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Moles Seeds – the quality seed company

Welcome to Moles Seeds, a leading wholesale supplier of commercial quality flower and vegetable seeds throughout the UK and overseas. We stock all your favourites - and why not have a browse for something new? We offer both conventional and organic vegetables - including over 70 varieties of tomato! Moles Seeds also stock rhubarb, asparagus crowns, onion sets, seed potatoes, seeds for green manure, cut flowers and wild flowers, as well as professional quality amenity grass seed and sundries.

Being completely independent allows us to select the best in flower and vegetable varieties from the world’s top breeders, and we have an enviable reputation for supplying professional quality seed. We routinely carry out in-house testing, including germination and emergence tests, to ensure that the seed viability and vigour is maintained at the highest possible standard, before being packed into our distinctive gold foil bags to retain the freshness.

We sell to commercial growers, nurseries, farms, local authorities, landscapers, country estates, the prison service, schools, colleges, allotment societies, social enterprise groups and keen gardeners – indeed anyone who appreciates the value offered by our larger packets of quality seed!

Sours: https://www.wholesale.molesseeds.co.uk/

Bulk Wildflower Seed Mixes - Annual and Perennial

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Outsidepride.com is proud to provide an amazing selection of wildflower seeds. From an array of nearly different individual wildflower species to a particular wildflower mixture for your region or area, we will undoubtedly have the right seed that you need. We offer real, high-quality wildflower seed for sale, with absolutely no fillers of any kind in either our mixtures or our individual wildflower species. We only offer pure wildflower seeds that are ready to plant and turn into beautiful displays of wildflowers.

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And remember, if you need any help with planting, make sure to check out our Wildflower Seed Planting Guide.
Planted Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower Categories
Regional Wildflower Seed Mixtures
Regional wildflower seed mixtures are uniquely chosen and assorted to make these blends especially well-suited for a variety of terrains and climate conditions. These regional wildflower seed mixtures consist of annuals and perennials that have adapted to specific geographical locations to tolerate the rainfall, sunny conditions, extreme temperatures, and many other environmental conditions that these regional wildflower seed mixtures are uniquely formulated for. Do you have a large wildflower meadow where you need large quantities of seed? No problem! We give volume discounts as well.
Specialty Wildflower Seed Mixtures
Our specialty wildflower seed mixtures are designed with specific purposes in mind, such as an all-annual wildflower seed mix or an all-perennial wildflower mix. Not only that, but we also have wildflower mixtures for more unique circumstances, such as highly moist climates, areas where you would like to attract more birds and butterflies, dryland mixtures, deer-proof wildflower seed mixtures, and many more. And, just like with our regional wildflower seed mixtures, we also offer volume discounts for sale!
Flower & Wildflower Seeds
There are many kinds of flower seeds that you may be interested in buying that are, so to speak, not technically categorized as wildflower seeds. Such flowers as hollyhock, morning glory, sweet peas, nasturtium, and many other wonderful flowers can grow wonderfully in your flower garden, although they are not considered wildflowers. Therefore, if you’d like to see an even wider range of both wildflower single species and garden flower seeds, check out our selection of over more flower seedsto choose from.
Color Shades Wildflowers
If you would like to plant your own personalized color scheme using wildflowers, then look no further than our color shades selection! Here, you can find shades of green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, red, and white. The flowers in this selection are all annual wildflowers, giving them a long bloom season. The majority of annual flowers will drop their flower seeds in the autumn and germinate the following spring, giving you yet another dazzling display of colors for the new season. Try buying red, white, and blue flowers to form your own patriotic wildflower display!
Contact Us Today!
Are you interested in learning more about the different kinds of wildflowers and other varieties we have to offer? We’d love to hear from you! Give our team here at Outsidepride.com a call today for more information on what we can do for your garden or pasture.
Regional Wildflower Seed

Regional Wildflower Seed Mixtures

These regional wildflower seed mixtures have special environmental conditions that makes these blends especially well suited for its conditions. A mix of perennials and annuals that are adapted to a specific geographical location to tolerate the rainfall, as well as sunny conditions, extreme temperatures, and other environmental considerations that these regional wildflower seed mixtures are formulated for. Have a large wild flower meadow where you need lots of seed? No problem, we give volume discounts as well.

Specialty Wildflower Seed

Specialty Wildflower Seed Mixtures

These specialty wildflower seed mixtures are designed for specific purposes such as an all annual wildflower seed mix or an all perennial wildflower seed mix. Not only that, we have wild flower mixtures for specific circumstances such as really moist environments, attracting birds and butterflies, deer proof wildflower seed mixtures, dryland mixtures, and many more. Have a large wild flower meadow where you need lots of seed? No problem, we give volume discounts as well.

Garden FLower Seed

Flower & Wildflower Seeds

There are many types of flowers seeds that you may want to purchase that are not technically "wild flower seeds." Flowers such as morning glory, nasturtium, sweet peas, hollyhock, and many more wonderful flowers grow great in your flower garden, but are not considered wild flowers; therefore, if you want to view our full selection of flower seeds (wildflower single species and garden flower seeds) just click the picture. It will take you to nearly more flower seeds for you to choose from.

Color Shade Seed

Color Shades Wildflowers

If you are wanting to create your own color scheme with wildflowers, than look no further than our color shades selection. You can find shades of blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, and white. These are all annual wildflowers so they have a long bloom season. Most annual flowers will drop their flower seeds in the fall and germinate the next spring giving you another dazzling display of colors. Buy red, white, and blue to make your own patriotic wildflower display!

Sours: https://www.outsidepride.com/seed/wildflower-seed/
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Wildflower Seed

Select the right wildflower seed for your area.

The first thing to determine when selecting wildflowers is climate conditions and water needs. Some are perfectly adapted to hot, dry areas and work well in water-wise and low-maintenance landscapes. Others thrive in cooler climates and require supplemental irrigation to reach their full potential.

Consider perennial versus annual wildflowers.

Consider whether annual or perennial wildflowers are desired. Annuals will complete their lifespan during one growing season, while perennials will come back year after year. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. While annuals will die at the end of the season, some will actually self-seed and come back year after year anyway. Annuals also give the gardener the option of redesigning their gardens each year, something many people enjoy doing. Perennials are great for people looking for a more permanent garden as these perennial-type wildflowers will grow back new each season, saving time and money. However, perennials tend to take longer to mature and may limit the flexibility of garden design.

Placement is the key to a beautiful wildflower garden.

Also be aware of placement when sowing wildflower seed. While most prefer full-sun, there are many that can handle part-sun/shade or even full-shade. Height can also be a factor in wildflower placement, so consider the mature size of the plant when planting seed.

Sours: https://www.naturesseed.com/wildflower-seed/
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Flower Seeds + Varieties

Our wide selection of ever-popular annuals and perennials such as Poppy, Zinnia, Sunflower, Lupine, Marigold, Morning Glory, Baby's Breath, Daisy, Cornflower, and Cosmoscreate fantastic displays of colors and textures. A premier online supplier of Flower seeds, Eden Brothers offers + Flower seed varieties to choose from. Buy by the packet or in bulk!

Bestselling Flower Seed Categories

Shop All + Flower Seed Varieties

Eden Brothers prides itself in finding high-quality, rare and hard to find flower seeds to bring your gardens the interest and intrigue of growing something your neighbors may not. Our selection contains hundreds of well-known heirlooms, open-pollinated, and organic varieties. �A proud supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge, all our seeds have always been and continue to be untreated and Non-GMO. Bring nature to your doorstep with a beautiful field or flower bed of stunning, vibrant wildflowers. Whether you have acres or a small container on your patio, you can find our flower seeds for sale in a variety of increments from packets to pounds. Transform a bed, border or meadow, or rethink your grass lawn with a wonderful wildflower alternative. Growing from seed has never been easier!

Sours: https://www.edenbrothers.com/store/flower_seeds.html

Seeds bulk flower

Applewood Bulk Seed Store

Applewood Seed Company offers bulk seed by the pound and has a wide selection of over species of individual flower, grass and herb seeds. We also carry a wide variety of seed mixes for many geographical regions and special applications. Click on each category below to view our Flower Seeds, Flower Seed Mixes, Pollinator Seed Mixes, Grass Seeds, Native Grass Seed Mixes, Herb Seeds, and New &#; Featured Seeds. Applewood Seed Company offers professional advice on seed selection for your site conditions and design parameters. Please contact us if you need specific advice.

Pollinator Seed Mixes

We designed many pollinator seed mixes such as our Honey Bee Mix and Bee Feed Mix to help feed honey bees and wild pollinators. Pollinators are vital to our natural ecosystems, and many food crops require pollination by insect pollinators. Flower seeds in these mixes were chosen after years of research in our test gardens to determine pollinator preferences. We also specialize in custom pollinator mixes for conservation programs and to fit specific site requirements.


Grow Wild Seed Mixes

Coming in 8 colorful selections, these wildflower seed mixtures are blends of annual, biennial and perennial wildflower seeds packaged in resealable 5 oz. bags. Bags come with a 4-color header that includes seed mix components and planting instructions. Seeds are adaptable and easy to grow in average garden conditions. There are 6 special use mixtures and 2 regional mixtures.


This Year’s New and Featured Seeds

Applewood Seed Company strives to introduce new additions to our selection every year. Prior to introduction, all new items are tested in our trial gardens to evaluate their characteristics and to gain first-hand growing experience. Our Featured Items will change periodically so that we can showcase our most popular, unusual or interesting items.


At Applewood Seed Company, we&#;ve been helping customers create beautiful, cost-effective and environmentally friendly landscapes since

Sours: https://www.applewoodseed.com/bulk-seed-store/
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