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Eat Or Leave These Disney Parks Foods And We'll Reveal The Perfect Ride

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Disney fans who have ever visited any of the parks will know how hard it is to see and do everything that they want to do at the park they're visiting. They're huge and they have so many different rides and attractions that it can be tough to make it to all of them. All that walking around the parks to get from place to place is no joke! Without proper planning for what they're going to do each day on their vacation to the Disney park they're visiting, it can get super overwhelming and they might miss out on something they really wanted to do.

On top of having a ton of different rides and attractions, the Disney parks also have a ton of different places to eat. From restaurants to Quick Service stops to bakeries, the options are endless. Disney is almost as well-known for some of their delicious foods and snacks as they are for their rides and characters that Disney fans flock to the parks for! Some of them are just Mickey Mouse-shaped variations on normal foods while others are totally unique to the park and a lot of them are themed after different movies or characters.

Play eat it or leave it with these delicious Disney parks foods and we'll reveal the perfect Disney ride!

Question 1

Eat or leave the Millennial Pink Milkshake?

This shade of pink has been everywhere lately and Disney is totally not missing out on the trend. They launched their Millennial Pink Milkshake recently and Disney fans are loving it. It's a strawberry milkshake which is topped with a pile of cotton candy and has an adorable Mickey Mouse-shaped marshmallow to top it all off. Want to try one? Head over to Auntie Gravity’s at the Magic Kingdom!

Question 2

Eat or leave the Dole Whip?

Is it possible to talk about food from the Disney parks without mentioning the iconic Dole Whip? We don't think so. This tropical dessert is sold at several different locations in the Disney parks including Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom, and Disney's Polynesian Resort. It's a pineapple-flavored soft serve ice cream that can be served in a cup or as a float on top of a cup of cold pineapple juice. Yum!

Question 3

Eat or leave the Mac-and-Cheese Hot Dog?

Although a lot of the food at the Disney parks is pretty unique, they also have some different locations that feature classic foods. Casey's Corner is located in Magic Kingdom and is a baseball-themed Quick Service location that serves all kinds of classic foods like hot dogs, the food they're best known for. Some even have some deliciously extravagant toppings like this one.

Question 4

Eat or leave the Snowberry Twist?

For Disney visitors who find themselves in Fantasyland, hitting up Maurice's Treats is a must. This snack wagon is named after Belle's father from beauty and the beast and the food served there is just as quirky as the character that its named after. One of the most popular foods there is the Snowberry Twist. This flaky pastry is filled with blueberry filling and coated in blue sugar.

Question 5

Eat or leave Tigger Tails?

These classic sweet treats can be found at Pooh Corner in Critter Country. These treats are made to look like Pooh's best friend Tigger's very bouncy orange and black tail. They're made up of a few marshmallows stuck together on a stick that are coated in caramel and then coated in white chocolate that has been dyed orange and then striped with chocolate. Yum!

Question 6

Eat or leave a Mickey Pretzel?

Pretty much anyone who has gone to Disney is probably well aware of the Magic Kingdom's pretzel carts. They're the place to go to pick up a delicious and hot soft pretzel or one of Disney's iconic churros. These pretzels aren't like any other soft pretzel found at the mall, they're shaped like Mickey Mouse and can be served with cheese or chocolate dip!

Question 7

Eat or leave Tonga Toast?

This breakfast staple can be found at two different restaurants in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Whether a visitor is at Kona Cafe or Captain Cook’s, they can order Tonga Toast and enjoy this delicious treat. This Tonga Toast is a thick piece of sourdough bread that's made into French toast with a coating of cinnamon and sugar on the outside and slices of bananas inside.

Question 8

Eat or leave the Cookies n' Creme Funnel Cake?

While funnel cakes are a classic treat that can be found at tons of different fairs, festivals, and amusement parks around the world, Epcot has a very special variation. This isn't just coated in fruit or powdered sugar like other funnel cakes! Instead, it has vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos, chocolate syrup, and two Oreos that look like Mickey ears!

Question 9

Eat or leave a Mickey-shaped burger?

Unfortunately, these adorable burgers aren't available at any of the Disney parks in the US. Although frozen Mickey Mouse-shaped burgers and chicken nuggets have been found in the frozen aisle of some grocery stores from time to time, the only place to pick these up in the parks is actually at an international park like Tokyo Disney Resort. Still, it's adorable!

Question 10

Eat or leave the Colossal Cinnamon Roll?

Cinnamon rolls aren't exactly a food that's exclusive to the Disney parks but, if a Disney enthusiast heads to Animal Kingdom and visits either Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery or Creature Comforts, they can find this giant cinnamon roll that's hot, gooey, and in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Make sure to take a friend though because it's way too big for one person to eat.

Question 11

Eat or leave the Raspberry Lemonade Slush?

It's no secret that the Disney parks are totally full of all kinds of unique and delicious drinks. It can get pretty hot walking around in the parks so having cool drinks to stay chill is a must! This drink is a frozen twist on a classic lemonade. The hint of tart flavor from the raspberry makes it so it's not too sweet and can be enjoyed while exploring the park.

Question 12

Eat or leave the Night Blossom?

Disney recently opened a section of Animal Kingdom dedicated to the bright and magical world of the movie Avatar. Everything found there from the food to the rides is incredibly colorful and fun and this drink, called the Night Blossom, is no different. It can be found at the Pongu Pongu Lounge and is a slushie-type drink made of limeade with apple and pear flavors and bright orange boba balls on top.

Question 13

Eat or leave a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone?

For a Disney park visitor who wants to cool down and have a sweet treat, going to Magic Kingdom and heading into The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is a must. While some foods in the Disney parks are super huge, this ice cream cone is actually a kids' cone which means it's a little smaller for anyone who doesn't want to eat too much before going on a ride but it's still totally adorable.

Question 14

Eat or leave a Citrus Swirl?

Not a fan of the Dole Whip? Although it's a classic fruity treat at Disney and many Disney fans could never imagine someone not enjoying it, there are some people who just aren't a fan. For those people, the Citrus Swirl is a great alternative. It's a swirl of soft serve ice cream with an orange-flavored slush similar to frozen orange juice.

Question 15

Eat or leave Caramel Popcorn?

Popcorn can be found all over the Disney parks in all kinds of different flavors. The Main Street Popcorn Company, which can be purchased in Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom, alone has a ton of different flavors that include churro popcorn, parmesan garlic popcorn, and Sriracha kettle corn, among others. But one of the classics is definitely their caramel corn!

Question 16

Eat or leave Mickey Rice Krispie Treats?

Around the Disney parks, Rice Krispie Treats can be found in all kinds of different shapes with all kinds of different toppings. Pooh Corner in Disneyland has some that are decorated like Pooh's favorite pots of honey and the Main Street Confectionery lets visitors watch the Disney’s Confectioners make these treats by hand!

Question 17

Eat or leave Tarte Aux Fraises?

Disney visitors who are super into food definitely have to visit the World Showcase located in Epcot. Although all the classic Disney food favorites are located all over the parks, this is the place to go to try some international delights. For French pastries and other traditional French delights like this strawberry tart, head to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie!

Question 18

Eat or leave Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar?

These frozen treats are definitely a staple at the Disney parks. It's hard to go to any Disney park without seeing at least a few people walking around happily eating these chocolate-coated ice cream bars. Like many other foods found at Disney, these delicious frozen treats are shaped like a Mickey Mouse head and come on a stick to make it super easy to eat while exploring.

Question 19

Eat or leave Mickey Beignets?

These adorable Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets can be eaten plain or bought with a side of the visitor's choice of coffee ganache, caramel, or strawberry sauce. Sassagoula Floatworks Bakery also serves up a delicious Beignet Sundae that also features the Mickey Mouse-shaped fried treats. These balls of adorable dough are so sweet and tasty that they're the perfect dessert!

Question 20

Eat or leave the Candy Apples?

When it comes to caramel apples and candy apples at Disney, the options are pretty much endless. They come in all kinds of adorable themes that are decorated to look like different Disney characters and coated in different toppings. During holidays, they even have special holiday-specific ones. And who knew that a trip to Goofy's Candy Company could get a visitor a totally customized one with all their favorite toppings? Yum!

Question 21

Eat or leave Mickey Shaved Ice?

Choosing the destination for a vacation is totally not easy because there are so many places around the world that are so much fun. But, a trip to Disney's Aulani Hawaii resort combines two very popular vacation destinations: Hawaii and a Disney park! At this Disney resort, visitors can beat the warm Hawaiian sun by snacking on some Mickey Mouse-shaped Shaved Ice. Yum!

Question 22

Eat or leave Poutine?

Poutine is a totally classic dish from Canada that is made up of French fries that are covered in cheese curds and gravy. In Disney Springs, The Daily Poutine serves up four different variations on this dish with different delicious toppings for anyone who wants to stop to have something warm and savory during their day at Disney.

Question 23

Eat or leave the Matterhorn Macaroon Donut?

Most Disney fans are probably already familiar with the totally classic Matterhorn Macaroon, right? Disney took this delectable treat to the next level by making it into a super decadent donut! Disney took their classic Matterhorn Macaroon and put it right in the center of a vanilla donut that's covered in toasted coconut and caramel and then sliced up a Matterhorn Macaroon and put the slices of it all around the edges.

Question 24

Eat or leave Cotton Candy Lemonade?

It can get pretty hot in the Disney parks which means that cooling down with a delicious, cool drink is totally a must! There are tons of options for cold things to drink around the Disney parks but one of the most delicious is definitely the Cotton Candy Lemonade which can be found at Everything Pop at the Pop Century Resort. This lemonade is topped with cotton candy which melts into the drink and gives it a whole new flavor.

Question 25

Eat or leave Gelato?

If a visitor to Disney gets a little too hot out in the sun meeting all their favorite Disney characters and riding all their favorite rides, a quick trip to Vivoli il Gelato can be just the thing they need to cool down! Vivoli il Gelato serves all kinds of Italian deserts like gelato, sorbet, and espresso drinks.

Question 26

Eat or leave The Grey Stuff?

Any fan of the Disney parks will know that getting reservations at Be Our Guest is not easy. It's one of the go-to restaurants for trips to the Disney parks and it features this dessert which is a reference to the classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. The Grey Stuff is a deliciously sweet white chocolate mousse with cookie crumbles and a red velvet cupcake inside. Yes, Lumière was right when he told Belle it's delicious.

Question 27

Eat or leave 'Ohana Bread Pudding?

A Disney visitor who wants to try this deliciously decadent dessert needs to head to the Polynesian Village Resort in Magic Kingdom ASAP! It can be found at the tropical-themed restaurant 'Ohana and is definitely a favorite among Disney fans. This tropical treat is coated in banana slices and caramel and comes with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Question 28

Eat or leave a Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich?

Macarons are a classic French confection that are made of meringue-based cookies and then filled with icing or jam. L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot makes these delicious treats but instead of filling the center of the macaron with jam or icing, they fill it with ice cream! They come in a ton of different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, peaches and cream, and pumpkin spice.

Question 29

Eat or leave the Berry Explosion Sundae?

For people who are into delicious treats like strawberry shortcake, this ice cream sundae is a must-try when visiting Disney. It, along with a few other delicious sundaes, can be found at Taste Track at Epcot which is super close to the attraction Test Track. This sundae consists of pound cake and ice cream layered together with strawberries and is topped with whipped cream and cotton candy.

Question 30

Eat or leave a Churro?

Churros are a delicious treat that can be found at just about every fair, festival, and amusement park that a person can imagine. But any Disney fan will know that the ones at the Disney parks are just better! There are all kinds of variations and during the holidays, there are even special peppermint churros and there are other special variations and flavors at different parks and lands.

Question 31

Eat or leave the Peter Pan Float?

For fans of Peter Pan, taking a trip to Storybook Treats in Fantasyland while they're at Magic Kingdom is a must. Disney recently launched this totally tasty Peter Pan float which is perfect for hot days in the park. The float consists of key lime flavored ice cream which is layered on a cup of Sprite with a chocolate feather as an accent.

Question 32

Eat or leave Mickey Chicken Pot Pie?

Anyone who is a fan of Disney is familiar with the fact that Disney often has "hidden Mickeys" by hiding Mickey Mouse's head in unexpected places - this chicken pot pie from 50s Prime Time Café at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is definitely an example! Unfortunately for adults, this Mickey Mouse-shaped food is only available on the kids' menu but isn't it adorable? But for someone who isn't all that hungry and still wants to eat a little something, this chicken pot pie is a perfect option.

Question 33

Eat or leave the Chili "Cone" Queso?

This savory treat can be found in two different locations. It was first introduced at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at the Disney California Adventure Park but it was also launched at Marketplace Snacks in Downtown Disney Orlando after it became so popular. This food is served in a savory bread "cone" and is filled with chili and cheese. Yum!

Question 34

Eat or leave LeFou's Brew?

Disney visitors who are in Magic Kingdom and want to drink something cool and refreshing definitely have to make a trip to Gaston’s Tavern! There, they can order themselves a cup of LeFou's Brew which can either be served in a plain plastic cup or in a collectible Beauty and the Beast-themed stein. The drink tastes like a deliciously sweet and slushie apple juice with a frothy, fruity top.

Question 35

Eat or leave a Turkey Leg?

Disney first started serving up this massive food in the 1980s in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom and it's been a favorite of park-goers ever since then. These jumbo turkey legs are, despite some jokes and urban legends that float around the Internet, really made of turkey and are really huge as the name suggests. Although they're a slightly messy food to eat, they're still delicious for someone who wants a savory food in the parks.

Question 36

Eat or leave Banana Bread French Toast?

When it comes to eating at Disney, there's a food for every meal and tons of options for snacks in between those meals. One of the favorites for getting breakfast off to a good start can be found at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. This French toast is like classic French toast except that the coating is blended with bananas and it has sliced bananas on top.

Question 37

Eat or leave Lunch Box Tarts?

The recently opened Toy Story Land is a must-visit for Disney fans and luckily, the new land means new restaurants for visitors to try and new foods to eat that them! One of them is Woody's Lunch Box which serves two variations of these delicious Lunch Box Tarts. Visitors can pick up a Raspberry Lunch Box Tart or a Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart, both of which are filled pastries that are coated in fondant.

Question 38

Eat or leave Mickey Chicken Nuggets?

Unfortunately for Disney fans that don't live in or visit Tokyo too often, these chicken nuggets are another Mickey Mouse-shaped food that is just out of reach. The frozen version of these have been spotted in grocery stores off and on a few times but these are also served at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Tokyo Disneyland along with the Mickey Mouse-shaped burger.

Question 39

Eat or leave Mickey Cake Pops?

In the past few years, it's become almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing cake pops. They're in just about every bakery that a person can imagine and even Starbucks jumped on the cake pop trend! Disney is no different but, of course, they put their special magical twist on them and made them shaped like Mickey Mouse. They come in a ton of different colors and flavors, depending on where in the parks a person looks for them.

Question 40

Eat or leave a "Red Shorts" Sugar Cookie?

These delicious sugar cookies can be found at Marceline’s Confectionery which is located in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. Although it may look like a pretty typical sugar cookie, it's been decorated to look just like a very special mouse with chocolate dipped ears, red shorts, and iconic yellow buttons.

Question 41

Eat or leave a Mickey or Minnie Ice Pop?

These adorable ice pops are another Disney parks treat that are only actually available in the Tokyo park. These are super similar to the iconic chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse ice cream bars but in a fruity ice pop form instead! The orange ones are flavored like tropical fruit and are shaped like Mickey Mouse while the pink ones are flavored like raspberry and are shaped like Minnie Mouse with her iconic bow.

Question 42

Eat or leave the Chocolaty Churro Sundae?

Taste Track at Epcot has a few different options for sundaes but this one is definitely one of the wildest ones. Many Disney fans agree that it's impossible to take a trip to the Disney parks without getting one of their iconic churros but Taste Track has taken this to a whole new level by putting them into a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Question 43

Eat or leave the Pretzel Bites?

Just about any Disney fan will know that pretzels are a staple food in the Disney parks. It's not hard to find a cart that sells pretzels in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head and tons of Disney fans line up to grab those to snack on while they walk around the park. But, if someone wants their pretzel in a more bite-sized shape, all they have to do is head to the Cozy Cone Motel at Cars Land to pick these Pretzel Bites up!

Question 44

Eat or leave the Nutella Waffle Sandwich?

For a Disney lover that's looking for a super sweet treat to stop and snack on before they continue exploring the park, going to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in the Magic Kingdom to pick up a Nutella Waffle Sandwich is something that can't be beat. This food is made of a huge waffle that's slathered in Nutella and then covered in slices of strawberry and banana and some blueberries.

Question 45

Eat or leave the Kitchen Sink Sundae?

For people who really take their dessert seriously and want to try the biggest and most extravagant dessert that Disney offers, look no further than Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. There, a visitor will find the Kitchen Sink Sundae which comes in three different variations including the original, a chocolate lovers version, or a Neapolitan sundae.

Question 46

Eat or leave a Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket?

When it comes to iconic Disney parks imagery, the balloons that are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head are definitely toward the top of the list. It's hard to spend any time in the parks without seeing at least a few kids and even some adults carrying them around. Disney also sells popcorn buckets that are shaped like these balloons and then filled with their hot, buttery popcorn.

Question 47

Eat or leave a Butterfinger Cupcake?

This iconic cupcake is a favorite among Disney lovers and can be found at Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This chocolate cupcake is coated in crushed up Butterfinger candy which is totally delicious in itself. Under that, there's a layer of vanilla buttercream frosting and the center of the cupcake is filled with thick, fudgy chocolate.

Question 48

Eat or leave Corn Dog Nuggets?

Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom is a Quick Service food stand with a baseball theme that is known for their hot dogs. They also have these bite-sized snacks known as Corn Dog Nuggets which can be bought by themselves or as part of a meal that comes with fries. They taste just like the regular sized corn dogs except come in this adorable smaller size.

Question 49

Eat or leave an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich?

The Disney parks have sweet treats for sale all over the place. Whether a visitor wants to eat a churro, some cotton candy, a bag of chewy gummy candy, or a frozen treat like an ice cream cone, they won't have to look far to be able to find one. For a visitor who's in Magic Kingdom at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, there's no need to choose between sweet treats because they can pick up an ice cream sandwich made with two cookies! Yum!

Question 50

Eat or leave Mickey Mouse Waffles?

When it comes to waffles, there's definitely no shortage in the Disney parks. Seriously, there are so many different variations and ways to eat this fluffy breakfast food. There are bananas foster waffles, Belgian waffle sundaes, giant Mickey waffles, chocolate Mickey waffles, chicken and waffles, and more. One of the most popular options for Disney lovers are these waffles that look like Mickey Mouse. They're so cute and available in a ton of places in the parks!

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Can You Match These Dishes To The Disney Movies They Appeared In?

By: Kennita Leon

6 Min Quiz

Image: Walt Disney Productions

About This Quiz

Disney has captivated our hearts for years. Magic and childhood may be the reasons why we have Disney cups at our home, why we buy Mickey Mouse ears to wear and why we keep visiting movie theaters every time a new movie comes out. While we love the characters, it's their storylines that make us laugh, cry, and scream with joy. But it's also the little things in the movies. 

It was the pink ribbon on Cinderella's dress, the conch shell that Moana placed on top of Motonui and the lightning bolt that Zeus used to defeat the Titans. But all the magic has to make a character hungry, fictional or not. Every now and then, a Disney character needs to take a seat and eat some food. Whether it's a romantic meal for two like the famous spaghetti and meatballs from Lady and the Tramp or something as simple as the porridge from Beauty and the Beast, we've seen our favorite characters chow down. They're just like us! 

Only food pros will be able to correctly identify some of these food items. But we believe in you and you're a huge fan, so there's nothing you can't do. Prove to us that you know your foods and name these Disney dishes like the top chef we know you are. 

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Welcome to the first ever Disney Food Blog food quiz! I’m a dork, as you know, and in addition to taking pictures of actual food in Disney parks, I also take pictures of food-related stuff.

While going through photos recently, I came across a bunch of Disney food-related signs/art that I’m pretty sure lots of people just pass right by — but NOT you and me! So, let’s have a little trivia quiz, shall we?

Do you know where to find all of these signs/art pieces in Walt Disney World?
Check out tomorrow’s blog post to see the correct answers! *Spoiler Alert:* Folks are making guesses in the comments 😉

Photo #1:

Hmm…where do they have really big carrots?
King Carrots

Photo #2: Gotta love a place where there’s poetry on the walls…
Pot Dish

Photo #3:
Drop Anchor

Photo #4: This one’s part of a [Read more…]

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