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Pink Marble Vanity

Vintage, new and antique vanity tables have forever felt like personal, intimate sanctuaries of sorts, designed to introduce a level of serenity that feels rare and welcome in our otherwise frenetic days. They’ve been variously known as dressing tables or makeup tables over the years, but no matter what we call them — and whether it's a sophisticated contemporary piece or an iconic vintage Luigi Massoni vanity — vanities have offered a special place for us to get ready for work, an early-morning appointment or lunch date or whatever lies ahead.

“Beauty routines, taking the time to protect what you have, a moment to accessorize, a moment to pause and slow down — these are all so important now as an antidote to our fast and hectic lives,” says Oona Bannon, creative director of Pinch Design in Clapham, South London. “Just thinking about a dressing table makes me feel calm.”

When decorative boxes would no longer suffice as repositories for cosmetics, fragrant oils and perfumes, dressing tables originated in France and England during the 17th century. Men who called the latter home used “shaving tables” — a proto-dressing table — for their grooming routines while women found in dressing tables an oasis for applying makeup, particularly as improvements upon vanity tables equipped them with mirrors and lighting. In the United States, as vanity tables became a seamless component of bedroom furniture, furniture makers working in Chippendale, Rococo and other styles were regularly commissioned to produce these popular items.

Vanity tables have evolved over the years, and while there is lots to love about the ornate carving and pronounced curvilinear forms of Victorian vanities, the clean lines that characterize mid-century modern vanities and the decorative flourishes associated with Art Deco vanities, the main elements of this furnishing are the same. All vanities are about as tall as a standard table with room for seating furniture, which tends to be a small bench, a stool or an armless chair. Many also have special organization features for makeup. Without a chair and a mirror, a vanity would resemble a dresser.

Nowadays, vanities are more than a place to do hair and makeup. They’re a platform to display beauty products and store makeup collections. Vanities are standard in bedrooms, particularly if you’re not lucky enough to have a spacious dressing room or walk-in closet for your dressing table. The better the lighting is in your bedroom or wherever you’ve positioned your vanity table — even if you’ve opted for a moody setting versus a bright one — the more you will benefit from having this personal place of respite to prepare for the day ahead.

Find your antique, new or vintage vanity table today on 1stDibs.


Pink is the best color in the world. Always has been, always will be. And it's even dreamier and more Instagram-worthy when in the form of marble. If you aren't already obsessed with pink—and all its dusty rose, blush, bubblegum, flamingo, mauve, magenta, fuscia, and rosewood glory—these fifteen pink marble ideas for your counters, floors, decor, and beyond are sure to convert you. Keep reading for examples and decorating tips, and get ready to worship the beautiful, beautiful thing that is pink marble.

1Make It the Focal Point

Never have we ever seen a sweeter dining table than the one in this open kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie. The cracks and fissures in the onyx give the table such an ethereal, precious pearly glow. The bright blue table decor is the perfect contrast while the light cane dining chairs with a painted baby pink frames carry the theme throughout the room. We also love how the light wood extension off of the kitchen island grounds the space and makes it feel more approachable without throwing off the tone set by that pink marble show-stopper.

3Pair It With Rose Gold

Pink marble and rose gold were practically made for each other. In this little nook designed by Arent & Pyke, each item plays off that small but mighty pink marble and rose gold side table, from the tropical flowers to the lavender blown glass sconce and white and brown vases. The burled wood wardrobe doors also showcase beauty of natural imperfections (wood burls from mutations).

4Match It With Wallpaper

In this powder room designed by Studio DB, the swirls of gray, purple, pink, and white immediately grab your attention. We love how the wallpaper's blossoming flowers mimic the movement of the marble whirls and pink colors while adding a more modern, playful touch and contrasting turquoise pop to the space.

5Play Up Architectural Features

Make your bathroom feel like an ancient Greek palace with pink marble trimmed archways, floors, and walls up to the chair line. That extravagant crystal chandelier is the cherry on top, while the bubblegum pink upholstered vanity seat drives the pink theme home.

7Test the Waters with a Decorative Object

If investing in an entire wall of marble is out of the question, you can still join in on the pink marble trend with a decorative accent. Designer's Arent & Pyke make a mod table look sophisticated and sultry with a pink marble tray for tabletop decor.

8Use It as a Kitchen Backsplash

Surrounded by modern, simple, and sleek staples, a pink marble backsplash lightens up and contemporizes this kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design. The floating shelf makes the colorful elements of the kitchen—like the navy painted cabinets, pink marble wall, dainty teacups and pastel tableware—feel connected with that handsome grain of wood on the kitchen island and black leather barstools.

9Choose Complimentary Pieces

This shapely pink side table designed by 2LG Studio fits in perfectly with the dusty rose painted wall and drawers as well as well as the vintage carpet. We also love how the spherical table lamp plays up the round shape motif of the table.

10Mix Your Marbles

Why stop at one shade of marble when you can throw another one into the mix for an unexpected duo? In this bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, the pink marble counters complement the super pale pink sinks while the brown marble floors ease the transition to the darker cabinet doors and shelving unit.

11Use It Everywhere

And to take this game of 21 questions to next level, why only cover your countertops and floors in pink marble when you can stretch it to the walls and even your furniture? This open floor plan kitchen and dining room designed by Hercker Guthrie is all the convincing we need.

12Make It Pop With Pink Paint

The pink marble countertops in this bathroom by Flack Studio are Pepto-Bismol perfection. For a similarly eccentric vibe, paint everything in the room the same shade of pink and then add some contrast with a high-gloss red paint trim and brown tiles on door in an adjacent room.

13Frame the Cabinets

The angular geometric tiles juxtaposed against the organic, soft swirls of the pink marble variety for a fresh, modern bathroom. We also love how it frames the floating cabinets.

14Decorate With Unexpected Styles

If you think pink marble decor can only look good in ultra-romantic, girly-girl spaces, think again. Like in this living room designed by Studio Razavi Architecture, the marble coffee table warms and softens up the midcentury pieces and monochromatic, muted color scheme.

Hadley MendelsohnSenior EditorHadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's senior editor, and when she's not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again.

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Marble Counter Tops:
Classic Luxury Modern Style

Ahhhh marble counter tops Perhaps more than any other stone, marble evokes images of sophisticated elegance. Once found only in the homes of the wealthy, marble countertops are now a much more accessible luxury due to improved technology and availability.

Marble Colors

The rich tones of the marble color palette are plentiful.

Delight in many creamy whites and neutrals, dreamy yellows, soft oranges, ocean greens, amazing blacks and even pink marble.

The dramatic veining looks spectacular on marble countertops and will easily complement most other design elements and themes.

Choose a similar or complementary pattern/material and color shade on your floors, walls and backsplash to avoid a chaotic look.

marble vanity top - pink marble

Installation Considerations for Marble Counter Tops

Marble countertops are available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs as well as the full range of tile sizes from 1-inch mosaic tile up to large inch floor tile.

Marble is a crystalized limestone and therefore big machines (and skilled pros) can polish marble to a mirror-finish, which really brings out the depth of it's color and looks gorgeous.

However, marble polishing is only recommended for counter tops that are lightly used such as a powder bath, tabletop, pass bar or furniture piece, but NOT for kitchen countertops or the wet bar.

Why? . . .

Marble is made of calcium carbonate, which is reactive with acids (fruit juice, soda, coffee, alcoholic drinks, salad dressing, etc.) and will "etch" upon contact with these acids.

Etching destroys the polish by corroding the stone leaving a dull, light-colored spot. You'll get these dull spots all over with marble countertops in the kitchen. It's simply impossible to prevent.

Often a "honed" (matte) finish is recommended for kitchen countertops since etching is less noticeable, but etching still occurs on a honed surface so it doesn't really solve the issue.

Also, marble is softer and more prone to scratching than granite.

Polished marble is very stain resistant though and even honed marble can be sealed to essentially prevent stains. However, sealing doesn't prevent etching, so marble kitchen countertops are high-maintenance and not recommended.

If you had your heart set on marble kitchen countertops, then I'd suggest instead considering other countertop materials that look like marble for far easier care and cleaning in the kitchen. 

Or for a budget option check out our cultured marble vs marble page. 

Etching and maintenance is typically not a problem in bathrooms on marble vanity tops though, since exposure to acidic substances is minimal.

Love to bake? One exception to the "rule" stated above is if you are a serious baker.

A marble slab is "the" countertop of choice for making dough--that is pies and bread, not money! Although it may feel like you're making money on such a luxurious countertop.

Natural Beauty. If you just love the look of marble and insist on installing marble counter tops in your kitchen, a honed finish will hide etch marks better, but etching is easier to repair on a polished finish. And always use coasters, cutting boards and trivets to protect against spills and scratches.

Marble Care. You'll find more information about marble care and how to avoid expensive marble restoration at the cleaning marble page. Also, it's worth noting that traditionally marble is left to age naturally letting friends and family rub "life" into the stone--stains and all.

Natural Aging. Over the years marble stains and etching may occur gradually changing the color and tone to reflect the essential character of your home.

Of course, you can prevent stains and etching by following the recommended marble cleaning Do's & Don'ts and some DIY marble repair is possible.

It's hard to resist the quintessential beauty and the feelings of warm opulence that marble conveys to any room. Marble counter tops will add immeasurable value and years of pleasure to your home.


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Indian pink marble with shades of grey strips and swirls

18 Pink Marble Ideas Pretty Enough to Make You Blush

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Mix Shades of Marble

With a glowing, ethereal mirror and stunning pink marble features, it simply doesn't get dreamier than this feminine, simple bathroom. Since the lower walls and sink are both made of marble, the juxtaposition between the lighter shade on the sink and the richer color on the wall is an important element to create depth. Minimal gold accents help add variety to this unique design, from the shower to the sink hardware.

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Establish a Clear Palette

When you're trying to come up with a color palette that will complement a peachy pink marble backsplash, consider mixing pink champagne tones with deep blue-green and bright aqua hues. The result is stunning and totally unexpected. Metallic rose gold décor helps bring a shiny contrast to the matte backsplash and countertops.

03of 18

Try a Monochromatic Look

Though the impeccable vignette above is in a commercial space, you can still take style notes to include the aesthetic in your home. In fact, we can see this as inspiration for a fashion-forward dining nook with a luxe built-in velvet banquette. This is a striking example of a monochromatic color scheme done right.

04of 18

Go Glamorous

The matte black minimalist features in this bathroom toughen up the brassy finishes and pink marble statement pieces. Plus, the lack of décor and wall art is a great way to keep our eyes focused on the raw materials' beauty. It also gives us a good reason to maintain clutter-free counters.

05of 18

Try a Two-Toned Design

The two-toned marble in this bathroom photographed by Manolo Langis has us dreaming of renovating our own spaces. Black accents from the round mirror's frame to the countertop décor and pendant light hardware tie this design together. Clean lines from floor to ceiling set the stage for a modern space, while a more eclectic personality comes from the marbled textures on each surface.

06of 18

Experiment With Maximalism

With spirals of deep grays and muted cotton candy pink tones, this bathroom counter is absolutely striking. We love the choice of wallpaper, which reflects the natural patterns as well as the color scheme. Since the countertop has plenty of bright whites in its background, it creates contrast against darker wallpaper to keep the room feeling dynamic.

Bold patterns can be a design commitment, so if you anticipate changing up your wallpaper in the future, choose a removable option that can easily be switched out.

07of 18

Opt for Something Subtle

Navy blue paint, rich oak paneling, and simple white countertops make this coral pink marble backsplash feel subtle and intentional. To honor the spirit of lightheartedness in a playful design, add in pastel tableware and décor like the pieces on this open shelving. Stainless steel appliances bring a modern element to the earthy kitchen.

08of 18

Design Your Personal Spa

We can't get enough of this eclectic, elegant bathroom. From the floor-to-ceiling marbled pink walls to the built-in fireplace, it's filled with character and personal touches. Plenty of lush indoor plants add an inviting vibe to the space, and we could curl up with a book in this metallic soaker tub for hours.

09of 18

Design Small Hints of Pink

While the pink hues woven throughout the marbled backsplash may not be the first thing you notice in this kitchen, they're just vibrant enough to warm up a white-and-gray space. Copper tones on the pots and pans play on the soft, understated colors in the marble, while gray tiled floors round out its darker shades. Paired with white cabinetry and a large stainless steel hood vent, this kitchen has a modern setting for the stunning marble to make a statement.

10of 18

Accent With Light Wood Tones

We love the light wood accents in this kitchen that complement its pink marble island. In an all-white space, the peachy textures are able to stand out and create a bold focal point. Gold hardware brings a metallic element to the matte, earthy materials, while a hint of black on the stove adds just enough contrast to make the design feel complete.

11of 18

Incorporate Statement Furniture

We love the minimalist design in this space. A simple black leather couch adds a comfortable, inviting texture alongside the pink table. The marbled piece is undeniably the focal point of the room thanks to its rich hues and softly blended patterns.

For a cohesive look, incorporate pink décor that matches the exact shade of your marble furniture to tie the space together.

12of 18

Add Extra Texture

The texture of the countertops in this kitchen isn't just thanks to its marbled material—these designers took it a step further by choosing counters with carved horizontal lines throughout. We love the bright wall paint that complements the light pink shade on the counters. With a textured brass backsplash, the room is bursting with personality and a blend of contrasting materials.

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Match Your Cabinetry

This large slab of marble is almost entirely white, but bright streaks of pink make for a striking display. The colorful hues of the backsplash match the simplistic matte cabinetry for a cohesive style. Designed with natural wood accents and black-and-white décor, this marbled texture is the star of the show.

14of 18

Take It to the Floor

We can't get enough of the pink hues in this bright kitchen, from the wall color to the dining chairs and décor. But what really stands out is the floors: Pink marbled tile is designed in an offset pattern with small geometric tiles to create a layered effect. The textures of the tile are undeniably stylish, and the floors set the stage for pink furniture and sleek white cabinetry to stand out.

15of 18

Style an Accent Table

The pink and gray hues of this console table bring an elegant touch to the space. Paired with bright white walls and textured trim, it adds color to the room without taking away from its clean, airy vibe. We're loving the rustic artwork and metallic gold décor that tie the design together.

16of 18

Give Your Marble a Glow Up

While the soft pink-and-gray marble on this kitchen's backsplash and countertops is a statement itself, the vintage light fixture completes the room. Brass accents are always a great option to pair beautifully with marbled materials. We love how this designer went further by painting the cabinetry in the same shade as the marble's darker hues.

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Mix and Match Textures

A simple way to add a touch of pink marble to your space is through accent furniture—and we can't get enough of the variety of textures in these pieces. The soft, inviting sofa adds a comfortable touch alongside a stylish marble side table. With wood floors and a patterned, colorful rug, this room is a great example of mix-matching textures for a dynamic finish.

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Explore Quieter Tones

We love the dynamic effect of this layered marble shelving, which picks up on the room's earth-toned colors. To create even more depth, the designers chose to work with brass and burl wood surfaces. Perhaps what ties the whole space together is the subtle mauve color of the shelves: Their soft hue feels balanced among the room's neutral color scheme.


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