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 (a) Any moneys utilized pursuant to this chapter from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, created pursuant to Section 16428.8 of the Government Code, shall be consistent with the appropriations processes and criteria established by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Investment Plan and Communities Revitalization Act (Chapter 4.1 (commencing with Section 39710) of Part 2).

(b) The Charge Ahead California Initiative is hereby established and shall be administered by the state board. The goals of this initiative are to place in service at least 1,000,000 zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles by January 1, 2023, to establish a self-sustaining California market for zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles in which zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles are a viable mainstream option for individual vehicle purchasers, businesses, and public fleets, to increase access for disadvantaged, low-income, and moderate-income communities and consumers to zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles, and to increase the placement of those vehicles in those communities and with those consumers to enhance the air quality, lower greenhouse gases, and promote overall benefits for those communities and consumers.

(c) The state board, in consultation with the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, districts, and the public, shall do all of the following:

(1) (A) Include, commencing with the funding plan for the 2016–17 fiscal year of the Air Quality Improvement Program (Article 3 (commencing with Section 44274) of Chapter 8.9), a funding plan that includes the immediate fiscal year and a forecast of estimated funding needs for the subsequent two fiscal years commensurate with meeting the goals of this chapter. Funding needs may be described as a range that identifies the projected high and low funding levels needed for the two-year forecast period to contribute to technology advancement, market readiness, and consumer acceptance of zero- and near-zero-emission vehicle technologies. The funding plan shall include a market and technology assessment for each funded zero- and near-zero-emission vehicle technology to inform the appropriate funding level, incentive type, and incentive amount. The forecast shall include an assessment of when a self-sustaining market is expected and how existing incentives may be modified to recognize expected changes in future market conditions.

(B) Projects included in the forecast may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

(i) The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, established pursuant to Section 44274.

(ii) Light-duty zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicle deployment projects eligible under the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, established pursuant to Article 2 (commencing with Section 44272) of Chapter 8.9.

(iii) Programs adopted pursuant to paragraph (4).

(2) Update the plan required pursuant to paragraph (1) at least every three years through January 1, 2023.

(3) No later than June 30, 2015, adopt revisions to the criteria and other requirements for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, established pursuant to Section 44274, to ensure the following:

(A) Rebate levels can be phased down in increments based on cumulative sales levels as determined by the state board.

(B) Eligibility is limited based on income.

(C) Consideration of the conversion to prequalification and point-of-sale rebates or other methods to increase participation rates.

(4) (A) Establish programs that further increase access to and direct benefits for disadvantaged, low-income, and moderate-income communities and consumers from electric transportation, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

(i) Financing mechanisms, including, but not limited to, a loan or loan-loss reserve credit enhancement program to increase consumer access to zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicle financing and leasing options that can help lower expenditures on transportation and prequalification or point-of-sale rebates or other methods to increase participation rates among low- and moderate-income consumers.

(ii) Car sharing programs that serve disadvantaged communities and utilize zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles.

(iii) Deployment of charging infrastructure in multiunit dwellings in disadvantaged communities to remove barriers to zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicle adoption by those who do not live in detached homes. This clause does not preclude the Public Utilities Commission from acting within the scope of its jurisdiction.

(iv) Additional incentives for zero-emission, near-zero-emission, or high-efficiency replacement vehicles or a mobility option available to participants in the enhanced fleet modernization program, established pursuant to Article 11 (commencing with Section 44124) of Chapter 5.

(B) Programs implemented pursuant to this paragraph shall provide adequate outreach to disadvantaged, low-income, and moderate-income communities and consumers, including partnering with community-based organizations.

(5) (A) Require agricultural vanpool programs, including, but not limited to, the agricultural worker vanpools pilot project implemented by the state board pursuant to this chapter, to serve disadvantaged communities, as defined in Section 39711, and low-income communities, as defined in Section 39713, and allocate a minimum of 25 percent of the moneys appropriated by the Legislature for agricultural vanpool programs to those programs servicing low-income communities.

(B) For the purposes of this paragraph, hybrid vehicle technology shall remain an eligible vehicle technology until the state board determines that a more cost-effective and cleaner alternative becomes commercially available.


This is a list of Dr. Eggman's various vehicles in which he has appeared over the Sonic the Hedgehog series, acting as a boss against Sonic and other characters.

The Eggmobile

  • It's Eggman's primary transport and most frequently used vehicle. It is a small half-open egg-shaped vehicle, usually with a circular lamp on the front. Its appearance often changes slightly between games, but the mobile is always used for the same purpose. Eggman usually connects it to various weapons and gadgetry, or uses to serve as the cockpit in larger robots, and it allows him to escape when Sonic inevitably blows up his machines. It is named "Egg-O-Matic" in the Sonic comics and cartoons. The Eggmobile is typically colored metallic grey and black with some form of black and yellow hazard stripes somewhere on the craft.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit version)

  • Green Hill Zone: Eggmobile that hovers at the top of the screen, swinging a wreaking ball back and forth. This vehicle has become something of an icon within the series, and has been used again in Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Advance.
  • Marble Zone: Eggmobile that drops flames from a chute below. The flames will set any platform it hits on fire.
  • Spring Yard Zone: Eggmobile that flies back and forth above Sonic, occasionally dropping down to drive a retractable spike into him. If Eggman misses, he'll destroy a portion of the bridge. Since there's no ground below the bridge, Sonic has to defeat Eggman quickly.
  • Star Light Zone: Eggmobile that drops spiked bombs onto a trio of seesaws below him. Sonic can either use the seesaws to bounce the bombs back into Eggman, or use them to catapult himself into Eggman when they land.
  • Scrap Brain (Final Zone): A single room with four crushing pistons. When two of the pistons attempt to crush Sonic, he must quickly find the one holding Eggman and attack him (assuming the other piston isn't blocking the way). After the pistons, a group of electric sparks fall from the ceiling, which Sonic must avoid at all costs (he's got no Rings in this stage).

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit version)

There are no Rings in any of the boss stages. Also, some of the fights are set up differently between the two versions.

  • Green Hill Zone: Eggmobile that hovers above Sonic's head and occasionally comes down to Sonic's level to ram him. In the Master System version, Sonic has to wait for Eggman to descend before he can attack. In the Game Gear version, the smaller screen makes it so Eggman is always in attack range.
  • Bridge Zone: A submarine that surfaces periodically to shoot a spread shot at Sonic. The Master System version has the fight taking place on a single island, which Sonic can't fall from. The Game Gear version takes place on a ramped bridge instead and is much more difficult.
  • Jungle Zone: Eggmobile that drops exploding cannonballs on a ramped vine. Sonic has to dodge the cannon ball as it rolls back and forth, all without falling off the vine.
  • Labyrinth Zone: A submarine that shoots energy bullets from below Sonic and position-tracking torpedoes from above. The fight takes place underwater, but Sonic can't drown in this stage.
  • Scrap Brain Zone: The Sky Base, a floating platform that serves as Eggman's escape vehicle after he flees the Scrap Brain Zone. Sonic has to board the platform and get to the control room, all without the benefit of a single Ring.
  • Sky Base Zone: A ceiling-mounted cannon that launches homing energy balls at Sonic. The weak spot is Eggman's control tube, which has its own defenses as well (the Game Gear version uses a trio of floor-mounted flamethrowers, while the Master System version uses an electric wall that flickers on and off as it sweeps back and forth across the room).

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit version)

There are no Rings in any of the boss stages. Also, only the first and last bosses are actually vehicles piloted by Eggman, the rest are just robots more powerful than the regular Badniks.

  • Underground Zone: The standard Eggmobile with a claw on the underside. Used to carry Sonic to the boss arena. (Ironically, Eggman actually saves Sonic from a plunge into lava by doing this). A similar vehicle is seen in the opening movie, and is used to capture Tails.
  • Underground Zone: The Arijigoku Mecha ("Arijigoku" is Japanese for ant lion). An ant lion robot that sits on the bottom of a steep hill. Balls dropped by Eggman bounce down the hill which Sonic must avoid. These balls then bounce down to damage the robot. Eventually Eggman will run out of ammo and try to ram Sonic, but if Sonic jumps out of the way, him doing so will destroy the robot. Eggman isn't seen again until the Crystal Egg Zone.
  • Sky High Zone: Small birdlike robots that bounce around trying to hit Sonic.
  • Sky High Zone: The Gachou Mecha ("Gachou" is Japanese for goose). A very large goose robot that appears after Sonic destroys all of the bird robots and eggs. It shoots homing fireballs from its beak, but is slow and easy to hit.
  • Aqua Lake Zone: The Mecha Ashika ("Ashika" is Japanese for sea lion). A seal robot that inflates explosive balls to throw at Sonic. It cannot be jumped on because the seal will just bounce Sonic on its nose. Sonic must strike while it is inflating a ball.
  • Green Hills Zone: The Mecha Buta ("Buta" is Japanese for pig). A wild boar robot that somewhat resembles a sumo wrestler. It attacks by rolling, smashing and jumping. The weak point is the top of its head.
  • Gimmick Mt. Zone: The Inobut Mecha ("Inobuta" is Japanese for wild boar). Another robot that resembles a boar, but with spikes on the back. It aggressively tries to ram Sonic, and if it misses it will smash against the wall and dislodge harmful debris from the ceiling. When it collides with the wall the spikes will retract which is the only chance Sonic can damage it.
  • Scrambled Egg Zone: A robotic version of Sonic, possibly the predecessor of the one in Sonic 2 for Genesis. This robot is named Mecha Sonic in the Japanese version, and Silver Sonic in the American and European versions. It uses Spin Attacks as well as a robotic arm that extends from its stomach. However, it is weakly armored and the Spin Attack is worthless due to it being completely blunt (Sonic can deflect it with his own Spin Attack).
  • Crystal Egg Zone: A cage-like arena with Eggman in a glass booth. Inside the booth Eggman can launch all kinds of projectiles at Sonic as well as totally electrify the arena. When this happens Sonic must jump inside a tube that runs through the outside of the arena until it is safe to go back out. Since Eggman unpredictably fires his weapons everywhere it is incredibly difficult to damage his booth, Sonic should stay in the tube until after Eggman has electrified the arena, after which he will pause for a brief moment. When it is destroyed Eggman will teleport away and leave Tails for Sonic to rescue.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit version)

  • Emerald Hill Zone: Drill Eggman. An all-terrain vehicle with a drill in front. The drill would be fired as a desperation attack when Eggman was down to his last hit. Unlike other vehicles, the Eggmobile used to become the cockpit one uses helicopter blades. The popular nickname given to this machine by the fandom is the "Egg Drill Car".
  • Chemical Plant Zone: Water Eggman. Eggmobile that would collect chemicals from the poisoned water underneath and then drop the chemicals on his enemies. Sonic could avoid being harmed by ducking, but this wasn't always easy, as some sections of the floor of the battle arena frequently rotated, which would drop Sonic into a bottomless pit if he was on it.
  • Aquatic Ruin Zone: Tonkachi Eggman. Eggmobile with a giant hammer. The hammer would hit two totem poles which would, in turn, shoot arrows. Unfortunately for Eggman, the heroes could use the arrows as platforms to reach him.
  • Casino Night Zone: Catcher Eggman. Eggmobile with various neon lights and an electric claw coming out of the bottom. This claw would drop red spike balls that exploded. The fight was set in a giant pinball machine. The electric claw made it impossible for Sonic to hit it from the ground, so he had to use the pinball-like arena to drop onto it from above.
  • Hill Top Zone: Submarine Eggman. A submarine that emerged from lava and shot fireballs. This fight is similar to the one in Sonic 1's Marble Zone, except Eggman is coming from the lava instead of from above.
  • Mystic Cave Zone: Drill Eggman II. An Eggmobile that could drill through the rocky ceiling. This would cause an earthquake that would make rocks fall from above. Normal rocks did no damage, while pointy ones would do harm.
  • Oil Ocean Zone: Submarine Eggman II. A submarine that would alternate between shooting large spikes and deploying a mechanism which could fire lasers. Appears to be a variation of the lava submarine from the Hill Top Zone.
  • Metropolis Zone: Flying Eggman. An Eggmobile surrounded by "eggs". Hitting Eggman would turn an egg into a mini-Eggman, which could be destroyed with any simple attack. When all the eggs were destroyed, the vehicle could shoot fairly large lasers.
  • Sky Chase Zone and Wing Fortress Zone: The Wing Fortress, a giant airship that served as the second-to-last stage. This airship was chased during Sky Chase Zone, and shot down Sonic's airplane, the Tornado, at the beginning of the Wing Fortress Zone.
  • Wing Fortress Zone: A powerful ceiling-mounted laser controlled by a nearby computer. It moves around until it prepares to fire. There are three floating platforms (with spikes on the bottom, so watch where you jump) which allows our heroes to hit it. This boss is called "Barrier Eggman".
  • Wing Fortress Zone: A spaceship used by Eggman to fly from the Wing Fortress to the Death Egg. When Eggman escaped in it at the end of Wing Fortress Zone, Sonic chased it and held on to it, taking him to the Death Egg Zone.
  • Death Egg Zone: The Death Egg, an armored space station similar to the Death Star from Star Wars (namely because it is a nod by Sega to the Star Wars trilogy.) The Death Egg was the final stage, where you fought the two final bosses (mentioned below). The Death Egg Zone had no Rings, to make the final bosses harder.
  • Death Egg Zone: A robotic Sonic that could Spin Attack, Spin Dash and fire spikes in all directions. Known as Mecha Sonic in Japan, but often referred to as Silver Sonic by western fans.
  • Death Egg Zone: A huge battle suit shaped like eggman, with spikes for fingers, and a jetpack that could launch bombs if the hero managed to get behind it. The spiked hands made the battle suit difficult to hit. It would launch the fists at you, then try to jump on top of you for a change. However, if Sonic could get out of the way, they would be able to nail it when its knees bent from the impact. This was a very difficult boss, especially since there were no rings in the level, and players had to fight the Sonic robot beforehand.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

  • Palmtree Panic: EGG-HVC-D01 (this is the only officially named boss in the game). A large mech that has bumpers on both of its arms, and spiked feet. It came in two different colors, one gray-blue and pink (Good Future), and one gray and red (Bad Future). This machine only takes three hits to destroy, which is less than the bosses of the majority of the series, which take 8 hits. In the beta version, it is a gray color scheme and had claws for hands instead of bumpers.
  • Collision Chaos: A machine at the top of a pinball area that drops bombs to slow down Sonic, where he has to make to the top of the pinball area. This is actually only loosely definable as a "boss", as Eggman himself doesn't actually attack Sonic; the real hazard is the pinball area itself. However, Eggman does shoot energy balls, but they can be deflected very easily. Sonic does have to hit Eggman a few times to open up the exit, and when it is knocked to the top of the shaft (3 hits), it will be destroyed.
  • Tidal Tempest: An Eggmobile that Sonic has to chase down an endless path down, then when Sonic hits Eggman 4 times, a path to the water area opens, then you reach the boss. Eggman has bubbles surrounding him as a shield. Sonic has to break the shield by taking breaths from the bubbles, then hit Eggman's vehicle to defeat him. In total, the machine takes 5 hits to eliminate.
  • Quartz Quadrant: A large piston (resembling the final boss from Sonic the Hedgehog.) When Sonic hits it, it falls down, and it scrapes against a treadmill on the bottom. It drops bombs from the ceiling, and there is a spiked wall at the end of the treadmill. Sonic must avoid the bombs and try not to hit the spikes while Eggman's piston is slowly being scraped to pieces. It comes in two colors, purple in the Good Future, and Green in the Bad Future.
  • Wacky Workbench: A floating vehicle that has a driller at the top. It would drill through the checkered ceilings, causing pieces to fall off. Sonic then has to jump on one of them as the electricity starts up, to ride the piece to the next floor. At the third floor, spikes would fall upon Sonic. It comes in two colors, purple for Good Future, and gray for Bad Future.
  • Stardust Speedway: A race against Metal Sonic while being pursued by Robotnik, who fires a beam below him, killing you if you slow down for too long. You must evade Robotnik and beat Metal Sonic, or you get trapped at the end and die. The racetrack's appearance in Bad Future is a dismal futuristic highway. This boss and concept- and even the Sonic CD signature "Super Peel-Out" move- were featured in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series. If Sonic makes it to the end before Metal Sonic, it's Metal Sonic who is trapped and destroyed by Eggman's laser, and Sonic is finally able to save Amy Rose.
  • Metallic Madness: An orb with Eggman seated inside it, surrounded by 4 wing-like pieces which shot out at Sonic and spun around. Once they were off of the machine, Sonic could hit the weak spot, the orb.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The attack patterns may vary depending on whether Sonic or Knuckles (when locked on with Sonic the Hedgehog 3) is being controlled

  • Angel Island Zone (Miniboss): Fire Breath. The blue pod that lit Angel Island on fire. It shoots flamethrower blasts at the player, but these are easy to avoid (Knuckles, however, will also have to watch out for dropped bombs). If Sonic/Tails/Knuckles has the Flame Shield, dodging is not required, as they will be invincible to the projectiles. The machine is very easy to hit, and can be hit at any time, though you do have to watch out for its propulsion jets if you don't have the Flame Shield.
  • Angel Island Zone: A large airship known as "The Flying Battery" which players had to run from as it dropped enormous bombs from its underside. It's likely that this is the predecessor to the Egg Carrier and the Egg Fleet.
    • In Sonic & Knuckles, the Flying Battery is an actual level.
  • Angel Island Zone: Flame Mobile. A big, metallic, floating vehicle that could move underneath waterfalls and shoot fireballs that can burn bridges as well as the player. It was only vulnerable when it came out from behind the waterfall, which it did in order to attack.
  • Hydrocity Zone (Miniboss): Big Shaker. A strange pod with four rocket-like things surrounding it. It charged down into the arena along one of the walls, along the curve on the floor, then rose up to the ceiling along the opposite walls. After doing this twice, it attached to a pole in the center of the arena and spun it around to create a whirlpool, trapping Sonic/Tails/Knuckles for a few moments. It was nearly impossible to hit during its ramming attacks, but it took a while to charge up the whirlpool, so the player could hit it while it was on the pole.
  • Hydrocity Zone: Screw Mobile. A floating vehicle that could drop bombs, which had the side effect of making the shallow pool of water rise and act as a platform for the player to retaliate with. The vehicle also had a propeller that could create a whirlpool. The propellor had to lower itself into the water to do so, so the player could hop onto its platform and use it to hit Eggman (though this was not true for Knuckles). Note that when the English "screw" is used in Japanese, it generally refers specifically to "screw propeller".
  • Marble Garden Zone (Miniboss): Tunnelbot. A double-drill bot of sorts. Like the Mystic Cave boss from Sonic 2, this machine drills up into the ceiling to send rocks raining down on our heroes. However, you only have to worry about dodging the pointy ones. In Sonic & Knuckles, in the Lava Reef Zone, Sonic encounters a bigger, grounded Tunnelbot.
  • Marble Garden Zone: Drill Mobile. Another Eggmobile with a drill that could penetrate rock (see Mystic Cave Zone). In this confrontation, Eggman actually uses the drill to make the ground move up and down, and at the end of the level, remove the ground entirely. If the player is playing with Sonic, Tails will lift him, and Sonic will have to hit Eggman without touching the drill. If Tails is alone, he has to attack Eggman with his tails. This boss is called the "Drill Mobile".
  • Marble Garden Zone: A vehicle piloted by Egg-Robo that shoots a spiked chain, and then uses the chain to pull itself across the screen. This is an alternative boss for Knuckles since he has no partner to let him fly. It requires Sonic & Knuckles connectivity.
  • Carnival Night Zone (Miniboss): Bowling Spin. A vehicle with an electric rod and a spiked disk. It launched the disk at our heroes, and it broke pieces of the floor on contact. By hitting the underside of the machine, the player could force it to extend its rod. Furthermore, the player could strike the underside of the disk without harm, and this would change the disk's trajectory. The player had to hit the disk into the rod to inflict damage.
  • Carnival Night Zone: Graviton Mobile. An Eggmobile with conductors that drops a massive ball and uses conductors to make an electric field that pulls the heroes towards it. Knuckles doesn't have to fight this boss.
  • Ice Cap Zone: (Miniboss): Big Icedus. A floating sphere robot with 3 conductors positioned around it. These conductors attract blocks of ice that protect the robot. The ice can also be used as an attack, but while attacking it is vulnerable.
  • Ice Cap Zone: Freezer Mobile. An Eggmobile that can spray ice attacks. This vehicle has a platform that can be climbed to reach him, but the platform constantly fires freezing gas.
  • Launch Base Zone: (Miniboss) Swing 'Em Spikes. A grey, mechanical round robot that wields two spike-ball topped arms. After damage, one arm falls apart, making it easier to attack. In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Knuckles must fight two of these at once.
  • Launch Base Zone: Ball Shooter. A control deck where Eggman would sit and use a cannon to fire large metal balls which would either roll across the ground or be fired up at the target (namely Sonic).
  • Launch Base Zone: Beam Rocket. A tall vehicle with three laser turrets and a spike ball for defense. Laser sections fall off as it gets damaged.
  • Launch Base Zone: Big Arm. A large floating vehicle with a spiked top and large hands near the bottom. The large hands will grab enemies and pound them to the ground (he could even hurt Super Sonic when he did this, but Super Knuckles remained invincible to this). The machine swoops across the screen, and must be hit in the center to take damage (since the top and bottom are guarded by spikes and hands). If locked on with Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic won't have to fight this boss, but Knuckles will. An alternate name for this vehicle is also the 'Slam Tagger'.

Sonic Chaos

Only the final boss is a vehicle controlled by Eggman.

  • Turquoise Hill Zone: Great Bane Motora Gold. A gigantic version of the Bane Motora (Spring-Motobug) Badniks found earlier in the level. It cannot be damaged by jumping on its back due to the spring, so Sonic or Tails must roll-attack its face.
  • Gigalopolis Zone: Dangerous Ball Tower. A blue caterpillar-like robot that stands like a tower. It attacks by throwing its body sections. The visible cranium is its weak point.
  • Sleeping Egg Zone: Hopping Egg Vulcan. An Eggman-resembling robot that bounces around on a spring on its underside. It is also armed with a machine gun.
  • Mecha Green Hill Zone: Kamado MAX. A snail robot with a huge energy cannon on its back. The head is the weak point.
  • Aqua Planet Zone: Sphere-o-Bot in the US manual. A huge metallic sphere that attacks by bouncing and shooting. Soon the top half will break and it will scatter bullets everywhere.
  • Electric Egg Zone: Killer Turkey-gou. A chicken robot with Eggman in the cockpit. It attacks with ricocheting bullets and energy cannons. It soon becomes a streamlined plane-like craft, which tries to swoop down on Sonic.

Sonic & Knuckles

The attack patterns may vary depending on whether Sonic or Knuckles is being controlled

  • Mushroom Hill Zone (Miniboss): Hey Ho. An axe-wielding robot that would appear, then rush to the right, off-screen. From there, when you approached it, it would proceed to chop off the top-most section of a branchless, cylindric tree, which served as its main attack. Sometimes it even threw it's head at you. Its jet-thrusters also served as an attack, burning you if you jumped into them.
  • Mushroom Hill Zone: Jet Mobile. A fast Eggmobile that races to the right, forcing the player to also run to the right, avoiding spiked logs while doing so. This vehicle was also equipped with a satellite dish, but it gets damaged after the first hit.
  • Flying Battery Zone (Miniboss): Gapsule. A robot disguised as a Prison Egg, when you jumped on the switch, it would reveal eyes appearing from the front of it as well as two arms ending in spiked balls (maces). The object was to stand on the switch until one of the arms paused momentarily to attack, wherein you must move out of the way. The mace would then strike the switch, damaging it.
  • Flying Battery Zone: A large laser, very similar to the one in Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Wing Fortress Zone. This version, however, is indestructible to attack, although it'll destroy itself if you evade it long enough.
  • Flying Battery Zone: Hang Mobile. A vehicle that latched onto a steel beam with spiked "hands", which he could use to swing around the beam. This vehicle also had a flamethrower that shot upwards.
  • Sandopolis Zone (Miniboss): Guardian. A stone creature that merges with concealed arms and legs (concealed underground) to enable movement. After it merges with the rest of it, the body 'grows' a head, now resembling a traditional mummy. Attacking the head would result in pushing the robot back a little, reverting it to its stone-like form for it to re-form the mummy. It's only method of attack would be by jumping approximately the same as its height (if not a bit more) and land about two feet from where it was. To defeat it, you had to make it jump (or attack its head repeatedly to force it) into a quicksand pit on the left edge of the battlefield. Its origin is questionable - it is unknown who built it, since it does not look like an Eggman robot.
  • Sandopolis Zone: Egg Golem. A robotic statue with spiked hands, that could advance slowly, occasionally firing a laser. Hitting the mummy would reveal a standard Eggmobile underneath.
  • Lava Reef Zone (Miniboss): Heat Arms. A strange machine resembling a hand from the Doomsday Machine (see the final fight in the Death Egg below). To destroy it, you needed to wait until it stopped tracking your movements and pounded into the ground so that you could jump on the fingers. Each time it attacked once (and immediately at the start of the fight) it would send up two mechanical tentaces with guns on either side of the area and fire small energy bursts at you (standard 'bullets' from Eggman's machinery). These rose too far up to attack (for normal forms), so you had to wait until they rose up or came down to attack them.
  • Lava Reef Zone: Hot Mobile. Another submarine that can dive under lava (see Hill Top Zone). This machine can make the lava itself change slope, while Sonic and/or Tails would have to jump between platforms that floated on the lava. The submarine shot spikeballs, which would slide right into the sub, meaning that Eggman effectively damages his own machine. It started off with several homing missiles attached to it, but they are used up before the fight itself. Knuckles doesn't fight this boss, instead he goes straight to the Hidden Palace Zone.
  • Hidden Palace Zone: Eggman's Eggmobile appears with a massive claw that is used to steal the Master Emerald. It also has the ability to use metallic tentacles to give an electric shock to prevent his foes from clinging on.
  • Sky Sanctuary Zone: Appearing mid-level, another Sonic robot pilots the Eggmobile with the wrecking ball attachment from Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone, and with the protective decoy and laser attachments from Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Metropolis Zone against Sonic or Tails, before appearing himself to battle them. Knuckles in this zone will be faced with an Eggmobile piloted by Eggrobo in the Eggmobile with the claw from Hidden Palace, which will take him to the Sonic robot before being inadvertently destroyed by it. The robot then powers up via the Master Emerald, and Knuckles has to fight it in a Super Sonic-like form where it can fly and fire energy blasts.
  • Death Egg Zone (Miniboss): Red Eye. The reactor core of the Death Egg itself is first protected by spiked balls, but they explode when the "eye" of the reactor is damaged. The eye then frees itself from the wall and comes out to fire powerful laser beams. The reactor is circled by two spiked platforms. It is impossible for Knuckles to beat this boss because he cannot jump high enough to destroy it. (NOTE: You can play Death Egg Zone as Knuckles via the Level Select Code.)
  • Death Egg Zone: Death Ball. A Death Egg Jr. of sorts, it is a purple sphere with orange-red eyes that released small mini-vehicles with spikes on top of them. One or two bumpers (depending on the amount of players) were attached to the machine to prevent you from hitting it. In order to damage it, you needed to reverse gravity while a spiked vehicle was underneath it so that it crashes into it. When gravity is reversed, the spiked vehicles are released spiked-first into the ceiling, resulting in no movement. Spin-dashing these would turn it right-side up (if gravity was turned normal, they would crash into the ground in the same fashion as if they had been released by the machine while gravity was reversed) and they would move faster. Spin-dashing into them also knocked them into the air, and would damage the machine if it made contact.
  • Death Egg Zone: Kyodai Eggman Robo. A colossal battle suit shaped like Eggman that is about 100 times larger than the scientist himself. Equipped with hands that can be used to squash enemies (though a slow attack), a nose that shoots fire, and the Master Emerald, which is used to fire huge energy beams.
  • Doomsday Zone:The first Super Sonic boss and very difficult. A big spaceship that shoots homing missiles and energy bullets at Super Sonic. Unfortunately for Eggman, the missiles can be tricked into hitting the ship itself. When the ship is destroyed, the next boss appears.
  • Doomsday Zone: Another Eggman-shaped mecha which looks similar to the one in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (sometimes unofficially called "Egg-sterminator II"). Holding the Master Emerald, the battlesuit flies away from you while shooting small, thick missiles and spiked mines.

Sonic Triple Trouble

  • Great Turquoise: Tarta Turtle. A large flying turtle robot that does not attack Sonic, but smaller turtle robots patrol the lower ground. Sonic must utilize the springs on their backs to attack it.
  • Sunset Park: Marv Shupopolus-gou. A robotic train. Sonic starts at the end and must run to the cockpit. There are many gaps and enemies on the way, though. When Sonic reaches the cockpit a cannon starts firing at him, which Sonic must destroy.
  • Meta Junglira: Wood Buttarundorf. A red caterpillar robot that resembles the blue one in Sonic Chaos. It hangs from the ceiling and swings at Sonic. The head is the weak point, but after it blows up Sonic must dodge its flaming pieces.
  • Robotnik Winter: Giga Thomas 'Pen'. A huge floating penguin that attacks by throwing penguin bombs. It can only be damaged from the side.
  • Tidal Plant: Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles attacks with an orb-like submarine firing bullets and balls. Tails has an advantage over Sonic, since he starts the battle in the Sea Fox submarine.
  • Atomic Destroyer: Metal Sonic. He attacks with by swooping down upon the heroes, sometimes charging up energy for an invincible dash.
  • Atomic Destroyer: A cylindrical vehicle with a spring on the bottom and Eggman in the cockpit. He attacks by bouncing. Eventually it breaks to reveal a flamethrower and several gun weapons. Finally it builds into a cage-like arena with laser beams on the floor and ceiling that go off in a pattern. Eggman will circle the outside and pass through a tube which is the only chance he can be damaged. Sometimes he stops to electrocute the entire arena (ala Sonic 2 8-bit) that can only be avoided by going in hole in the tube opposite the one Eggman is attacking through. It is best if Sonic has a lot of rings during this battle.
  • Special Stage: At the end of every Special Stage, Fang the Sniper appears attacks Sonic/Tails with machines very similar to Eggman's. His airbike just bounces around in the second encounter, flies in the third, shoots missiles with the fourth and attacks with a drill in the fifth. His very first encounter goes wrong, so Sonic does not have to fight anything.

Sonic Spinball

  • Toxic Caves: Scorpius. A large mechanical scorpion/spider that would lose its tail after a number of hits.
  • Lava Powerhouse: Roboboiler. A boiler chamber infested with little robots that would retreat after one of them perished, only to appear again later.
  • The Machine: Veg-O. The roboticizing machine, that roboticizes animals and turns them into Badniks, after which they are sent out after Sonic.
  • The Showdown: A spaceship with Eggman inside of it. Sonic would have to hit himself onto the windshield and make it crack and break to keep Eggman from escaping.

Sonic 3D Blast

  • Green Grove: A flying machine that would drop a spiked ball and come down to pick it back, from which point Sonic could attack him.
  • Rusty Ruins: A grey sphinx that was attached to the wall and would throw its paws down trying to smash Sonic. Sonic would have to jump onto the paw and be carried up where he could jump onto the windshield of the machine.
  • Spring Stadium: A flying mech with two mini-paws that can chase Sonic into the arena's spikes.
  • Diamond Dust: An ice shooter that can freeze Sonic into a large "hedgehog-sicle" and drop snowman mines.
  • Volcano Valley: A machine with tubes around it that would shoot fire out at Sonic. Eggman sat in the middle in the machine's cockpit. Sonic would have to attack this to defeat the machine.
  • Gene Gadget: A standard floating vehicle floating above a treadmill. The vehicle can launch bottle rockets and spikes travel down the treadmill. Sonic had to jump up the treadmill to hit Eggman once he descends low enough to fire bottle rockets.
  • Panic Puppet: A 3-stage machine that would try to crush Sonic, shoot flames at Sonic and shoot ricocheting bullets at Sonic. Sonic would have to attack light bulbs that were around the machine once they began to glow.
  • Final Fight: A multi-purpose Eggman-shaped machine that would remove tiles from the floor, try to ram Sonic or shoot projectiles. Seems to be an enhanced version of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 final boss. To fight this boss, you have to collect all Chaos Emeralds during the game, otherwise the game will end after 'Panic Puppet Zone'.

Sonic the Fighters

  • The Death Egg II, a new incomplete Death Egg. It is identical to the original, but with large pillars sticking out and holding what seems to be more rooms. However, it gets destroyed before being completed, much like the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.
  • A strange UFO-looking vehicle. It has a laser on the bottom that is used to clone characters into black and white versions of themselves.
  • The E-Mech, a walker with which he fights the player after they defeat Metal Sonic. The player must defeat him in 15 seconds, or else the Death Egg II explodes with them inside. The player must only win one round, and they only get one chance to fight him.

Sonic Adventure

  • Egg Hornet. The Eggmobile equipped with three powerful engines. Capable of shooting missiles and ramming itself in the ground in an attempt to hit Sonic or Tails. According to Sonic X, it is 7 meters long and weighs 14 tons[1].
  • Egg Viper. A flying snake-like machine with two large spiked slowly-spinning discs on either side of the main body that fires rapid lasers, a powerful laser cannon, spiked discs and homing balls of electricity. Sonic can bounce of sections of the Egg Viper's tail or ride the spinning discs to get within attacking range. Widely considered the most popular of Eggman's vehicles.
  • Egg Walker. The Eggmobile equipped with four giant legs. Can shoot missiles and bombs and on occasion, use a flamethrower. It can also stomp its feet to create shock waves on the ground. Its weak spots are clearly lit parts of its feet.
  • Egg Carrier. A huge airship, where a few of the game's levels and bosses take place. It eventually crashes into the sea. The Egg Carrier serves as an Adventure Field and hosts the levels Sky Deck and Hot Shelter while including the bosses Chaos 6, E-101 Beta mkII, and Zero. It can transform between 'standby' and 'attack' modes, the latter of which prevents the player from accessing certain parts of the airship without going through the Sky Deck Action Stage.
  • Egg Carrier 2. The "backup" Egg Carrier. Robotnik built it in order to be able to destroy Chaos in the event that it turned on him. However, it fails miserably at this task, as it lasts only a few seconds before being destroyed by Perfect Chaos.
  • Eggman's mobile is used for many purposes in this game. It has a smaller version of the grab claw from Sonic & Knuckles that can work at multiple angles, it can release a sleeping gas that knocks Sonic and Tails out cold in seconds, and Eggman attempts to use a hidden mine device to aid Chaos 6 against Sonic and Knuckles. Unfortunately for him, they used the mines to defeat Chaos 6 in the first place, as the mines were ice-based, and the heroes used them to freeze Chaos so the monster could be shattered.

Sonic Adventure 2

  • Egg Walker: The Eggmobile with two legs added. It is armed with a Volkan Cannon that can shoot regular ammo, a missile launcher, lock-on capabilities, and punching glove. Upon finding certain items, the standard Volkan Cannon becomes a Bazooka, capable of destroying steel crates, the standard lock-on missile becomes a Laser Blaster, capable of "splash damage", and a Jet Booster, giving it the ability to hover in mid-air. The player uses this when playing as Eggman, and fights against it twice when playing as Tails. It is not to be confused with the other Egg Walker from Sonic Adventure.
    • In 2-Player Mode and the second battle for Tails, it's also equipped with a rocket launcher and a laser cannon.
  • The Egg Golem: a large rock-formed robot with a facial build similar to the sphinx, which he uses to guard the entrance to his spaceship hangar. It is apparently controlled by the small cylindrical mechanism on its head. After Sonic pounces on this mechanism, it goes berserk and Robotnik must take it on--It is the only boss that both the Hero and Dark sides both face. Rather than a vehicle, this is seemingly a numberless robot.
  • As in Sonic & Knuckles , Eggman's Eggmobile is equipped with the grab claw. However, Knuckles smashes the Master Emerald to protect it from being stolen. Possibly, he was trying to avoid being electrocuted as in Sonic & Knuckles.
  • Eggman is also shown to have several spacecraft in his desert hideout, including a space shuttle that the heroes use to reach the Space Colony ARK.

Sonic Heroes

  • Ocean Palace: Egg Hawk. A giant bird like jet, equipped with rotary guns that can only be fired when on the ground. Two Egg Pawns sit under the wings, equipped with laser rifles. To defeat this vehicle, attack when Eggman spins on the ground or attack when you are chasing him.
  • Bullet Station: Egg Albatross. A more advanced Egg Hawk, equipped with a balloon for flight, laser cannons, launchers for spiked balls, and four additional Egg Pawn laser rifle seats. To defeat this vehicle, get rid of the launchers and the balloon, and Eggman is back to the Egg Hawk, though it is weaker than before.
  • Egg Fleet: The Egg Fleet, a gigantic armada of fish-shaped flying battleships similar to the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure.
  • Final Fortress: The Final Fortress, the flagship of the Egg Fleet. It is immensely huge and shaped like a whale shark, and it is armed with all sorts of weapons.
  • Final Fortress: Egg Emperor. A giant knight-like robot suit which is the final boss for each team's story. It can shoot missiles and make shock waves with its sword. If you're too far away, it'll charge you. Its weak spot is the orb in the center of its body. It also holds a large shield in its left hand.

Sonic Pocket Adventure

  • Neo South Island: An Eggmobile on caterpillar tracks armed with a giant hammer.
  • Secret Plant: An Eggmobile with two spiked platforms hovering around itself. It can also occasionally fire three energy shots.
  • Cosmic Casino: A floating pod that simply locks on to and rams Sonic.
  • Aerobase: Mecha Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Gigantic Angel: A large floating vehicle that stays out of range while firing energy shots in all directions and dropping powerful bombs. It occasionally swoops down, but it is possible to leap off the explosions from the bombs to reach him.
  • Last Utopia: A large Eggmobile powered by the purple Chaos Emerald. It has two large arms that are can be shot to punch Sonic, or can be used to grab him and slam him into the ground. The machine can also ram Sonic, or put its arms to the side and spin around, making it impossible to hit.
  • Chaotic Space: Another large Eggman-shaped mecha. It is fought by Super Sonic in space, where it fights by firing missiles that have to be knocked back at it.

Sonic Advance

  • Neo Green Hill Zone: Egg Hammer Tank. A car armed with a hammer, it swings back and forth in a 180 degree arc while the machine drives forward.
  • Secret Base Zone: Egg Press. A machine that jumps around with a spring on the bottom, similar to one seen in Sonic Chaos.
  • Casino Paradise Zone: Egg Ball. A round orb that goes through tubes along with a painful decoy.
  • Ice Mountain Zone: Egg Spider. A drilling machine that sits on the ceiling, causing icy stalactites to drop on the player's character, but they can be used to hit Eggman and get air. The battle takes place under water.
  • Cosmic Angel Zone: Egg Snake. A machine that moves along a chain bridge that shoots orbs of energy.
  • X Zone: This zone has 3 machines which are:
    • Checker Wrecker Ball from Green Hill Zone of Sonic 1
    • Drill Eggman from the Emerald Hill Zone in Sonic 2
    • Egg X, an orb with a bomb launcher, an extendable hand and a laser cannon.
  • Moon Zone: A typical Eggman-looking mecha that attacks with its spiky hands while shooting balls at Super Sonic which captures him if he hit them. The balls look strangely like Poké Balls.

Sonic Advance 2

  • Leaf Forest: Egg Hammer II. A car armed with a hammer and fist, the fist does nothing, but holds Cream and Cheese captive when Sonic first fights it. After its destruction, the fist shoots into the sky and blows up, releasing Cream and Cheese, unlocking Cream as a playable character.
  • Hot Crater: Egg Bomber Tank. A rounded tank that shoots bombs, the cannon breaks off, at which point the bombs will be weakly lobbed instead.
  • Music Plant: Egg Totem. A large totem like machine, with three rounded, spiked sections, which can separate and are armed with small cannons. The first time you fight it, Tails will be tied up and dangling from a hook on the end of a metal rod, almost as if Eggman is going on a fishing trip, and plans to use him as live bait. After its destruction, the cords snap, saving Tails. Tails is then unlocked as a playable character.
  • Ice Paradise: Aero Egg. A flying vehicle with a long tail. It drops missiles, and it can only be reached by bouncing off the platform at the end of the machine's tail.
  • Sky Canyon: Egg Saucer. A large wheel with three components on it, the cockpit, a cannon (which can be destroyed), and a hand that can deal a one-hit kill. The first time you fight this, Knuckles will be piloting it due to him being tricked by Eggman. After its destruction, a burnt Knuckles chases Sonic and shouts at him. Afterwards, Sonic starts yelling at Knuckles for letting Eggman fool him yet again. This leads to Knuckles being unlocked as a playable character. When you fight again, Eggman will pilot instead.
  • Techno Base: Egg-Go-Round. A machine riding on a rail with four platforms attached to it. The cockpit shoots projectiles, and on occasion, two platforms will spin rapidly, while the other two grow spikes.
  • Egg Utopia: Egg Frog. A machine on two long legs, it hops between the ceiling and the floor and can shoot napalm bombs up and down. In this battle, you can reverse the gravity and back again, which you will need to do to avoid the explosions.
  • XX: Egg Bot. You face all the previous bosses (they're much weaker) and at the end you face a giant mecha (similar to the one from the end of Sonic Advance) that can shoot lasers and punch with destructible rocket fists. The floor has platforms which raise to the spiked ceiling.
  • True Area 53: A shrimp-like machine which can fire many shots off at once, it is also armed with missiles which have to be deflected into the machine by Super Sonic. The tail also holds an ice beam capable of freezing Super Sonic temporarily, and a vacuum that can suck Super Sonic up while he's frozen and take his Rings. The whole machine can curl up into a ball to roll into Sonic.

Sonic Battle

  • A red Eggmobile armed with homing missiles and bombs. Eggman uses it to fight Emerl, but loses.
  • Death Egg: The rebuilt space station is armed with the Final Egg Blaster, a weapon that can, like the Eclipse Cannon, destroy planets and stars.

Sonic Advance 3

Note: Eggman's machines are all co-piloted by G-mel, and are colored his black and yellow colors, as well.

  • Route 99 Zone: Egghammer III. Another hammer machine. This time Eggman pilots the hammer's head, which is connected to a base which Gemerl is in.
  • Sunset Hill: Egg Saucer II. A completely round machine. It rolls around trying to crush the character. Its only weak spot is the cockpit.
  • Ocean Base Zone: Egg Frog II. A machine on two long legs. It jumps up and lands trying to crush the player.
  • Toy Kingdom Zone: Egg-in-the-Box. A giant jack-in-the-box. Eggman comes out of the front; after hitting him, several different things (operated by G-Mel) pop out of the top.
  • Twinkle Snow Zone: A machine on a continually rising track; the objective is to climb up avoiding Eggman, while also trying to make the platforms fall on him.
  • Cyber Track Zone: A round machine armed with a cannon that can aim in a 180-degree arc, the cannon balls must be attacked and made to bounce back into Eggman.
  • Chaos Angel Zone: A machine on a very springy track (á la Sonic Advance); one must make it bounce and attack the weak underside. There are pipes at the sides of the room that will lead to the bottom of the track (with reversed gravity). There are also spikes on the ceiling and floor of the room you battle in.
  • Altar Emerald Zone: A large mecha with hands separate from its body. The cockpit is the weak point, but it cannot be reached without an extra boost. The hands tries to punch you, slam you, grab you, and shoot red bouncing mines at you.
  • Nonagression: During the final battle with G-Mel, Eggman just flies his Eggmobile, waiting to be thrown around by Super Sonic to reveal G-Mel's weak point.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Egg Breaker. This robot somewhat resembles the Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes, except it bears a red and blue paint scheme instead of gold, and its right hand is a giant spiked ball, used to try to crush Shadow and create shockwaves. It also has the ability to leap considerable distances, fire horizontal arrays of bombs, shoot laser beams with its eyes and throw its spiked ball (it quickly generates a new one). It appears in Cryptic Castle, Mad Matrix and Iron Jungle.
  • Egg Dealer. This robot has four rigid legs which it stands on (It is unknown if these legs have wheels or hover pads on the bottom). It also has slot reels on the front of its body, which can be stopped individually by using the homing attack on the buttons below them. The cockpit can be attacked by the lazer carried by the egg-pawns, although this is inefficiant. Shadow can also damage it by stopping the reels so that it bombs itself or fires a volley of missiles at itself. Shadow's Chaos Blast power is also effective. These powers are known, respectively, as Bomb Fever, Missile Fever, and Shadow Fever. It appears in Lava Shelter, Black Comet (Hero Side) and Cosmic Fall (Dark Side). The attacks it can use are:
Missile Fever - Eggman usually starts the battle with this attack. The machine launches a volley of six missiles that target Shadow if launched by Eggman and target Eggman if launched by Shadow. Very rarely, Eggman will start the battle by accidentally launching it on himself.
Bomb Fever - The machine drops explosive red spheres. If Eggman executes the attack, the Egg Dealer continues moving around the arena dropping bombs. If Shadow executes the attack, the Egg Dealer trips and blows itself up.
Pawn Fever (Eggman Only) - Summons a couple of spear-wielding Egg Pawns.
Ring Fever (Shadow Only) - Causes a massive amount of Rings to appear in the center of the arena.
Shadow Fever (Shadow Only) - Maximizes Shadow's Dark Gauge. Rarely in the beginning of the battle he accidentally triggers this.
  • Egg Balloon. This is a massive blimp used by Eggman to regroup from the Black Arms. It is a striking resemblance to the middle section of Egg Albatross which uses the same attack (although the Egg Balloon has no propeller) and can also separate itself when damaged. When it was put to use however, his retreat to the base was made difficult due to G.U.N., E-123 Omega, and (optional) Shadow himself.
  • Eggman Fleet. A fleet of flying red and yellow battleships similar to the Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. The flagship is larger than the other ships, and is equipped with more cannons.

Sonic Rush

Note that Eggman and his descendant from Blaze's era, Eggman Nega, both use the same vehicles, they just have slightly different color schemes.

  • Leaf Storm: An Egg Viper-like machine that attempts to stomp you with its head, which is the boss' weak point. Its abilities are to smash the head down in an attempt to squash the player, A charged smash on to the arena which can instantly kill the player if struck and dropping the head down and rolling it from one side of the arena to the other and back.
  • Water Palace: A Loch Ness monster robot that is fought in a 2.5D circular arena. It has the ability of biting the player from the background, squashing the player with the machines body and land to bite the Player any where in the circular arena.
  • Mirage Road: A dung beetle that rolls and shoots balls in yet another 2.5D arena. This machine has the ability to chase the player with the ball still with it, throwing the ball around the arena then grabbing it as it comes round and can fly to the center of the arena and throws the ball at the player and spawns another one.
  • Night Carnival: A machine with two arms fought in the game's last circular arena, one holding Eggman/Eggman Nega and the other holding a ball that must be hit to bring Eggman down to you; it can electrify itself to protect itself from attack, shoot lightning to the ground and smash the ball down to the arena which can kill the player if struck by the ball, and it sends shock waves around the arena as well.
  • Huge Crisis: Like the first one from Leaf Storm, but there are some slight changes. It can stomp you three times instead of just one, it follows the player before it smashes down with its instant kill move and can place the head on the platform in the background and shoot rockets from the cannons on the platform (this attack replaces the rolling maneuver of the other encounter).
  • Altitude Limit: A bird robot that can shoot bullets from its wings and use other physical attacks that are typical for a (huge) bird.
  • Unknown: Yet another gigantic battle suit. The robot has several attacks such as: smashing one of its hands down sending shock waves both ways on the arena, smash both hands down which can kill the player instantly and send shock waves in both ways, send electrified robots which shoot lightning in both directions and walk to the right of the arena and punch the side of the arena several times.
  • Exception: A machine controlled by Eggman and Eggman Nega that bears some resemblance to the vehicle used in True Area 53 in Sonic Advance 2. (Exception is the name of the area where this boss is fought.)

Sonic Riders

  • E-Rider. Eggman's sole bike vehicle, which he uses during races.
  • E-GearG. A green board created by Eggman that E-10000G rides.
  • E-GearR. A red board created by Eggman that E-10000R rides.

Several of the Extreme Gear in the game (notably the Blue Star II board, which Miles "Tails" Prower claims to have built himself), say "By Robotnik Corp." in their descriptions. This suggests that Eggman creates and sells Extreme Gear, or that he created Extreme Gear for all the participants of the EX World Grand Prix due to being the creator of the race.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

  • Eggmobile: The Eggmobile has gone through radical design changes. This Eggmobile is all silver-colored, much larger (with enough room to walk around), and comes with two detachable arms that can float and can grab people like Princess Elise.
  • Egg-Cerberus: Not a vehicle per se, but instead a giant robot dog-like creature created by Dr. Eggman. Has a long fiery horn on the top of his head, and when Sonic or Shadow climbs up to his horn and hangs onto it, they can control the robot dog and make it run into walls to damage it.
  • Egg-Genesis: The Egg-Genesis is a flying vehicle with four ends sticking out of it. The ends fire missiles at Sonic and creates enemies. It's name is possibly a reference to the Sega Genesis.
  • Egg-Wyvern: The Egg-Wyvern is a flying dragon-type vehicle that Dr. Eggman uses to battle Sonic. It has a long burning horn on the top of the vehicle's head, and when Sonic climbs up to his horn and hangs onto it, he can take control the robot dragon vehicle and make it fly into pieces of debris falling from Dr. Eggman's new Egg Carrier to damage it, similar to Egg-Cerberus.
  • Egg Carrier: Eggman appears to have rebuilt and redesigned his giant battleship from Sonic Adventure, but this one seems smaller.

Sonic Rivals

Note: All vehicles are actually piloted by Eggman Nega, disguised as the modern-day Eggman.

  • Forest Falls: Egg Turtle. A turtle robot with Eggman situated in the head. It attacks by sweeping its head and tail at enemies.
  • Colosseum Highway: Egg Falcon. A bird robot that resembles the Egg Hawk from Sonic Heroes. It drops bombs at enemies from above.
  • Crystal Mountain: Egg Lynx. A lynx robot that fires crystal missiles.
  • Death Yard: Egg Kong. A gorilla robot that fires missiles.
  • Meteor Base: Egg Destroyer. A vehicle shaped like Eggman's face. It is armed with beam turrets, along with a variety of elemental weapons.

Sonic X

  • Egg Spider: A spider vehicle used to capture Sonic in Episode 44.[2]
  • Egg Fort 1: A giant warship with a drill on the front, used by Eggman for the first part of Sonic X and equipped with various weapons. Later abandoned, but recovered and put to use by the GUN against Eggman. It is later reclaimed or duplicated and used as a component in the Grand Egg Imperial.
  • Egg Fort 2: A large grey warship composed of three smaller vessels named Bang, BaBang, and BaBaBang. It could transform into the giant robot E-99 "Eggsterminator", and was destroyed by Super Sonic. Like the first Egg Fort, it is repaired or duplicated and used as a component in the Grand Egg Imperial.
  • Egg Giant-Makan: A vehicle modeled after a pirate ship, equipped with a massive laser cannon and missiles. Destroyed by GUN Fort 1.
  • Grand Egg Imperial: A combination of Egg Forts 1 and 2 and the Egg Carrier, used in the final episodes of Sonic X season 2. It was equipped with a massive arsenal of lasers and missiles, but was nonetheless destroyed by Super Sonic.
  • Crimson Egg: Giant starship equipped with warp drive, missiles, lasers, and other features. Eggman abandons this ship at the end of season 3 (the only season in which it appears).
  • Eggmoon: After Eggman destroys half the moon, he recreates the broken half with metal. After this, Eggman controls the moon, and uses it to create an artificial solar eclipse. However, the heroes manage to place the Eggmoon back in orbit.

Sonic the Hedgehog ("Archie")

  • Giant Borg: A massive humanoid battle suit of seemingly unlimited power. All of the Sonics from different worlds battled it and destroyed it, all keeping a piece of the robot except for Sonic Prime.
  • During the 'Home' storyline (issues #130-133), Robotnik was shown to have an aircraft carrier which was armed with nuclear missiles. The carrier was destroyed by Bunnie Rabbot in response to Robotnik's threat to launch the missiles at Knothole Village and Station Square.
  • Hover Unit: As the comic is originally based on the SatAM cartoon, these egg-shaped hovercraft have occasionally been seen in the comic, though their full capabilities compared to their animated counterparts is unknown. It is however known that at least a few are equipped with a self-destruct system that can be remotely operated to prevent the craft and any sensitive cargo it may be carrying from falling into the hands of Robotnik's enemies.
  • Bot Bus: Appearing in the 'Fortified' storyline in issue #26, this was a large bus with tank treads instead of wheels driven by Snively (wearing a chauffer's uniform) with Robotnik riding shotgun and several SWATbots as passengers. The bus persues the Freedom Fighters to an old, abandoned log fort, wherein Bunnie Rabbot confronts it, dispatching the SWATbots before taking on the bus itself which tries to run her down before Bunnie uses the telescoping ability of her robotic legs to evade at the last moment, sending the bus crashing out of the fort and careening out of control down a steep hill.
  • Robotnik has also been seen to operate several large blimps, which he used as cargo transports to supply his sub-bosses with weapons and supplies. One of them was equipped with a cloaking device that rendered the craft completely invisible, with the exception of directly underneath it, which led to it being discovered when it unknowingly overflew Tails while he was out at sea on one of his solo adventures.
  • The comics have also included cameo appearances by numerous Eggman vehicles used in the games, ranging from the Eggmobile of the original Sega Genesis titles to the Egg Fleet airships from Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Underground

  • Fortress of Altitude: Powered by a Chaos Emerald, it serves as a counterpart to the Death Egg in Sonic Underground. Commands a security system that uses Chaos energy to vaporize anything in its path. After the Chaos Emerald was stolen, the Fortress self-destructed.
  • The Predertor: A large red vessel equipped with to laser turrets with an impenetrable skin. Created to hunt down freedom fighters by use of an organic brain.

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

  • Hover Unit: Primary means of transportation for Robotnik's forces, these egg-shaped shuttlecraft come equipped with searchlights, heat sensors, turbo boosters, tow cables, and laser cannons (ranging from one mounted in the nose in nearly the same location as the searchlight, to one or two mounted on the roof). While most are light & dark grey, they have been seen in other colors, such as in the episode Sonic Racer. Robotnik also had his own personal Hover Unit bearing a black and red paint scheme. In addition to the standard features of the normal Hover Units, it was also outfitted with a missile launcher and a stealth system which would allow Robotnik to make an undetected escape when one of his plans backfired, as in the episode Sonic's Nightmare. A Hover Unit was commandeered by the Freedom Fighters in the episode Harmonic Sonic by Sonic and Rotor who use it to flee a spy satellite they had just sabotaged, their flight ending in a crash landing. Rotor later repairs the craft, and the freedom fighters use it as transport and a means of covertly infiltrating Robotropolis in later episodes. Note that these Hover Units also appear occasionally in the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog continuity, since the comic was originally based on this cartoon.
  • Destroyer: A massive airship used by Robotnik during the coup against the Kingdom of Acorn, Robotnik used this huge vessel to transform Mobotropolis into Robotropolis, the city being instantly transformed once overflown by the craft. The exact method used to achieve this is not known, or clearly explained in the show. It was seen in the opening sequence of every episode, and in the two-part episode Blast to the Past, wherein it also overflew part of the Great Forest, nearly reaching the future location of Knothole Village, something it apparently didn't do originally, according to Sally Acorn. In the show's opening sequence, Robotnik is shown aboard the Destroyer's 'bridge', while in Blast to the Past, the ship was unmanned save for a SWATbot security force.
  • Command Ship: A large hovercraft sporting a blue & black paint scheme with silver trim used by Robotnik in a few of the episodes in lieu of his personal Hover Unit, often acting as an airborne forward command post on select high-priority missions. It has a far less aerodynamic design than the Hover Units, slightly reminiscent of a flat-fronted big rig cab, complete with a large grille on the front. It has an engine pod on either side, and is capable of launching surveillance orbs en-masse and using a cloaking device. It is armed with twin laser cannons as well as forcefield nets to capture targets alive.
  • Mega Muck Unit: A hovercraft similar in design to the basic Hover Unit, only bearing a red paint scheme and with the laser cannon replaced with equipment for firing globs of 'mega muck', a viscous, glue-like substance that is strong enough to stop even Sonic dead in his tracks. Appearing in the episode Dulcy, these craft nearly succeed in capturing Sonic, covering him from the waist down in mega muck before he's saved by Dulcy the Dragon. Later in the episode, Sally hijacks one and attacks a prisoner transport convoy in a bid to rescue a captured Dragon.
  • Shriekbot: Appearing in the episode Sonic Conversion, the Shriekbot was a UCAV designed to be able to chase down sonic using afterburner-equipped blast thrusters mounted at the rear of the craft. It originally featured two thrusters, but was upgraded to a total of nine in its' final form. Robotnik piloted the craft from his command chair in his headquarters, which was fitted with a faux cockpit similar to a flight simulator, which resembled a stylized red Hover Unit. The Shriekbot was armed with a laser cannon mounted on a turret on the left side of the craft. It sported a dark blue & grey paint scheme, and when active, an image of Robotnik's face appeared over the craft's 'canopy'. It was destroyed when tricked into chasing Sonic into a narrow alley between two buildings in Robotropolis, leaving only the cockpit section intact.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

  • A giant mecha known as Black Eggman in Japan and Metal Robotnik in the US. It was a large robot shaped like and controlled by Eggman. Its hands could transform into powerful machine guns, and it was also armed with large hidden missiles and a weapon that could fire some kind of glue. At first it wore a gigantic cape, but after a while it removed the cape to reveal wings and two hidden jet engines that allowed it to fly as fast as Sonic could run.
  • A purple two-seated hovercraft which had the ability to teleport through "warp zones". It was armed with two missiles; one speedy rabbit-shaped and one slow turtle-shaped, in a parody of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare. After using the rabbit to destroy Tails' Tornado biplane, the craft was damaged as Metal Sonic crashed into its underside, and apparently destroyed when he tackled right through it while chasing Sonic. It did however appear unharmed in the final scenes.
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Dr. Rbotnik/Eggman vehicles (S3K Edits)

Deviation Actions

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I wanna try and make similar things for the smaller handheld ones, isometric ones, KC ones, and maybe some of the 3D ones! Also, I've been considering giving normal game Robotnik some Mean Bean Machine poses...don't know when I'll get around to it...tell you what, if I ever do, I'll post them to you! I have made a S3&K version of the bomb-dropping boss from Sonic Advanced...
Egging Stupid Drivers - Finishing the Swiss Farmer that got away ~ Eggman


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Stupid Driver Get the Egg ~Eggman


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