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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - how to unlock World Quests guide

So you're playing the lastest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and you've hit the new level cap of 120. Now what? While there's tons of endgame content to enjoy, one of the best activities you can partake in is World Quests. This feature, first introduced in the Legion expansion, lets you complete a rotating selection of quests spread across the map that will reward you with loot, gold, resources, and artifact power to make your character stronger. But you won't get access to them just by hitting 120; there are a few hoops to jump through first.

So just how do you unlock World Quests in Battle for Azeroth? Follow this guide and we'll show you.

Hit level 120

I know, I know. I just said you won't get access to World Quests simply from leveling to the new cap of 120. However, that is one part of the requirements to unlock World Quests. You can focus on this first and power your way through levels 110 - 120 as fast as possible, or you can multitask and earn XP while focusing on the other criteria we're about to dig into. Either way, your screen will need to have that lovely one-two-oh staring back at you. So, what's next?

Reach Friendly status with your faction's three major allies

This will sound old hat to WoW veterans, but if you're new to the game, you might have heard the phrase "rep farming" / "rep grinding". This refers to Reputation, a sort of secondary experience bar for your character.

While the Horde and Alliance are the two main factions in WoW, they aren't the only ones. So for example, doing quests for the Kirin Tor (a powerful assembly of mages) will earn you Reputation with that group. With most factions, you'll start off at Neutral rank. Earning enough Reputation will bring you up to Friendly status, then Honored, then Revered, and finally Exalted. If you ever want to check how far you are with your rep, just open the Reputation tab (default U).

To unlock World Quests in BfA, you'll need to reach Friendly with the three main factions associated with the new areas you'll be exploring. For the Horde, that's the Zandalari Empire, Talanji's Expedition, and the Voldunai. For the Alliance, it's the Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm's Wake, and the Order of Embers.

You should be able to reach Friendly relatively quickly just by doing a handful of quests in each zone. For Zandalari Empire rep, head to Zuldazar; for Talanji's Expedition, head to Nazmir; and for the Voldunai, head to (you guessed it) Vol'dun.

For the Proudmoore Admiralty, focus your efforts on Tiragarde Sound; for Storm's Wake, head north to Stormsong Valley; and for Order of Embers rep travel to Drustvar.

You can run around the world willy-nilly if you like, but the fastest way to reach Friendly with each of these factions is to follow the Battle for Azeroth main story quests. Unfortunately, WoW doesn't clearly mark which quests are main story quests. Still, if you follow instructions and don't wander off the beaten path, it should become clear pretty quickly.

If all else fails, you can download add ons (think of them like quasi-mods) to help you organize your quest log, or follow step-by-step guides at fansite Wowhead. Lastly, you'll need to... 

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth's story is broken into two distinct chunks. There's the main story, full of beautifully-rendered, fully-voiced cutscenes, which tell the story of your faction recruiting either the nation of Kul Tiras if you're Alliance or the Zandalari Empire if you're Horde. Then there's the War Campaign, which is a bit more basic (meaning no cut-scenes, and relatively little voiceover), though no less time-consuming.

You'll get access to War Campaign quests early on, but you should only follow through on them up to the quest War of Shadows. After finishing that quest (it's the one where you send a follower on a mission that takes two hours), hold off on completing them until after you've reached Friendly with the factions listed in the previous section. If you're not sure where to begin, head to Nathanos Blightcaller in the Port of Zandalar if you're Horde, or Mathias Shaw in Boralus Harbor if you roll Alliance.

Similar to completing each zone's story content, you'll need to progress through the War Campaign missions until you've established a foothold in each of the three new zones. Basically, whatever team you play for, you're going to the other team's base and setting up camp. You can set up your first foothold at level 110, your second at level 114, and the third at level 118. Simply visit the War Campaign headquarters in your respective capital city to choose whichever you'd like to focus on and follow through on the quests you receive.

Enjoy World Quests

Once you've knocked out all three of the above criteria, you should see World Quests start populating your map. You can hover your mouse over a quest to see what you'll get from it, but in general expect artifact power (which unlocks extra traits on your Azerite Armor, essentially granting you access to miniature skill trees) and reputation. That's important because there's some really cool gear gated by your reputation status, and you'll need to be on extra good terms with the new factions if you want to unlock all Allied Races. So go on, get out there and enjoy World Quests!

Looking for more tips? Then be sure to check out our World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - how to unlock every Allied Race and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - how to get secret battle pet Baa'l guides.

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Heart of Azeroth quest

TL;DR: This process has been very convoluted since Shadowlands dropped, and it looks like Wowhead is wrong and you do need to be level 50 to get the Heart:

Blizzard Support

How to Obtain the Heart of Azeroth

Information on obtaining The Heart of Azeroth after Shadowlands launch

As anecdotal background, this month, I had to get the heart of Azeroth on a level 50 alt to unlock the world quests to do the Dunegorger Kraulok world quest. The information to obtain the heart was not very clear, but I found one comment that said if I obtained a piece of azerite armor, it would pop up for me automatically, which it did. I later found out just going straight to Silithus would be enough based on other comments, as Udiza mentioned above.

Also, I don’t think the portal was visible at all until you were BFA max-level(?), so 50 now. I just tested on a level 43 character who has quested in BFA and does not have the portal, but traveled to Silithus the old-fashioned way. It seems Silithus is phased as the Wound for much lower levels now since BFA can be started at level 10. However, I was unable to obtain the quest. Circle back to the support article I found above.

Edit to add: I’m really glad to see they changed the random dungeon reward to gold because initially you would collect azerite for an item you didn’t even have yet lol.

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WoW: How to Unlock World Quests in Battle for Azeroth

Although most endgame World of Warcraft players are currently busy powering through the max level Shadowlands content, there are plenty of players who are still exploring other parts of Azeroth for the first time. Heroes of the Horde or Alliance who want to continue their adventures through the Battle for Azeroth regions will likely want to unlock World Quests in those zones at some point.

Unlocking World Quests for any World of Warcraft expansion is a fairly easy task, assuming players meet the minimum level requirements and are willing to put a bit of time into the expansion's story mode. That said, things are a bit different after level squish and the leveling options that were implemented with the Shadowlands pre-patch, so it's worth revisiting the requirements for anyone who is confused.

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To start off, these were the original Battle for Azeroth World Quest unlock requirements (though the level has been scaled down from 120 to 50):

BfA World Quest Unlock Requirements

Hit 50

Unlock all three footholds as part of the Alliance or Horde War Campaigns.

Hit Friendly with the 3 major Kul Tiras (if Alliance)/Zandalar (if Horde) factions, in the quest Uniting Kul Tiras/ Uniting Zandalar.

Post level squish, there are a few things to note. First off, when a new hero or an alt are leveling and reach the point where they decide which expansion content they want to experience for levels 10-50, they will have a choice between where they want to go. Players who want to unlock the BfA World Quests for one reason or another should try to level up in the BfA content so that they can progress through the War Campaign storyline naturally.

It's also worth noting that once World Quests have been unlocked by one character, future alts will have a much shorter list of tasks to accomplish before unlocking this content and they basically just need to unlock one foothold and talk to a few NPCs to get World Quests online.

The War Campaign was pretty controversial at the time of its launch because of the damage Sylvanas inflicts on innocent members of the Alliance, but it is definitely interesting content to play through from either faction's perspective. Players who skipped BfA the first time around definitely have a lot of interesting lore and content to explore by tackling the task of unlock these World Quests and learning more about the BfA zones and characters.

Be sure to check back for other World of Warcraft news, guides, and updates in the near future. Until then, For The Horde!

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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