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This guide can help you deal with slow speeds on your Voom Fibre or Ultrafast Business Broadband service using Hitron CGNv4.

Examples of real-life scenarios are used, to help you determine if it’s a network or usage issue.

Intermittent connectivity or reliability issues

Your Business Broadband service may experience dropouts in connectivity from time to time. This can be caused by the same usage issues that affect slow speeds or it can be a local network issue. To determine the reason for the issue, a simple ping test can be run using the following steps.

Step 1: Login to the Hitron CGNv4 GUI using the address If this has been changed by one of your users, use the revised address. The following screen should appear:

Step 2: Click on the ‘Admin’ tab, as highlighted in red and then click on Diagnostics in the left hand column highlighted in purple.

Step 3: Within the ‘Destination IP or domain’ field, enter the Google DNS IP address then select ‘Ping’.

If the Google DNS address CAN be pinged from the GUI but NOT from the laptop or PC, then the problem usually lies in the local LAN configuration, i.e. the device itself.

If the Google DNS address cannot be pinged from the GUI and PC, there may be an issue with the Hitron CGNv4 box or on the Virgin Media network. If so, we recommend restoring the factory settings on the Hitron CGNv4. Once it has been reset, connect the Hitron box directly to your PC or laptop and attempt to access the Hitron GUI page. If it’s not possible to connect, it’s worth checking your laptop or PC settings. However, if the GUI page can be accessed but the Internet can’t, you may need to check your firewall settings.



Talk to someone at Virgin Media Business, report faults or view our online support services.





Sours: https://www.virginmediabusiness.co.uk/help-and-advice/products-and-services/hitron-router-guide/intermittent-connectivity-and-loss-of-service/

Signal Strength - GHz vs 5 GHz WiFi frequencies

When selecting your WiFi network on a device, you might have a choice between 5 GHz and GHz frequencies which should be decided based on the location, distance, and requirements of your devices.

Note: BlueCurve Gateway supports both GHz and 5 GHz bands, but these won't appear separately in lists of available networks. Instead, the modem automatically routes your devices to the optimal frequency using a feature called band steering.

5 GHz frequency can carry more data and supply faster speed, but it has less coverage and is affected more easily by common obstacles.

  • Convenient for devices relying on higher data and speed, such as streaming devices and smart TVs

GHz frequency has a better range but lower speed which tends to be affected by any radio interference easily compared to 5 GHz frequency.

  • More suitable for devices that don’t rely on fast speeds, such as non-streaming smart devices like thermostats, voice assistants, light bulbs, and security cameras.

If you have a BlueCurve Gateway with the band steering feature enabled, your modem will sort devices to the fastest frequency automatically, and you will only see one frequency to connect to.

 - 5-GHz-Impedance-Comparison band blank.png

Note: If one of your devices doesn't see a 5 GHz option while the others can, consider plugging it directly in to your modem to ensure high speed. 

Sours: https://support.shaw.ca/t5/internet-articles/troubleshooting-wifi-connection-issues/ta-p/
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Quick Links 


Try This First 

  • Ensure there is power going to your modem and/or router. Check to ensure the power cords for the modem and/or router are plugged into a functioning power outlet and that the outlet is not connected to a switch that might be turned off.you can try plugging your modem directly into an alternate power outlet.  Please bypass any surge protectors, extension cords, or power strips.  If there is no power to your modem, please call our 24/7 Technical Care Center for further assistance at 

  • If you also subscribe to Sparklight TV services, verify that your Sparklight TV service is working. If both internet and TV service are not working, please call our 24/7 Technical Care Center for further assistance at  


Have you moved your cable modem or router to a new cable outlet? 

If you have moved your modem, router or Wi-Fi access point to another location, move it back to the original installation cable (coaxial) outlet. Keep in mind that high-speed services are set up to work on the outlet where they were originally installed and may not work properly using other outlets 

It is important that the modem is in an open environment, clear of obstructions and as close as possible to the device. It is also advisable to store your modem at least 10 feet away from copy machines, microwaves and cordless phones, which can interfere with the wireless signal. 


Have you recently moved your device (PC, laptop, iPad, etc)? 

If your device is too far away from the wireless modem or router, this can cause a poor signal or a slow wireless connection. Move the device closer to the wireless access point to gain a stronger signal. Try to limit the number of walls between the device and wireless access point to one or two walls. 


Check for disconnected wires

Make sure the ethernet cable connection to the modem and the connection between the modem, router, or wireless access point) is not loose or unplugged.


Is there is a splitter between your wall cable outlet and the modem?

A splitter can reduce cable signal strength coming from the wall cable outlet. Removing the splitter will increase the signal strength. Removing a splitter may be a temporary solution, especially if the splitter services multiple devices like a TV and a cable modem. (Note: A Sparklight technician may have installed the splitter. It is still OK to remove the splitter to help diagnose a weak signal point.)


Run a speed test. 

Running aspeed test on a laptop or desktop computer that is connected with an ethernet cable directly to the cable modem. This will determine if the slow speeds are the result of Sparklight's network or another factor outside of the network. If the speeds match or are close to the subscribed speeds, then Sparklight's network and equipment are functioning properly. If the speeds are substantially less than the subscribed speeds, please call our 24/7 Technical Care Center at  for further assistance.  


Limit bandwidth intensive applications

Do you use file-sharing apps, participate in video conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams or Skype, have several household members stream high-definition video or video games at the same time? Limit applications that demand large amounts of data and multiple data-intensive streaming services like games and HD video, which can slow internet connection speeds for the rest of the household.


Ensure firewalls are configured correctly

Firewalls monitor all network traffic on your device. A restrictive firewall can slow internet speeds. If you suspect a firewall is restricting internet access, try resetting your firewall to its default settings.


Was your device provided by your employer or school?

When using a device from an employer or school it is common for VPN software to be implemented to provide you access to their protected networks. To check if a VPN application is affecting connectivity speed, attempt to disconnect from your VPN or test your connection with a different device, as the VPN itself can introduce several potential roadblocks to the internet connection and speed.


If all else fails, it may help to reboot

Reboot your cable modem or phone modem:

  • This step usually is necessary to re-establish a connection after a recent issue. Instructions can be found here. 
  • It is a healthy practice to occasionally reboot your cable modem to refresh its internet connection.

Reboot your router (if applicable):

  • After rebooting your cable modem in the step above, it may be necessary to also reboot the router. Unplug the power from the router for 5 seconds, and plug it back in. It should take about 30 seconds to reboot.

Reboot your computing device:

  • This step can resolve a wide variety of issues including re-establishing a connection to your internet service and installing new hardware and network drivers.


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Internet Outage?

Sours: https://support.sparklight.com/hc/en-us/articles/My-Internet-Is-Not-Working
Set Up the Hitron CGNM-2250 Wireless Modem from Midco

Hitron router login &#; Troubleshooting

this post is dedicated to helping you with hitron router login and troubleshooting Common hitron router problems.

Just like all other wifi routers, in order to access the hitron router console, you need few key details so we can help you login hitron wireless router.



Details that you would Need can be procured very easily. Please Make sure you are Equipped with the information need prior to login such as &#;

  • Default Hitron IP address Known as the default gateway.
  • Default Username and password of the Hitron router.
  • direct connection from hitron router and computer or Phone with browser

Note &#; Wifi Network name and password are only helpful to access the wireless internet. to change settings or login the hitron router we need hitron username and password for router admin console

Hitron Router Default Ip &#;

in most cases its been observed that is the default IP address for most of hitron router models however in some models we have also seen as the default IP address of hitron wireless router.

if one doesn&#;t work please try to see if it is the default IP address of your Router. You can check out all information about default ip address for various Routers

default username and password for Hitron router

Depending upon the model numbers of your Hitron router, you can access them through following default username and password list :

Hitron RouterModel Default Username Default Password
CGN cusadminpassword
CGN2 ROG admin  password
CGN3 cusadmin password
CGN3 ROG cusadmin password
CVE admin password
CVW admin password

there are many more combinations for default username and password to checkout and see if any of them helped.

  • Check out that your Hitron router is switched on and connected to Computer Or Smartphone through WiFi or LAN cable.
  • You can use a laptop, computer or even smartphone to perform this step. Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and Insert   as the IP address and press enter.
  • Now, you must enter the username as well as the password provided for accessing your Hitron router and press enter key or the ‘Sign in’ button on the window.
  • Your device is ready for configuration on your Hitron router

After logging in to your Hitron admin interfaces, you Can make changes as you See Fit. Changes Need to be done very carefully and in order otherwise, it could cause further trouble.

What if Login Failed?

Sometimes it happens that you Someone From your Home or Your internet services Provider has locked your hitron router with a custom password then the default details would not get you logged in to your hitron router admin console.

in any case, if the Hitron Router Login failed you can reset the settings back to default and Start just Like a fresh & new router.

Reset Hitron Wireless Router-

Once you are unable to log in to Hitron Router using the IP address through the existing username and password, then it is recommended to follow the given below instructions to reset hitron router

  • Turn on the Hitron Router and look at the back of hitron router.
  • Now you should press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds continuously. 
  • While your reset button is pressed, you have to unplug the Hitron router from the power and hold on the reset button again for 30 seconds.
  • The final step is to continue pressing the reset button down and turning on the power while you keep the reset button pressed for another 30 seconds.
  • Now you will be able to reset the Hitron router to its previously default username as well as password. 
  • As mentioned in the above list of usernames and passwords, you can now enter the login credentials according to the Hitron router model/brand you have. 

What if the IP address of Hitron Router is not working?

If you find that IP address of Hitron Router i.e. is not working then you can perform any of the following steps to check out :

  • Use a different computer, smartphone or laptop to view the web browser for connecting the Hitron Router.
  • You can use a different web browser in place of the one you are using. Web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer,  Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • Now, you must restart the Hitron Router and see if you can access the Router Dashboard on your screen.
  • Carefully, enter the IP address of the router without committing any errors.

How to troubleshoot for fixing the Hitron Router connection issue?

For checking the network connectivity, the most common method is the  Ping test. To perform the Ping test do the following steps:

  • For window users open the CMD.exe and for MAC users open the Terminal
  • Now type the IP address of the Hitron router i.e. and press enter. 
  • The result will tell you if the Hitron router is properly connected or not. 

Please contact us if you need any further help with hitron router login Or Troubleshooting of hitron wifi router.

We are more then happy to help you fix any router related problems.

Good luck.

Sours: https://routerlogin.com/hitron-login-troubleshooting/

Not working wifi hitron


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