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Since the fixture is supported by the plumbing pipes, rather than the wall, regular backer board for tiling (that is, a stable waterproof board) should suffice, says Connolly. And it doesn’t matter what type of backsplash you have. While it’s usually tile, you can also install the tap on a wall with waterproof paint or even on stone slab.

What else should you consider when installing a wall-mounted faucet?

With all these measurements, it’s best to have a professional install a wall-mounted tap. It starts with the plumber installing the pipes, which must be in positioned so the tap will be centered over the spot where the sink will be. “Once you install the plumbing, you can’t move it,” says Connolly. “Well, maybe by half an inch, but not enough to make a difference if it’s really out of whack.” For the next step, the cabinetmaker measures where the plumbing rough is installed so they know exactly where the sink cabinet needs to go.

And if your backsplash is tile, there’s another detail that should be attended to: For the best appearance, you’ll want the grout lines perfectly aligned with your wall-mounted tap so everything’s centered.

a traditional wall mounted style in the bath; see a “modern victorian” lof 13

Are there situations where installing a wall-mounted tap isn’t possible?

It’s almost always possible to install a wall-mounted tap (unless you have a window directly behind the sink), but some conditions require extra work. Let’s say you want to install the faucet on an exterior-facing wall—which, in a cold-weather area, could lead to frozen pipes. “In those cases you’ll need to fur out the wall,” says Connolly; that is, build the wall out a few extra inches. “That gives you enough room to encase the pipes with two to three inches of high-density spray foam insulation.”

A stone slab backsplash also creates difficulties: You’ll need to have holes drilled for the faucet, and they must be precisely centered. “But if you’re able to afford a stone backsplash, you can afford a good contractor to coordinate all that work,” Connolly says.

Can I replace a deck-mounted fixture with a wall-mounted one?

Not without making other changes. If your existing tap is mounted on the sink, the sink will have one or more holes to accommodate that. So if you’re swapping out your tap, you’ll also have to replace your old sink with a new one that doesn’t have holes. If your faucet is installed on the counter itself, you’ll have to replace your countertop.

Looking for more tips on kitchen faucets? Start with our Remodeling 101: Kitchen Sinks and Faucets guide, where you’ll find help with faucet and sink selection, installation and maintenance. For more expert opinions on faucets, see our posts:

N.B.: Featured image from the Bear Creek Bovidae Bath in Austin, Texas, an entrant in our 2017 Considered Design Awards.

Finally, get more ideas on how to evaluate and choose your bathroom sink and faucet in our Remodeling 101 Guide: Bathroom Sinks & Faucets.

Sours: https://www.remodelista.com/posts/wall-mounted-faucets-pros-cons-remodeling-101/
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Why We Chose Wall Mount Faucets for Our Bathroom Remodel

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I absolutely adore the sophisticated, utilitarian look a wall-mount faucet brings to your bathroom.

I am always looking to add a unique design element to a space whether it be with hardware, wallpaper or paint color. In the bathroom the tile usually gets all of the attention, but an opportunity exists to elevate the vibe of your space by utilizing an often overlooked accent- your bathroom faucets. While we were in the process of renovating our master bathroom, there weren’t many design decisions that I had counted on, but having wall-mounted faucets was one of them.

We decided to go with Delta Stryke Wall Mount Faucet in Champagne Bronze. The Champagne Bronze color is exactly the brass tone I was looking for, it’s not too gold or shiny. It will pair well with matte black mirrors I picked out, and will add a contemporary look to my bathroom design.  I adore the sophisticated, utilitarian look of wall-mount faucets, and today I want to share with you their pros and cons and how to position your faucets to avoid splashing while maximizing practicality. 


The first thing I always ask myself when I am interested in experimenting with a design element is, “What are the downsides?”

In regards to wall-mount fixtures, there aren’t many, however, there a few things you need to be aware of.

First of all, splashing can be an issue and this seems to be the most common complaint. If you have a very round bowl, the water may deflect off of the bowl and splash on your counter. Unfortunately, the splashing is mostly discovered post-installation, after the plumbing has been set and altering the faucet’s height could be costly. The splashing has a lot to do with the curvature of the sink and where the water stream hits. 

Choosing a sink that has less of a curve will mitigate the splash problem meaning flatter sinks will splash less. We chose a square sink both for the aesthetic look and to help mitigate potential splashing.

The cost of installation for wall-mount faucets will likely be more than their traditional deck-mounted counterparts. The reason being, the plumbing is located behind the wall and as a result more difficult to access. This is also particularly important because since more plumbing is located behind the wall, leaks are potentially hidden until damage is significant. 

Even if you’re an avid DIY-er like myself, you may want to consider hiring a professional for this one.

Installing deck-mount faucets into pre-drilled holes in the countertop can be accomplished by a weekend warrior in less than an hour. Wall-mount faucets take finesse as behind the wall plumbing adds an element of complexity, and if you have a stone backsplash, the alignment of the faucets must be done in conjunction with the installation of the stone backsplash. Often fabricators will cut the faucet holes on site to ensure an accurate fit.


The biggest benefit to wall-mount faucets besides being aesthetically cleaner, is that they are actually physically cleaner. 

Deck-mounted faucets can develop hard water build-up due to water pooling at the base of the fixtures. Wall mounted faucets leave the counter space behind the sink clean and free of water. I love the open, minimalist feel as the faucet now becomes a work of art and an element of design. If you have a smaller bathroom and countertop, a wall mount faucet will also give you more counter space to utilize. Another benefit to wall-mount faucets is that you don’t have to tile or have a backsplash behind the faucet, you can have painted drywall as your backing surface.

However, you will need to know if you plan on tiling when you install the plumbing rough-ins to ensure the proper installation depth of the faucets as tile will add thickness to your drywall.


Wall mount faucets and vessel sinks are a classic duo. 

In order to determine the height of placement for the wall-mount faucet, you must know the dimensions of the vessel sink you plan on using.

The benefit of wall mount faucets is that you have total freedom over where you place them on the wall, likewise, this can also make it tricky to place if you do not have a sink picked out. Placing the faucets 6-8” above the countertop is typically a comfortable height for most above-counter sinks. 

If you have the dimensions of the sink you want to ensure that you have at least 1-2” between the bottom of the faucet and the top of the bowl or the “flood level” of the sink. If you have a rounded sink, you will want to aim to have the stream of water hit as close to the drain as possible. Round sinks tend to have the greatest risk of splash as the water hits the curve of the bowl.

As far as where to position your sink on the countertop in relation to the faucet reach, the main thing to keep in mind is that you want to have room to wash your hands under the stream of the faucet without hitting your hands on the back of the bowl. If your wall-mount faucet extends about 7” from the back of the bowl, that will give you space to wash your hands comfortably.

In our bathroom, we are doing under mount sinks, with our faucets placed 6” above the countertop with an 8” backsplash. Our faucets are 8” inches long, and will have about a 7” overhang over the bowl.

If you decide to install wall-mount faucets on a wall that faces the exterior of your house, you should consider if you are in an area with cold weather. You may have to spray special foam to insulate the outside of your pipes so they don’t freeze. If your backsplash is tiled, it’s best to plan out where the tile will align with your faucets as the grout lines and tile cuts may alter the appearance of your look.

Overall, when choosing to do wall-mounted faucets, it’s best to have the sink, vanity, and faucet already picked out and in possession so the plumbing rough-ins can be installed accurately you can visualize where you want to place your faucets in relation to your sink.  I absolutely adore the look of wall-mount faucets, and when paired with my under-mount sink, it will make cleaning a breeze! I hope now you have the tools you need to make your own wall-mount sink a success.

Check out the rest of the participants here.
Sours: https://www.sachilord.com/design-and-diy/wall-mount-faucets-pros-amp-cons
The Most Beautiful Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink Faucets with Wide Waterfall Spout (1/10)

15 Modern Wall-Mounted Faucet Design Ideas to Complete Your Bathroom

June 3rd, 2019
Modern Wall10

When it comes to designing a bathroom, many factors come into play — from sinks to lighting to finishes, every detail counts.

If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your master bath, guest bath or half bath, a wall-mounted faucet can lend an upscale, streamlined look to your vanity.

Whether your style is masculine or glamorous, minimalist or maximalist, Watermark Designs has the perfect modern wall-mounted faucet for your project. We’ve curated 15 design ideas below to spark inspiration.

1. Use Rich, Metallic Tones

Modern Wall1


Rich, metallic tones are stunning, but may not be your first inclination for use in a bathroom. Think again! Brass looks so chic when paired with deep and luxurious colors. Case in point: Our Blue Collection in Polished Brass here against this dreamy, dark green backsplash.

2. Bring in Some Sparkle

Jem Lavatory Matte Black


Sparkle can easily go over the top, but we’ve got the solution. Create a glam statement by adding some glitz in an unexpectedly chic color like black. Here, our Jem Collection modern wall-mounted faucet in matte black features Jet Hematite crystals, also in black. It keeps the look from being over-the-top while still adding a little extra something to the room’s design.

3. Employ a Masculine Edge

Modern Wall3


Industrial touches meet clean design in this modern, masculine bath. Our Brooklyn collection wall-mounted faucet, inspired by gate valves found in the mid-century apartment blocks of Brooklyn, stands out in this bathroom.

4. Mix Your Metals

Modern Wall4


Nothing is more on-trend than mixed metals, especially in the home. We love a matte black and brass combo for the bathroom as shown here with our Wall Mounted 3 Hole Lavatory Set.

5. Go Ultra Mod

Modern Wall5


From shiny chrome to sleek fixtures and mirrors, a thoroughly contemporary bathroom is the perfect place for a modern wall-mounted faucet. Our Titanium Collection in polished chrome is shown here, a perfect addition to this design.

6. Dress Up a Kitchen

Modern Wall6


Create the kitchen of your dreams with a statement wall-mounted faucet. Here, these oversized Elan Vital collection faucets balance the proportions of the deep sink basin. The faucets, using parts reminiscent of commercial ball valves and plumbing unions, offers a unique visual when combined with the advantages of modern valves and aeration.

7. Go Industrial

Modern Wall7


Create an urban look in your bathroom with industrial styling. Combine dark wood with amber-colored pendant lights and utilitarian materials like iron — our Brooklyn faucet is perfect — for a cohesive yet simple industrial statement.

8. Make It Minimalist

Modern Wall8


Understated can actually be very impactful — these type of designs, stripped down and purposeful, mean less is more. Take our Blue faucet in Matte Black shown here, which melds beautifully with this matte blush basin sink. Simple, yet effective.

9. Pair With a Bold Sink

Modern Wall9


Utilize a modern wall-mounted faucet in a statement sink for a wow moment. Here, our Blue faucet pops against a custom onyx sink, which extends up the wall as the backsplash.

10. Go Double

Modern Wall10


Make double the statement with two modern wall-mounted faucets in your master bathroom. Double sinks, double vanities, double lights, double gold faucets = double luxury.

11. Make it Maximalist

Modern Wall11


Maximalism is in and, boy, does it make a statement. The deliberate mixing of color, pattern and texture creates a feast for the eyes in the boldest of ways. Here, our Beverly collection wall-mounted faucet in beautiful brass adds another layer of interest against the bold, artistic wallpaper, ornate mirror and glitzy light.

12. Confidently Contrast

Modern Wall12


Allow your fixtures to be the star of the show. This faucet in bright gold stands out beautifully against a dark tile wall. Who says a faucet can’t steal the show?

13. Use a Floating Sink

Modern Wall13


Modern wall-mounted faucets look that much cooler when they’re installed above a floating sink. Here our Titanium faucet helps draw the eye from the mirror to the concrete sink for a stunning impact.

14. Install In a Bath

Modern Wall14


Who says wall-mounted faucets are only for sinks? Install one in your bathtub for a unique, unexpected look. We especially love this chic copper and marble combination from our Zen collection.

15. Go Monochromatic

Modern Wall15


An all-white design is simple, clean and statement-making. Use a sleek, polished chrome wall-mounted faucet to complete the look without standing out.

Find Your Perfect Modern Wall-Mounted Faucet

Deciding on the perfect modern wall-mounted faucet for your bathroom is easy with Watermark Designs. Visit our website and use our faucet configurator to design the perfect faucet for your space.

Sours: https://watermark-designs.com/blog/15-modern-wall-mounted-faucet-design-ideas-to-complete-your-bathroom

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