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Tick Performance Level 3 SUPER TR-6060

Thinking about demodding my Camaro. I have a Tick Performance stage 3 TR6060 that has a few drag strip passes and maybe a couple hundred miles on it. This transmission is awesome and shifts super smooth. If I sell it, I'll need your stock TR6060 (in good working order) and $2k. Only issue with it is the clip on the temperature sending unit is broken. It was like that when I received it. I taped my harness on and it has worked just fine. If it bothers you, you can keep your stock one and I'll keep this one.

Here's a link with all of the info about the trans.

Couple of pics from when I installed it.

Local swap would be preferred as shipping can get expensive.

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Stock TR6060 vs Stage 3 MT82

Jul 4, 2016
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Came across a super good deal on a TR6060, trying to decide whether or not to make the swap happen on my 2016 Performance Pack GT or consider a Calimer Stage 3 MT82. (Called calimer today and recommended stage 3, 26 spline for my setup and power goals)

I don’t know too much about the 6060 but know a lot of guys go that route instead, whether that’s due to the bad rep of the MT82 or the tremec just being a far superior transmission I’m not sure.

My car is awaiting it’s ProCharger that should be in next week, shooting for 650whp from the P1X. Would I have to look into getting the TR6060 built to hold the power?

I looked into the price difference of the two different directions I could go and with the deal on the transmission the TR6060 swap would be considerably less (local pickup, no shipping cost or wait time as well) also factoring in the cost of the clutch getting sent back to McLeod to get 26 spline disks in both scenarios. (McLeod RXT)

Also, if anyone has any idea what gearing I should run with the 6060 with the centrifugal setup please inform me! It is mainly a street car and may see a track day or two each year.

Any input would be helpful much appreciated!
TR6060 is plenty for that power level. Hell, my BOSS with 770 RWHP had stock clutch and stock MT82 for over 20k miles without any issues. I never ran slicks or drop clutched the car though.
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Stage 3 tr6060


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