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Cross Velo MINI (aka CVM) is our proud minivelo solution toward low maintain urban cycling. It was formed in 2018 with a simple premise: to build contemporary urban minivelos combined with cycling historical consciousness.

From 2017, we began doing ideation and researches toward elevated chainstay, the essential feature to run belt-driven without frame breaking. Eventually we found a viable direction from cross-frame, a frame type had been evolved long time ago since 19th century.

We named it Cross Velo MINI, whereas symbolizes the cross-frame and crossover philosophy as well.

Despite the popularity of composite material, CVM is set to be made by chromoly steel. The combined property of structure and material represents great stiffness in light weight. The contrast and elegance of Cross Velo MINI is the true element to its wonderful riding experience.

*CVM has obtained compliance of ISO-4210, and patents approved by EU, Japan and Taiwan.

Sours: https://crossvelomini.com/

Road Bike Japanese Design Bicycle MINIVELO WACHSEN

Road Bike Japanese Design Bicycle MINIVELO WACHSEN




All products are strictly made under Japanese Safety Standards.


We are happy to accept small quantity order (mixed order) and trial order as well.
(Only B to B trading is accepted)


This product is just one example of our many products, so,
please feel free to ask !




GlobaRise Japan
is exporting Japanese fine products at reasonable prices.

We are working with honesty and faith,
delivering our products with happiness and smile.

Our company is small and history is not long, however,
we spun off from the famous trading company in Japan, and
all our staff are skilled in exporting,
please be assured of our handling.
(All staff have some certificates for trading)

In order to cut costs, we have neither wasteful stock nor luxury showroom.
We have trade agreements with more than 1,000 manufacturers,
the ordered products are delivered directly to sea(air)port, and
we can supply many kinds of products at a lowest cost.

Do definitely hope to do business with you in near future.
Thank you.

GlobaRise Japan
CEO : Tomohiro Muta

"Green Drive Corporation" changed the corporate name to
"GlobaRise Japan" from 15th/Oct 2014.
Thank you for being our customer.

< Certification >
- Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry : Member ID 06-0109740
- Japan Shippers & Consignees Standard Code : P001XH560000
- D-U-N-S Number : 692290611

< Main Financing Banks >

< Trading Performance >
France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland
Finland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Israel
United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam
Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius
Mexico, Chile, Jamaica, Dominica, Grenada.. etc.


Sours: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Road-Bike-Japanese-Design-Bicycle-MINIVELO_127029831.html
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Japan's Bicycle Culture (日本での自転車文化)

Gios Antico mini velo

Gios Antico mini velo

While reading some Japanese “pottering” blogs this week, I noticed that several riders speak fondly about a particularly type of bike they have.  The model is called “Antico”, and it is made by the Italian company Gios. It is a ミニベロ (mini bero, from “mini velo”) or 小径車 (shoukeisha, small wheeled bicycle).  Initially, I thought it must be one of the multitudinous folding bikes so popular in the uber-urban streets of Tokyo.  However, it turns out that it has a regular sized road bike frame, redesigned to work with the small tires.

This bike has 16 speeds and a frame made of クロモリ (kuromori, chromium molybdenum steel). The 20″ tires give it a much smaller profile than a typical road bike, making it easier to park or make pinpoint turns on the city sidewalk (which riders can and do use in Japan).  It also means you can more easily take it on a train (something “potterers” like to do), without having to remove the wheels and bag it up.

One blogger refers affectionately to her bike as 愛車anticoちゃん (aisha antico-chan), an endearment which one might translate as “my much-loved little antico”. Her blog, ただポタ!, is really cute and a fun read (with lots of great photos), and is a good place to get a sense of how this bike can be used.

If you live in Japan and are interested in purchasing an Antico, try visiting Cycle Studio Hakusen near the JR Okachimachi station in Tokyo (TEL: 03-3831-0792), or check out their online store link here.

For any North American readers interested in the Antico, there are no distributors for Gios bicycles in the USA, Canada or Mexico, and I was unable to find any used bikes for sale online.  Does anybody out there have one for sale, or know where or how one can be purchased here? (Short of traveling to Japan and bringing one home!)

That said, while searching in vain for North American shops selling the Antico, I did come across this post on mini velos. Though it doesn’t include the Antico specifically, it introduces a different Gios model, as well as some other similar types of bikes.

For readers in other parts of the world, check out the international distributors list on the Biciclette Gios site.

If you own an Antico or have experience riding one, please share your experience below!

Like this:



Posted in "Pottering" (ポタリング), Japanese bicycles (日本の自転車) | Tagged ミニベロ, Cycle Studio Hakusen, cycling, gios antico, mini veloSours: https://pnwcyclist.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/the-gios-antico-mini-velo/
Harry Quinn - Pontoak 2014 - Japan Surplus Minivelo
Japan is famous for fashion trend setting, for few years now there are a specific Japanese bicycle niche, the so called "mini velo"
Usually they are diamond frames designed and equipped with 20" wheels, featuring drop bars or flat bars or even mtb models getting trendy recently.

Mini-velo are not foldable bikes, if so then it is called "folding bike".
The word "Velo" is french for bicycle, so rather than calling it a Mini bike, japanese have branded it "mini Velo", a good sense of history, culture and chic wording.

If you want to sell bicycle to Japan, whatever the brand, it must includes "Mini Velo" in your catalog.
Most mini velo in Japan are the product designed by the local distributors and wholesalers, which explain why the bikes are not on another market catalogs.

Most of the bikes are small size frames, rarely bigger than 51cm.
However, I think there are some good opportunities for playing with mini velo design.
Carbon frames would be nice visually.

Here a quick look at the Mini Velo currently sold in Japan:

Bianchi, Made in China and Taiwan bikes, cromoly frames.
Drop bar, Brooks saddles, shimano gearing.
Flat bar, sora gears, spring saddle

Brunois very popular, you can see the bikes every where in japan cities.

Fuji, also have colorful drop bar mini velo which features lugged forks and cromoly frames

The bike retails for about 69,000 yen in Japan

9 speed Shimano Sora, 20" wheels, drop bar, looks like a real bike but in mini version.

Gios, playing with Cromoly 4130 Taiwan made frames, Gios coloring, these are a getting pricey.
This model retail for 138,600 Japan Yen.
This model is Retailing at 76,440 yen in Japan in 2011

Kuwahara, the company that is famous for having being featured in the movie E.T. (the bmx that flies front of the moon).
Well the bike is an Allien machine, it is a MTB mini velo, retailing at 268,800 yen.

Louis Garneau, the japan company that use "Lous Garneau" name to sell bicycles, sells also 4 models of mini velo. All are built with Aluminium frames.
Road model equipped with Shimano 105 gropu retails at 144,900 yen.
The full suspension MTB mini velo retail at 120,750 yen.

Seraphis a brand from a japanese wholesaler, they sale cromoly lugged frame and fork mini velo.

Frame/fork retail for 60,900 yen.

Sugimura, makes some reasonable priced mini velo
Road model retail at about 63,924 yen
The MTB mini velo retail at 66,780 yen.

Don't forget to check the Masi ones that I already featured few weeks ago here:
Masi Speciale Mini Velo
Masi Speciale Mini Velo Fixed Japan Edition

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Enjoy! Folding Mini-Velo Magazine

Mini Velo Bible Japan

girls bicycle Japan

Sours: https://gear11.blogspot.com/2010/11/japan-mini-velo-trend-for-2011.html

Velo japanese mini

One of my friends in Japan forwarded this video of Mini Love, a mini-velo and folding bike festival that happened this past June. For those who keep asking "what niche does it fill" or "why do I need one" a look at this video will show that the people of Japan are long past asking questions like that of the mini velo. It is embraced as part of bikedom. Young people love them... especially women. They see it as a blend of kawaii('cute' in Japanese) and practicality, and marketers are using them in their shop displays much like you see cruisers or track bikes in Old Navy.

The event was put on by KHS Bikes Japan and Dahon. It featured races (Spandex and mini velos can mix), gold sprints, folding contests, and numerous vendors on hand showing their wares.

Tasty mixte mini with front rack!
Sours: http://somafab.blogspot.com/2011/08/mini-velo-love.html
Japanese Folding Bike Shop Tour - Jitensha Hiroba Bicycle Warehouse【じてんしゃひろば遊】


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