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Tango Nada - Danilo Venturi
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La Perla : Noir (with Danilo Venturi)
Alberto Benati & Danilo Venturi
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Tango y Nada Mas

We started Tango y Nada Mas to bring our experience of more than 30 years of dancing and teaching Argentine Tango to the UK through classes and performances which focus on improvised ‘Tango Salon’.

What is Tango Salon? It is the Tango that has always been danced in the salons of Buenos Aires. Tango originally grew as a social, improvised dance, a dance for everyone with Music as the uniting factor. For us, this is the beauty of Tango. Not the steps, or the choreography, but learning thorough basic technique through which your own Tango can flourish. No two dances will ever be the same, the beauty is in the moment. The moment you are connected with the Music and your partner and what happens through improvisation in these dances can create sublime moments, moments which keep you searching for the next.

We like to remain close to the social element in our tango, and that is why our teaching focuses on the embrace, the walk – which is the basis for everything else -, and the music without which we wouldn’t be dancing. We share our experience of dancing in the Milongas* so that those who learn with us, can also enjoy dancing in the Milongas. This is important as there many traditional ‘codigos’ (rules/etiquette) in a Milonga developed over time to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our Tango with you!

Luis Rodriguez & Elizabeth Knock

* What is a Milonga? –

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"Nada" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Podestá in vocals, 1944.

Many reasons coincide so as to consider him as one of the pens that helped to lend prestige to tango literature, especially during the period, deservedly famous, which has remained known in the history of the genre as The Forties.

Horacio Sanguinetti belonged to that qualified and unforgettable generation of musicians, composers, authors and interpreters.

By sensitivity, by temper and by generational activity, he easily transcended through an abundant output -rich and notorious-, even though with ups and downs, is regarded and consecrated in a large number, by titles that had overcome oblivion with ease.

The fact that during that decade there was impossible to find any outstanding orchestra that had not recorded some of his pieces is an undeniable evidence of the level and importance for tango of this creative labor.

Read more about Horacio Sanguinetti at

Julio Sosa Nada

Nada (1944)

lyrics by Horacio Sanguinetti
music by José Dames

I’ve arrived at your house—
I don’t know how I managed to,
since they’ve told me you’re not here,
that you will never return,
since they’ve told me that you’re gone.

There’s so much snow in my soul,
there’s such silence at your door!
When I arrived at the threshold
a bolt of sorrow
stopped my heart.

Nothing, nothing is left
in the house where you were born—
only cobwebs woven among the weeds
The rosebush is also gone—
it must have died when you left—
that’s all my cross to bear.

Nothing, nothing more than sadness and silence,
no one to tell me if you’re still alive.
Where are you?
I want to tell you that I’ve returned, repentant,
to seek your love.

Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto Podestá 

Orquesta Miguel Caló, singer Raúl Iriarte (1944)

Orquesta Rodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto Amor (1944)

(Spanish original after the jump)


He llegado hasta tu casa—
¡yo no sé cómo he podido!
Si me han dicho que no estás,
que ya nunca volverás,
si me han dicho que te has ido.

¡Cuánta nieve hay en mi alma!
¡Qué silencio hay en tu puerta!
Al llegar hasta el umbral,
un candado de dolor
me detuvo el corazón.

Nada, nada queda
en tu casa natal
sólo telarañas que teje el yuyal.
El rosal tampoco existe
y es seguro que se ha muerto al irte tú…
¡Todo es una cruz!

Nada, nada más que tristeza y quietud,
nadie que me diga si vives aún…
¿Dónde estás, para decirte
que hoy he vuelto arrepentido
a buscar tu amor?

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About Derrick Del Pilar

Born and raised in Chicago, I came to the tango while studying at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires in 2006. In 2008 I earned my B.A. with majors in Creative Writing and Spanish & Portuguese from the University of Arizona, and in 2009 I earned an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. My specialty is the history & literature of early 20th century Argentina.

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