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How to Request Help
Mike Jenn and Amir Bozorgzadeh are the ETS consultants for ITS.  If you need help, use the Tech Services email address
[email protected]
Mail will reach Mike, Amir, and their backup staff if they are unavailable.

Hardware Requests and Transfers
Use this form to request new computers, etc. or if you need to transfer equipment to other ITS staff members https://iowa.sharepoint.com/sites/its/SitePages/inventory.aspx

Configuration Manager and Software Center
Configuration Manager is the software used to maintain staff work computers, and Software Center is the tool you can use to install software, updates, and to check the status of your system.  ETS can help adjust when your computer receives updates and how the power settings are managed.

Computer Health
Use these "best practices" to keep your computer healthy:

  • Reboot periodically - at least once per week, but more often is better.
  • Store data on the network (OneDrive, SharePoint, or mapped drives) since these locations are backed up.  Locally-stored files can be damaged and lost.
  • Connect infrequently-used systems (like a Virtual Machine) to the network at least once per month so it can keep up-to-date with software.
  • Connect to the VPN at least once per month while you are off-campus. Connecting weekly is better.

Adobe Software Setup
Adobe software products are tied to your HawkID so individual titles can't be pre-installed.  Use these instructions to install your products

Drive Mappings
If you lose access to your network drives, paste these links into Windows Explorer ("My Computer") to access the folders.  Otherwise use these instructions to map a drive: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/104043

L: Drive\\iowa.uiowa.edu\shared\ITS\shared
U: Drive\\iowa.uiowa.edu\shared
H: (Home) Drive\\home.iowa.uiowa.edu\HawkID

Email Tips

  • Use the BCC address field if you are sending an email to a large group such as ITS Staff.  This prevents someone from starting a mail flood by doing a Respond All.
  • Use the group ITS-AllStaff if you want to reach all ITS employees.  This group includes staff who have dual appointments.
  • Reduce the size of photos before sending them with an email.
  • PST files are being phased out.  If you still use a PST, please migrate it to server-based storage using these instructions.
Sours: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/118981

If you are from College of Medicine, UIHC or other Health Care domain user, provide your proof of license to the Health Care Help Desk for your install. 

All other users:

Please allow an hour for the software to show up in the deployments tools listed below.


  • The user must be added to the corresponding Security Group by the ITS Campus Software Licensing Office, purchase may be necessary.
  • The user must be designated as a primary user on the device where the software is being installed (in JAMF and SCCM).
  • The licensed user must be logged in to install the software.

Windows deployment via Microsoft System Center

  1. Click the Windows Start button, locate the "Microsoft Endpoint Manager" folder and open "Software Center" or search for keyword "Software Center".
  2. Click on the "Applications" tab.
  3. Located and click the appropriate title.
  4. Click the "Install" button and proceed.

Mac deployment via the Self Service application

  1. Open the Self Service application located in your Applications folder. When prompted, log-in in with your HawkID.
  2. Select the Additional Software option in the sidebar to the left.
  3. Click Install to display additional information about the application and it's licensing, and then click "Install" to install the application.

If you have issues, please contact your departmental IT support person(s) to work with ECM to resolve the issue. 

  • If your license allows it and you have a shared system, your departmental IT support person(s) will get access to deliver the tool. 
  • If you have a Linux system and the license includes this version, have your IT support person(s) provide a copy of the proof of license to ITS-ECM and they can assist you.
Sours: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/116226
  1. Cute notebooks
  2. Food and staples retailing
  3. Boost mobile locations
  4. Feature service arcgis
7-ZipABBYY FineReaderAcrobat ProArcGIS DesktopAudacity w/LAME PluginChromasCitrix ReceiverContinuum Analytics Anaconda (Python 2.7)DjVuEndNote X8FireEye Endpoint AgentGoogle Backup and SyncGoogle ChromeGoogle Earth ProGraphPad PrismJavaJawsJCreatorMatLabMicrosoft Skype for BusinessMinitabMozilla FirefoxNoMachine NXClient
  • Microsoft Office 
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • OneNote
    • Outlook
    • Publisher
    • Access
    • OneDrive
R Consortium RStudioR Core Team R for WindowsRead & Write GOLD (RWG)Respondus LockDown BrowserSingularityThe Phoenix Project FirestormTurningPoint CloudVLC Media PlayerVMware Horizon ClientWolfram MathematicaZoomText
Sours: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/100823
University of Iowa College of Engineering Tour

NOTE: If you are from College of Medicine, UIHC or other Health Care domain user, provide your proof of license to the Health Care Help Desk for your install.

NOTE: The FileMaker Administration team recommends that you restart your computer BEFORE attempting the steps below.  If you have any issues installing FileMaker Pro Advanced using the instructions below, please work with your departmental IT support personnel.

Installing FileMaker via Software Center on Windows

  1. Click the Windows Start button, locate the "Microsoft System Center" folder and open "Software Center" or search for keyword "Software Center".

  2. Click on "Software Center" in the search results.
  3. Click on the "Applications" tab.

  4. Select "FileMaker Pro Advanced" (or "FileMaker Pro")
  5. Click on the "Install" button to start the installation.

Installing FileMaker via Self Service on macOS

  1. Launch the Self Service app.  You can find the app in your Applications folder, or search for it using Spotlight Search by pressing CMD + Spacebar.

  2. You may be prompted to log in.  If so, log in with your HawkID and HawkID password.

  3. Select the Additional Software option in the sidebar to the left and scroll to find "FileMaker Pro Advanced" (or "FileMaker Pro") in the list.  You can also use the search bar in the upper left-hand corner.  Click the "Install" button to continue.

  4. Click "Install" to install the application.
Sours: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/117336

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