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Who likes a box overs flatbed?! I despise boxes for a farm pickup. I've just got a basic Bradford with no boxes at all. Are the pronghorn beds with all the toolboxes built in as good as they look? And underbody side boxes? Seems to me like the side boxes are awful high priced for no more than I would put in it without stuff falling out when I open the door. I like the montezuma boxes but trying to decide which one would be best fit for what I commonly use. What's the people of the internet like for toolboxes/storage boxes? Don't like? I need to do something so that I have a passenger seat again.

SW “Ohia”Abomb,

After owning a flatbed truck, I will never go back to a normal pickup bed.

Montezuma toolbox, fuel transfer tank, and an old metal milk crate for small items. I really wish I could hang an underbed box off the side of the frame rail but my truck doesn't have enough space. Behind the seat is valuable storage room for that reason.

Central KansasI have been using these.

I just bought the 9" extension box to put under my existing box. It hasn't came in yet. I also have to underbody boxes. You can pack a lot of stuff in there.

I forgot about those style tool boxes! How much do they run in price?

Southern indianaI don't think I could get by without underbody boxes. Drivers side are for chains, ratchet binders and straps. Passenger side is for grease gun, jug of antifreeze, oil and misc. They are to handy not to have. Dad has a regular pickup toolbox mounted long ways on his and loves it.

I've thought about one of those bedrail toolboxes since its shallower things don't get so buried in it? on the passenger side so I can still reach the trailer hookup easy

West Central ILGot two with flatbeds, one with a regular bed and another with a tool bed. They are all over 15 years old, but they are all handy in their own way. The one that's saved us the most is the tool bed. I don't know how many trips it's saved us to get tools and we've only had it about a year.


Abomb - 5/20/2017 15:53 I forgot about those style tool boxes! How much do they run in price?

Want to say ours was in the $400 range 8 years ago which I guess doesn't help much for now except it won't be cheaper than that now.  Ours is just the single one at the top with the fire ext. in the end. 

Colby, KS

I much prefer a flatbed to a regular bed.  My main work truck is a 2001 Ram 3500 (dually).  It was originally an 8' bed.  Now has a Pronghorn SKX skirted flatbed.  SKX has 4 underbody boxes and a tail toolbox tucked under the deck in the rear.   On the left front top of the flatbed I have a medium sized Montezuma.  Behind it I have a 5' long "bed rail" tool box.  Have run this setup for 5-6 years.

Front left underbody holds a portable toolbox with odds and ends small tools.

Right front underbody holds a gas can and some oil jugs.

Left rear underbody holds ratchet straps and has a magnetic paper towel roll holder!

Right rear underbody holds hitch receivers/pins/balls/etc.

The tail toolbox holds a spade, a large prybar/scraper, and a dull rusty machete (that has come in handy many times)

Montezuma holds a full set of SAE wrenches and sockets, hammers, prybars, etc.

I mounted socket holders in the bedrail box for a set of metric sockets.  Also holds metric wrenches in tool rolls, a few air tools, power tools, and odds and ends.


I opted for this set up and really like it because it is almost like a service body on the left, but the right side is completely open to access with a forklift or sideload an ATV.

In the front I made a skid with a air compressor and hose reel.  It bolts down with 3 bolts and can be forklifted off.

I originally had an unskirted flatbed without underbody boxes.  I would never want to go back to less storage.  The only thing I would change would be to add a power inverter somewhere.  But I haven't figured out just how to run the cables yet.

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West Central Indiana.

(Service truck 1.jpg)

(Service truck 2.jpg)

(Truck bed.jpg)

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I built a flat bed and put Rawson Koening boxes on it. Many different sizes, and options.

Under the bed, I cheaped out and bought boxes from TSC, but the paint doesn't last as long. The rawsons look new after 5 years, but the TSC ones needed galvanizing and paint last winter.

You've got the built in bedrail box on the drivers but not passenger side if I read that right? I figured for the montezuma I wouldn't need all the metric I could just leave them in boxes and the canvas bags for no more than I use them. Keeping a mini torch kit on somewhere would be nice.

Nice! You like the boxes opening on the sides better than on the top for the boxes on top of the bed?

C ILDo you need a flatbed?

Have pickup bed, topper pickup, pickup with carpenter side boxes, flatbeds with underbody boxes w or w/o top side boxes on the farm. And use a regular single wheel service truck dramatically more than any of the above. Just bought another one. No experience with the deeper boxes on a dually service body.

If you need a cheap work truck, used service trucks are inexpensive and extremely useful. But not if you need a flatbed for various reasons.

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Yeah it's on a gooseneck trailer all the time, plus I can reach every square inch of the bed with both feet on the ground. Just need some storage space

Colby, KS

No, it's not built in, I bolted it down on the top along the drivers side.  The bed I have only came with built-in underbody boxes.  I added everything on top.  I'll try to get a pic of my setup on Monday and will add it to this post.

West Central IndianaYes, when we are working we stuff set on top of the boxes and the doors. There is still room for a pallet and I can pull a gooseneck. I also have a truck with an open flatbed.

I guess that would be nice haveing them that way, now that I think about it

West Central IAI think organization is more important than what kind of box or bed it is


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Colby, KS







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NW IAMarking for later

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Securing tools is a top priority among those who use their trucks to make a living. As more buyers turn to trucks as daily family haulers, storage capacity and even style matter nearly as much as the security of a truck bed toolbox. Thanks to pickups’ booming popularity, toolbox manufacturers now provide a wide range of solutions to fit every storage need and bed size. One new style maximizes the unused space between the tailgate and the rear wheel wells, for instance; another trending design fits slim and deep just behind the cab to preserve space in shorter beds. The classic 71-inch cross-bed toolbox remains the top seller among full-size pickup owners because it fits and looks just right.

Five toolboxes stand out for their innovative features. We surveyed real-world reviews and owner experiences to discover which truck toolboxes impressed buyers with ease of installation, build quality, sturdy security and clever storage solutions. Each is available in a custom width to accommodate various truck bed sizes, but we have linked to the most popular 71-inch models for convenience.

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