent to having a pre-nerf Itzal Blink available at any time.

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Octavia is part of the Warframe family since March and has quickly become one of the most loved Warframes in the game. She is truly unique and her sound based skill set has a lot of potential.

Octavia can help out her team mates, deal a lot of damage or just delight everyone with her melody. The last part is something very special and an one-off in Warframe: The Mandachord allows every Octavia to use one song at a time.

If you want to be creative and compose your own melody, go ahead and experiment a bit with the possibilities. But if you want to choose from a lot of popular songs it is recommended to go to the Warframe forum and pick one from there.

Also before you invest a lot of Forma and time into your Octavia, you should probably learn about the Mandachore first. Reading the patch notes for Patch is a good start!


  • Super unique Warframe
  • Has own quest line
  • Good AoE damage
  • Solid armor stats
  • Passively replenishes team energy


  • Low shields
  • Too complex for beginners

The Best Octavia Builds

Finding the perfect build for Octavia isn&#;t easy and there are a lot of different variations out there that focus on different aspects and preferences.

That already starts with picking the aura slot polarity: Going with Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection is never wrong and you can totally use more energy or lowering enemies&#; armor.

But picking something like Steel Charge, Rifle Amp or Pistol Amp can totally be worth it, especially if you combine it with Rush in the exilus slot.

This way you get a mobile and fast Octavia, who can use your favorite weapon with great success and also profit from her abilities. So &#;right&#; and &#;wrong&#; in terms of picking an aura slot polarity for Octavia is highly debatable.

Tip:If you want to know more about Octavia and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Main Octavia Build: Balanced Music

Main Octavia Build: Balanced Music

You will probably run this main build most of the time, since it is very well balanced. You can use all four of your abilities to great success and even be the main DPS in some dedicated farming groups.

Especially on survival missions this build will carry your group, if you can find a choke point and some complimentary Warframes.

The build itself isn&#;t really surprising, since you want a great amount of duration and strength to really benefit from your abilities.

Don&#;t forget to combine your first and second ability to make your damage skill mobile and now all you have to do is recast your skills once the duration is over.

If you use this skill in a premade group with an EV Trinity you don&#;t really need Primed Flow and Streamline.

More range, Intensify or Energy Conversion are a good way to buff your Octavia even further. Picking another survival mod for better late game survivability is also fine.

If you go for a +damage aura you should also go ahead and pick Rush in order to be more mobile.

Endless mission build

Octavia - Endless mission build

This build doesn&#;t really need a choke point in order to deal a good amount of damage since you have a lot of ability range.

It is really good in low level missions (Lith, Meso, Neo, etc.) and you will benefit the most in endless mission types. The high amount of range will make sure that you can hit a lot of enemies at once and you also still have some amount of duration and strength.

The build itself is pretty straight forward and all you need to do is to use your first ability and place it on spots where it can hit as many mobs as possible.

You don&#;t really need to use your other abilities, but if you are ever in need of crowd control, pressing 2 will save you a lot of trouble!

Buffer Octavia Build

Buffer Octavia Build

This build revolves around your ultimate ability Amp and allows you to buff yourself and your team mates big time.

Especially with Energy Conversion you&#;ll be able to amplify damage by a lot &#; % and more are a common thing.

Just make sure to use stuff that make sound (e.g. your weapons) while you and your team mates stand on the Amp area of effect. The more sound you can make the higher the buff will go.

You don&#;t really need to invest more Forma in order to use your exilus slot in this build, but if you want to do so, you&#;ll probably going to put Rush or Power Drift into it.


Octavia is a very good, but also somewhat complex Warframe.

Understanding how to use The Mandachord is an essential part of her and finding a melody or rhythm that works for you is very important.

Picking the right aura slot already can be a hassle for newer players and finding the one build that does exactly what you want is problematic as well.

But if you invest some resources, sweat and time into her, she quickly becomes one of your all-time-favorites. Just give her a chance and have fun fooling around with different melodies!

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Gara revolves around a glass theme and can not only turn enemies into glass (and shatter them with her attacks), but also use glass to defend herself and her allies.

Since her release in you can farm her pretty easy by simply doing the bounties on the Plains of Eidolon. You probably have to run them multiple times, but you also gather standing for the fractions there, so farming her is worth it in more than one way.

While she has some obvious uses, some of her abilities are better than they look at first.

Especially if you love to play melee builds, you might be surprised what Gara has to offer. Also, feel free to experiment with her abilities and find other builds not mentioned here.

If you want to know how to actually get Gara, check out our guide on that!

  • High armor
  • Good AoE damage
  • High sprint speed
  • Can be DPS, Tank or Support
  • Easy to farm
  • Low energy pool
  • Slow(ish) burst damage
  • Needs a lot of Forma

The Best Gara Builds

The aura polarity highly depends on your main build, but unless you are prioritizing the melee version of Gara, get yourself a Naramon polarity.

Using Corrosive Projection (or Energy Siphon against lower level enemies) is almost always the right choice.

If you however love to play with the melee build, consider switching to Steel Charge to amplify your melee damage even further.

Tip:If you want to know more about Gara and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Area-of-Effect Damage Build

Gara - Area-of-Effect Damage Build

This build uses her fourth ability to deal huge damage to all enemies around you.

All you have to do is press 4, wait until you reach maximum duration and then use your first ability to shatter your glass ring from the inside.

This will push glass shards towards the outside, damaging (and killing) every enemy in range, while enemies inside your glass ring will be solidified for a few seconds.

If you wait a few seconds before shattering your glass, more enemies will be in range &#; so be patient. Also worth mentioning: As long as you cast Mass Vitrify you are invulnerable.

And try to be on a higher position, since the glass ring will extend towards the bottom, but not towards the top.

Choosing mods for this build is really a simple task, because you just stack range (Overextended and Stretch) with some efficiency and a good amount of ability strength.

You could also cast your ability with a lot of duration, but this would reduce the explosion range by a lot and reduce your damage output.

Vitality is your preferred survival mod in this build, but can be replaced by Redirection if you rather increase your shields.

Primed Flow isn&#;t super necessary, so feel free to replace it with another survival mod, more damage (e.g. with Energy Conversion) or with Natural Talent.

This build has two weak points you should know about: First of all, energy can become a problem if you spam your abilities.

So either find yourself a Trinity, use Energizing Dash or bring a lot of Energy Restores. Secondly, using your ultimate ability against Nullifier feels super bad.

Press 4 again before your wall hits the Nullifier shield and use your weapons to get rid of the Nullifier before shattering your glass ring.

Crowd Control Build

Gara - Crowd Control Build

This Gara build version doesn&#;t care about your damage output, but rather abuses the fact that every enemy inside the casting range of your Mass Vitrify will become solid frozen.

Since you are also invulnerable while casting your ultimate ability, you can use this build to fight against high level enemies and even survive for a long time in the Arbitrations mode.

So if you&#;re planing on doing survival, interception or something similar, give this build a try!

You want to combine high duration with good range and some efficiency and if you have some way of regaining energy, you really don&#;t need to use a Primed Flow since you won&#;t be spamming your abilities.

Another mod for survivability is a good choice, but getting more efficiency or Natural Talent is also a viable option.

Hunter Adrenaline should be seen as a Quality-Of-Life mod in this build and can be replaced as well.

The Melee Build

Gara - Melee Build

If you do like melee weapons and builds, Gara does have a surprise for you!

Her second ability Splinter Storm will give you (or your allies) up to 70% damage resistance, deals damage to enemies in range (which is around melee range) and can even increase the incoming damage of enemies if you cast it on them.

And the best news: You can activate it on more than one target. So after casting it on yourself (and maybe your allies if you feel generous), go ahead and use it on your enemies before slicing the into pieces with your preferred melee weapon.

If you don&#;t plan to use it on your allies and enemies, you can drop the Primed Flow. Using your second ability as a shield is already fine and will help you out a lot.

The same is true for Streamline, which you only need if you plan on casting it a lot &#; which is fun and useful, but not everyone&#;s cup of tea. Good mods to replace them with are Hunter Adrenaline and Rage as well as Energy Conversion or Quick Thinking.

Those will help you to either increase your damage output or to survive while you&#;re speeding into your enemies&#; faces.


Gara is a very good Warframe with great and fun-to-use abilities.

Sadly, she doesn&#;t feel as superior as other DPS Warframes and also lacks the ability to be as efficient with her crowd control as an Equinox, Banshee and others.

She is still nice-to-have and a good alternative to the current meta. So if you finally get to build her, go ahead and use some Forma &#; and then explore the different viable builds!

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