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Disney has been hiding a secret message in its movies for years

  • You can find the letter and numbers A113 in Pixar movies.
  • There's a reason it's a part of the movies. 
  • A113 is a reference to the California Institute of the Arts, where many animators attended college.
  • You can see it at the end of "Incredibles 2."

Pixar has been known for its Easter eggs— hidden messages in films — but one of its best has to do with A113.

The letter and numbers can be found in almost all of Pixar's films, from "Toy Story" to "Cars."

It's also in Disney and Pixar's newest release, "Incredibles 2," out this weekend toward the sequel's very end.

What does it mean?

Pixar co-founder John Lasseter has explained A113 is the number of the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts.

Many animators like Lasseter attended school there. And by including the number, they are giving a subtle shout-out to their alma mater.

john lasseter andrew stanton pete docter

The number has been used for many different things in Pixar films, such as a license plate in 1995's "Toy Story," seen above.

It was on a camera in 2003's "Finding Nemo."

a113 finding nemo

You can find it on a box that Flik walks by in 1998's "A Bug's Life."

bugs life a113

A113 is also the number of a courtroom in 2009's "Up."

a113 up

Here's Sully from 2013's "Monsters University" entering a classroom whose number is A113.

A113 monsters university
Disney / Pixar

However, Pixar films aren't the only ones to hide the number in plain sight. Here's Tiana from Disney's 2009 "The Princess and the Frog" jumping on a trolley car marked A113.

Princess and the frog, number
YouTube screengrab

It even shows up on a door in 1987's "The Brave Little Toaster." Joe Ranft, who went on to work on Pixar movies including "Toy Story," "A Bug's Life," and "Monsters, Inc.," and Dan Haskett, a character designer on "Toy Story," worked on the film.

the brave little toaster
Hyperion Pictures

You can also notice the number on a chewed-up vehicle in Warner Bros.' 1999 movie "The Iron Giant." The director, Brad Bird, later made Pixar hit "The Incredibles."

the iron giant a113
The Iron Giant screencap

Even live-action films like 2012's "The Avengers" had a file labeled A113.

a113 avengers

In "Incredibles 2," a theater marquee has A113 written largely on it. Keep an eye out for it at the movie's end. The sequel is in theaters Friday, June 15.

Frank Pallotta contributed to an earlier version of this story.


Pixar fans familiar with the Easter eggs within the films, you know all about A113. We don't need to explain it to you. But we do need to explain it to other people who might like to know about the number that pops up in almost every Pixar film (and beyond).

If you have an eagle eye, you've spotted "A113" many, many times while watching Pixar movies. It's the license plate on Andy's mom's car in the "Toy Story" films. It's the forbidden code you see many times in "Wall-E." It's on the camera that the diver is carrying when he captures Nemo in "Finding Nemo."

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And A113 goes beyond Pixar movies. You can find it in "Avengers", "Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," "The Simpsons" and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." It's all around us. And obviously it's not just a really crazy coincidence. There's a reason it gets slipped into these movies. And that reason is the animators paying tribute to where they started their careers.

"A1-13 was the animation classroom at California Institute of the Arts in the Character Animation Program," John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios explained. "Cal Arts is one of the best animation schools... and a lot of the students... as they created films--short films and feature films, they've kind of hidden A113 in the movies."

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Director Brad Bird ("The Incredibles," "Ratatouille") was the first to use A113 as an Easter egg; he put it on a car license plate in "Family Dog," an animated segment from the 1987 TV series "Amazing Stories."

The only Pixar movie without the A113 nod is "Monsters, Inc." Or it might be in there and no one has spotted it yet. If you have seen it in "Monsters, Inc.," please, do share your findings!

So if you ever spot A113 in a film you're watching, then someone who worked on it is an alumnus of Cal Arts' Animation Program and is just continuing a running gag.

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Disney Has Been Hiding A Secret Message In Its Movies For Years

Woody, Toy Story, number
YouTube screengrab
Pixar has been known for its Easter eggs — hidden messages in films — but one of its best has to do with A113.

A video on Disney Pixar's YouTube page shows A113 can be found in almost all of Pixar's films, from "Toy Story" to "Finding Nemo."

What does it mean?

Pixar's John Lasseter has explained A113 is the number of the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts.

Many animators like Lasseter attended school there, and by including the number they are giving a subtle shoutout to their alma mater.

The number has been used for many different things in Pixar films, such as Andy's mom's license plate in 1995's "Toy Story."

Woody, Toy Story, number
YouTube screengrab

It was on a camera in 2003's "Finding Nemo."

finding nemo, number
YouTube screengrab

A113 is the number of a train in 2006's "Cars."

train, cars, number
YouTube screengrab

It can also be found on a box that Flik walks by in 1998's "A Bug's Life."

a bugs life, number
YouTube screengrab

Here's Sully from 2013's "Monsters University" entering a classroom whose number is A113.

monsters university sulley
Disney / Pixar

However, Pixar films aren't the only ones to hide the number in plain sight. Here's Tiana from Disney's 2009 "The Princess and the Frog" jumping on a trolley car marked A113.

Princess and the frog, number
YouTube screengrab

"The Simpsons" used it for Bart Simpson's mug shot.

the simpsons, number
YouTube screengrab

It even shows up on a door in 1987's "The Brave Little Toaster." Joe Ranft, who went on to work on Pixar movies including "Toy Story," "A Bug's Life," and "Monsters, Inc.," and Dan Haskett, a character designer on "Toy Story," worked on the film.

the brave little toaster
Hyperion Pictures
You can also notice the number on a chewed-up vehicle in Warner Bros.' 1999 movie "The Iron Giant." The director, Brad Bird, later made Pixar hit "The Incredibles."
the iron giant a113
The Iron Giant screencap

Even live-action films like 2012's "The Avengers" had a file labeled A113.

the avengers, number
YouTube screengrab

Finally, here's a photo of Lasseter and Pixar animators Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter standing outside the famed classroom:

Pixar animators
YouTube screengrab
For the directive in WALL•E, see Directive A-113.

A113 (pronounced A1-13) was the classroom number used by character animation students at the California Institute of the Arts. Many of its alumni (including Pixar staff) have used the number in their professional works. It is said to appear in some way, shape, or form in every Pixar film. Although none have been found to date on Monsters, Inc., Pete Docter mentions he believed that it was on one of the doors in a hallway inside the factory in the documentary Pixar: 25 Magic Moments. In addition to Pixar films, this running gag also appeared in some non-Pixar films, such as The Brave Little Toaster, Lilo & Stitch, The Avengers, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, etc.

Appearances in Pixar Films

  • Toy Story - License plate number on Ms. Davis' minivan.
  • A Bug's Life - Code on a cereal box as Flik enters the bug city (the number on the other side of the hyphen is 1195, likely representing November 1995: the month and year that Toy Story was released). Also, "Vitamin A113" appears on the Nutrition Facts for the Casey Jr. Cookies box that makes up P.T. Flea's circus train.
  • Toy Story 2 - Again on Ms. Davis' license plate. Also, the airport announcer says "LassetAir flight A113 from Point Richmond now arriving at Gate 3".[1]
  • Monsters, Inc. - Although not an instance of A113, one of the pillars inside the door vault of Monsters, Inc. almost has the correct number, reading: "A13".
  • Finding Nemo - Model code on the camera used by a scuba diver.
  • The Incredibles - A room number in Syndrome's lair. It is the conference room where Mr. Incredible is supposed to get his second assignment and where he is attacked by the enhanced Omnidroid v.X9. Also, the prison level where Mr. Incredible is held is "Level A1" in Cell # 13: A1 & 13. Also, the hangar has letters on the wall in alphabetical order. Due to the font used, the B looks like a 13 with the divider between it and the A acting as another 1: A 1 13.
  • Cars - Mater's license plate number. Also the number of the railway train which almost crashes into Lightning McQueen while he is on his way to Radiator Springs. In addition, the number is part of Dexter Hoover's license plate, the whole license number reading: "A113CA".
  • Ratatouille - Git, the lab rat, has a tag on his left ear that reads: "A113". Also, when Linguini is watching TV, A113 appears on a train behind the love couple.
  • WALL•E - The forbidden code for AUTO's "directive". This instance is the first (and so far, only) time that A113 has held any actual significance in the film's plot. Also, WALL•E in Leet speak is WA113.
  • Up - On the sign outside the court room.
  • Toy Story 3 - Once again on Ms. Davis' license plate.
  • In the joke advertisement "Cars 'n Deals of Emeryville", a car has A113 on its license plate. Also, at one point in the film, it goes static, leaving the address on the screen for half a second, which led to an exclusive clip of Cars 2.
  • Cars 2 - Again on Mater's license plate. Also on the tail of the spy plane Siddeley. Additionally, the number appears beneath the photo of Miles Axlerod's engine when Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell and Mater are examining it for the first time.
  • Brave - Appears in Roman numerals as ACXIII above the entrance door of the witch's cottage.
  • Monsters University - The classroom number of Scaring 101. On an international poster, Sulley and Mike's alarm clock reads 1:13 PM, but the A is yet to be found.
  • Inside Out - As a graffiti in the streets of San Francisco when Riley receives a phone call from her mother. It is also the number of Riley's classroom. Furthermore, it can be noted that Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong ride in Car #13 on the Train of Thought.
  • The Good Dinosaur - Formed by pickets on the wooden fence surrounding the area of the "cluckers" on Arlo's family's farm.
  • Finding Dory - The tags of Fluke and Rudder are labeled "A1" and "13", respectively. Also, the license plate number on the truck containing quarantined fish reads: "CAL A113".
  • Cars 3 - Once again on Mater's license plate. It is also Sterling's office number at the Rust-eze Racing Center on Shannon Spokes' press sticker. It can also be found on one of Miss Fritter's victims' license plates, which reads: "Nebraska A01-13L" (sometimes "01" can be counted without the zero).
  • Coco - The number on the office door of the "Bureau of Family Grievances" in the Land of the Dead's Grand Central station. It can also be found on one of Ernesto's albums.
  • Incredibles 2 - The number can be seen spray painted on a dumpster that Frozone initially crouches behind after the Underminer's attack, on the front of the Metrolev hover train, on the door of the editing room at DEVTECH where Helen watches the Screenslaver footage, on the far right corner of the International Superhero Accord contract, and on the marquee of the movie theatre where Violet Parr and Tony Rydinger go on their date at the film's end. The posters at the theatre were also for a movie called "DIMENTI A 113".
  • Toy Story 4 - Can be seen on Bonnie's family truck and on the carpet design of Second Chance Antiques.
  • Onward - At the end of the film, Colt Bronco gets a call from dispatch saying, "We got a one-one-three in progress." This is the first time A113 is referred to in audio form only.
  • Soul - When Joe and 22 go into the Hall of Everything, the number can be seen on a street sign.
  • Luca - Seen on Luca's train ticket to Genova as his seat number.



Inc a113 monsters

Once upon a time, long before John Lasseter was John Lasseter, and before Pixar was even a thing, a magical classroom fostered animation’s biggest up-and-comers. Room A113 at the California Institution of Arts is where filmmaking greats first dipped their toes and digital paintbrushes in graphic design and character animation.


So, once John Lasseter became John Lasseter and a little thing called Pixar was brought into this world, those pupils-turned-animation-superheroes continued to honor their humble beginnings with a hidden “A113” in every Pixar feature film.


Here’s where you can find them:


A Bug’s Life

Flik finds “warrior” bugs. Fans find an Easter egg. Everybody wins.



Zoom in and in and in, and maybe even squint a little, and you’ll see “ACXIII” carved into the interior doorway of the witch’s hut. We know what you’re thinking. How could you have ever missed it?



All aboard the Easter egg train! This minor locomotive shows up for a hot sec when Lightning is on the road to Radiator Springs.


Pixar fans, start your engines and hop on the fast track to fandom. Mater’s license plate is yet another A113 reference.


Cars 2

No need to have super-awesome international spy skills to spot this reference right on Siddeley’s tail fin.


Finding Nemo

Instagram, schminstagram. The Sea Meister A-113 is where it’s at. #NoFilter


The Incredibles

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the cell where Syndrome is keeping a rocket! Mirage also mentions A113 when talking to Mr. Incredible about his 2 p.m. meeting.


Inside Out

Because nothing says “San Francisco” quite like Pixar-themed graffiti art.


Monsters, Inc.

Okay, so this one might take a little more imagination, but here we can see Column A13 inside the door vault, making that an “A” and one “13,” a.k.a. none other than an A113.


Monsters University

Exhibit K: Classroom A113 meets Classroom A113.



Only the most trained eye can spot this subtle movie-within-the-movie reference.


Hungry for more? Ratatouille serves up a double helping of “A113” with it printed on Git’s lab tag.


Toy Story

To infinite references to A113 … and beyond!


Toy Story 2

Attention all travelers. Listen carefully to the airport announcement regarding “LassetAir Flight A113.”


Toy Story 3

Although Andy’s mom gets a sweet new ride, she holds onto the same sweet old license plate.



Adventure is out there! And probably not inside Courtroom A113!



In the most obvious and most story-centric reference, “A113” is the directive to never return to Earth.


Luckily, WALL•E will save the day (and all of humanity as we know it). He first enters the Axiom through Port A224, which is just A113 with 1 added to each digit.


Where else have you spotted A113? Tell us in the comments below!

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List of Pixar film references

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This article needs to be updated. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.(March 2019)

Beginning with Red's Dream and its references to previous Pixar short films, Pixar has included references in its films to other works produced by the studio.[1] These have included cameo appearances, references to characters, objects, and titles of works. Additionally, such easter eggs or in-jokes can refer to Pixar staff, associates, or places or events from the company's past. Lastly, some things, such as A113, Pizza Planet, or actor John Ratzenberger have appeared in the majority of Pixar films, establishing a set of traditions that subsequent Pixar films try to include.

The following is a list of all documented self-referential nods contained within Pixar films and shorts that the various filmmakers have incorporated into their movies.



Main article: A113

A113 is an Easter egg that has been inserted into several animated television shows and feature films[1][2] as a homage to a classroom at CalArts, the alma mater of Pixar/Disney executive John Lasseter and directorBrad Bird, among others. Bird was the first to use the A113 Easter egg,[3] on a car license plate in an animated segment entitled Family Dog in a 1987 episode of the television series Amazing Stories.

  • Toy Story trilogy – License plate number on Andy's mom's minivan, later replaced by a CUV in Toy Story 3.[4][5]
  • A Bug's Life – Code on cereal box as Flik enters the bug city.[6]
  • Toy Story 2 – Airport announcement for "LassetAir Flight A113" (also a reference to director John Lasseter).
  • Monsters, Inc. – One of the pillars inside the company reads "A13". The stars also make the marking A113 after Randall gets thrown in the door.
  • Finding Nemo – Model code on camera used by scuba diver.[7]
  • The Incredibles – Room number in Syndrome's lair (not seen, only mentioned by Mirage).[8] Also, the prison level where Mr. Incredible is held is "Level A1" in Cell #13: A1 & 13[9] and as, Elastigirl looks to the computer, in the "Level A1" diagram, the higher column is labeled "13".
  • Cars – The number of the freight train that almost crashes into Lightning McQueen while he is first on his way to Radiator Springs.[10][11] It is also Mater's license plate in both the film and the related short film, Mater and the Ghost Light.[12]
  • Ratatouille – Git, the lab rat, has a tag on his left ear that reads "A113".[13] Also, when Linguini falls asleep to the old movie, A113 is seen on the screen.[14]
  • WALL-E – A113 is the code for the directive given to the Axiom's autopilot to never return to Earth.[15][16] This to date has been the largest involvement of the "A113" easter egg in the plot of a Pixar film.
  • Up – A113 is the number of the court room.[17]
  • Cars 2 – A113 is the number on Siddeley's tail.[18] It remains the number on Mater's license plate, and it is part of the image number on the spy photo of Miles Axelrod's engine.
  • Brave – A113 is written in Roman numerals (ACXIII) above the entrance to the witch's shack.
  • Monsters University – A113 is the classroom of Scare 101.
  • Inside Out – When Riley is walking up a street in San Francisco going towards the bus, she stops to see who is calling her. In the background, "A113" is written in graffiti on a building. When Riley Anderson heads to her new school in San Francisco, she is put in room A113.[19]
  • The Good Dinosaur – A113 can be seen in a formation of sticks.
  • Finding Dory – The tags that are seen on Fluke and Rudder read "A1" and "13". The license plate on the truck then reads "CALA113", referencing to California Institute of Arts A113.
  • Cars 3 – Sterling's office in the Rust-Eze Racing Center is numbered A113.
  • Coco – The office in the Bureau of Family Grievances is numbered A113.
  • Incredibles 2 – At the end of the film, the Parrs about to drop Violet and Tony off at a movie. On the marquee, the film is called Dementia 113, but one side makes it appear to read Dementi A113. A113 also appears as part of a model number for a derailed train.
  • Toy Story 4 - a vintage 1970s-style A113 sign appears in the antique store.[20]
  • Onward - On a police radio, a voice is heard saying they have "a one-one-three in progress".
  • Soul - The number appears on a street sign in the Hall of Everything.
  • Luca - A113 appears as a ticket number on Luca's train ticket in the end.

John Ratzenberger

Described as "Pixar's good luck charm" by John Lasseter, actor John Ratzenberger has played a role in every Pixar feature to date,[10][21] including a few not produced by Pixar.[a]Soul is the first film where John Ratzenberger uses his likeness instead of a voice role.[22]

  • Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 – Hamm
  • A Bug's Life – P.T. Flea
  • Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University – Abominable Snowman
  • Finding Nemo – School of fish
  • The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 – The Underminer
  • Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3 – Mack
    • At the end of Cars, there is a drive-in theater that shows John Ratzenberger as some of the parts of the movies, which are car-versions of Toy (Car) Story, A Bug's Life, and Monster (Trucks), Inc. Mack even notes that they keep using the same actor again.
  • Ratatouille – Mustafa the waiter
  • WALL-E – John
  • Up – Tom the foreman
  • Brave – Gordon the guard
  • Planes – Harland
  • Planes: Fire & Rescue – Brodi
  • Inside Out – Fritz
  • The Good Dinosaur – Earl the velociraptor
  • Finding Dory – Bill the crab
  • Coco – Juan Ortodoncia, a skeleton in the Land of the Dead with bad teeth
  • Onward - Fenwick the construction worker
  • Soul - Although not a voice role, a computer animated version of the actor can be seen 1-hour-and-8-minutes into the film when Joe Gardner (Mr. Mittens) chases 22 (Joe) into the Subway station. He’s wearing a white dress shirt and a red tie.[22]

Luxo Ball

A yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star, which was first shown in the short Luxo, Jr., has been shown in the Pixar logo sequence and several Pixar feature films and shorts, most prominently in the Toy Story franchise.[23]

  • When Buzz Lightyear demonstrates how he "flies" in Toy Story, he bounces off a Luxo Ball.[24]
  • In Toy Story 2, one Luxo Ball appears in a TV commercial for Al's Toy Barn.[6][25]
  • Several Luxo Balls can be seen when the toys enter Al's Toy Barn in Toy Story 2: when entering the store, one can be easily seen to the left;[26] when leaving, a whole container of Luxo Balls can be seen to the left.[citation needed]
  • A Luxo Ball appears in a trailer for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 double feature in Disney Digital 3-D.
  • In Boo's room in Monsters, Inc.; When Boo returns to her room, she gives Sulley the ball.[24][27]
  • In the Incredibles short film Jack-Jack Attack.[24]
  • On the floor of a neighbor child's room[28] and on one of Russel's merit badges in Up.[17]
  • The ball's design pattern appeared on the floor of the circus ring in Red's Dream.[24]
  • In Toy Story 4, when Buzz is stuck at the wall of prizes, plastic rockets that have the star logo from the Luxo Ball on them can be seen hanging next to him.[29] The ball itself also appears in the antique shop.[30]

Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet is a fictional pizza restaurant that appears in Toy Story.[31] In the film, it is a large, sci-fi-themed restaurant with arcade games including robot guards at the entrance. The company runs a fleet of derelict Toyota Hilux pickup trucks (as evidenced by the inscription on the tailgate; it is a Toyota inscription with the first and last two letters, "TO" and "TA", worn off so it simply appears as "YO") with a rocket on the roof featuring the restaurant's logo, as seen in Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 (though in Toy Story 2, the truck model is called a "Gyoza" as seen on the owner's manual). There is a Pizza Planet reference in every Pixar feature film[32] to date except for the film The Incredibles. Lee Unkrich has said that there is no Pizza Planet truck anywhere in The Incredibles.[24][33]

  • In Toy Story, Woody sees the truck at the gas station and tells Buzz it is a spaceship with hyper-active hyperdrive which they head on it to the restaurant itself.
  • In A Bug's Life, the truck appears in the scene where one insect warns another not to touch a motor home's bug zapper.[24] A Pizza Planet cup also appears in the Bug City.[6]
  • In Toy Story 2, Hamm, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky and Rex use the truck to chase after Al to the airport.
  • In Monsters, Inc., when a redneck mother is beating Randall with a shovel, the truck is on the far left side of the screen. This is the same motor home that appeared in A Bug's Life.[24][34][35]
  • In Finding Nemo, while Gill is explaining his plan to escape from the dentist office, a yellow Pizza Planet truck drives by.[24][36]
  • In Cars, there is an anthropomorphic Pizza Planet truck named Todd at the stadium for the final race. There also exists a diecast car of it.[24][37]
  • In Ratatouille, the Pizza Planet truck is briefly seen crossing the bridge over the Seine when Skinner is chasing Remy.[10][24][38]
  • In WALL-E, EVE scans the engine of a Pizza Planet truck for plant life shortly after her arrival on Earth, and shuts the hood afterwards.[39][40]
  • In Up, the Pizza Planet truck is seen on the street as Carl's house floats by, although the truck has more of a delivery van appearance than the actual truck in other films. An actual Pizza Planet truck can be seen in a parking lot when Carl has a fantasy of leaving Russell. At the end, when Carl takes Russell and Dug for ice cream, the real Pizza Planet truck can be seen parked.[17]
  • In Toy Story 3, the Pizza Planet truck is the vehicle that Lots-o-Huggin' Bear, Big Baby, and Chuckles rides on to get around Sunnyside Daycare. Pizza Planet is also seen as a calendar sponsor.[41]
  • In Cars 2, Todd the Pizza Planet truck is attending to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He also appears in the background of a triptych poster of the movie, in front of Buckingham Palace.
  • In Brave the Pizza Planet Truck appears as a wood carving in the witches cottage.[42]John Lasseter commented in an interview that although the story of Brave takes place in the past, they found a way to put the Pizza Planet Truck in the story.[43][44]
  • In Monsters University, the Pizza Planet truck is parked outside the first house party.
  • In Inside Out, the Pizza Planet truck can be seen in one of Riley's memory orbs.
  • In The Good Dinosaur, an asteroid in the shape of the Pizza Planet truck can be seen in the asteroid belt. Director Peter Sohn has indicated that the truck makes a second appearance in the film, which has not yet been identified.[45]
  • In Finding Dory, the Pizza Planet truck can be seen underwater in the wreckage.
  • In Cars 3, Todd the Pizza Planet truck is attending at the ThunderHollow speedway.
  • In Coco, the truck appears in a brief montage playing loud music to show Abuela's ban on music.
  • In Incredibles 2, the truck appears after Elastigirl saves the Screenslaver. In this film, the truck has been redesigned to match the other cars in the series.
  • In Toy Story 4, a drawing of the truck appears as a tattoo on the leg of Axel the Carny.
  • In Onward, the truck appears at a toll booth. To keep with the fantastic theme, the restaurant is renamed "Pizza Realm".
  • In Soul, the truck appears in the Hall of Everything.
  • In Luca, the truck takes on the form of a Piaggio Ape so that it does not look out of place in a small Italian fishing village.

Pizza Planet restaurants at Walt Disney World's Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Paris are named after the site in the film and are designed to resemble it. Disneyland features a similar restaurant "Redd Rockett's Pizza Port", which shares similar themes and designs.


To avoid overt product placement in Pixar films, a series of fictional companies are used as placeholders. Some appear only in one franchise (such as fictional NASCAR sponsors in Cars) but others serve as recurring themes.

Buy-n-Large (BnL)

Buy-n-Large is a fictional mega-corporation that first appeared in WALL-E as the entity which controlled all economic and government services on the future Earth.

  • WALL-E
    • Buy-n-Large logos are seen throughout the movie and the company president appears in a message to the captain of the Axiom.
  • Tokyo Mater
    • A jumbotron in Tokyo advertises a "lugnut in a cup".
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 3
    • Jackson Storm was racing in the BnL Raceway
  • Toy Story 4
    • BnL batteries power Bo Peep's car.
  • Soul
    • The Buy-n-Large logo is featured in one of the stickers.[47]


Dinoco logo as it appeared in Toy Story(1995).

Dinoco is a fictional oilcompany that first appeared in Toy Story as a small gas station. It plays a central role as a key race car sponsor in Cars, and made a small cameo in WALL-E.[31] The company's logo is a dinosaur, but with a Brontosaurus in Toy Story and a Tyrannosaurus in Cars (a reference to Sinclair Oil, which uses a similar dinosaur logo. The name, however, is similar to Sunoco, the current oil and gasoline sponsor of NASCAR).

  • Toy Story
    • Andy's Mom goes to the gas station to fuel and it's where Woody and Buzz fight and were left behind.[48]
  • Cars
    • The company's branding uses a pale blue shade referred to as "Dinoco blue", originally created for Richard Petty's racecar. "The King" is portrayed with Dinoco branding as #43, a Plymouth Superbird. Dinoco is the most lucrative sponsor in the Piston Cup, a parody of NASCAR's Grand National driver's trophy series, which was originally called Winston Cup[49] lending its name to the "Dinoco 400" race at the "Motor Speedway of the South", an enlarged Bristol Speedway. Its owner Tex is a loyal, longtime sponsor of The King #43, a veteran racer on the verge of retirement.[24] This corporate sponsorship is the primary trophy for which the race cars in Cars contend. The Dinoco brand features prominently in much Cars-related merchandise.[50]
  • WALL-E
  • Cars 2
    • On the plane to Tokyo, a flight attendant is seen holding cans with the Dinoco logo on them and Mater, in Japan, drinks Dinoco fuel at the sumo fight.
  • Cars 3
    • After trainer Cruz Ramirez wins the final race of the film (the first of the new Piston Cup season), Tex offers her a chance to race for Dinoco and she accepts.
  • Toy Story 4
    • During their RV road trip, Bonnie's family stops at a Dinoco gas station for gas.
    • At the Second Chance Antique store, an old gas pump wearing the Dinoco logo can be seen as a store item.

Eggman Movers

Eggman Movers is a fictional moving company that has an anthropomorphic egg with a hat as a mascot and appears mostly throughout the Toy Story franchise. The company's name is a reference to Pixar production designer Ralph Eggleston.[30]

  • Toy Story
    • An Eggman Moving box appears in Sid's room.
    • An Eggman truck serves as the moving truck when Andy's family moves to their new home at the end of the film.
  • Toy Story 2
    • The Eggman moving truck passes by when the toys try to cross the street in order to reach Al's Toy Barn.
  • Wall-E
    • An advertising billboard for Eggman Movers is briefly visible.
  • Toy Story 4
    • An old advertising sign for Eggman Moving appears at the antique store.[30]

Poultry Palace

Poultry Palace is a fictional chicken-based fast-food chain that first appears in the Toy Story short Small Fry.

  • Small Fry
    • It is the place where the entire short takes place.
  • Toy Story 4
    • During their road trip, Bonnie and her parents can briefly be seen eating at a Poultry Palace location.
    • At the antiques store, an old Poultry Palace sign can be seen.[20]


Brang is a fictional startup in San Francisco that first appears in Inside Out.

  • Inside Out
    • Riley's dad works for this company and wears the brand logo on a T-shirt at points throughout the film.
  • Soul
    • An ad for the company is seen inside a subway.


Toy Story franchise

These Pixar films contain the following references to the Toy Story films, shorts, and television specials:

  • A Bug's Life
    • In one of the bloopers that play during the end credits, Flik, as he is about to take flight, quotes Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase "To Infinity and Beyond", instead of "For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!".
    • One of the additional bloopers features Woody as a crewman, running the clapperboard,[24] appearing after Dr. Flora accidentally pronounced Atta as "Princess Abba", and she, with Mr. Soil, jokes of it after.
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • Andy's cloud wallpaper is shown while Randall is practicing his scares.[6]
    • When Boo returns home at the end, a Jessie doll is seen on her table.[24] She then hands Sulley the doll.[27]
    • During a blooper, while Mike and Sulley are walking to work, they wait at a crosswalk next to Ted's leg, who roars and stomps his feet. The camera zooms out to reveal that the leg belongs to Rex, who then asks anxiously how it went, if he can do it again and promises to be taller. In the actual film, Ted makes chicken sounds.[citation needed]
    • A larger version of a clown toy from Andy's Room appears at the laugh floor at the end near the laugh canisters.[6]
    • Fungus gives Randall a copy of the Monstropolis Horn, which features an article by Al Whiggin. Al's full name from Toy Story 2 is Al McWhiggin.
    • The toy airplane that Buzz lands on when first attempting to fly is seen on a shelf at the beginning of the film.[52][unreliable source?]
  • Finding Nemo
    • When Nemo is frantically looking for a way to escape the fish tank in the dentist's office, a Buzz Lightyear action figure can be seen lying next to the toy box in the waiting room.[53]
  • Cars
    • The tires of all the Piston Cup racers (including Lightning McQueen) are Lightyear Buzzard tires, a reference to Buzz Lightyear and GoodyearEagle tires.[54]
    • The drive-in movie shows Toy Car Story, featuring stylized car versions of Toy Story characters Woody, Buzz, and Hamm.
    • Lightning McQueen's race number is #95, the year the first Toy Story was released.
  • WALL-E
    • Rex is seen in Wall-E's house.[55]
    • Barbie's car and a Buzz Lightyear lunchbox are seen.[citation needed]
    • Hamm can be seen in Wall-E's house when EVE visits.[39]
    • The orange traffic cones from Toy Story 2 can be seen in garbage piles and Wall-E's room.[39]
  • Up
    • The grape soda brand for the bottle cap that Ellie gives to Carl is the same as seen in the Buzz Lightyear commercial in Toy Story.[17]
    • Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear can be seen as the balloons pass a child's room.[17]
  • Coco
    • Piñatas of Woody and Buzz can be seen in the village.
  • Incredibles 2
    • Duke Caboom is seen in Jack Jack's playpen.

A Bug's Life

These Pixar films and shorts contain the following references to A Bug's Life:

  • Toy Story 2
    • The opening video game sequence takes place in a space-themed, differently-colored version of Ant Island.
    • The calendar in Andy's room shows a still image of ants carrying food and walking across a blade of grass.[6][56]
    • When Mrs. Potato Head is waiting for her earring, she's reading a storybook of A Bug's Life.[6][57]
    • Heimlich can be seen as a small caterpillar, crawling on a branch just before Buzz cuts through.[24][58]
    • Characters are seen as toys after the "NEW" banner at Al's Toy Barn is seen.[6][59]
    • The tree on top of the hill during the "When She Loved Me" sequence is the same tree that tops Ant Island.[6]
    • The main theme from A Bug's Life can be heard in an elevator music rendition in the elevator where Al is going down to head to Japan.
    • Flik and Heimlich are the only two cast members to reprise their roles from A Bug's Life, appearing in an outtake of the movie, expressing their excitement of their first day of filming as they climb the branches. Flik is pleased with Heimlich, thinking that he talked to the producers about doing a sequel, but the latter later clarified that the sequel is not A Bug's Life 2, leaving Flik confused. When he asks Heimlich what the sequel is, the camera starts rolling and the giant Buzz makes his entrance by clearing the bush they are on, sending them flying.
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • The place Randall gets banished to is the old trailer with the deadly bug light and the Pizza Planet truck.[24]
  • Cars
    • The drive-in movie shows A Bug's Life, featuring stylized car versions of characters Flik, the circus bugs and P.T. Flea.[60]
  • WALL-E
  • Up
    • The tree which Carl Fredricksen and Ellie go to resembles the tree from Ant Island.
  • Toy Story 3
    • An ant toy is seen during the breakout.[citation needed]
    • When Woody climbs into the ceiling at Sunnyside, letters spelling ATTA, the name of the Princess are seen.[62]
    • A toy version of Flik can be seen jumping away as the line of children are about to come back in from recess.[62]
  • Cars 3
    • A bonsai tree resembling the tree from Ant Island is seen in Sterling's office.
  • Toy Story 4
    • At the Second Chance Antiques store, the Casey Jr. cookie box as well as a "P.J.'s Pop" sign can be seen as store items.[29][30]

Monsters, Inc. franchise

These Pixar films contain the following references to Monsters, Inc. or Monsters University:

  • Cars
    • The drive-in movie shows Monster Trucks, Inc., featuring stylized car versions of characters Sulley, Mike, and the Abominable Snowman (here known as the Abominable Snowplow).[65]
  • Tokyo Mater
    • While Mater is trying to drift Mike and Sulley, in their stylized car forms, can be briefly seen when he has drifted out of the restaurant.
  • WALL-E
    • One of the many garbage cubes in the movie is the garbage cube Sulley had thought Boo was in. Also, a Mike Wazowski antenna ball is seen.[66]
  • Toy Story 3
    • A girl in the Butterfly Room at Sunnyside looks like a slightly older Boo.[41]
    • Toy versions of Boo and Mike Wazowski are seen in Sunnyside Daycare.[62]
  • Brave
    • A wood carving of Sulley can be seen in the Witch's shack.
  • Coco
    • Piñatas of Mike can be seen in the village.
  • Toy Story 4
    • Boo is seen in the Kindergarten during the scene where Bonnie creates Forky.
    • A flag for Monsters University is in the Second Chance Antiques shop.
    • The scream canister is also seen at the antiques shop.

Finding Nemo franchise

These Pixar films and shorts contain the following references to Finding Nemo and Finding Dory:

  • Monsters, Inc.
    • Before Mike says "And he is....outta here!" as they're throwing Randall through the door, Nemo can be seen hanging on the wall.[67]
    • Boo gives Sulley a Nemo toy before he leaves her room. (As Monsters, Inc. was made before Finding Nemo this was a sneak peek)[24][27]
    • On the wall behind the sushi chef at Harryhausen's, there is a clownfish.[6]
  • Toy Story 3
    • Mr. Ray is on a shelf at the daycare.[72]
    • One of the dolphins is on a shelf at the daycare.[73]
    • A Nemo sticker is seen on Andy's toy dresser.[62]
    • Images of Nemo and Dory are seen on the wall at Sunnyside Daycare when Buzz escapes the Caterpillar room.[41]
  • Inside Out
    • A board game featuring Nemo called "Find Me!" can be seen in Imagination Land.
  • The Good Dinosaur
    • Hank the Octopus from Finding Dory appears very briefly in the pond Arlo falls in.
  • Coco
    • Sculptures of Marlin and Dory are found among the sculptures of Alebijes.
  • Toy Story 4
    • The scuba diver's mask is in the Second Chance Antiques shop.
    • At the antiques store, A barracuda model also appears.

The Incredibles franchise

These Pixar films contain the following references to The Incredibles and Incredibles 2:

  • WALL-E
    • A Frozone bobblehead is seen in WALL-E's truck.[76] In some BnL advertisements, including those in the special edition DVD, there is a family who resembles the Parr family.
  • Toy Story 3
    • A poster of the Omnidroid is seen on the wall in Andy's room.[citation needed]
  • Cars 2
    • The marquee at the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theater reads "The Incredimobiles".[77]
  • Cars 3
    • A billboard of Mr. Incredible's old employers, Insuricare, can be seen during the demolition derby.
  • Coco
    • A poster of The Incredibles (as skeletons) can be found in the Land of the Dead.
  • Toy Story 4
    • Elastigirl's bike from Incredibles 2 can be seen in the Second Chance Antiques shop.

Cars franchise

These films and shorts contain references to Cars, Cars 2 or Cars 3:

  • Toy Story 2
    • Al's car looks a lot like Flo.
  • The Incredibles
    • When the Incredibles and Frozone fight against the Omnidroid, a non-anthropomorphic Doc Hudson can be seen parked in the background. It actually survived being crushed or broken from the fight.[79]
  • Up
    • The airplane that was used to skywrite "Piston Cup" in the final race is the same one Beta, Gamma and an unknown dog used to attack Russell.
    • When Carl gets the worker's megaphone, he talks to the construction boss, and says to him, "Take a bath, hippie!". This line is a switchblade of Sarge's line to Fillmore in Cars, "Take a car wash, hippie!"'.
  • Toy Story 3
    • In the Western action sequence at the beginning of Toy Story 3, the runaway train has the engine number 95, a reference to Lightning McQueen and the year the original Toy Story came out.[5]
    • A Lightning McQueen-styled wooden car appears in the Daycare.[5]
    • "ReVolting" batteries are seen on a table where some of the toys are playing cards. (ReVolting was the sponsor for Car #84.)[72]
    • When Buzz shakes hands with Sparks, a tractor toy similar to the "cows" rolls past them.[72]
    • The calendar in Andy's room which used to show an image from A Bug's Life now has a picture of a non-anthropomorphic Snot Rod from Cars. Both calendars, years apart, are turned to the month of August.[41]
    • Finn McMissile is seen on a poster in Andy's room.[62]
    • A firetruck that resembles Red is seen at Sunnyside Daycare.[41]
    • A child at Sunnyside Daycare wears a shirt with a 95 emblazoned with a lightning bolt, a reference to Lightning McQueen.[62]
  • Finding Dory
    • A Lightning McQueen band-aid was worn by one of the truck drivers near the end of the film.
  • Toy Story 4
    • A model of Flo is seen in the Second Chance Antiques shop.


These films contain references to the film Ratatouille:

  • Lifted
    • The farmer in the film, Ernie, is the same character model as Linguini.[citation needed]
  • Cars 2
    • In Paris, a car version of Gusteau's Restaurant is seen as "Gastow's" in the background.[77]
  • Inside Out
    • Colette is seen on a magazine cover.


These films contain references to the film WALL-E:

  • Cars
    • In a modified Piston Cup scene, WALL-E is seen as part of a team.
  • The Incredibles
    • In a modified version of the sequence with Bob's new vintage sports car, WALL-E is seen in the garage.
  • Your Friend, The Rat
  • Toy Story 4
    • Glass cups with Wall-E, EVE, and Auto on them can be seen in the Second Chance Antiques shop.


These films contain references to the film Up:

  • Toy Story 2
    • One of the boxes Al of Al's Toy Barn is holding whilst arranging shipping of Woody and the other toys to Japan over the phone, has a house shaped arrow and the phrase 'This End UP' on the side. The word Up is displayed in capital letters and is quite prominent.[6][86]
  • Toy Story 3
    • One of the papers (which is a postcard) on top of Andy's dresser says "Carl and Ellie Fredricksen" on it.[62][46]
  • Toy Story 4
    • At the Second Chance Antiques store, a painting of Charles Muntz and his four dogs playing poker can be seen.[20]
    • Bo Peep's sheep pick up a cap of Grape Soda.[30]
    • Carl's cane can be seen in the Second Chance Antiques shop.


These films or shorts contain references to the film Brave:

  • Cars 2
    • During the London chase scene, the Lemons crash into a pub. On the wall is a tapestry depicting Princess Merida and her family as cars.[77]
  • Toy Story 4
    • The crest of Merida's family is seen on a plate in the Second Chance Antiques shop.

These films contain references to the film Inside Out:

  • Finding Dory
    • Riley Andersen appears in the aquarium, Marine Life Institute.
  • Cars 3
    • TripleDent Gum appears as the sponsor for Terry Kargas and Cam Spinner.
  • Toy Story 4
    • At the antique store, an old advertising sign for TripleDent bubblegum can be seen.[20]
    • Bing Bong's wagon also appears in the antique store.

The Good Dinosaur

These films contain references to the film The Good Dinosaur:

  • Inside Out
    • In the flashback to their visit in the park, Riley and her mother are posing in front of a statue of Forrest Woodbush. The car is broken by another statue of Arlo.
  • Toy Story 4
    • A statue of Arlo can be seen in the Second Chance Antiques shop.


These films contain references to the film Coco:

  • Cars 3
    • Hector's guitar appears behind Sweet Tea's band.
    • Gabriel is shown an image of Santa Cecilia, Miguel's home village.
  • Toy Story 4
    • A toy version of Hector's guitar is among the wall of prizes.[30]
    • On a record player at the Second Chance Antiques store, a Greatest Hits record of Ernesto de la Cruz can be seen.[20]
    • A alebrije figure of Pepita also appears in the antiques shop.


These films contain references for the film Onward:

  • Toy Story 4
    • A bouncy castle has art of a unicorn similar to the one found on the side of Barley Lightfoot's van.


The Adventures of André and Wally B.

These films contain references to The Adventures of André and Wally B.:

  • Red's Dream
  • Toy Story
    • A book with the same title as the short is visible on Andy's bookshelf.[24]
  • WALL-E
  • Toy Story 3
  • Toy Story 4
    • A handkerchief with the name Wally B. written on it appears in the antique store.[30]
  • Soul
    • André's head appears in one of the stickers which appear several times throughout the film.[47]

Luxo, Jr.

These films contain references to Luxo, Jr.:

  • Red's Dream
  • Tin Toy
    • A picture from Luxo, Jr. can be seen on the wall.
  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
    • As Buzz is flying back to Earth, Luxo. Jr appears as a constellation.
    • Scenes from the short film can be seen on Andy's TV when Hamm is quickly flipping through the channels.[6]
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • When Sully shows Mike the block of garbage that includes the remnants of Boo's costume, the antenna flops over with the same squeak that Luxo makes.
  • WALL-E
    • When WALL-E builds a statue of EVE from garbage, one of her arms is the older lamp.[89]
  • Toy Story 3
    • When Woody is escaping from Sunnyside, he uses a motion sensor floodlight to get onto the roof. As he climbs on top of the light, it makes Luxo's distinctive squeak.
  • Toy Story 4
    • At the beginning of the film, right after the Pixar logo with the lamp appears, it fades into the first picture of the movie and the lamp can now be seen standing on the grass of Bonnie's garden in the rain in a rusty, derelict state.
  • Soul
    • In the Hall of Everything, a soul is seen interacting with the lamp.

Red's Dream

These films contain references to Red's Dream:

  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
    • Scenes from the short film can be seen on Andy's TV when Hamm is quickly flipping through the channels.
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • The unicycle appears on the laugh floor.
  • WALL-E
    • The unicycle is visible at the left of the screen as WALL-E falls from the ceiling.[90]

Tin Toy

These films contain references to Tin Toy:

  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
    • Billy can be seen several times briefly on one of the channels on Andy's TV when Hamm is quickly flipping through the channels.[6]
  • Lifted
    • Tinny can be seen underneath Ernie's bed.
  • Toy Story 3
  • El Materdor
    • The baby's crying is used when Mater is "dead".
  • Toy Story 4
    • The Tin Toy can be seen in a room filled with toys.

Knick Knack

These films contain references to Knick Knack:

  • Toy Story
    • Knick Knack is the title of a book on Andy's bookshelf.[24]
  • Toy Story 2
    • Scenes from the short film can be seen on Andy's TV when Hamm is quickly flipping through the channels.[6]
  • Finding Nemo
    • Sunny Atlantis appears on the shipwrecked ship in the tank.
  • Cars
    • Knick is seen in the snowglobe in Lizzie's Curios Shop.
  • WALL-E
  • Up
    • During Married Life, when Carl is at the Travel Agency, the brochure on the desk features a picture of "Sunny Miami," which includes the girl in the bikini from this short.[17]
  • Toy Story 4
    • Knick in his snowglobe can be seen at the Second Chance Antiques store.

For the Birds

The following Pixar films reference For the Birds:

  • Cars
    • The birds are seen sitting on a powerline during the musical segment as Mack and Lightning drive across the country. They chirp as the camera pans by them.[24][91]
  • Inside Out
    • The birds can be seen sitting on a powerline at the beginning of the film when Riley and her parents are driving to San Francisco.

Geri's Game

These Pixar films contain the following references to Geri's Game:

  • Toy Story 2
    • Al hires Geri to restore Woody (credited as 'Geri the Cleaner'). His chess pieces are seen in the middle drawer of his toolbox.[6][24]
  • Toy Story 4
    • A photo of Geri appears in the antique store.


These Pixar films contain the following references to Boundin':

  • Cars
    • During the opening race, just before a fan trailer whistles, a picture of the Jackalope is seen at the back of a van.[92]
    • At the menu screen of the DVD, a Dinoco 500 symbol pops up for a short period of time. Highlighting and selecting the symbol will reveal Lightning and Mater watching a part of Boundin' at the drive-in theater and later "boundin'" around to the film themselves.[citation needed]


These Pixar films contain the following references to Lava:

  • Finding Dory
    • A magnet features Uku the Volcano.


  • Burrow
    • One of the newts can be seen playing with a toy resembling the kitten

The Pixar logo

  • Tin Toy
    • The original Pixar logo (an indented circle on a beveled box) can be seen on a bag lying on the ground.
  • Toy Story 2
    • The original Pixar logo is briefly seen on Andy's TV when Hamm is flipping through the channels.


These Pixar films contain the following references to Apple Inc..

  • Monsters, Inc.
    • On the back cover of the magazine Mike receives near the end of the film reads “Scare Different”, a reference to Apple's slogan "Think Different".[citation needed]
  • Cars
  • WALL-E
  • Up
    • In one credit sequence photo, Carl is seen investigating a Mac mouse.[citation needed]
    • A merit badge next to the Pixar Senior Staff credit references the spinning ball icon on Mac operating systems.[citation needed]
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 2
  • Brave
    • The end credits feature a dedication to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and chief executive of Pixar, who died in 2011.[93]
    • One of the clans featured in the film is called "Clan Macintosh", which is a reference to Apple's Macintosh computers.
  • Cars 3
    • One of the racing teams seen throughout the movie sponsored by Apple.[citation needed]
    • The treadmill which Cruz Ramirez takes with her to the beach activates with the old Mac OS startup chime.
  • Coco

Cast and crew


These Pixar films contain cameo appearances by Pixar employees.


These Pixar films contain references to Pixar employees.

  • Toy Story
    • Eggman Moving, the name of the moving company, is a reference to Pixar production designer Ralph Eggleston, who is known as "Eggman".[20]
  • A Bug's Life
    • One of the boxes in Bug City is marked "Darla" for producer Darla K. Anderson.[citation needed]
    • "P.J.'s Pop", the name of a fictional soda brand that appears on a bottle cap, is a reference to John Lasseter's son Paul James Lasseter.[30]
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • On the "Top Scarers" board, under Sulley and Randall, is a monster named Ranft, a reference to Joe Ranft.[citation needed]
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Incredibles
    • Legendary Animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston voice themselves following the big fight with the Omnidroid.[citation needed]
    • One storefront is labeled as Lozano Records, a tribute to Albert Lozano, a Pixar production artist.[citation needed]
    • Another storefront is labeled Arriaga & Co, after Pixar production assistant Daniel Arriaga.[citation needed]
  • Cars
  • Ratatouille
  • Up
  • Toy Story 3
    • Pins on the map in Andy’s room correspond to the hometowns of the production staff.[62]
  • Cars 2
    • In the London portion of the World Grand Prix, a banner advertises “Lassetyre” tires and a road is named "Lasseter Way", both references to director John Lasseter.[citation needed]
    • In the end credits, Mater's birthday is revealed to be January 12, 1957, the same as John Lasseter's.[citation needed]
  • Inside Out
    • The director of the film, Pete Docter, is one of Riley's online contacts.
  • Toy Story 4
    • In the antique store appears a Papa Rivera’s Pure Pork Lard sign, which is a nod to Toy Story 4 producer Jonas Rivera, as well as a sign for Catmull’s Cream Soda, which is a homage to Pixar co-founder Edwin Catmull.[20]


These Pixar films contain the following references to an assortment of other things.


  • Toy Story
    • Sid's "laser" method to interrogate Woody about the Rebel base is a clear reference to Star Wars and Goldfinger.
    • At the end of the film, when Woody and Buzz try to reach Andy's mom's minivan, the song Hakuna Matata from The Lion King is played on the car radio.
  • A Bug's Life
    • The wagons that transport P. T. Flea's Circus are empty cookie boxes with actual turning wheels. The brand of cookies was called "Casey Jr. Cookies", named after Casey Jr., the train that transported the circus in Dumbo.[citation needed]
  • Toy Story 2
    • When Zurg reveals himself to be Buzz's father, this is a direct reference to The Empire Strikes Back.[citation needed]
    • When Rex falls from the car in Al's Toy Barn store and Mr Potato Head sees him chasing after the car in the rear-view mirror, this is a reference to a famous scene from Jurassic Park, where a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears in a car mirror as well.
    • At the airport, the announcer says "The red zone is for loading and unloading passengers. There is no stopping in the white zone." This is a reference to the film Airplane!, where the same announcement can be heard at the airport.
  • Finding Nemo
    • During the chase scene in the submarine, Bruce the shark breaks down a door saying "Here's Brucy!", a reference to The Shining.[citation needed]
    • In the scenes with Darla, the shower murder scene music from Psycho plays briefly twice, emphasizing how dangerous the Tank Gang view her.
  • The Incredibles
    • The scene of Frozone being held at gunpoint by a nervous cop is a reference to a similar scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance which also features by Samuel L. Jackson. Even the officer's facial design is similar.[citation needed]
    • Helen Parr uses the code name "India Gulf Niner Niner" (IG99) for the jet she flies to Syndrome's base, a reference to director Brad Bird's 1999 film, The Iron Giant.[citation needed]
    • At Syndrome's base, Elastigirl looks at herself in a mirror and sighs when she sees her butt. This is a direct reference to Peter Pan, in which Tinker Bell looks at herself in a mirror at the Darlings' home and sighs when seeing her butt.[citation needed]
  • WALL-E
  • BURN-E
    • During the hyperjump of the Axiom, the reflection of a light tunnel can be seen in BURN-E's glass visor that resembles the transportation scene in the last part of 2001: A Space Odyssey.[citation needed]
  • Up
  • Day and Night
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 2
  • Toy Story 4

TV shows


  • Toy Story
  • A Bug's Life
  • Toy Story 2
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • The Incredibles
    • At the beginning of the film, the streets on Mr. Incredible's GPS are streets near the Pixar Animation Studios Building.[citation needed]
  • Cars
  • Lifted
  • Ratatouille
    • A storefront called Bar Des 7 Chanceux is named for the "Lucky 7 Lounge", a secret lounge inside Pixar Animation Studios.[citation needed]
    • In his last review from Gusteau's restaurant, Anton Ego makes reference to Chef Boyardee.[citation needed]
  • WALL-E
  • Up
  • Toy Story 3
    • During the opening scene, when Andy and his toys watch a scary movie, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.[citation needed]
    • Above Andy’s closet is a street sign for W. Cutting Blvd., the street where Pixar’s original headquarters were located.[62]
    • A pennant on one of Andy's walls reads “P.U.”, for Pixar University, a development program for Pixar employees.[62]
    • An application on Andy's bulletin board is for a college in Emeryville, the location of the Pixar Studios.[62]
  • Cars 2
  • Inside Out
  • Toy Story 4
    • The address of the antique store is a street number 1200, a reference to the address of Pixar Animation Studio’s Headquarters, whose address is 1200 Park Avenue in Emeryville, California.[30]
    • Some of the attractions at the fun fair are replicas of the Toy Story Mania attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.[30]
    • At the antiques store, a painting of Charles Muntz and the dogs from Up playing poker can be seen, which is not only a reference to the film Up, but also a parody of the famous painting series Dogs Playing Poker.
    • When Woody pretends to be a phone in the antiques store, his pose - holding the receiver of an old touchtone phone - resembles the classic Mickey Mouse phone that was ubiquitous in many homes in the 1970s and 1980s.[30]
    • Duke Caboom is strongly inspired by real-life motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel. His motorcycle is a reference to a toy motorcycle based on Evel Knievel, which, according to the commercials promoting it, was able to do some amazing stunts which it actually couldn't, very similar to Caboom and his motorcycle in the film.[30]
    • On the door of the antique shop, it says it was established in 1986 which is the same year Pixar became an independent company
    • Figment from Epcot's Journey into Imagination with Figment can be spotted on the sign of the "Dragon Zone" carnival game.

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Not in every film?

Is A113 not in Monsters, Inc., then? The top paragraph in the article states that A113 is in every Pixar film. If this is not true, we need to fix that. - RaptorWiki 13:49, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Apparently/Unfortunately, it does not appear in Monsters, Inc., so I fixed that part. ---PixarFan 02:22, October 11, 2010 (UTC)
OK. Thanks! - RaptorWiki 02:46, October 11, 2010 (UTC)
in Monsters Inc, I've been seeing a lot of 13s (no A1s) on the news channel and the trash compactor. ----Gtaz

A113 in "Alpha and Omega"?

I was watching Toy Story 3 at the movie theater and a preview for "Alpha and Omega" came on, and the licence plate was A113! Although it was computer animation, it did not say if it was a pixar movie or not... ----SnailFinder

Cool find! Rileyl 00:21, September 3, 2010 (UTC)
It's not Pixar. says Crest Animation Productions and distributed by Lions Gate, for what it's worth. I've never heard of Crest Animation Productions. --Jeff (talk) 04:40, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Making a Gallery of the appearances

Why don't we make a gallery that lists all the appearances of A113, like it is on the Pizza Planet Truck and Ball pages ? That would be more complete than that introduction image that doesn't show all of the appearances...Gray Catbird 16:19, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, I've been planning on doing that for a while. I have all of the images together, and I was in the middle of doing it once, but I didn't have time to finish it. I'll try and get it up today. Thanks for reminding me. --Aaron 18:29, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

A hidden A113 code/message in "Brave"

Some people realized that this red banner resembles an "A113" design.

What banner are you talking of ?--Gray Catbird 01:24, June 27, 2012 (UTC)
I was thinking that it was the Dingwalls' banner.
I see you have written it on the page. Where exactly did you see that Dingwall banner ? I myself failed to see A113 anywhere... There are different places in which people say to have seen the code. Among others, it was said it was made by beads at the witch's cottage entry, or that it appears behind Elinor-bear as Merida gives her speech of reconciliation. The issue according to which it appears in Roman numerals somewhere would make sense, but the all websites I found saying this weren't official enough. Personally, I strongly suspect the code to be in the witch's house, following some evidence saying all easter eggs appear in the same scene.--Gray Catbird 11:57, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
This probably isn't it, but if you take A to be the first letter of the alphabet, A1-13 becomes 11-13. Brave comes out on DVD on 11-13, or November 13. Coincidence?

I found it on one of my toys!

Okay, so I found the A113 thing on my Sulley Pop figure's foot! WageGannon6 (talk) 03:20, October 12, 2013 (UTC)WageGannon6

A113 in Toy Story Land

I saw a video on Someone finding A113 in Toy Story Land in Walt Disney World. It was on some building blocks next to some dominoes.

A113 in Toy Story Land.png

Jamestheawesomefool13 (talk) 15:42, November 11, 2018 (UTC)


I wonder if any of the movies contain "41235", especially in a shot of a computer. This would be a cool hidden reference, as 41235 decimal is A113 hex. — evilquoll (talk) 23:05, February 17, 2019 (UTC)


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