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Craigslist Rental Scam

DUBUQUE, Iowa – The Dubuque Police Department has recently taken reports of a Craigslist scam involving rental properties. The scammers will post pictures of actual rental properties on Craigslist or a similar webpage claiming it as their property to rent. When the scammers receive inquiries about the property they often ask for personal information or security deposits before showing the property to the prospective tenant. The scammers request the money be sent via methods such as wire transfer, money order, Western Union, or prepaid credit cards.  
Please view the below link for additional details on rental scams.
Here are a few additional points to remember.
  • Do not give out personal information before viewing the property.
  • No legitimate business, property owner, or property manager will use gift cards as a form of payment.
  • A request to send money via a money transfer service is a common sign of a scam.
  • Do not make payments before viewing the property.
  • Always verify the owner of the property.
If you have any information on this incident or others, please call the Dubuque Police Department at 563-589-4415 or Crime Stoppers at 800-747-0117 or 563-588-0714 (if the information leads to an arrest, the caller is eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000). You can also submit tips anonymously online at or through the MyDBQ smartphone app available at

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Are Craigslist Hawaii Car Rentals Risky?

Are Craigslist Hawaii Car Rentals Risky?

There are just too few Hawaii car rentals to meet the current demand. We’ve heard it everywhere, from friends and family too, and have seen it with our own eyes. As you know, last year car rental companies downsized fleets then underestimated how quickly and strongly demand would return. In Hawaii, it is far worse than we have ever seen.

While Hawaii car rental companies running out of cars during the most peak times has occurred for decades, running out for months at a stretch is a completely new phenomenon.

The peer-to-peer giant Turo was recently quoted as saying that the industry’s availability and pricing issue will “resolve itself over time… [and it] is going to be challenging for the rental car giants for the next six to 18 months.”

Before considering Craigslist Hawaii car rentals or other non-traditionals, check Discount Hawaii Car Rental and other sources first.

For example, we looked at a car for one week in July on Kauai and found the lowest base price from Discount Hawaii Car Rental for $992 and a total cost of $1228 (around $175 daily). Going directly to the car rental company, the price increased to $1200 base and $1480 total. So that would have saved over $200. In checking availability we checked one month in advance.

What Happens With Sold Out Signs: Enter peer-to-peer car rental options.

With peer-to-peer Hawaii car rentals all the talk now and Turo being one of the safer bets, it boasts coverage as one of its foremost features. But, unfortunately, we’ve read their insurance options for car owners and guests, and our readers didn’t really leave us feeling as warm and fuzzy as we had hoped. So here’s what it says:

For hosts: “You’re covered with up to $750,000 in liability insurance, and your car is contractually protected against theft and physical damage unless you have commercial rental insurance and choose to waive insurance offered through Turo Insurance Agency for yourself and your customers.”

For guests: “The Liberty Mutual Policy insures Guests who book with non-Commercial Hosts against liability to third parties for bodily injury and third party property damage resulting from the use of the booked vehicle during the booked trip. Coverage provided is up to the minimum liability coverage required by state law. Guests can’t decline this coverage. If the primary Guest selects the Premier plan (discussed below), the limits of the coverage provided under the Liberty Mutual Policy are increased to a combined single limit of $750,000 subject to the terms of the policy.

Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”): The Liberty Mutual Policy provides the minimum amount of PIP coverage allowed by law in those states where PIP coverage is required and can’t be waived.”

The cost of insurance is of course optional on Turo, and it can range from 15% to 100% of the rental.

What about Craigslist Hawaii car rentals?

Well, if Turo protection doesn’t appear to be that simple for renters, then what about Craigslist?

This all started when Jeff was looking for something unrelated on Craigslist and stumbled upon a huge virtual marketplace for Hawaii car rentals. Hundreds and hundreds of recent listings for those renting everything from island cars to luxury vehicles at prices that were anything but cheap.

What about insurance protection on Craigslist Hawaii car rentals?

As far as we could determine, and please let us know if you know anything different, this is perhaps the biggest concern both a visitor and a car owner would have in a private rental agreement. It appears that a renter is entering into a commercial relationship renting a car on Craigslist and that might preclude protection from the renter’s own insurance coverage. We reached out to Liberty Mutual for their take on this but have not heard back as of the time of publication. We also reached out to Insure My Trip, to go in a totally different direction, and they indicated that their trip insurance plans that offer car rental coverage would not cover peer-to-peer rentals.

Bottom Line: Tell us how you are coping with the current car rental shortage.


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How to Contact People on Craigslist About Apartments

Craigslist can be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to searching for an apartment. It all depends on how you approach it. When you combine smart search tactics with some scam-avoiding tips, Craigslist might just lead you to your next residential adventure.

An important thing to remember is that when you find what appears to be a great apartment, hundreds of others have seen the same ad. If you are looking in a hot rental market, like San Francisco, that number skyrockets. Focus on standing out as the landlord sifts through countless inquiries.

Attach a Photo of Yourself

Whether you are texting or emailing a response to the apartment ad, attaching a photo of yourself to the message puts a face with the name. It is the same concept as looking at apartment listings that do not have pictures of the apartment included. A bit of a letdown, right? Putting your face with your inquiry makes you human and could sway the landlord in your favor now that you are more than words on a screen.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Think about it. You are a landlord with an apartment for rent, and two responses come in:

“Hi, I am interested in the apartment you have for rent. Please contact me.”

“Your apartment on XYZ Drive is exactly what I am looking for! I work 2.3 miles from there, my parents live nearby for those pesky but traditional weekly family dinners and the rent is well within my budget. I drove by the property, and I am ready to apply. Please tell me how I can do that”.

Which potential tenant will you contact first?

Use whatever details apply to your life and this particular property, but when your first contact includes statements that show the landlord you would probably stay for a while, you will move to the top of the “possible/probable” list of potential tenants.

Bribery is a Bad Idea

As tempting as it is to try and secure the apartment by offering more money, it is generally a poor idea. While you are thinking, “I will offer more money for rent, and he will be happy to make some extra,” he is thinking, “What problems does this person have that makes her so desperate that she is willing to pay more than I am asking?”

Do Follow Up

Remember, the apartment ad, especially if it is a good enough deal to catch your eye, has caught many other eyes as well and the landlord is probably buried in responses. There is nothing wrong with sending a follow-up contact if you have not heard back within a day or two. Pestering will turn a landlord off, but a polite note asking if your response was received, (and a short recap of why you are the best tenant possible) is definitely acceptable.

Never Give Too Much Information

It is not necessary, nor advisable, to provide any personal information beyond your name when you contact people on Craigslist about apartments (or anywhere else for that matter). There are scammers on the site who would love to have your name, current address, the name of your bank and birth date. Identity fraud and theft are real issues on Craigslist. Protect yourself by not giving out the information in your online contact. Wait until you have seen the apartment, have been accepted as a tenant and are dealing with a real person, in person.

Even then, if you are uncomfortable with the situation, walk away from the entire deal and keep searching for an apartment.


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Candace has been writing professionally since 1989, with real estate being a favorite niche of hers. Whether it is exploring better ways to find a mortgage, stage a home, or get creative in buying and selling, she is up to the challenge of mastering it and writing about it. In addition, she enjoys writing about commercial properties, rental properties and all types of property insurance.

5 Pitfalls When Pursuing These “Income-Replacing” Rentals

3 disabled men scammed by fake Elk Grove Craigslist rental property

ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — Three disabled men in Elk Grove were scammed over a rental property that was posted on Craigslist.

Caretaker Jonathan Jones and his two roommates said they needed a home in a time of urgency.

They found a house in Elk Grove by Shelby Street and Bruceville Road last month on Craigslist that was posted by someone who claimed to rent out the property.

“We were doing this in good faith that this guy, whoever he was, was the actual landlord,” Jones said.

Jones said they were told to pay upfront before signing the rental agreement. 

“He was like, ‘I’m going to need $1,000 to take it off the market and once I get that all set,’ those were his words, then we could go onto the next stage,” Jones told FOX40.

They were asked for their photo IDs and other personal information without meeting in person, a process Jones and the others thought was normal during COVID-19.

“Any other time we’d go out and look for a place, normally they have a little ‘for rent’ sign on the door or something that you can call and meet the person,” Jones said. “But now everyone is panicked, everybody’s scared, no one wants to show up at the home. So we’re thinking OK, this is just the new thing, we have to do everything via internet now.”

Several more red flags came next.

“When we got here the lock had to be cut off,” Jones said.

Only five days after they moved in, a local realtor came by with a home inspector who was just as surprised to see them there and had to give them the bad news.

“She’s like, ‘Yeah, you did all the paperwork, you guys did all the footwork, but you were scammed,'” Jones said.

The property was still listed as of Wednesday for rent but at a lower price point and by the same alleged landlord.

FOX40 tried to call him Wednesday afternoon. He claimed, off-camera, that he did own the home. The man hung up after saying, “I said I would pay them back!”

Jones told FOX40 the so-called landlord contacted him a few days ago saying he was sorry and would send them back their money through FedEx.

The home is currently owned by a national brokerage company and is pending sale for just under $500,000.

“They tell you that they understand, but you’re not going to understand until you’re in it,” Jones said. “You’re not going to understand what it is to be here in a lovely home, with a nice swimming pool, a nice garden, and being told, ‘No, you need to move because it’s not for you.'”

A police report has been filed with the Sacramento Police Department.

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