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Cocoa Beach Surf Company is the one stop shop for all your surf essentials.  We carry our own branded surfboards, foamboards and stand up paddle boards along with a selection of leading industry surfboards and accessories. Before you hit the beach… you can stock up on wax, deck pads and soft racks.  No worries in case you wipe out, we have you covered with ding repair kits, replacement fins and leashes.  Bodyboarding, Skim boarding, Skateboarding…. we have the board sport for you. Come “Live the life” of Cocoa Beach.


Shark Pit Bar & Grill
Cocoa Beach Surf Company Store



Cocoa Beach Surf Company carries the latest beachwear inspired swim, footwear and clothing lines for men, women and children. Whether you are hanging out on the beach, cruising in the Caribbean or socializing after dark we offer a little bit of Florida for everyone. Stock up on a full assortment of vacation gear and accessories from sunscreen to beach toys and towels. Don’t forget to surprise family and friends with a gift from our unique collection of Cocoa Beach souvenirs! 



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need something? we have it!

Why ruin your vacation with a sunburn and with a sore back from laying on the ground? Rent beach chairs and umbrellas. You can also rent beach bikes surfboards, kayak and much more!  Hourly, daily, weekly and long-term reservations are available for your vacation or weekend trip.

Must be 18 Years Old. Must Have Photo ID. Credit Card Deposit Required 


Foam Surfboards Rental

Foam Surfboards

Rent a surfboard for a day, week, or the rest of your vacation. Don't settle for something sitting around at the hotel - get a good board from CBSC Rental.

4 hours - $15
8 hours - $20
24 hours - $25
3 Days - $50
Weekly - $75 

Surfboards 8’10” & under Rental

Surfboards 8’10” & under

We have large selection of EpoxyFun Shapes for beginners.

4 hours - $20
8 hours - $25
24 hours - $30
3 Days - $60
Weekly - $100 

Longboards/sups 9’0” & up rental

Longboards/sups 9’0” & up

These light, epoxy longboards are perfect for nose riding and small surf. SUPS are great for when the surf is flat or paddling through flat water coastal marine habitats, salt marshes, and sounds.

4 hours - $30
8 hours - $40
24 hours - $60
3 Days - $100
Weekly - $150 

Bodyboards Rental


Glide down Cocoa Beach’s beaches and have a blast with our bodyboard rentals.

4 hours - $10
8 hours - $15
24 hours - $25
3 Days - $35
Weekly - $50


Cruiser Bike Rental

Cruiser Bikes

Experience the Cocoa Beach on a bike. Make sure you ask about locks, baskets, child carriers and other accessories you might need on your adventure!

4 hours - $10
8 hours - $15
24 hours - $25
3 Days - $35
Weekly - $50 

Chair & umbrella Rental

Chairs & Umbrellas

Relax and enjoy your well-deserved vacation without having to worry about sunburns and a sore back. Renting your beach chairs and umbrellas is extremely easy! 

4 hours - $8
8 hours - $10
24 hours - $15
3 Days - $30
Weekly - $50 

Wetsuits Rental


All of our rental wetsuits are 4/3 mm suits from XCEL and will keep you warm year round. We also rent 3mm booties, gloves and hoods in case you get extra cold.

4 hours - $8
8 hours - $10
24 hours - $15
3 Days - $30
Weekly - $50 



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Neilson Surfboards - Custom Surfboard shaper in Cocoa Beach Florida

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: Dreamsicle


The Dreamsicle is a well refined all around performer. It has forgiving rails and a smooth nose concave that transistions into a spriral vee in the back of the board. This makes for a responsive, well paddling board that performs well in all kinds of waves and is very easy to ride well.

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: The Perch

The Perch

The Perch is a classic noserider with a very lively feel under your feet. Just enough weight that it keeps that classic glide but not so much it feels sluggish. Clean, parallel outline with just enough tail rocker to keep you "perched" on the tip.

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: Eggo

The Eggo

The Eggo has lots of volume and low rocker make this a fast, wave catching machine. A pulled in round tail allows smooth hacks and hold even in bigger waves. With versatile fin options you can get it set up based on your preferences.

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: Flying Floatey Fish

Floatey Fish

The Flying Floatey Fish is one of the most popular boards in the Neilson lineup and for good reason. This board is a wave-catching machine. The best way to improve your surfing is to catch more waves and the Floatey Fish is the board for this.

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: The Blunt

The Blunt

This board is all about catching waves and having fun. Lots of width and volume allow you to paddle easily and catch the slightest ripple. The shorter length gives you the freedom to ride it however you want.

Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: Bullet SUP

Bullet SUP

The Bullet Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a smaller, more maneuverable alternative to the larger SUPs designed more for cruising and flat-water paddling. The Bullet performs well in the surf.

A Quick Trip To Cocoa Beach! - Shopping At Ron Jon's Surf Shop, Lunch At The Beach \u0026 Shark Repellent

Latest Used Surfboards near Cocoa Beach

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online solution for buying and selling used surfboards in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

 No place is more famous or popular in Florida, for its surf and the talent that originates from here, than Cocoa Beach. Eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater hails from this East Coast’s own “Surf City”. If you’re a beginner, don’t be deterred because this legend still calls this beach his home, the waves accommodate surfers of all ability levels. 


Cocoa Beach surf is mostly inconsistent until the hurricane season is in full swing or the Winter swells roll in. Both shortboards and longboards are equally popular here.

While you can spend up to $800 for a new surfboard, used surfboards are your cheaper alternative. The best part is that you can always resell the board which will hold its value, especially when buying and selling high end brands such as Channel Islands, DHD or Hayden Shapes.


Surf company surfboards cocoa beach

Welcome to Oceansports World makers of
100% Epoxy Island Surfboards and Island Waveskis

Surf Shop

Come down to our Surf Shop  at the southern end of Cocoa Beach on A1A and watch surfboards being shaped right in the store.  The Surf Shop is a full manufacturing facility.  Custom surfboards, ding repairs, blanks and special projects…. we do it all here.
Our Beach Store is located in downtown Cocoa Beach. Here you will find all the latest beach fashions including the hottest bikini brands. We also have everything you need for a fun day at the beach. A stones throw from the sand next to Coconuts on the Beach Bar and Grill.  Rentals available at both locations.

Surfing Cocoa Beach Florida - Great Beach for Beginners


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