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The beginning of Alien Warfare

When Alien Warfare opens, I was very much in doubt of whether this was a spoof or a kitsch style of sci-fi. After a while, I still wasn’t sure, but it was obvious that the actors were told that this is serious business.

Then again, there are several scenes at the beginning of Alien Warfare that give off a “gay porn” vibe. We have very buff men in tight shirts who tend to lean in toward each other. Or just pose in a stereotypical “Check out my bubble butt”-pose. Just saying, I was still in doubt of whether this was a spoof due to this alone.

However, there is no gay porn vibe later on. There is however a very relaxed and positive comment in relation to gays in the military, so I’ll give points for that. It would be so easy to include some dumbass line.

In general, I was very pleasantly surprised at the time spent on character development. And I enjoyed getting to know Mike (Clayton Snyder), Jonesy (Daniel Washington), and Thorpe (Scott C. Roe). Especially Clayton Snyder seems perfect to be an action star with both his build and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Unfortunately, I never grew to like the main protagonist, Chris (David Meadows), who just rubbed me the wrong way.



A team of Navy Seals investigates a mysterious science outpost only to have to combat a squad of powerful alien soldiers.

Popular reviews

  • Daybreaker

    There are many words to describe how terrible Alien Warfare is. This movie is a trainwreck, and yet, it's amazing. Between this and "The Fanatic," 2019 has been a great year for unintentional laughs.

    Alien Warfare is about... well, I don't really know. It has no aliens for over half of the movie and definitely no warfare though. Alien Negotiations would be a much more suiting title. I'm going to dig right into this movie. I'll try not to include spoilers, but honestly what even is there to spoil. If you're looking at a review then you don't care about going in clean of any information.

    Alien Warfare stars that dude, this dude, dude over there, and that other dude.…

  • ZombAid

    I tried, but the aliens were too strong for me...

  • samirakhtar

    I don't really know what I just watched or what was the point of it! It was like an Asylum flick, but it seemed a bit (and I mean a tiny bit) better made, there wasn't any mockbuster cash-in or exploitation elements. It was a bit like a few guys made it after work and filmed it in their office (if they did do that, then it was pretty good, but I seriously doubt it). The strangest thing was that the longer it went on the more I kind of liked it. I do feel bad about that as it was absolutely shite and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! It's on Netflix, but don't watch it!!

  • SgtWhiskeyJack

    I spent an hour and a half trying to decide if a man was trying to hide if he was bald or not.

  • Harlequin

    Kill me.

  • Richard Bellamy

    Very low budget, but well intended in its story of four Navy Seals grunts dealing with a strange alien artifact and the four alien grunts who come to retrieve it. Just the kind of lame but entertaining movie that's just the thing you need when you're sick.

  • Cryptic Escape
  • RyanM226

    I feel personally attacked.

  • November
  • Tailgate_IDW

    This is the worst movie i have ever seen. Its one hour and 28 minutes but it feels like its two hours long the acting is mediocere at best. Some scenes are unintentionally hillarious and the cgi is so bad. This movie feels like its a parody of Alien Invasion movies but it isnt if you see this movie on Netflix while you are cruising it just dont watch it you will just waste your time. Some of this movie is funny bad but most of it is just plain bad. If you want to watch it then at least watch it with your friends and not alone because with a few friends you can at least roast the shit out of it.

  • PrinceofParsnip

    Watched as part of the Shtorms Corona Virus Film Club

    Objectively this is an incredibly awful movie, like the CGI is terrible, the acting is terrible, the characters are stupid and basic, the plot makes little sense....

    ....but it was amazing!

  • TheWalkingDodo

    A truly terrible film. Real bottom of the barrel stuff.

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Never has a film been more aptly titled than Alien Warfare. At least, once Chris (David B. Meadows) gets off the phone, I’m pretty sure some aliens are going to start wreaking havoc.

Okay, once Chris is off the phone, and when he and his team have finished their hostage negotiations against a band of :cough: Middle Eastern terrorists: definitely some alien warfare on the docket.

To be the bomb diggity, you have to act like the bomb diggity, and Tina is the bomb diggity.

Hmm. Finish the phone call, take out the terrorists, and – after Chris and his bro-in-more-ways-than-one Mike (Clayton Snyder) chat on the firing range – we will undoubtedly see a squad of Navy SEALs square off against an otherworldly army. But first some sorrows have to be drowned in a nearby watering hole. And afterwards, to be fair, there’s a whole lot to say about one of the dudes and his unlikely online relationship with a Latvian woman he’s never actually met.

I could keep going, but you get the general idea. For a sci-fi/action flick with an on-the-nose title like Alien Warfare, it sure does take its time leisurely moseying over to the alien warfare thing. And since you’re probably sick of me typing “alien warfare” over and over, I’ll change it up and say that there are no extraterrestrial combatants until literally the halfway point of the movie.

Is it an extraterrestrial atom bomb or an otherworldly sleeper sofa? How will we ever know?

Thankfully, Alien Warfare has so much more to offer than, uh, interplanetary discord. Thrill to mystery! Why are the government suits being so cagey about the details of this mission – to a team handpicked by the President himself?! What force could possibly cause the hundreds of staff members at a remote jungle research facility to be reduced to tidy, wee piles of ash in less than a minute? What is the true purpose of this floating alien artifact?

Laugh along with Alien Warfare, with its tangents about the origins of chewing gum, post-battle elevator music, and a protein-shake-crazed SEAL. Oh, and there’s relationship drama! Well, not that kind. The sole survivor of the Ashpocalypse may be a gorgeous young scientist (Larissa Andrade), but there are no romantic entanglements with any of her rescuers. No, I’m referring to the relationship between brothers who serve together, grief stemming from a casualty during a mission gone FUBAR, and the fallout from the changing of the guard. And action…? You’d better believe it:

They must have some kind of protective shield over their hull. Knights, pull up! Pull up!

Although Alien Warfare suffers from its share of issues, it’s really not all that bad. No one’s going to mistake it for a quarter-billion dollar summer blockbuster, but the visual effects are generally respectable enough. There are plenty of deliberate stabs at comedy, and they all land pretty well. I really like the cast, half of whom aren’t just portraying Navy SEALs but were indeed SEALs themselves. I appreciate that Isabella isn’t there to be rescued or fall head over heels in love. Low budget though it may be, this is a polished, professional production with some genuinely cool moments – say, a slow-motion escape in which one of the SEALs has a radio blasted out of his hand, or a fistfight propelled by rapid-fire teleportation.

Part of the problem is conceptual. Alien Warfare by design isn’t a straight-ahead “soldiers versus aliens” onslaught of death rays and assault rifles. Its title sets misplaced expectations. The extraterrestrial angle barely figures into the first act, and the body count once the aliens enter the fray is… well, let’s just say that the movie doesn’t take all of its cues from Predator. A climactic reveal makes it clear why this is the case – with a certain symmetry to a life-changing mission in the film’s earliest moments – but visceral, white-knuckled viewing it’s not.

Come on in, you f&#$ers – Ol' Painless is waitin'

The action tends to be somewhat clumsily, awkwardly staged. There’s no power to the alien parkour or haymakers, which instead come across as slow and labored. I’m impressed by the design of the extraterrestrial arsenal, but their armor leaves much to be desired. The aliens’ presence isn’t the least bit menacing, which mutes whatever tension or suspense there may otherwise have been. As much as I’d like to continue that particular train of thought, I feel like I have to step lightly around spoilers. But just because there’s an explanation doesn’t mean it’s inherently compelling.

Still, you get to see a dude – named after the kitty from Alien, incidentally – whomp an E.T. with a “Wet Floor” sign. There’s a “Oh, hell no!” straight outta ID4. And though there’s no mistaking that Predator is a primary source of inspiration – down to cloaking tech, their perception of the way we speak, engineering a way to remain invisible from xeno-vision – Alien Warfare actually owes more to Arrival than you may expect.

My God, it's full of stars!

Alien Warfare limps towards the most disappointing kind of middle ground. It’s too well-made to be accidentally brilliant in the “so bad it’s good” vein. But, y’know, it’s not exactly “so good it’s good” either. Although Alien Warfare doesn’t inspire any sort of impassioned recommendation one way or the other from me, it’s on Netflix right now – in 4K, even! – if you feel like rolling the dice.

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