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Sheffield Utilities online acount portal is available on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  With your online account you can manage your utility account, securely pay your bill, view your energy use, sign up for auto pay, and more.

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Cost of Living in the UK

Whilst Sheffield is one of the largest cities in the UK, the cost of living here is relatively cheap (see cost of living comparison website ). Nevertheless, there are a number of key expenses that all UK residents can typically expect to pay detailed below.

Council tax

Every household in England and Wales must pay council tax to covers the cost of public services such as rubbish and recycling collection, street lighting, libraries, police and fire services. Council tax applied to all domestic properties including houses, bungalows, flats maisonettes, mobile homes and houseboats whether they are owned or rented. How much you pay will depend on the valuation band of the property you are living. You must let your local council know that you have moved in to a property, and how many people live there. (Individuals living on their own may be eligible for a single person discount.)There is a variety of ways to pay, including by monthly direct debit, by cheque, or at the post office.

Further information about rates of council tax and methods of payment is available on the councils website along with information about rubbish and recycling.

Utility billsLiving Costs 400x266

In addition to accommodation and council tax, UK residents will also pay for some or all of the following:

  • water
  • gas and electricity
  • household insurance
  • TV licence
  • broadband

You should check your tenancy agreement to see if any of these bills are included in your rent.

While some bills are fixed nationally, or by property type, others vary depending upon supplier and/or volume of usage which you as the customer chose.

Gas and Electricity

Many homes in the UK are heated by gas boilers (gas central heating) or by electric radiators. Due to the often unfavourable weather in Great Britain, heating or gas charges can be the largest utility bill after rent and council tax. The cost of gas and electricity in the UK varies from company to company. Gas and electricity companies are very competitive and you may be able to save a considerable amount of money by changing supplier. There are a number of websites which allow you to compare prices:

The best deals are often ones which you pay monthly by direct debit, straight from your bank account. In most homes, the gas and electricity supply is measured through meters. You should ask your landlord where the meters are if you cannot find them - you will need to read the meters when you move in and give your meter readings to your supplier so they can work out how much you owe. Depending on your chosen payment type you will need to provide your meter reading periodically to your supplier so they can bill you for your usage. (Often you can upload gas and electricity meter readings directly to the companies’ websites if you register with them online. Otherwise a member of staff from your supplier will come out to check your meter and they will require access).


A wide range of grocery shopping options are available in Sheffield, including market stalls, small shops, and large supermarkets. A number of supermarkets are located on or close to the main University campus which are marked on the main campus map. A full list of all supermarkets in Sheffield is available online. Some of these supermarkets will provide an option to shop online with home delivery for a small fee.

 There are also a number of international food stores throughout the city. Your colleagues or neighbours will be able to advise you about these.

TV Licences

If you use a television in the UK, regardless of whether you brought it with you or purchased it in this country, you will be required by law to purchase a television licence to be able to watch it. The same law applies if you watch television programmes on your computer. More information can be found at:

Telephone lines and Broadband

To set up an internet connection in most cases you need to have a working landline telephone connection. It can take up to two weeks to be connected to a telephone line. Land line telephones can also be obtained from a number of suppliers including some broadband suppliers and you may be able to have a package from one of them. Once connected, you may wish to choose a broadband internet provider and apply for their service. To see UK providers and their packages, visit: Broadband. (The availability of Broadband suppliers is dependent on where you live.)


It is advisable to insure your belongings against loss, theft, accidental damage and fire. If you are renting a property or buying a property with a mortgage, it is likely that a condition of the lease/mortgage is that you to have both building and/or house contents insurance. It is therefore advisable to make a list of everything you bring to the UK for such insurance purposes.  Insurance policies vary considerably therefore it is often worth obtaining several quotes and comparing prices before purchasing one. Price comparison websites are available including and

Please note that if you need to make a claim on your property insurance policy you will need to inform the police before your claim can be processed.

Mobile Phones

You can purchase mobile phones from high street shops on arrival in the UK. There are a variety of contract types as well as pay as you go sim cards. An internet search of mobile phone shops in Sheffield will bring up local mobile phone shops. Internet websites will be able to provide further information about tariffs and deals available.

Non-essential costs

Other expenses to consider might going out and socialising. There a large number of restaurants and eateries across the cities. Depending on where you dine a meal for two can cost anything from £10 to over £100.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8AM - 5PM
Wednesday 9AM - 5PM

About Us

Sheffield Utilities provides Electric, Water, Gas, and Wastewater services to the thousands of homes, businesses and industries in the City of Sheffield as well as the surrounding Colbert County. Our reliable, affordable services keep our community running and we look forward to serving our customers in a courteous and efficient manner for years to come.

Community, Service, Value

Sheffield Utilities is comprised of four utility departments: Electric, Water, Gas, and Wastewater. We provide thousands of homes, businesses and industries in the City of Sheffield as well as the surrounding Colbert County area with reliable and affordable service. We look forward to serving our customers in a courteous and efficient manner for years to come.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sheffield Utilities is to support our community. We are committed to provide prompt, safe, clean, reliable utilities at the lowest cost possible to serve the best customers in the WORLD!

Rep/Contact Info

Tommy Barnes

Civil Manager

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706

Steve Hargrove

General Manager

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706

Tyler Jones

Electric Manager

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706

Fred Mason

Chief Financial Officer

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706

Michael Rogers

IT Specialist

Minnice Wallace

Administrative Assistant

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706

Chris White

HR / Safety Director

  • Phone:(256) 389-2000 x2706



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